Wednesday, May 20, 2009

most of the moments of most of my days on this janes gig, are about getting to the work at hand. working hard throughout the set. focus. jane says has been a different experience. i sit on a stool and i am given time to reflect on the enormous effect that jane bainters tiny story has had on all of us. i have at times been almost emotionally overwhelmed by the scope of all our struggles that is so eloquently and plainly spoken about by perry in that song. but that aside, like i said, it has been mostly about doing the best job i can to make this tour as good as it can be. today feels a little different though. it feels like a return to the beginning. janes obviously didnt begin here but in retrospect it was a big moment in the story. playing irvine seems like the beginning of the really big, and ultimately final, part of our success. it felt like we had arrived home as conquering heroes. lollapalooza was working (i had been skeptical) and we were therefore playing to crowds so much larger than we had up to that point. i am curious going into today, with this historical mindset, how i will end up feeling having come full circle. the car just arrived to take belle and i down to soundcheck. its good to be interested in ones life.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

there are some days, and i hope you have all have as many as possible, that are entirely unlike the rest. my problem has never been that life got too dramatic for me; bad or good. it is that sometimes i let life get uneventful for long enough that it no longer seems important. that life doesnt seem important. therefore time just quietly tics by. this is not one of those days and this is about to be a time that doesnt do anything quietly. must finish packing. let it begin...