Sunday, March 15, 2009

we in janes have made several phone calls, both individually and collectively, trying to find out why nin/ja ticket prices have wound up so much higher than the agreed upon price. it has been confusing and frustrating trying to get a straight, consistent and clear answer. a few weeks ago, trent told me about a ticket reselling phenomena that i hadnt understood before. i didnt understand at the time just how insidious this system is until ive had to watch it play out in real time. he wrote a really good concise and understandable explanation here. its a good read. have coffee first.


ali said...

For what it's worth, it helps to know that this is something that's on your radar at least. The prices have raised eyebrows and are high - they'll limit some people, which is sad given that this tour is shaping up to be be pretty special, but I think the flip side is that most people realise this is the world we live in now. Shows aren't cheap, tours need to be financially viable, etc. There's a point at which greed takes root and that is sickening (I am not suggesting that's the case here....I mean that in general), but ultimately we all have a choice whether we part company with cash or not.



Anonymous said...

Eric I love Jane´s and I love NIN but I´m sorry I´m not paying 200 US to see a show even if I´ve got the money. If people want to support this fucking system is their problem.

Man you should have rented some farms in all mayors cities and set up a stage with NIN

Screw Live Shit and Ticketfuck!

The US is becoming a huge corporation and every one loves it, even the punk audiences of the 80´s.

Soon when I´m leaving the country I will be entering Francemobile and returning to the United States of Burger King.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for being candid about this, and many thanks to Trent for what he wrote. It's a real problem, and unlike ali, I don't think any of us should roll over and accept that "this is the world we live in today." It's not about inflation, or the cost of touring; it's about gouging.

I won't pay an outrageous price, on principle. We make the world we live in. Like Trent said in his letter; "Nothing's going to change until the ticketing entity gets serious about stopping the problem - which of course they don't see as a problem. The ultimate way to hurt scalpers is to not support them. Leave them holding the merchandise"

Anonymous said...


Great that you and Trent are discussing this. Need to think on it a bit.

Real exciting in this new economy, new music industry, new infrastructure (laptop executive), for the artist to take responsibility over the true value of the services they provide. For the full revenue of their brand (financial, social, environmental capital). I can't think of any other industry where the owner just defers the primary profits.

As altruistic and correct as Trent’s reasons are (not gouging the fans, social capital), profits are being controlled by the dubious. Profits being used that do not forward the owners or consumers interest, or are sustainably directed.

The (organic) farm idea is a good one. And/or integrate partnerships with causes that are dear to the artists into the ticket sales process. Into every revenue stream. Set up a pension system/healthcare/emergency fund for musicians in negotiating a new means.

Didn’t Zeppelin redefine the deal when they emerged? Always good to keep at heart who is the cart and who is the horse.

The scalper share can be reconstructed, reconstituted with a little focus.

matt volpe said...

Hey Eric,
Thanks sharing this info, it's very eye opening, I did not know how deep the gouging goes. The music industry is a screwy thing in the first place, having virtually destroyed itself by it's greedy ways, I sincerely hope now that these immoral ways of jacking up ticket prices don't destroy the live major music scene in this country all together as well. I plan on logging on to buy tickets for your Holmdel NJ 6.6 show tomorrow at 4PM. I hope it's reasonably priced.

Thanks again and have a good night, Matt

FurianFlux said...

Eric, thank you for addressing this. Mystery why Dave didn't. Too busy playing w/ his doll, I suppose. ha
No offense, you guys SHOULD have consulted Pearl Jam. They try EVERYTHING to keep Tix prices down. Most of the time succeeding. This Concert(maps?), is CLEARLY a ticket broker. Unfortunately they have the right(go figure) to do whatever they want in regard to prices. Wait a sec., just read the quote from Trent"..ultimate way to hurt scalpers is to not support them."?! WHY did you guys HIRE one to put out your tix?! Tix brokers and scalpers are ONE & the SAME! Clearly, SOMEONE needs to be fired because they are trying to sabotage you guys. No significant sales...tour cancelled. Simple. Hmmm...yep...suspicious. To me. How 'bout you? Sorry to 'pee in your cornflakes'.

Chris (C. Brian) said...

I think Fugazi did it right and did it their way w/ $5 shows.

Brad M. said...

Unreal. An industry run amok. I guess what I don't understand is how these brokers got their snouts so firmly entrenched in the trough in the first place, and how these third parties have only become more egregious in their gouging, and why there isn't more of a backlash against them. Are these brokers so powerful that they would win in a struggle against an artist-coalition? Why are only 10% of tickets available through the band - why can't pre-sales go on well in advance of shows through the bands, and the brokers be responsible only for last minute/walk up/day of sales? How did venues get so intertwined with brokers, and seemingly dependent on them? Seems like there have to be ways around this mess, and that an artistic coalition against the system combined with some good attorneys will get it fixed.

If the NINJA show is $200 per head as rumored, I may have to pass. That would be very disappointing. Thanks for the info Eric.

matt volpe said...

Chris C Brian-
Just wanted to send a note saying I agree with your comment. FUGAZI was and is ahead of the curve on ticket prices, I agree wholeheartedly. The again, they were never major label, and refused to be on one, which may be why they were able to chart their own way and not answer to anyone.

Richard said...

I paid $20 to see Jane's at the Aragon in Chicago back in 1990. Not to be rude, but, guys were a bit more vital then. Not a chance on Earth that I'd even pay more than $50 to see you now.

Anonymous said...

$200 A TICKET? Wow. Cue the "tour canceled due to poor ticket sales" press release.

Anonymous said...

OK, I think we should relax a tiny bit...

There are all different ticket prices for all different areas of different venues.

Some will get up pretty high, and I wouldn't buy them either. Since I'm going to just one show, I've set my limit at $100, which I wouldn't pay for anybody else except the original Jane's.

When the time comes, check out the price. Decide beforehand what you think is reasonable and stick to it.

Kramer said...

The cost isn't that bad, I mean its Jane's & NIN, two of the best bands ever to have incarnated on the planet.
Speaking of incredible groups, I've just learned there is a very wonderful Porno For Pyros album that was written and home recorded but never released. If you get a chance Eric, PLEASE urge Perry to release this forgotten gem for all the Porno & Jane's fans.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...


matt volpe said...

Prices were reasonable enough at pnc in jersey for the incredible amount of talent I'll be seeing on that stage June 6.
Eric, this will be awesome. Looking forward to seeing you and boys once again. This will be my 5th time seeing you with janes. This will be my wife's 1st time, as you guys didn't play Armenia back in the day if i am not mistaken, so she's stoked about it! Finally, she will hear three days correctly played, instead of me thrashing out my own rendition of it when I'm playing on the couch.

All best, matt

Arnold said...

Holy shit!!! A third porno for pyros? I didn't know that

Anonymous said...

Just bought tix for the Vegas show. Prices were insane.

Anonymous said...

Eric what´s done is done, Jane´s has been playing these small clubs for 10 bucks if you were not VIP in the last show at least!That´s very cool.

But you really must do something about this shit in the future, plus what is the mistique of playing in the "Nokia Arena", it´s not like playing the now gone Palladium in 1990, plus I know that probably 200 US or a similar price will be for a front seat??...who the hell goes to a NIN / Jane´s gig to be seated, no croud surfers there for sure just yuppies with Stop! and Been Caught Stealing in their Ipods!...still I prefer that you do the gigs anyway than you had to cancel cause of price issues!, I'll be at the back, way at the back.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic..
excitement must be building...there's a couple of fun Janes covers on the most recent youtube search..
here's one of them:...Mountain Song..

Anonymous said...

Where have u been this was reported in the Whores book by Brendan Mullen and was a hot topic on all the forums about a year ago. One of the P4P demos leaked out thankfully. The bass guitar sounds Avery inspired. Here u go:

Anonymous said...

Xu Xu said...

I just paid $175 for 2 tickets in LA. A bit steep, however Janes Addiction's first 3 albums have provided a lifetime of pleasure, and hearing these songs performed live again (with all original members) will generate memories of pure delight to last for years and years.

Anonymous said...

Xu Xu can you tell me what is the location you get for 90 bucks in LA?


Xu Xu said...

I bought them from The $99 seats were unavailable but I pre-ordered and got tix in the 11th row of the first section after the pit.

Anonymous said...

I will not pay these prices Trent!

Nate said...
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Nate said...

Was able to get some very solid seats through (first section, row 10). Sure $175 for 2, but after paying $10 for the Echoplex show, I could never complain.

Eric, we need you for the Bob Forrest Documentary.

agdm said...

this all has to do with unions. everyone needs their cut. all major venues are owned by AEG, Live Nation or well..i think there maybe one or 2 more.

i think the only option for the bands..and the that the money dosen't go to ticketmaster or live nation is to use concermaps or another 3rd party. these 3rd party ticket agencies do not have the server or infastructure to handle thousands upon thousands of requests..thats why we saw a bump up the start time for los angeles.

i am hopeful that trent will release how much each band took home after expenses so we can see how much of our dollar really goes into their pockets..

i think we need to go back to first come first serve, tickets sold at the venue in person day of show only. that way, you will never see an ebayer from new york posting tickets to a show in los angeles.

that will be the only way out of this.

too bad, most artists are taking the bait and going along with one stop packaged tour dates, ticket sales, cross promotion with venues.

agdm said...

btw..i have to agree with Nate..cant complain when you were able to see JA for $10 at the Echoplex and $5 at El Cid....

too bad you can't run a proper tour on those type of ticket prices...unless you sleep in a shitty van and have no amenities....there are too many people that need to sleep shower and eat that make this tour work besides the people on stage performing.

i wonder...what was the agreed upon proce for tickets???

(if you thought Irvine was high (actually it was the lowest i have seen) you should have seen vegas)

Anonymous said...

the Flashmobs will still be free right, or will there be a 'surcharge'?

OU812 said...

Be watchful for the "secret shows" as these will likely be less pricey

Anonymous said...

Anyone in Chicago 'round Lollapalooza time can listen to Jane's free outside the Lollapalooza grounds at Grant Park.

Bino said...

Hi Eric,

Just to add to the chorus, I paid $150 (fees included) for two tickets to the West Palm show. I'm in section 101 row W, so I'll have a clear view of you (finally!!) from about 50 feet back. I bought the tix through the NIN pre-sale yesterday and though I was an hour late to the pre-sale, I was still able to get excellent seats for a very reasonable price.

I did read Trent's post and couldn't believe how corrupt it's gotten. The perfect system for gouging fans has been installed by these fuckwits. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this as an artist, to have such middlemen forcing their way in like that.

I've been waiting almost 20 years to see you play live again and would have gladly paid ten times as much much for the opportunity (not to sound like a psycho or anything). As bad as people are getting reamed by the ticketing situation, value will still be determined individually, I guess.

See you at the show, Eric. I can't tell you how excited I am! :-)

amy said...

I just purchased my tix for the Columbia, MD show. They were $75 each. Pricey, yes, but thatnk goodness they weren't over $100 each. Anyway, I'm SUPER psyched about this show!!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, Eric, for touring with the guys again! I can't wait to rock out with you all in MD in June!

Anonymous said...

Perry's voice in Stop sounds downright embarrassing on that video you have posted. You should be paying people to see that, not the other way around. I really want to be happy about this reunion, but everything I've seen so far just makes me wish you could have left it be. Some of the old 80's Jane's live shows I have are the finest rock any band has ever brought, sadly I don't think I'll ever listen to them quite the same again. But hey all the people shelling out $100 a ticket to see you will help you sleep at night, right?

Jane's is now the Brett Favre of the rock world..."once great, but didn't know when to hang it up."

Richard said...

"Creado y regado de Kiln... ¡Brett Favre's Addiccion!"

Bobby said... are wrong. If you understand Jane's, it's about the essence and emotion...not perfection.

Anonymous said...

Would have been great to see you with Janes again. Saw you with the nothing's Shocking and Ritual tours and they were great (from what I can remember). But these prices are too "shocking" for this fan during a recession. Glad the club shows were posted! You guys are rockin'. Let us know if you do anymore club / bar shows for old die hards. I saw panic channel pretty cheap at Chicago's double door. Would be cool to see you guys in a place like that.

androgynous said...

peRi in a dresS or it wOn't b jaNes

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric it´s great that your touring again really , sorry can´t go no money man, clubs?? wrong city and too small of a venue for me to get tickets in advance, what can I do? well got the CD´s and thats fine with me.

Two requests though let your hair grow and dye it red man for the old days and for fun!

Oh yeah Screw Ticketfuck! HAHA (good post)

Happy the Man.

New Sounds.

First Communion Afterparty

The Gris Gris

Anonymous said...

" are wrong. If you understand Jane's, it's about the essence and emotion...not perfection."

Oh spare me the mystical bullshit. if it sounds like crap, it sounds like crap. I don't care how much they "mean" it.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like it, I suggest moving on. Or you could find a nice busy street corner and spend your days standing on a milk crate, bellowing about the evils of Jane's Addiction to uncaring passersby. I mean, that would be cool.

skuzzbuckets said...

eric, please please please perform with NIN in manila on august 5. watching the original jane's addiciton lineup play here would probably be the best thing to happen for people here since kicking out a dictator..

ScottB said...
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ScottB said...

Seeing ticket prices out of control as they are is rough. It's a sad time when the band can't set a firm price and the promoters/organizers take from that pie... not the larger one they create.

On a happier note from me, seeing you 4 perform again has been amazing. I'm glad you took the chance to see if a good chemistry and good head space could be found. I hope you did and everything stays solid.

I've been a huge fan since '88 and seen many performances/incarnations of the band. I always felt you're style was so crucial to the sound that went missing. And thanks for helping to bring change to an industry which had grown so played out and tiring to my ears.

I've also really like the subtle changes to JA tracks you've made (at least from what I've heard via posts). Thanks for allowing google posts.

Biggest appreciation for the Deconstruction and PBR recordings. Decon gave me some closure to the most exciting sounds I heard since Song Remains The Same. I liked the creative approach to chewing gum but biggest thanks for Something. I needed the music on that album as I wasn't hearing anything new/fresh over the air waves.

Any chance on NIN/JA making a trip closer to Boston? I live in Western Mass; cultural area about 5.5 hours from Darien Lake; a bit closer to NJ. If not, I'll do my best to catch the show, but I have to be realistic in spending now-a-days... but it's okay because with Obama in office, change is coming right? lol

Anyways; thanks again for all the original and hard work you put into your projects. Help Wanted is starting to grab me too and very much appreciated.

So yeah... Onwards...


Any new sounds coming together? And I hope everyone downloads the NIN/JA EP... it's free and worth a listen.

ScottB said...

Never mind on my Boston area request; just saw Mansfield listed... =)

Richard said...

I find it interesting that the people who rebuke the negative comments never have anything legitimate to say in defense of the current state of Jane's, they simply try to "one up" the dissenters with uncreative attempts at personal insults. Jane's doesn't need you to defend them, but apparently they need your money.

Robin said...


I just stumbled upon this from finding this blog on your twitter site link. I haven't seen a show in a good 2, 3 years. I was going to take my friend to your Vegas show as a bdy gift. When I looked in Las Vegas Weekly I was astounded. She has followed your work more than I have. She was more upset. I do hope for those who have been loyal fans through the years get the opportunity to see you. I am sure, due to the economy these days, many won't be able to. It's hard these days just to budge to see a film in the theater.

Anonymous said...

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