Saturday, October 25, 2008

i think that most of the time, there is less evill in the world than just plain messiness. i apologize to those who waited forever and did not get in. contrary to some posts i do not believe there is any particular bad guy. there was a confluence of things that created that situation; some good intentions some not. there was always going to be some overflow. that was a given. actually that was a given once we decided to let the public in. it was initially going to be unannounced and therefore a show for only friends and family. after giving it some thought, i didnt like the idea of it being exclusive like that because of the fact that the only other thing we had done, the nme, had been very exclusive. we agreed that we would sort of split the crowd into equal thirds, shepards people, our personal people, and people. i think that our management were looking out for our friends and family as a priority. i dont think that anyone would fault them for that. but that did mean that when the capacity cutoff was reached, that left more of you outside than i would have liked. which brings me to the question of capacity and the fire marshal. more on the fire marshal in a second. the room we played in is small. there is an outside patio that increases the total size considerably. but we did not want to fill the entire place with people that were technically inside the venue but could not possibly see the band. so the actual capacity and the functional capacity for that night were two different numbers. the two different numbers also meant that we had a rough number to work with but that there was some wiggle room and i think that was one of the ways we began to have trouble. at least, i know that my personal guest list grew beyond what i had agreed to because of this. now the fire marshal. the bane of every show you try to do something different at. if it hadnt been for the hustle of the la cita and our management team, there would have been no show. in that way it was very different than it would have been back in the day. back in the day we would have been shut down. the fire mashal needed the stage to be moved over one foot. done. he needed an electrician on site. three arrived in half an hour. he needed two new exit signs. done. he needed four new fire extinguishers. done. et cetera. et cetera .and of course he conservatively capped the capacity. end of story. so the world continues to be an imperfect place. i again apologize to those who had a realistic expectation of getting in, waited, and were disappointed.

of course, now its a little uncomfortable for me to say anything really about the show. to those of you who got in. you know. the band made me proud. confirmed my suspicion that there is more story to be told and eventually we will make room for you all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fuck. through a communication fuck up i was waiting until five o'clock to post what dave posted on his blog at 10 am. oh well. life is messy. i am playing with janes addiction at the 'la cita bar' in downtown la on thursday night around 11. it is small. it is five bucks at the door. we are playing roughly 10 songs.

i agreed not to post about this all before, for a few different reasons, and it has made posting here difficult for me. rightly or wrongly, it felt false somehow to chat about stravinsky or something while i knew you were all waiting on this other news. we have been rehearsing and we have been sounding really solid.

we never know what the future has in store for us; especially with this band. but, at least right now janes addiction has a future that one would have to call somewhat promising.

we are a great band.