Tuesday, November 27, 2007

this is where i spent last weekend. in this particular room. set designed by a really talented woman named hilary gurtler. she took a bleak plain white room and transformed it into a more cinematic bleak colorful room. both versions give one an existential chill. in fact, the whole place kept giving me the existential chills. the 'green spot hotel' in victorville. we kept referring to it as the brown spot hotel, both because the building surrounds a barren patch of vacant lot and because of the more obvious scatological implications. we were shooting a short film that is based on a character that presented himself to me through three songs on 'help wanted'. hopefully we will be producing a short film that has elements from the record. we find out what we have this week. the director is putting together a rough edit and will then give me a call. i hope it winds up watchable. will keep you posted.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

two of my latest obsessions. annie clark and alex ross. they are here related because, aside from my obsession with both, in looking at annie clarks blog i was reminded that i am supposed to include photos on this blog of mine. so i started with a quick phone pic of the book im consumed by: "the rest is noise; listening to the twentieth century". its a history of 20th century 'classical' music written by a guy who writes for the new yorker so it is not written by an academic. his writing is flawless and flows. great read.

annie clark plays under the nom de plume "st. vincent". she has made a remarkable cd but it is this bare version of the song 'paris is burning' that i keep returning to.

Friday, November 09, 2007

i seem to be falling into a sort of rhythm with this blog. if i am posting, i am posting. if i dont post for a while, it then becomes difficult for me to post anything because i feel a need to find something really worth talking to you all about. i know this is antithetical to blog culture. so in lieu of the fact that i dont have anything important to say i will instead share this with you. there is a series of them; 'jake e. lee shreds', 'carlos santana shreds', etc. i am sure that most of you have seen this. if you are here it means you are connected to both web and music culture. but just in case there are some who havent seen these. this is a series of youtube pieces where someone took rock footage and replaced the audio. its quite well executed. parody approaching high art. seems like someone could do a semiotics thesis on this stuff. rock on.