Friday, November 09, 2007

i seem to be falling into a sort of rhythm with this blog. if i am posting, i am posting. if i dont post for a while, it then becomes difficult for me to post anything because i feel a need to find something really worth talking to you all about. i know this is antithetical to blog culture. so in lieu of the fact that i dont have anything important to say i will instead share this with you. there is a series of them; 'jake e. lee shreds', 'carlos santana shreds', etc. i am sure that most of you have seen this. if you are here it means you are connected to both web and music culture. but just in case there are some who havent seen these. this is a series of youtube pieces where someone took rock footage and replaced the audio. its quite well executed. parody approaching high art. seems like someone could do a semiotics thesis on this stuff. rock on.


matt volpe said...

Eric! Great to hear from you again. Hope all is well and glad to see you on the web. Hope you and yours were not hit too hard with all the wild fires that occurred out there recently. Love the Jake E. Lee shreds videos. Especially where in one of them when it's quiet for like a second and the camera shows a close up of Ozzy and a yelp is dubbed in. Hysterical. How have you been? Working on Help Wanted and other musical endeavors? I've been quite busy as of late playing bass in a children's music rock band called Baze and His Silly Friends (I'm a silly friend). Really cool music for little tykes who like to rock out. It's been a lot fun. Glad to be back playing steadily again. My son Avery is 17 months now and still learning bass. He'll take my place one day hopefully. Blog soon amigo and be well, Matt

Anonymous said...

hahaha, thats funny shit, expecially when ozzy is clapping the whole time. ive never even heard if this before thats haaalarious.

Anonymous said...

What's up E. Avery? I am nothing more than a long time fan stopping through to say hello, read the latest on your blog & hope that work on the solo effort is coming along! Until next time! Take care

.kelly said...

the people who did the video seemed to do a pretty good job with it. i didn't watch the whole thing, but i listened to it while watching TV. having all that hair pulled must have hurt a lot.

i haven't been reading for a long time so i'm not sure as to when the solo release is out, so can you fill me in. also, did you guys in deconstruction ever record jealous song in the the studio?


Anonymous said...

OMG I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did when I was watching those video's on You Tube! I was laughing so hard I started to tear for Christ's sake! Those were fucking brilliant! How in the world did you find those?

chris said...

that shit is genius

-ea. said...

anonymous- i cant take credit for finding these. my friend kevin haskins showed them to me.

tommy said...

Fucking brilliant! Those are absolutely hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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