Saturday, September 27, 2008

wow. i let the entire month of august go by without a post. first time ive done that since i started doing this, i believe. and now i am dangerously close to letting the same thing happen to september. but my friend pete pointed out that i have been looking at this blog more formally than the culture of blogging asks for. it doesnt have to be anything but what i want to write about at any given time. we talked about this, by the way, at a great show at the troubadour. flea, frusciante, josh klinghoffer and a drummer named stella, whom flea has raved about, all jammed. i told flea that he has been a great bass player for a long time but that night i thought that he has become a master. a real master. what i saw of the opening band, warpaint, was really good too. the bass player played with sex and simplicity, two favorites when writing bass lines. anyway, i digressed. but that is what we sometimes do when blogging. we just speak our minds. so there you have it. after all this time, its not a post that will save any lives, but it is what was on the mind. im off for a bite, then downtown to fleas funraiser (not a typo). its a fundraiser for his music school; the silverlake conservatory. this year its at the train station downtown and the evenings music sounds really interesting.