Sunday, March 21, 2010

alright. you win. i surrender. i wanted to keep the blog filter free but it seems thats not possible. i am happy to allow negative opinions of myself and others to exist. nice thing about being a big boy is that name calling has no emotional effect on me. in fact, i find good honest criticism helpful. i certainly learn much more from criticism than from accolades. might not be as easy on the ears and heart but so be it. like i said, i enjoy being a grownup. which brings me nicely to the matter at hand. everyone has the right to publicly embarrass themselves in any way they feel. for our purposes here thats actually a serviceable definition of free speech. i have even enjoyed some of the middle school taunts aimed at me. but unfortunately it all gets beyond tedious when the 'smell my finger' comments begin to outnumber the rest of us. so i am being forced to delete comments and forced to change some of the settings on this blog. i am dubious that this is a fix. but i will see how it goes. this is a work in progress. feedback appreciated.

...oh yeah. to the guy who calls me herman i say: i know you are but what am i. youre gay. suck my dick. neener neener.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

alright. for fuck sake. i am going to post here again. take a run at this blogging thing. janes sort of stopped me up for a while but i no longer have that problem. still got all my others but...

so ive broken the proverbial ice here again and i must now go to dinner.