Friday, January 28, 2011

56 second flick starring our fascinating neighbor we like to call the Sun (or, if youre religious you can call him the god Ra) from the friendly folks over at nasa. i made the soundtrack here in my hovel.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

figuratively speaking, every year the holidays make me at least a little sick, but this year it was also in the literal sense. whilst mostly lying around on the couch, watching mostly bad english tv shows and generally feeling sorry for myself i was only able to get in a little musical tinkering. not nearly as much as i wanted and my record did not get finished by the end of the year, as i had hoped, but so it goes sometimes.

this isnt technically a momentary music because that would be a misnomer. i did not do it in one day. i did it over a few. it started as a one day thing but then i got caught up in trying a bunch of technical things. eq-ing and compression blah dee blah. i was trying a few different things with a drum machine with ultrabeat, synths with basses etc. and this astonishing line came to mind from an anne sexton poem " my father lives in a machine built by my mother and well oiled by his job". i misremembered it and the actual lines are better still. from the poem "the touch":

"my father wont do it.
he comes with the house and even at night
he lives in a machine made by my mother
and well oiled by his job, his job."

'he comes with the house...' fuck. how good is that. anyway, overall this musical number has an eighties feel to me. the vocal sound reminded me of gibby haynes ala early 1990's. a man who will always make me feel sort of tingly all over. so have at it. one minute and forty seconds of listening joy. another free hit single to add to your collection for your next sleep over dance party.

Lemonade (momentary 4...sort of) by ericavery