Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the director of 11th hour asked me to ask you all that, if you plan to see the film, getting out to see it this first week would be really helpful. an unfortunate reality in the distribution and marketing of films, and cds for that matter, is that it is all about the opening week. how many folks see it in that first week can make or break a film or cd. herd mentality? yes. unfortunate reality? probably.

also for those in the l.a. area, i am doing steve jones radio program, on 103.1, with the two directors of 11th hour today (wednesday) sometime between 12-2pm. they also replay his segment at 6pm. and for you all outside radio range you can listen here on the web.

Friday, August 10, 2007

for those you interested in my former band polarbear, i finally got my shit together and put the 'why something instead of nothing' record up at to purchase for download. there are also two songs we did with the super talented producer rich costey called 'satellites' and 'superzero' that only a few inner sanctum peeps had previously heard.