Saturday, September 27, 2008

wow. i let the entire month of august go by without a post. first time ive done that since i started doing this, i believe. and now i am dangerously close to letting the same thing happen to september. but my friend pete pointed out that i have been looking at this blog more formally than the culture of blogging asks for. it doesnt have to be anything but what i want to write about at any given time. we talked about this, by the way, at a great show at the troubadour. flea, frusciante, josh klinghoffer and a drummer named stella, whom flea has raved about, all jammed. i told flea that he has been a great bass player for a long time but that night i thought that he has become a master. a real master. what i saw of the opening band, warpaint, was really good too. the bass player played with sex and simplicity, two favorites when writing bass lines. anyway, i digressed. but that is what we sometimes do when blogging. we just speak our minds. so there you have it. after all this time, its not a post that will save any lives, but it is what was on the mind. im off for a bite, then downtown to fleas funraiser (not a typo). its a fundraiser for his music school; the silverlake conservatory. this year its at the train station downtown and the evenings music sounds really interesting.


Anonymous said...

Eric, its great to hear from you once again! Glad your back!

.kelly said...

It is great to hear something again. i typically check this blog once a day and i was dissapointed day after day.

Eric, is there any footage from you and Flea/Froosh playing together? That's seems like it may be one of the greatest possible collabs ever.

jakub said...

hey eric
nice to hear you again

have a look at this

Anonymous said...

As benefits go, I went to the picnic and saw the "tribute" band. I went back to the appropriate blog here and mentioned it, but it's buried in the month of the loss. Did you ever entertain the idea of playing a song there?

Be well,


Chris (C. Brian) said...


The jam session you observed sounds awesome; did you participate as well? Any chance that you'll be a guest lecturer/instructor @ Flea's school? Also do I have the right Warpaint here? Always on the look out for new music, and I've appreciated your recommendations in the past. TV on the Radio just released a new one . . . to rave reviews. Time for me to hit iTunes. Good to hear from you, and all the best.

matt volpe said...

Hey Eric!
Awesome to hear from you on the blog, hope you have been well. Sounds like you have, seeing an amazing jam like that with Flea and the other very talented folks. Flea is one my greatest heroes-- he and you and small hand full of other musicians have made me what I am today musically for sure. Exciting times right now for this country, huh? Although a major part of the goings on here is a negative thing, it still is nonetheless enthralling to read and watch about. I'm obviously referring to the upcoming election, the financial crisis, the baseball playoff's, metallica's new record, and my upcoming trip to California! Hee hee, no one really gives a rats ass about me going to CA...but I thought I'd add that in. I am taking my very first vacation with my wife and son Avery, just the three of us, no one else, and I am a proud man. We're hitting LA for three days and then spending a week in San Fran. I'm looking for ward to getting out of jersey for a little bit. Anyhow, if you'd like to meet your namesake get in touch while we're in LA.
NO worries, if you can't.

All the best to you and look
forward to more posts.


6767dnig said...

hi eric! i'm glad to hear you again! i check your blog almost everyday and it's nice to read another post!

it's the first time i post a comment and i just want to thank you because of your great music and your awesome band(the greatest)...i admire jane's addiction and all the janes' members!keep on rockin',eric...

Anonymous said...


philippe said...
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philippe said...

you must be very busy... ;o)

hope everything is well for you and the ones you love

j.e. said...

Eric, glad to see you're back to posting again.

Hope all is going well with you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you EA!

Jasper said...

Eric, I recall you telling us about Flea's great instrumental tracks. If, at any time, you have the chance to encourage Flea a little more to assemble his stuff into a complete instrumental album, please do so. When you have had as much success over so many years, as Flea has, it is a waste not to capitalize upon it and do a project which is a little less commercial, and a little more close to the heart. I think it's way overdue, don't you?

amy said...

Eric, I bought Help Wanted months ago. I really like it. Listening to it in the car makes my awful commute to work far more tolerable. Thank you!

sam said...

nothing better than a group of musicians that normally do not play together just sitting down and kickin it.

i watched a great set on haight st between members of sound tribe sector 9 and this kid max mallone(sp) who was the driving forace of the free engergy project. they were wind and solar powered and killed it. this was in 2000. if you ever get a chance to talk with max, he is an interesting dude.

Anonymous said...

a hungry flea bit me

Willow said...

Hi Eric

I listened to your live radio performance of 'Animals' today and I love it. Any plans to release that on CD? Its much different than the Sun Gones version. I'm glad you made use of the acoustic guitar on Help Wanted. The folksy strumming fits perfectly and provides nice color/contrast with the other instruments.
Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Lu Cifer said...

How are you sir!

I just did buy a copy of HELP WANTED off Amazon (sorry, I had to buy it USED, nevertheless I hope you still get royalties ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!) and not that long ago, I dug up my copy of Deconstruction, and holy shizit if it doesn't sound BETTER NOW that it did when it first came out!!! I'd LOVE to see you do a song with PETER MURPHY! Ok, there, I planted THAT seed! Hey, why not!!! Can't blame me for TRYING!
Like the BBoys said best: "STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF AND YOU WILL NEVER FALL!" But I know I don't need to tell you that, since you've stuck to your guns. For all y'all out there who are having doubts, TAKE IT TO THE BANK! DON'T compromise! If they don't understand it, then baby it MUST BE ART!!!
Hope everything works out the way, the Great Spirit willing, with any reuniting with Jane's! We can all get along, it IS possible! Remember kids, your mind is like a parachute: IT AIN'T WORTH A SHIT IF IT ISN'T OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I probably never would have pierced my nose on my own (yes, I did!) yet at the same time stay down to Earth, without Perry & yourself blazing the unique trail you did, for better or for worse! CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!!!!!
I love you in a platonic manly non-sexual way! And in the immortal words of Cpt. Spock:
No no no, I can't be YOU DA MAN! How can I be YOU DA MAN! when YOU are YOU DA MAN!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Suns Gone is an incredible song.

John said...

Flea, the funk meister, ought to invite you to be the lead Professor at his music school. I'd love to see you and Flea jamming out together someday, wwherever it may be

Anonymous said...


bass question.
Precision or Jazz?

have you ever used other bass guitars in your time?

also...I'm curious how you remember your time during the Deconstruction period. was it a strange time after all those years of chaos with Janes?

thanks for returning BTW


nameless said...

Soooooooooo quiet on the Janes front. Itz been 6 months since NME and no newz. Alas we are still holding out hope they will converge again. Looks like it might be years b4 anything happens :(

-Dave is partying and living large
-Perry is making basement disco
-Perkins is probably in Africa studying ancient tribal percussion rhythms with the locals

Anonymous said...

only a few weeks left til the election. lets send lying obama back where he came from.

kookoo for caca said...

It is clear young pseudo-communist Barry O. is the establishment's pick for Prez. It can even be argued McCain is trying to lose the election. Its the dems turn to win the white house, so they say. There is little one can do to stop Barry O's victory now, ACORN will hand him the key to the Oval Oriface. With the dems in firm control of the house, senate and executive branch we are about to take a hard left turn. Hard left. Marxists get ready to celebrate. Neocons get ready to kneel,take it in the ass and kss Obama's Presidential Seal.

andy said...

Hi Eric,

Hope all is well. I came across a great janes cover the other day.. I think you'll really love this one if you haven't seen it already!

Im sure you have. take care

Anonymous said...



CF said...

I miss the the old days here on this blog, the enlightening intellectual discussions...

.kelly said...

So Jane's is back now all of a sudden? So the question left. Is Eric in?

dave said...

i know you probably get tired of jane's talk but all the hints dropped about a show next thursday ( makes me ask for some sort of conformation or at least a post stating that you are having no part of this.

ha ha...feel free to email me at with the venue for thursday's show. never hurts to ask!

Anonymous said...

i wish it was true..

Anonymous said...

4658 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 661-3913

Thursday night--
see ya there

Anonymous said...

Here we go now
Home... !!!

amy said...

So you're getting back together with the guys on Thursday, eh? Cool!

Check out Dave's blog for more details. :)

kenny said...

It's great to hear that there is going to be a jane's show this thursday. I was wondering how exclusive it is going to be? Dave Navarro on his blog gave out two tickets, so I'm worried I wont be able to get in at the door, any chance of giving a few fans on your blog a chance to get in?

Dave said...


If you are giving away a couple tickets please count me in to the sweepstakes!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ya Eric,

Positive thoughts. Happy to hear the news for a couple reasons.

A) It is good news. You have made some very special music with these gents. and

B) My dream antenna is sharp. Love any tangible affirmation for the what is intuitive. Each intuitive event strengthens these muscles and parlays itself into more self awareness and ability in these matters.

Wish I could be there to support you and your mates. I am sure it is hard as heck to get in anyhow. Matter of fact, the ONLY gig I failed at sneaking into was Jane's at the Universal Ampitheatre way back in the day. I tried to pretend that I was from a music courrior service and was almost beaten by your stage manager. Was able to get into other gigs this way. I never been to a Jane's gig. Except for when i was asleep a few months ago. I would be able to make it to LA in time if I had a ticket ;o)

Would love to attend one at some point.

Cheering you on Maestro!

Respect and Kindness,

kenny said...

I don't know if my email address was included in that post.


Anonymous said...

You cheeky Bastards.......

matt volpe said...

Hi Eric,

Have an awesome time playing with the boys on Thursday, sounds like an amazing night. Wished I was in LA for it. Can't wait to hear how it goes (if you care to share that with us in a future blog).

Rockin the Brahms bass?

Best to you, Matt