Friday, February 20, 2009

i think i bought my first computer in 1991. i have always known that it would be wise to habitually backup my hard drives. but i can safely say that i have not done a hard drive backup more than three or four times over all those years. it has never been an issue. last night it became an issue. the hard drive, that i had recorded the last years work to, bit it. i mean BIT. maybe a few thousand dollars later i might be able to get some of it back. bit. belle and my friend john (a computer tech over trying to help) were pretty mortified. i was not. not really. and today i have some excitement in my stomach about music, about writing. i still see music as a process of learning. all the music i wrote this year hasnt gone away. only the songs have. ive learned alot this year and that continues to inform me and my work now. in that sense it will exist in my work upcoming. living is a process that involves alot of loss and in the last year ive had a bigger than normal portion. and of course i wouldnt choose loss, or choose to have my work erased, but losses create spaces and i have to fill those spaces with something and in so doing i am defining my life; the space i fill. if the tibetan sand mandala makers are the model, then the sand is dispersed and it is time to begin work again. i might setup an automatic backup system this time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

fyi, my friend josh klinghoffer is a brilliant musician and his band 'Dot' is the opening act tonight. last minute addition. this is their second show. anabelle and i saw their first at the troubadour a few weeks ago. im really looking forward to the chance to see them again tonight. so if you need a good reason to get there early tonight and get out of the rain, they have the 9:30-10:15 slot tonight. im stoked.

bring your ten bucks. we will bring the janes addiction.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

echoplex monday night at 11. this one is 18+ age limit. first 500 folks that register here get on a list that enables you to walk up and pay 10 bucks at the door. we wanted to do something in a proper club this time with a proper pa, stage and reasonably large room. and yes this is the largest amount of warning time that was possible. i wanted you all to know as soon as i knew. just home from rehearsal, really fucking hungry, so i want to go get me some chow, but i did want you all to know. see you there.

Friday, February 06, 2009

fuck. im really sorry but the show i briefly blogged about, then pulled, is postponed. it seems we cant seem to put together one of these shows without some major malfunction. we will be doing something over the next few weeks. will of course let you know. as the blog post mentioned this was a last minute thing. here is the proof of just how last minute it was. will keep you all posted. again please accept my heart felt apology.