Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my friend andrew sent this to me:

"sometimes you are at your computer and want to send an email to someone's cell phone, but don't want to deal with going to your cell phone and text-ing them, and don't know what the email address of their phone is.

Just send an email to [phonenumber], so to email a phone, for instance,

It works for any cell phone, any phone number."

thought i would pass it on.

Monday, May 21, 2007

im here at henson studios. ground hallowed by many creative hours and many cool artists but in my estimation the coolest and oldest is charlie chaplin. my friend taylor walked me over on the cell phone to where you can still see charlies footsteps in the cement. no plaque or anything. just barely visible and therefore sort of ghostly. they turn out in that distinctive chaplin waddle. good stuff.

listening to playback. billy bush has made the new track, 'unexploded', sound great. stoked.

Friday, May 11, 2007

DICK cheney is at it again. this time on an aircraft carrier making threats toward iran. it seems to me that we need some new players representing us on the world stage. the members of king george II's court cant help but look foolish; or to paraphrase john stewart, the bush administration cant do anything at this point that doesnt seem ironic.

going into the studio today to finish up a new song and do some fixits (laying in some more taylor hawkins drumming). the remarkable engineer billy bush got us a couple of days at the old a&m, now henson, studios on the semi-down low. its good to have friends in high places. we worked yesterday and will again today. the studio is absolutely fucking perfect. the right amount scruffy character and then also, of course, it has all the great gadgets as well. the enormous kermit the frog on the outside aside, it has a great vibe. and i do mean 'vibe'. very seventies. i wish i could always work under such circumstances. well i get to today. im off.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

been in a small town in mexico. there is only one atm and you cannot use a credit card. this is a small town. while down there i read my latest wired magazine, one of my favorites (up there with 'new scientist'), the one with the 2007 rave awards results. these are peeps that wired thinks have distinguished themselves as innovators in different categories; gaming, films,industrial design, etc. one of these people is henry louis gates jr. he is an intersting guy. he is someone who always seems to have interesting things to say about race in america. he is being recognized here for doing a program in inner city schools that involves letting minority kids study science through their own dna and genealogy. so inspired. if more people figured out ways to make learning come alive in a personal way like this then we might be less likely to be duped into having the contempt for science that we seem to have these days. and i personally might have been able to stay interested enough in high school to have graduated. who knows.

but im back home now. my skin is a slight shade darker, i am reasonably well rested and i am ready to get back at it. finish and deliver 'help wanted' to dangerbird this month. the doc '11th hour', that i did some music for, is on its way to cannes film festival. i have some friends in need of some love and support who are struggling to stay alive. one of our two loved cats died. i am a year older. all of this leaves me humbled and aware that this life is temprorary rich complex and ultimately interesting and beautiful. or as lou reed put it more succinctly, 'lifes good, but not fair at all'.

thanks for all the happy birthday wishes.