Monday, February 16, 2009

fyi, my friend josh klinghoffer is a brilliant musician and his band 'Dot' is the opening act tonight. last minute addition. this is their second show. anabelle and i saw their first at the troubadour a few weeks ago. im really looking forward to the chance to see them again tonight. so if you need a good reason to get there early tonight and get out of the rain, they have the 9:30-10:15 slot tonight. im stoked.

bring your ten bucks. we will bring the janes addiction.


Samadhi said...

Cool man. I dig Klinghoffer's work in Bicycle Thief. Check out this badass acoustic jam by them

Michael said...

I was never lucky enough to see jane's in their original lineup, nor was I lucky enough to be one of the first 500 to get an rsvp for tonight's show. I was pretty upset, but while at work, my girlfriend just texted me to say that she's standing outside the echoplex right now in the rain. i'm going to ditch work and join her in hopes that they'll sell some tix at the door. I hope we get in.

Anonymous said...

That's a fine mate. Best of luck to all of us.



Michael said...

Thanks SR. She's great. Good luck to you on getting in.

Isaias said...
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Anonymous said...

I just got an email saying they had a few more tickets for tonight, and to email them back to RSVP, Does anybody know if we will be emailed back? to confirm we are in the list?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I got a ticket via email. The poster upstairs is correct. No confirmation sent back. Just the one.

Anyways. I booked a flight from Eugene. Get in at 940PM Bummed o miss DOT.

The email said must be therem at 830. I will try still. Please someone let somebody know that there will be a guy from Eugene coming a little late.



Anonymous said...

OK Sitting in Portland Airport. Trying not to mindfuck over the 830 first come first serve statement in the email.

Will be at the club around 10:30.
Got stoked cause my friends bonito are playing in the same club upstairs. The holloys. So I will see friends y have a stash spot for my guitar , laptop, etc.

Please, please, please somebody tell the management there will be a person flying in from Eugene Oregon.

Bonus part is I get to see my dad who is in dire straights and have a family dinner, eat mexican food while I am there.

Trying not too mindfuck...

!Viva Janes!


Anonymous said...

i wish i could go. i am slow on the uptake and missed all of this.....anyway, hope everyone has a great time tonight and eric....if you happen to be getting psyched up for the show by checking comments on your blog, feel free to add tim lindholm to the list. i'll be there in a half hour with a ten spot upon word of your good graces.

Anonymous said...

happy daze fire it up at the show 2nite pass me a joint

HippieFried said...

This will be good and all but the most ahem fun i had at a show was in the eighties The Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Steve Miller @ RFK in washington dc it was a 4rth of july concert and they all were incredible it was a awesome thing they just started doin beatles and who on tour they did this version of baba o'riley and then the begining into only a northern song the dead broke out st stevens and dark star after retiring it for like five years a well travelled head who i was mentoring with was floored he was stunned by the set list they did a wheel st.of circumstance wave in the sand playin jam and a reuben and cherise i had driven taxi the night before so i did a 14 hr shift and then driven the 250 or so miles down 309 in my caddy doin bout 120 mph at times to get there in time for gate i am totally exhausted and with absolutly no real hallucnigens in my system i was almost exstatic from the vibe and the really good arugula the guy who looked exactly like david crosby was smokin with me it was weird, i was in the first concourse and they(the crowd) started breakin the fence and people were pouring down onto the floor rushin in and as they were jumpin this gap in front of me peeps were like slippin on the rail because of all the sweat and i started wiping down the rail so theese peeps wernt breakin their necks its like 7 and a half feet above the feild. it was like all these bikers came in and cordoned off my sectionand then i seen we were seated next to the special guest section los lobos and few peeps i kinda seen before were sittin right next to me and i swear that dave was there smokin this really primo grade of hawiian this is the eighties before all the genetic mombojumbo hydro crap and i wasnt dosed or rushed at the show and man is there anything like this they had the whole experience down in the eighties they were doin it for twenty years at that point and well the whole experience kinda peaked in the early 90's i cosider myself very lucky to have experienced my youth then when we were a free people not afraid of all this 911 era repression man if i had to pee in a cup to get a D/L or a job. i mean god a 1/4 ounce of quality hashish went for fourty bucks from half way cross the globe to you at a reasonable price regan gets a bad rap but in my book ronnie was the man the war on drugs brought us many commodities thx ollie just doin our patriotic duty lol send em more radars with lojacks in em. i pity the little worker drones they mill out now a days you have enuff sense in the gov. eyes to sign an army enlistment but in many states you are'nt recognized as havin enuff sense to drink.200 hrs of comunity service is now a requirement to graduate.freedom is in peril. fly your flag upside down it is not a sign of dis respect but a call for help see flag regulations it states that a flag flying upside down is a signal that there is urgent need for assistance.brought to you by the ad concil and all the yippies

Anonymous said...

just got an email
Hi There,

You are confirmed on the list for the show TONIGHT. The show is at Echoplex. Remember, no guests please! 18 and up only and tickets are $10.00.

See you at the show,


Anonymous said...

f-ing leap of faith. just got my email response confirmation.


Mat Hayward said...

Man! That is so cool! Best show I ever saw was Jane's at the Starry Night Club in Portland doing the Nothings Shocking tour.

I wish I was at that show right now! gotta do it...Seattle..

Anonymous said...

amazing show eric! i'm very glad i got in this time.

but your fans have to know... what did the fat guy say into your ear?

Anonymous said...

after 6 hours in line then not getting in at la cita ...i no longer killed it... best 10 bucks i will ever spend on a monday night



Anonymous said...

no "trip away" this time, major bummer

John Dorough said...

Awesome news from Can not wait to see you guys, please play Atlanta for two nights, I will be there for both!!!! I wish I could have come out to LA to see you guys last night but I am super broke and can not afford plane tickets and hotel and missed work at the moment =(

This is going to be a great year for music!!!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

took a break from the book of good farming, was just listening to some early shows, chicago circa 88. Is there a better Eric lead than Obvious (not discounting Up the Beach)? Any chance for Bobhaus making a comeback? Very excited hearing about a possible tour.

Anonymous said...

kinda surprised there aren't more nerds like myself that were schooled in the art of writing down setlists(which invaribly are never legible the next day while sober). would be interested in seeing the list is what i'm basically implying

cowboy neal said...

Again I missed out. Didn't get on the original 500 list and then was on the road and didn't get the last minute email invite until 6pm. Hope it was a great show and, again, I will hope to get in next time...

On the bright side, I did go to the Monday Evening Concert last night. It was a rare sellout, not one empty seat. They did two pieces by Gerard Grisey and I'm happy to say it was a new aural experience for me. And the Argento Ensemble play the most difficult music like they were talking with their friends. Excellent group, as well as red fish blue fish who played the opening percussion piece.

Anonymous said...

Would be interested to know the setlist from the show last night. Very excited about the prospect of seeing this band again.

As for 'Obvious,' like alot of folks here I love the song and Eric's part in it, but if the rumors are true as to what the song is about, it should be the last song that any mentions to Eric or suggest they play as part of a reunion.

-Brad in Denver

t said...

Please kickoff the next set of shows at Anna Bananas, O'ahu. It would be a great start to where it all ended back in '91.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad what is "Obvious" about?? I love the bass line on that song.

Anonymous said...

Brad, I had no idea there was a subtext to that apologies if there're any bad feelings associated w/ it. I'm in the age group where JA took me from being in front of the TV where I watched other youngsters were getting slimed to having an interest in music, greenery, and the beauty of art. I find it interesting it was in the repetoire way before Ritual was recorded. The show I mentioned above was a gem and the intro was a bit longer than later performances.

Nate said...

Amazing show last night.

Panda said...

Up The Beach
Ain't No Right
Mountain Song
Been Caught Stealing
Had a Dad
Ocean Size

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Great to see Jane's is back up and running again and that you've been in the NIN studio.

From what I've seen/heard of the recent shows, it seems that the band lacks the gut-wrenching power and pace of old. Is that something you've chosen to tone down as a band? It would be a shame if so, as one of the many great things about Jane's was the vitality of live performances and the pace that the songs were played at.

Hope you don't feel like this is an anti-Jane's message or anything. I just want things to be right and at the moment it's all a little safe, traditional and dare I say cheesy...

Take it easy.

p.s. Tell Perry to turn the echo back up!!!

Panda said...

Jane's Addiction @ the Echoplex 2/16/2009

Up the Beach


Mountain Song

Been Caught Stealing

Ted, Just Admit It


Ocean Size


Great show last night! Don't listen to those who drink too much haterade!

Anonymous said...

No haterade (?), just cold facts. The band needs to up the pace and punch!

And perry needs to cut out the lame intros. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

From the clips I saw, it looked like Jane's is back in fine form! Great to see EA pounding it out, never seemed right (all due respect to Flea and Martyn) w/out EA.

Anonymous said...

The rumor about "Obvious" that I have yet to hear disqualified is that the song (lyrics) were written by Perry about Eric, after things were starting to go downhill, kind of an inside joke. It was one of the last songs written (chronologically) by Jane's pre-'91, it was written almost entirely by Perry. I have it on reasonable authority that this is true.

I really hate to write any of this on Eric's blog, true or not, especially since it's old news, and a reunion is actually happening. Eric is in my opinion the most talented and respectable member of Jane's. I mean no offense. Perry was a jerk to Eric for the longest time.

-Brad in Denver

-ea. said...

brad- if thats the case, i really dont know, it is much water under a very distant bridge. id just like to add it to the set because i keep getting requests from folks i know who want to hear it live.

-ea. said...

brad- also, perry wrote the lyrics. but that one was a song that was very much written by the band as a whole. a bit unusual in that way; jamming. i have it on good authority, stephen told me. because i am worthless for details from that time period for pharmaceutical reasons.

Erika said...

Such a great show last night! It was so cool to have it old skool, smaller venue, less people, very chill and relaxed! you guys have never sounded better!! opening band Dot was amazing too! killer!
Eric- i was the girl you shook hands with! thanks for that, very cool!
Hope you guys do it again soon!

-ea. said...

anonymous - i cant speak to the mans waist size, but i can tell you that what i heard spoken in my ear last night was,"respect and kindness". ill leave it to the regular posters here to figure out who that might be. i wonder....

Anonymous said...

Alright Eric!! HAHA Play Obvious that bass line kicks ass!! I have a live show from a NY club CAT Club?? new years eve from 1988 and Obvious is in the set so I don´t think things were bad back them, plus there´s no way Perry could have write that super bass line, no disrespect to Perry great performer and great voice.

And don´t play all the shows to the Gringos como to South America sometime for a show with Jane´s or yourself.


Non Gringo man.

Woobot said...

EA- Thank you so much for the experience. You're a gifted bass player and musician. You could feel your passion for the music, and I could feel it pounding me in the chest. You attacked the set, and it was truly wonderful to see you enjoying yourself with your old bandmates. I'm ready for the new material! Congrats, you guys deserve this.

Anonymous said...


Mike made it them. Good for you Mike.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your thoughts - I'm relieved to know that you don't care either way.

For what it's worth, "Obvious" is my favorite Jane's song to cover - when my band has played it, someone inevitably comes up afterward and says "Wow, that was a really great song" and they are surprised to learn it's a Jane's cover (and I go back to the drawing board).

Really hoping you guys come thru Denver, I'll be there of you do.

-Brad in Denver

Anonymous said...

Eric it´s great when you answer questions, do it more often.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear ya talking about jamming in the olde daze back to that ole communal spirit where the magic was made how its rare to find nowadaze computers render the art of full band jam style song creation almost obsolete a lost art cheers to the good olde daze brother

Anonymous said...

I get the fact that Up the Beach is like a traditional opening for JA but its seriously time to change it up!

How about opening with Three Days and jammin' it out for a bit?

I dunno just seems like time for a change..

Anonymous said...


Up The Beach will always be the absolute greatest and most perfect opening number. It is a work of major power and beauty.

A song like Three Days isn't something you open with. The band's gotta be loose as a goose and ready to delve.

Fake Jane's seldom played Up The Beach as an opener, and now that Jane's Addiction is back, it is fucking time to bring it.

Anonymous said...

up the beach is always the best janes opener, it'll never tire. a song of majestic proportions.

we would like to hear some covers, bobhaus, la medley, shit like that.
janes was maybe the coolest cover band ever.

it goes without saying that everyone's tired of the "greatest hit" package.

no ones leaving, shower, idiots, obvious, trip ways, pigs, etc!

Anonymous said...

1% is way too slow

Anonymous said...

They need to be reborn.. Going from Up The Beach to Whores is what they did back in the day... Like I said I get it.. but I think they could push out.. Save up the beach for something later.. I dunno.. Just dont want them to burn out. I want albums.

Jason said...

so great to see you and the boys last night. i flew in from chicago and my little brother fly in from kansas.

you guys nailed it and the vibe at the show was very positive and fun.

i can't wait to see you again during the tour with nin.

best regards,

obvious said...

in reference to the song "obvious" although the band may not realize, the guitar lead melody is actually very eastern-based for anyone who's studied indian/asian music they will recognize this and the scale/key

Anonymous said...

'Whores' needed a tempo boost otherwise very good show. Would luv 2 hear 'My Time' played. That tis all
Peace out

Anonymous said...

Thank you for deciding to play with the band again. I hope to catch one of the shows in the near future and I can't wait for the box set (possibly including a DVD release of Gift and possibly Soul Kiss? I'm wearing out my VHS tapes!!!). The boots I've heard from the last 2 shows give my goosebumps and I'm bummed I couldn't attend.

I've been to the previous reunion shows and something just didn't feel right without you as a part of them. I hope this means that we may be hearing some new material in the near future??

Peace and love,

matt volpe said...


Show was tight as hell from what I saw/heard online, awesome playing. Loved the muted moment in mountain song (sounded like Dave was muting the riff occasionally), interesting little change up there.

I love Klinghoffer. He was a great contributer to Ataxia with John Frusciante and Joe Lally and I dig what he's doing on John F's Empyrean record. Just got that and am really diggin it. I'll look out for anything Dot. Would love to hear them.

Have you heard Joe Lally's solo material at all? It's awesome. "From Here to There" and "Nothing is Underrated". Real gems.

So are you now playing a jazz fender these days? Is Brahms retired?

Again, great show and very excited to hear that you'll be playing some dates with NIN. I sincerely hope I can come catch a show if you guys come to the northeast. I'll be the one wearing the JAWS
t shirt.

Best, Matt

PS Mike, congrats for making the show! I envy you. Nice you got a chance to talk with Eric, good for you.

Anonymous said...

I lol'd hearing all the reports of the big fat idiot crowd-surfing and whatnot, and then I lol'd again when I found out who it was. Nothing against big fat idiots, BTW, as some of my best friends are big fat idiots.

I'd like to echo the calls for new music, as well as the calls for less-common tunes added to the set. of course I realize that rehearsing these takes time, but I am excited to hear the unexpected.

powers said...

had a good time last night. great to have you 4 back as a unit again.


Anonymous said...

Eric, great show last night. You guys were in fine form and I'm glad I got to witness it.

Lots of rumors swirling about you guys rerecording some old stuff that only appeared on the Triple X album. Can you shed any light on this or are you guys keeping your studio work a surprise? Are there any completely new songs you're working on as well? Did you have any left over bass lines from the old days that you felt would work great with Janes but not with any of your later projects?

And speaking of great bass lines, what happened to 'Whores'? I can't believe you dropped the intro bass line. That is one of the best bass intros of a song EVER. I hope that was your call and not someone elses....

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric!

AWESOME JOB last night! I was standing right in front of you the whole night and you rocked.

I am so happy you are back in the fold.

As for potential improvements before you guys hit the major world tour circuit I will say this:

This is the time for Jane's to do something really meaningful. With NIN extending their offer they are opening the flood gates for Jane's to return to their former glory... if not beyond. There is a saying in the music industry which you have probably heard, "When you get an opening, drive a truck through it."
Last night you guys were awesome... I would even go so far to say it was the best show I've ever seen in a venue that size. However... in my humble opinion, as a longtime fan and someone who really wants to see you guys succeed on a large scale, Perry needs to turn up the intensity. Way, way up. He needs to have more edginess both to his voice and in his onstage presence. I know he's been through a lot and has grown spiritually. But a lot of people still look to Jane's for their raw power and a much of that was coming from Perry's scream. I don't wish him harm I just wish he could connect better with the audience and the reason they are there. In my opinion the audiences he's singing to are -perhaps unlike himself- people who struggle on a day to day basis and are looking for a release. Like it or not that is what Jane's has stood for and in my opinion is how they can remain valuable and relevant to society.

It's ok for him to scream and dress more like he used to. He doesn't have to constantly reinvent himself. People just want to see the original Jane's that they knew.

Anonymous said...

Eric- I flew in from Detroit for this show and have to say how happy I was to have been there.

you have been missed as part of JA. you are the bones of that band, no doubt about it.

never better.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting and true comments about perry on here. The echo and loop on his voice needs to be turned way up. It tends to sound more like traditional rock when he's singing it straight and he's being swamped by the band anyway. Bring the scho and effects back! EA, have a word :)

John Dorough said...

Any chance of booking a show in Albany, Ga at our Civic Center???? Seats quite a few but not enough to make it a non-personal type show. Come on, you can talk to the rest of the guys and also Trent and mention about how you would like to visit this great city in south Ga on your way from Atlanta to one of your Florida shows. I will buy you a round of beers and give you a personal tour of the city. Come on, you will easily sell out the venue and visit a place you have not been before. Meet some new people, get some good BBQ and have a great time!

John Dorough said...

Let me know if you would consider it. I can get you all the information you need to book the show!!!!!

Anonymous said...

good thing it wasn't matt volpe that got up on stage! you probably wouldn't make it through that encounter safely. be afraid

Anonymous said...

I guess it's kinda funny hearing people question the band or perry's intensity. Personally I wasn't lucky enough to take in these shows but I think there're alot of things to take into account. Alot of time has passed since the original, real Jane's was onstage. Over the last 17-18 years (wow) each member has chaged their focus (different bands, families, reality shows, etc..) before sliding back onstage together. By no means would I consider myself an oldie, but I would think MY EXPERIENCE at a show would be alot different now from then just based on age. Sorry man, I'm not picking up change next to the cross-eyed psycho w/ the beanie, I'll enjoy the show w/out any unnecessary risks on my health.
Instead of bitching about the band's energy, which was by no means lacking from what I observed) think about the current state of music, what other bands you'd like to or would get a chance to see. To those that have seen JA recently in the smaller venues, I envy you, because seeing JA at a club of 500 or so people is alot more intimate than at a stadium with a mixed crowd of gen y'ers there for NIN (no disrespect to NIN, not my thing to be honest). Man, this has me thinking, how cool to see Love & Rockets w/ JA..I digress. Very cool to see the boys back together after years apart. Let's hope all the standards are ready for the tour. One last shameful plug....BOBHAUS!

Anonymous said...

I thought the band sounded great, and although I am a pretty critical listener, I thought Perry sounded very good too. I guess I just don't expect him to be a 20-something. I expect him to be who he is. I don't want Perry or anybody else to try to be something they're not. Would anybody out there like to be told that they should act like they did 18 years ago?

I've heard people say "well the first show (Godlike Genius) Perry sounded good, but didn't sound good at the next show. Or other people saying the last two shows, Cita & Cid, Perry sounded good but not the first or the most recent. Fucking relax, people. It's a voice - it's going to sound different show to show, and as has been demonstrated, few actually agree when it sounds best. It is also going to be mixed differently from show to show, and our shitty recording equipment and shitty youtube vids isn't going to give a true reproduction anyways. I imagine as more shows happen, folks will stop micro-analyzing each little second as though it determines the entire future of the band.

Just relax and enjoy. Jane's will only get better and better, and if we are really lucky, we are going to get the sweet, glorious payoff of some new music.

I expect the band to get stronger and stronger (they've only played four shows!), and I am loving the experience already.

Don't forget to enjoy yourselves, people.

Anonymous said...

Eric...loved Polar Bear and thought that out of your Jane's bandmates you were the one who was best at breaking new ground by a longshot.

That said, I kind of wish you would have stuck to your guns and stayed away from the reunion crap. I realize that there's a whole new generation of fans - and older ones - who missed you the first time around, but man those songs as they're being played now just don't have the fire they used to, and I'm sorry but there's not a chance in Hell you're going to get it back. I also understand that you're not doing it for're up there because it feels good and it's getting your juices flowing again.

At least I can say I saw you guys before you were has-beens clutching to your past glory, plus I'll save the $60 or whatever the fuck you'll charge to see you tear down an icon.

Michael said...

It's funny how some people on here are giving advice on how the band should or shouldn't perform. Jane's sounded amazing on Monday night. It's not 1989 anymore. Most of us fans have grown up and evolved and are excited about the future of Jane's Addiction.

Asking any member of the band to act or sing or play like they did 20 years ago is an embarrassment. Most fans don't want this. We want Jane's as they are now.

Anonymous said...

Oh boo hoo! People are criticizing Jane's!

If it's not 1989, why are they playing songs that were almost all written before then?

If you've grown up and evolved so much why are you still clamoring for a band that's almost 20 years past their peak?

You want Jane's as they are now? It's called "Strays" and you can fuckin' have it!

Michael said...

I listen to Jane's because their music is timeless to me. I don't need them to act a certain way for me to get off on their music. I don't need them to make me like I'm 16 and rebelling again the Man again. If you're still stuck in that phase, then I'm sorry, most of us have moved on.

But going by your logic, I assume Paul McCartney should still have a bowl haircut, Robert Plant has no business working with Alison Krauss, and Angus Young still looks cool in a school boy uni.

This is not about enjoying a band only when they're at their "peak", whatever that means. It's about appreciating Jane's as musicians and being open to their evolution.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric do you trim your pubes?

Anonymous said...

about fuckin time Eric ! man, I've been telling these fools over the years since you've been gone you haven't experienced a real Jane's Addiction till you've seen the old school ORIGINAL line up. Nothing compares. !! It kinda felt like when Obama won! breathe of fresh air.

Copabus said...

I hope will have a feature where we can vote for setlists. I'd really love to hear MY TIME. Thanx

Anonymous said...

My Time

Conceived by Perry and Eric in late 1985. When Dave joined it was transformed into a lighter acoustic number.

* played late '86 and '87

* 1997: never played "My Time" on stage. But in the Three Days film, there is some footage of them playing it outside acoustically.

* Porno For Pyros also played it a few times.

Definitely one of their very best numbers

Jason said...

why all of the negative "anonymous" posts by people? is it a few of the same people.

i thought the show rocked, i thought eric, stephen, dave, and perry all ripped. i witnessed heart and soul on stage and loved every minute of it.

again, eric i'm so glad you're back in. you were greatly missed.

Anonymous said...

My Time was not played on Three Days. You're thinking of One Percent.

Not sure about the song being changed once Dave joined the fold. I think it was always a lighter, acoustic song. Eric, can you shed some light on early versions of My Time?

J said...

"My Time" WAS faster and played electrically before Dave joined. Many old-school fans have a recording from the Black Radio Club, 1986, before Steve and Dave joined. "My Time" is performed there in a faster, more aggressive manner, replete with fuzzed-out guitar by Ed, Jane's original guitar player (R.I.P.) It is followed up by a vicious take on The Stooge's "I Got A Right." Who knows, perhaps some of this will turn up on the box set.

As for the negative "anonymous" posts, it's quite clearly all coming from the same, bitter asshole. Look forward to NOT seeing this pissy douche at any shows.

Anonymous said...

I thought the show rocked. Complainers, let's see you rock out while pushing the age of 50.

Jeremy Ferrick's Mosaic said...

The Echoplex and El Cid shows were two of the best of my entire life, I thank you forever!

Mikey said...

Hello Eric. Just wondering, what happened to Michael Murphy? Mikey

Juan said...

Jane is now addicted to her AARP membership. Time to hang it up, geezers!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I can't believe how harsh some people are, and to come to the man's blog to vent....just doesn't make sense. My thoughts....the people being critical didn't get on the list, definitely didn't make the show. From the way I see it, there's a reason for the small venues, the band is feeling out the energy, getting a feel for the old songs. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Anyone remember how horrible Perry would sound after a few dates on tour, maybe he was belting out too much. Regardless of the reasons for touring, recording,'s personal to these guys and isn't necessarily for you. I'd bet each member could live the rest of their lives fairly well w/out getting JA back together, but for whatever reason now is the right time. Kinda like the bible-belters censoring radio, tv, etc....if you don't like it, don't listen. I don't think too many here care for your opinions anyway.

bangoskank said...

Best of luck and God bless Eric. So great to have the real JA back on stage! Can't wait to catch a show.

lay sweet jane said...

i am horny for jane

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

This is the intensity people are talking about:

Compare that to this:

You boys need to up the pace and fire! Bring the Jane's Addiction.

Anonymous said...

For fans of 'Obvious' everywhere:


Anonymous said...

Flight from Eugene to Burbank – 40,000 air miles

Jane’s Addiction - $10

The coolest pregnant wife in the world, Spending a few more hours with Dad and the Wagners, EA in his natural habitat – Priceless

Respect y Kindness, Wings wide,

PS Thanks to well-wishers and haters alike. We all make it through this journey one way or another. You choose.

Arnold said...

that the band will never play, but we can dream

-Up The Beach
-Trip Away(acoustic version)
-Mountain Song
-My Time
-Ocean Size
-Slo Divers
-Kettle Whistle (extended psychedelic version)
-Of Course
-Ripple(Original acoustic version - Grateful Dead Cover)
-Darkness, Darkness(Youngbloods cover)

Anonymous said...

Eric, just based on the vids that are out there in various places like YouTube, the El Cid, La Cita, and Echoplex shows were just on freaking fire, man.

It's so great to see you all back together. Yes, I'm one of those die-hard fans who has waited almost 20 years for this. Jane's Addiction literally made me a fan of rock music again after the mostly terrible music of the 80's.

I wish you guys the very best, hope you all can remain friends or at least stay together a while this time (haha), so that we fans get ample opportunities to see you out there. Jane's has provided 3 of the 5 greatest live shows I've ever seen (NIN was another, so very fitting that you guys will be hitting the road together).

I am so appreciative of the music. It's timeless, it's always intriguing (even after all this time), and it just fucking rocks.

Here's hoping you make it to the middle - Kansas City is waiting for you. We need it.

Much love,

Jimbo from KC

Anonymous said...

It's rock and roll. There will always be some stupid asshole being a dick, and that's just part of the whole crazy stew. There's just no way around it. Sometimes you'll have a fat little piggy trying to feel important by making inflammatory comments, and that's just what you've seen here.

The fact of the matter is, you CAN NOT go out and present any kind of art in public without somebody disliking it, or making negative comments. It doesn't matter if you're painting, dancing, sculpting, reciting poetry, making a film, or playing music. Part of the trade-off of being able to present your art in public is being insulted by some twat with nothing better to do. You just have to ask yourself who you'd rather be - the audience, the performer/creator, or that twat with nothing better to do.

Anonymous said...

Lay Sweet Jane

Do you have nice tits?

lay sweet jane said...

36D i am hot for eric

Anonymous said...

nice pussy?

Anonymous said...

how's the ass, cellulite?

Anonymous said...

I am listening to Josh, PB, and other shit right now. If you get a chance and are inclined...jam a few solo gigs around town. People love and admire you and yr work. How nice is that?

I enjoyed seeing you the other night...I was lost in a 20 year old mindset and became hypmotiized with yr work.....left drenched and happy.

In my humble opinion, JA is done without new music. Lot's to elaborate on that, but hey I am just a moth to the light.

Herzog is at Royce tomorrow night. Maybe I'll see ya there.

Be well,


Anonymous said...

Stupid post...advice and all....simply disregard.



Robert said...

hi eric, i have even greater admiration for you now after reading your note on the janes blog. you seem to be very "in tune" with things. thank you man, you seem to have the best, purest interests at heart i can tell. i like your ideas about janes, its so sad its so difficult to make things work out for new recordings. we can only watch from a distance and pray that at least the tour works out.

""we spoke of not wanting to go do a bloated version of something we had done a long time ago. that the only way to go forward was to take it back. way back. to the beautiful dark spirit that got the whole story started. get in fighting shape. play some small clubs. try to write some new material""

Anonymous said...

So IF this thing implodes will you please promise us to at least write a couple new songs with Dave and Stephen and do Deconstruction again?
Holy shit that would be almost as good as Janes.

Anonymous said...

Gotta have a backup plan, just sayin **tokes pipe**

Syd said...

Just some thoughts

I've worked in a band where it was very difficult to come to agreement. What we found that worked was for each person to record ideas on their own at 3 different tempos agreed upon ahead of time. After they got about 30 minutes of their best ideas/riffs down at each of these tempos, we would send each other the wav files by email. Then each of us separately would add new parts on top of the others work (alone at home). Then we'd take the recordings and send them to the producer to arrange and splice together. Then we'd have a meeting with the producer to see what he came up with and try to it work out further with him. You may have already tried it that way i dunno.

Another idea would be taking a relaxing trip to Hawaii with acoustic guitars, bongo and tambourine only. No other family and friends along, no cell phones, a guys only vacation for minimum 3 weeks. It might be easier to work acoustically together in an beautiful atmosphere removed from your current environment with all its distractions and interference. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

WOW, thank you to the anonymous guy who posted the two versions of Whores above...and that Italy aka Head Shop version of Whores isn't even one of their best! The 2009 version is PATHETIC in comparison! What the fuck is with dropping the tuning on all the songs!?!?!?!

Jane's Addiction Mark V, or whatever the fuck version this is, is a fucking JOKE! PATHETIC!

But hey, all you blind and deaf assholes who want to keep insulting people who offer their honest opinion on how once again the Jane's dudes are systematically tearing down their legend, go lick Perry's middle aged, unable-to-sing-his-fucking-parts brownstar.

Anonymous said...

meant to write "mp3 files by email" not wav sorry

Paul Critchlowe said...

Just found this site...I'm deffo looking forward to seeing the original lineup again.

As for the negative opinions, I guess it's understandable given how much this band meant to some people back in the day. Some people prefer the more "vital" version versus the "mellowed" one.

As Perry himself said..."Everybody has their own opinion, holding it back hurts so bad...."

tcrock said...

The only thing that pisses me off slightly is the alleged attempt here to squash Eric's desire to getting something new done....if it's gotta be done a la Ritual, in separate rooms at separate times. do it then.

lay sweet jane said...

your music turns me on

Anonymous said...

++Prescription for success++

-keep a small tape recorder handy at all times

-experiment with some ego softening psychedelics and empathogens so you can agree without ego throwing it all out of whack

-no more than 2 guys writing together at one time reduces the amount of psychological tension in the room

-don't impose time constraints, do a little at a time or whenever inspiration flashes

-make music in a tranquil environment by the ocean and the cypress groves

-meditate and center yourself

Peyote said...

Peyote is your friend.

peyote said...

Most formal peyote ceremonies mix drumming, singing, prayer, and stories as a means of offering thanks and as a way of sharing this blessing with the Creator and their fellow communicants. Deeply meaningful and highly personalized inspirational revelation is often a very important part of the individual's experience. Participants in such peyote "meetings" often grow in empathy and in friendship with the people who have shared the peyote night with them. Lifelong associations are made in this way.

bangoskank said...

yeah, please advise one of the most prolific and groundbreaking bands on how to write their music, perform with your ideal amount of energy...all this coming from someone w/out an identity...kinda funny. I guess if I was as much of an asshole to think I could give these guys advise I'd say "let nature take it's course and enjoy it while it happens". Personally I thought it wasn't in the cards for JA to get back together as it was, but I think Eric's take is the right one, you recapture the magic and see what it translates into. Not saying don't criticize, personally I'm not a big Perry fan, he's even though JA and P4P are two of my alltime favs.
Enjoy it for what it is or move on yourself if that is what you'd wish JA would do.

9 said...

Hey bangoskank if you read the blog you'l see what they'v tried isn't working so they may need a new approach- got it

bangoskank said...

"Hey bangoskank if you read the blog you'l see what they'v tried isn't working so they may need a new approach- got it"

In case that was a question, lemme take a bit, squeeze out a few albums, take some time off, find a solution and then forward it over to the boys. I guess my response was more in response to the posts saying the onstage energy was off. But yeah, talking about songwriting is definitely my thing, which is why I'm here and not in the studio cranking it out. I just think it's a process (performing, songwriting, actually being in a band) that would be better solved by musicians (with decades of experience) than some anonymous (pompous) blogg responder.

Anonymous said...

Lay Sweet Jane


Anonymous said...

trent was a good pic for coach he just needs to lay down the law with the senile 49 year old who had his testicles clipped by his significant other.

Arnold said...

'the only way to go forward was to take it back. way back. to the beautiful dark spirit that got the whole story started'

Fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...


Dejate de joder con estos gringos putos y ven a tocar a Sudamerica, Chile, Argentina y Brasil los esperan.

Juanas Adicción por siempre.

lay sweet jane said...

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Anonymous said...


OU812 said...

The JA disagreements are most likely over these issues

1. those who want a stiff loop/sample based approach and those want a more organic, natural beat

2. those who want a lighter pop friendly accessible rhythm and tone. and those who want a darker punkier meanacing rhythm and tone

diversity is good.

Anonymous said...

lay sweet jane


Anonymous said...

Probably not that at all. More like fighting over who was gonna get the last cream filled chocolate donut in the Dunkin donut box. Perry would up getting it but got charlie horsed and a fist fart for his effort.

agdm said...

ea....i know its a tough thing not to get lost and caught up and want to go forward but then the old haunts come back by 4 on stage have something that has been lacking in live rock music for some time.....gonna be a trip to watch 10k+ people freak out and not 50 or 500. that will take it to that higher level. great to see that you all decided to take it back to square one. its not about the fans...this is about the 4 of you coming together and creating and escaping together...albeit in a much less dazed state...its not going to be the same...and why would you want it to be that can only move your heart out...die trying...give it all. if the fans can't see that...then they can go find it somewhere else.

thanks again.

now its time to go create. about another LA show...shall we?

Anonymous said...

lhr where r U?

Anonymous said...

21/02/09 02:35 a.m.

You are going to break again? How difficult is to make new music for you guys? Obviously not for you Eric. If Dave and Perry had lost the desire to be Jane's Addiction, is regrettable. I think you are the more real in all this, full of honesty, attitude, reliability, musicality above all. The future of the band can be very promising indeed, beyond a tour of shit or not. You are a band that has infinite possibilities, infinite directions, always at the forefront of all the shit bands that are going around. I hope your mind, free thinking, so you can take the case reached the correct decision.

A huge hug for you Eric. You are the man.

-ea. said...

sr - for most of you here i know this might not be a good time for me to go off (janes)topic but i want to how herzog was at royce hall? belle and i had planned on going but i got sick the day of the janes show and have been on the couch ever since.

Anonymous said...

Here's some free advise for when you're back in the studio: as Brian Wilson once said: Hang Onto Your Ego.

Just remember, you could always be back in Polar Bear or whatever playing to a crowd of 12.

Anonymous said...

Perry is annoying but brilliant. swallow your pride Eric, or go back to working at am/pm

Anonymous said...

Fuck you P. Farrell's boyfriend!!!

He could work in am / pm, but you can never do something as creative as him, stupid.

Eric Avery is God.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

A non-Jane's related question. You strike me as being a thoughtful kind of chap.

Why do minor chords make you feel sad?

Would be awesome if you could take 30 seconds out to give a brief bullet point/ soundbite.


Mushroom Man said...

Perry needs to learn to compromise.
He is rarely agreeable when it comes to making music.
Its his way or "no" way and thats just pure selfishness.
He needs some mind opening mushrooms so he can see the other side and the other side is where its at.
The side Eric Avery and Trent are on.
The side where the glittering darkness beckons
The side where the magic comes alive
The side JA fans are dying to hear and see
Perry wake up dude I'm tellin ya

Tom From Portland said...


For years now I´ve got these demos from Deconstruction recorded in 1993.

Two songs "Jealous Song" and "Untitled" did not make into the record and they both strike me as the most Jane´s alike songs.(That is why I think they did not make it)

You and Dave distorted your voices to sound , what I also think is Perry´s voice (Feels like you sing on "Untitled" and Dave sings on "Jealous Song")

I was wondering if those songs were ideas for Jane´s Addiction in the first place and in second place I would like to ask why did you distort your voices into sounding like Perry?

What do the lyrics of "Jealous Song" stand for?

If you could answer, yet anyone that knows these songs could add some more info.

Just thinking if that was the kind of songs a new record of Jane´s could have had back in the day...

No reason that is not the case now. Hope for the best for You and Jane´s.


PS: Hope the possible new songs have a bass-punk/funky feel like before, but with a 2009 touch.

the_oneiric_realist said...

I thought some of you might dig this psychedelic video I created.
This is best watched in HQ mode. Pause the video and you should see the clickable text at the lower right hand corner, " Watch in Quality"

Anonymous said...


Six complete songs. Fucking great! :)

Good job boys! I can't wait to see Jane's for the first time in more than 17 years!


Anonymous said...

Great quality videos. Band sounds better than initially thought. Still, for what it's worth I think these areas could be improved:

Dave's guitar: needs to be more raw and have more feedback and reverb. It sounds too clean currently. He needs to dirty it up a little.

Perry: WAY more echo needed.

Speed: I think tuning the songs down has also impacted on the pace. The songs sound a little sluggish/plodding.

Intensity: the whole thing needs a bit of an injection of energy and fire. Not sure what that means. Hard to articulate. The songs sound like run-throughs or rehearsals at the moment...

But... considering this is the third gig you've played together in 17 years it's not surprising there's a little rustiness. Bring on the tour and PLEASE some new material!

Anonymous said...

Herzog was at Royce Hall last Friday at 8 pm. His topic was the sick planet and there was a musical piece written for the event to follow directly after the lecture (strings alone, I believe). It was listed on the events area of my Yahoo page. Details were poor. ie. no pricing, etc

I had to miss it as well, but I did get to see him introduce his "mock" documentary and field a few asinine questions at the "Other Venice Film Festival" a couple of years ago. Dunno, but if I had the chance to talk Herzog up, I wouldn't ask a man who heaved a massive vessel over a mountain to meet his artistic vision/obligations what lens he prefers.

Be well,


Anonymous said...

Just rude.

Hope you feel better.