Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just looked at some photos that a friend of mine is showing here in hollywood and here on the web. the photographer is jennifer finch of L7 fame but i knew her before she was a rock star. There are pics from the very early eighties. Flea, keith morris, henry rollins and that ilk. There is one of yours truly, age 17, long before janes addiction was a glint in anyones eye. It is proof that i was once a truly unremarkable and pimply young man. When i looked at these i was again struck by the good fortune of my life. The fact that i can remember being that age and seeing a reproduction of an artwork called "barney's beanery" in an art history book. I saw that it was housed in a museum in amsterdam and i remember thinking ,"how in the fuck will i ever get to amsterdam." But when the circus came to town i was able to leave with it and i have been on an extraordinary ride from that moment forward. I have since seen enough different countries to leave me tired of it and grateful to be able to spend the last year here at home with my lovely wife. Speaking of which, fyi, there are two of my ex-girlfriends in the photos as well. Good stuff.

I actually did years later wind up stumbling across the barneys beanery installation at the museum of modern art in amsterdam. I had forgotten about the fact that it was there until the moment i saw it.


SR said...

I share that that type of gratitude. Although I have not transversed the globe, I found myself in NY a couple of months ago and decided to spend a day at the Met, The Modern, and Lincoln Center respectively. I had been reading about Rodin for a couple of years now and everytime I see his work I am moved viscerlly, so when I turned the corner at the Met and walked directly into "The Kiss" I was floored. The whole wing was Rodin; I never made it to another museum, but nevertheless knew I was truly blessed and in the finest company.

Chris (C. Brian) said...


I spy you pimping a Joy Division t-shirt in that pic on Finch's site. :) I recognize that familiar pattern: Unknown Pleasures.

Do you ever watch old performances of yourself on YouTube just for kicks? You don't seem like the narcissistic type! There's some great video footage out there, though.

andy said...

the circus came to town :)

we're all so glad it did.

Anonymous said...

Eric, is there any particular reason why you've not put up a myspace profile yet?

I'm looking forward to your new album. I'm glad the animals is going to be on it! I love the lyrics. Actually, you are one of the best lyric writers around, in my opinion.

Finally, would you be interested in making another album with DN, like Deconstruction?


(it's not letting me login for some reaosn, so I'll post anonymous)

Tanya said...

Hi Eric,
Thanks for sharing the link to Finch's site- cool pics.

Are you still planning on releasing any/all of the pbr material as well? Any possibility of "jig" having an "official" release? Love, love love that song.

I meant to post on your previous blog regarding the flatness parameter and the big bang. That keeps popping up into discussions in our household. I find it really mindblowing how the universe would be completely different or nonexistent if that digit in the seventeenth (?)place was even a bit different. I'd have to dig for, oddly enough, my philosophy of religion notes to find the exact number... anyhow, it definitely gives one some prespective.

Chris (C. Brian) said...

Eric A,

Synchronicity (a la Carl Jung), I tell you; just happened upon this piece in Wired about The New Atheism. It's called "The Church of the Non-believers". Enjoy!:

-ea. said...

curt - thanks for the kind words about the lyrics. i take great care with them.

i dont know what an ea/dn project would sound like now. i think we have been going in very different musical directions over the years. that divergence actually began on the decon cd. hadnt thought of that before now. interesting.

oh and the myspace thing. short answer is no. there is no particular reason. there is no good reason that it has taken me this long to blog either. aside from my normal social reticence i suppose. but it is strange that its taken me this long. ive been an avid net geek for many moons. i performed my first internet login in 1992. that was a while ago.

-ea. said...

hello tanya- jig? hmm. have to see if biff has a good version somewhere on a hard drive or something. that is one that fell through the cracks. i think i had a predjudice against any songs that could be construed as rock at the time.

flatness parameter. now help me out here. you know more than i on this one. whenever i look at that particular stuff it all seems so sort of fluid. if i can recall i thought that it seemed like equations based on alot of values that were ascribed wildly variable amounts. sort of how i feel about the measurement of great distances. t- tauri stars and supernova sizes. using one as a measure of the other then flipping and using the other to measure the frist one. i suspect we are in for some big surprises with alot of the big cosmological scale stuff.

-ea. said...

chris (c. brian) - you inspired me to do some narcissism viewing on myspace. great to see the old janes stuff. told the wife that i was reminded of the fact that from 86-91 p farrell was the best frontman ever. the perfect blend of theatricality and genuine uncynical prescence. thanks. wrote a song from the experience today.

wired mag. im a step ahead of you this time. im a wired subscriber so that issue has been in our house for a while.

Chris (C. Brian) said...


Yes, I can wile away the hours, watching footage on YouTube. Nothin' wrong, by the way, with a little "ego surfing". The Web, it seems, is in the throes of a new revolution - - the second wave, the much-hyped Web 2.0 . . . the realm of blogs, wikis, Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, et al. I keep hearing it referred to as the read-write Web, the participatory Web. If I recall, you were an early adapter of Internet technology: email, newsgroups, etc.? Check this out . . . results from an Advanced Google Groups search: Our lives are now recorded and archived online. Yet, thankfully, we still have control, as we are the authors. Let's say you disagreed with any of the content/facts in your Wikipedia entry (, well, you can revise it! How cool is that? All hail Jimmy Wales.

Ryan said...

Hi EA-
Wasn't yesterday the mastering, if so how did it go?

Is it just coincidence that once P farrell cut the locks and cleaned up his circus performer looks that jane's stopped being. I agree he was once the best front man ever. Thats why as a 13 yr old I had all the posters, my mom loved him.j/k

what did your parents think the first time he walked into their home? (I don't recall piercings and dreads as the most popular thing back then)
I've rambled enough-R

matt volpe said...

Hi Eric,

Great photos there from an awesome era. It looked like a fantastic time to be around such a great community of art, aggression and beauty all rolled into one. Thanks for sharing.

I wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Will you be playing in NYC anytime in the near future? Take care and talk soon, Matt

-ea. said...

ryan - the mastering is being done in new york and then they will send me what they did and i will give them notes. its that sort of process so i dont know how it went yesterday.

how my parents fellt when first meeting perry? that is a funny thought. i will try to remember to ask the folks tomorrow when i see them for the turkey ritual.

-ea. said...

matt- thank you matt and same back at you. enjoy thanksgiving.

i have no idea when/if/where i will be playing live again.

avrum68 said...

Eric, come clean and admit it... Summertime Rolls is one of the most well crafted songs (and bass lines) for a lazy summer stroll. Damn it never grows old.

Anonymous said...

Eric- just found your new page, totally stoked, got out of the water a bit ago, was wondering if you still got out there, can't image you have not stopped surfing. Being a local South Bay man, just wondering what your favorite local surf spots were? Being a bass player, I link it to surfing, in and out of the pocket, knowing when to be in the crowd,and when to be in the "eye" of the crowd. thanks for the great music.
Dave (anonymous blogger)

-ea. said...

dave- i am in the water as close to daily as possible. venice to south ventura county. wherever i can find the best and least crowded surf. my antisocial tendencies extend into my surfling life as well. thanks for the kind words.

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