Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my friend andrew sent this to me:

"sometimes you are at your computer and want to send an email to someone's cell phone, but don't want to deal with going to your cell phone and text-ing them, and don't know what the email address of their phone is.

Just send an email to [phonenumber], so to email a phone, for instance,

It works for any cell phone, any phone number."

thought i would pass it on.


Anonymous said...

well, isnt that something. I dont even own a cell phone, im kinda cheap with money i dont spend any of my money on anything that i dont think about for a very long time. the last cd i bough which was yesterday was smashing pumpkins mellon collie and siamese dream, that i some good music right there, heavy guitar layering. favote song off of both is quiet and Top Forgive, some very good music, i hear u worked with billy corgan for a while too?

I ordered The Deconstruction cd off of amazon for 15$ not bad, should be here in a couple weeks becasue it takes a while going threw customs and all of that good stuff.

But sadly polar bear doesnt ship to canada, the one that is availble at least ill just wait a lil while for that one.

Hows the J addiction boxset coming im just looking forward to that alot.

i wanna hear unexploded.

Just uhhh so yea know.

You rule, peace.

Anonymous said...

oh shit i forgot these too things i wanted to ask

Who you like in the stanley cup right now ottawa or anaheim. Im going for neither because my favote team is already out, vancouver:(

and i watched teh trailer for michael moores new documentary sicko, i think it looks great, im a fan of his and i really like what he does. What do you think about him?

Anonymous said...

i thought that 555-1234 number was only for the movies.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if teleflip understands who's endorsing them. lucky pricks.

Ryan said...

Hey E-
I just finished a painting, and at some point during the process an appropriate title presented itself.
"Nothing InStead of Something"
You can check it out at

oh and thanks for the txt mes. tip

Monster Mush said...

Eric, when Perry approached you about reuniting Jane's Addiction that infamous day, instead of getting the band back together to tour, let's pretend he proposed getting back together for the sole purpose of recording new music, would you have taken the offer? You know, kinda like how the Beatles stopped touring, but went on to create some of the greatest albums ever made.

Anonymous said...


what's with the one song cock tease? Throw a few demos up on itunes, I'll pay. :]

in the meantime, reunite polar bear! :]


-ea. said...

george d- yes worked briefly with corgan. briefly. found him to be an inspiring artist though.

i want to make polarbear available for download.

i actually havent heard anything about the janes box. i should look into it. i will this week.

-ea. said...

ryan- always charmed by being a part of someones creative process. your painting is beautiful. reminiscent of some doig. do you like him? i am a recent convert.

-ea. said...

monster mush- i dont think that would have changed anything. you can never be sure. although they did approach me again about being involved with the record. fundamentally i just didnt think we had it in us to make a great records.

-ea. said...

neil- patience patience. i have to finish the little fuckers first.

matt volpe said...


thanks for the cell phone tip, worked like a charm...
Hope all is going well with Help Wanted. I just want to say in response to Monster Mush's question and your answer I am totally glad and supportive of the fact that you moved on with your life musically and didn't rejoin Jane's. I'm a firm believer in leaving well enough alone, Jane's was amazing,however a chapter in life, and now it's time to create your own magic. I played for 10 years in Shirley Temple of Doom, and I wouldn't even entertain the idea of renuniting for all the money in the world. (we never made money anyway, just making a point). Artistic integrity is hard to find these days, bless you man for keeping it intact. talk soon amigo, Matt

Marco said...

Hi Eric
I’m was so happy to find your blog since I’ve been following your career over the years and always found it difficult to catch up on your activities. Good luck.
Anecdote: I live in Rome, Italy and when JA came here to play on april 1st 1991 I was front row center and obviously enjoyed it very much. What I remember the most though was that in between songs I yelled out your name and made a guitar strumming kind of gesture and rather than toss your pick into the crowd you walked over and placed it in my hand. Everyone around me was as jealous as hell! I wanted to thank you, it meant a lot to me at that point in my life and still does. I still carry it around in my wallet. It’s a white Dean Markley, extra thick.
Take care

Monster Mush said...

Eric, thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I can't say I'm surprised by your answer. I always thought it was odd that the bulk of the Jane's catalog was written in the first couple of years, so I understand when you say the band, even with your involvement, was no longer capable of making great music.
Again, I really want to thank you for taking the time to respond to your fans' questions. So, if I may ask another, any chance you'll be posting any JA rareties on youtube? You know, like some in-the-studio video footage and such?

stan said...

product placement on a blog?

-ea. said...

matt and marco- thanks gentlemen.

-ea. said...

marco - also, there is a video of that show right? is that the '91 italian show ive seen some footage of? i think it is. back then, i think we might have only played in rome; nowhere else in italy. so i am wondering if that pick handoff was captured on film?

fyi, the only time i ever met peter hook was after that show. i was honored and he couldnt have been any less interested. he had a woman under each arm. of course, i understand that kind of priority.

-ea. said...

monster mush- its funny but remember the ubiquity of camcorders hadnt happened yet. i know that i dont have any of that kind of footage but i also dont think a whole lot exists. this reminds me that i should look into where the janes box set is at.

-ea. said...

stan- i can understand why you say that. i didnt even see it that way. i got an email from a friend, who was passing it along to my wife and i so i just kept it going and passed it along here.

chris said...

hey eric. thanks for the cell phone/text tip. i have a question, you seem to be honest in answering here and i think we are all blown away by that, ok, when Jane's got back together in 1997, relapse tour, and dave actually relapsed...did he reach out to you at all?
did you hear that he was using again? did you have any feelings about that and was it all a factor in you not wanting to be a part of everything again? if i remeber correctly, perry and dave were using on that relaspe tour. any insight. btw, kudos for staying clean and sober for so long my friend. that certainly is something to be proud of!

Anonymous said...

Thta show is on film, it was on youtube a while ago then got taken down, sadly people who have those shows any many others dont lik to share unless you pay em, which i think is gay, part of teh reason im into that boxset news.

And that show was amazing, Three days was an amazing performance, as usual you cant really go wrong with that song.

I didnt see the pick handoff on the youtiube video, i probably wouldnt remember. Ive been looking for that show forever and cant find it any where anymore.

Anonymous said...

shit i just loked on youtube for janes addiction and found dis from italy

Different camera shot, one i saw was a pro shot but still awesome music.

Cool stuff

stan said...

yeah, meant more as a witty remark than an accusation ... .

i heard this thing on NPR the other day where indivduals were being paid to give "word of mouth" advertising, so that your friend, acquaintance or family member could pitch a product to you and you wouldn't know that that person was a paid advertiser. crazy stuff.

-ea. said...

chris - im sorry but some of this seems like it is a privacy issue. i am happy to be forthcoming about my own inner life, within reason of course, but i wouldnt want to make that call for dave or perry or anyone else.

i decided long ago that i would be somewhat open about my recovery because i had been quite open about being a mess. but that is just me. thanks for the kudos.

-ea. said...

george d- thanks for the link. i just watched it and then watched some of the later janes stuff and it struck me that perry brought all the vibe and theatricality to our show in 91 before having all the set design stuff that came later.

-ea. said...

stan- yes. we all know advertising has always been a racket but the recent 'street' or 'guerilla' marketing seems especially creepy to me.

Anonymous said...

I found an even cooler site called it allows me to convert my email to voice (email to phone) and listen to it on any landline or mobile phone and I can reply by voice back to the originating sender :) They also allow 'cascading' so I can selectively have emails reach me at home, then on my cell as a text message, then at the office and so on - kind of the ICQ version of what teleflip's 1 trick pony approach is about.

J.M. said...

delete this spam above me bashing teleflip. (its not even a person its spam from a bot) all over the internet on teleflip posts. this "cooler site"

you can delete my msg 2, cuz im the Linux syadmin at Tflip. (but at least im writting this as a human!!)