Wednesday, May 20, 2009

most of the moments of most of my days on this janes gig, are about getting to the work at hand. working hard throughout the set. focus. jane says has been a different experience. i sit on a stool and i am given time to reflect on the enormous effect that jane bainters tiny story has had on all of us. i have at times been almost emotionally overwhelmed by the scope of all our struggles that is so eloquently and plainly spoken about by perry in that song. but that aside, like i said, it has been mostly about doing the best job i can to make this tour as good as it can be. today feels a little different though. it feels like a return to the beginning. janes obviously didnt begin here but in retrospect it was a big moment in the story. playing irvine seems like the beginning of the really big, and ultimately final, part of our success. it felt like we had arrived home as conquering heroes. lollapalooza was working (i had been skeptical) and we were therefore playing to crowds so much larger than we had up to that point. i am curious going into today, with this historical mindset, how i will end up feeling having come full circle. the car just arrived to take belle and i down to soundcheck. its good to be interested in ones life.


matt volpe said...

Hey Eric,

Sounds like a really carthartic and wonderful experience to come full circle like that. You guys have come a long way. Musically, professionally, personally I am sure as well. It's great to reflect and take in the moments and then channel all that history to evolve and be the best you can be today.

Congrats man. But make sure not to rest on laurels too much - keep going - shake it up- I know you guys are in that mindspace to make the performances the best yet - I can hear it from the tour so far!

The best is yet to come my friend. Keep on it amigo. Have a great show tonight in Irvine.

See you June 6 in jersey!


jeremy said...

Eric -

Jane's Addiction played in Toledo, OH waaaay back in 1991 before the Lollapalooza tour. It was hot, screaming hot in that small hockey rink - but from the moment Henry Rollins opened the show to the moment you guys left the stage, I was in a true rapture. I believed in music from that moment forward. Even today, on the eve of my 34th birthday and as a white-collar-working drone, I love and need musical inspiration.

Just knowing JA is back out there and that Avery and Perkins are laying down the rhythms that informed my entire concept of groove as a teenager brings a smile to my face. I am glad you're finding meaning and focus through the music - that makes it that much more meaningful to those of us out there who couldn't follow your path.

Keep breathing -

mtto said...

Hi Eric,

I was at one of those Lollapalooza shows at Irvine Meadows way back when. It was an amazing day and my first and only Jane's show (to date). I will never forget it. I'd be there tonight, but I've got a gig! "Guys and Dolls" as SMC might not be as glamourous as a big rock show, but the band is good and I'm thankful to be working.

Have a great show tonight.


Moxy Jane said...

I had wondered how this tour was impacting it felt to be playing all of this music again.

I became a fan of Jane's in 1990 while living in Monterey, CA. I was fortunate enough to see y'all in San Jose but was of course saddened that it was a farewell tour. It remained one of my ultimate life experiences...until I saw y'all perform in Austin, TX last week. JA's music has been such an integral part of my life and to have the opportunity to experience it live, nearly 20 years (!!!) later - I was blown away and moved to tears. I felt so fortunate to be there, hearing this music that has meant so much to me, and to hear it being played by its creators.

When JA played Jane Says at the end of their Lollapalooza show in San Jose, I was following my ride out to the parking lot. I stopped and listened, longing to make the moment last forever, hating that I had to leave before the song was over.

Last week, I stood again, listening to Jane Says. This time, I was there until the lights came on and my throat ached from yelling. All I can say is, Thank You.

Have a great time and may each moment be honest and blessed.

sam said...

see you in boston sir. and if there are waves to be had, you should hit me up and i'll bring you surfing.

you haven't lived till you've surfed some intense new england power!!! i kid.

bangoskank said...

ea-glad to hear it's a special time for the band as well as us fans. from what i've seen and gathered it's definitely come out in your performances. can't wait for 5/30-5/31. enjoy the tour and see what comes next. happy travels.

hydro said...

Hi Eric!!
This is by far my favorite blog.
This has been a full circle experiance for me as well.I reflect on who I was,who I wanted to become and who I am today.For me, I am the music of Janes Addiction.The fans of your music have absorbed every word and beat into our souls and spirit of our very existence
on this planet.
We are true addicts!We have to have this fix to carry us through life.
Listening to "Jane says" is therapy for me I cry like a baby in a ball on the floor,I cry for Jane and I cry for myself.Its great!I know were stong and were survivors!
I have this emotional ball of energy burning my chest waiting to explode when you guys take the stage May 29th columbus Ohio,Its been 18yrs......welcome back Eric!!

Brad M. said...

Thanks for sharing that Eric. I've heard some stories about how you guys wrote that song (on the porch of the Wilton house) and when Jane asked you to play a sad song you (supposedly) told her that you just finished writing the saddest song ever... about her...

See you guys in Denver on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I am just glad you decided to renew your lease on the left side of the stage. You look very comfortable there.

Chris (C. Brian) said...


Have you or any of your bandmates had any recent contact w/ Jane Bainter?

Enjoy your show @ Irvine.

Curious, too, what you will think of Santa Barbara County Bowl . . ..

Have you ever played SB Bowl before?

Cool outside venue . . . embedded in hills of SB.

Mark said...


Your latest entry really gives me insight into what I was also thinking at last night's show.

When you sat up on top of the side-fills for the encore I knew you were getting settled in to play one the most beautiful songs ever, "Summertime Rolls".

The performances and sound quality were exceptional. You guys have gotten better with age.

Finally, you left the stage pretty quickly after Jane Says; it must have been overwhelming.

Great job, bud.


Burning Question said...

The burning question. Will JA take on challenge of performing this song of theirs?
It gives me wood like no other.

Jason said...

Eric, thanks for posting. It's great to read some of your thoughts on this tour.

For me, this tour is one of the greatest musical happenings of my life (in addition to flying from Chicago for the Echoplex show with my little brother).

Seeing you and the guys on stage together is so great....and it looks like you're all enjoying it and each other.

Keep it up and have a blast.

Also, how about a little Trip Away when you hit Indiana? of even Lolla!


Bo said...

Irvine was magic Eric. The energy was a strong and positive one. Have a blast on the rest of the tour!

Thanks for comin back to the Jane's fold...its never the same without.

Good vibes to ya--Bo

david said...


Thank you for doing this tour! I saw several of your shows on the Ritual tour--btw, Jeremy, I was at that Toledo Sports Arena show--and then saw all the various non-reunion-reunion incarnations of the band. Those later shows were fun, but they always left me a little empty compared to the real Jane's shows; eventually, the "reunion" shows became tired.

Last night in Irvine, I didn't know what to expect, to be honest. My girlfriend was with me; she is a little younger and didn't get to experience Jane's the way I did. I was expecting her to maybe like it, but I also expected to be playing the old man card, pointing to another time and place that can never be recaptured: "Yeah, that was a good show, honey, but it was nothing like..."

In the back of my mind, there was also maybe that gnawing fear of her saying "THAT was your favorite band???"

I don't know which of the above two scenarios would have been worse.

The show rocked! She loved the show, and I loved the show. From my perspective, there was nothing for me to point to in the past that was somehow "better." That was a real Jane's Addiction show. On top of my girlfriend's "liking" the show, she got it. She had an experience of the music that I never thought she'd have, because I never thought I'd have it again. So, thank you.

The energy that comes from the music is so much greater than all our individual personalities and ego games; it's like an experience of pure archetypal energy mediated through ritual--something our culture sadly lacks, for the most part. That show last night was one of those experiences that points to whatever it is that rages and throbs behind these masks we wear.

So thanks for doing it! While I don't believe the energy that the band projects has much to do with the ego personalities of the players, I do believe that the band does not carry that same energy when you are not part of it. It's as if the four of you are the channels for this numinous thing, and if any of the channels is different, the energy delivered is not of the same intensity. I greatly appreciate all you have done to bring that energy to us.

Woobot said...

Wow, I couldn't agree more... last night was one of those very fine moments in one's life. I too got to share a beloved experience of Rocking to Jane's with my beautiful wife, who had not seen a real Jane's show... and she got it, she got the music, and thereby understood me more, and my love for your band.

Eric, this was a fitting homecoming. You played with great FOCUS, and your effort was our reward. Your bass lines are so inspiring... You are the heart of Jane's... without your BASS, there is no Jane's.

I only hope you'll stay together, so I can have that great experience for a few more years to come. I hope in 09/10 we get a new album. We, fans, we be so delighted to hear your songwriting skills with the band again.

THANK YOU so very much for last night.

Screw the video malfunction, when your first few bass lines of 3 DAYS came on... and then the screen dropped... I knew I was in for one the best concerts of my life!

Rock On.

Mousetrap said...

Good show, good energy, nice film shots in the background. Eric in the band makes it legitimate in my i's. That said I could not get it up like I thought I would. My private part would only rise half erect, not solid enough for intercourse.
I think the problem lies in me being too familar with the music. I saw Jane's in '03 and Satellite Party play lots of these same songs in '07 and '08. I'm really burnt out on Been Caught Stealin, Stop!, Mountain Song, Jane Says- Its hard to enjoy the music when frat boys and girls are singing along at deafening volume, pretend like they are punk. What saved it for me was Then She Did. Thank god they didn't know the words to that & shut up long enough to enjoy it. I had hoped the SoCal dates would have generated something unexpected but left me limp at the end of the night. Sorry.

J said...

You guys are on fire. I know everybody says they don't read reviews, or that reviews don't matter and so on, but it's gotta feel good getting such passionate write-ups in the media. It feels good when I see them. I like it when people finally recognize the magic and everything clicks for them, and the scales fall away from their eyes.

You gentlemen help bring people into a moment, so that they can experience a transcendent, immediate state of being. You scrape, scrub, bash, smash, and massage away the grime that clouds minds and befouls our brief experience of existence.

This is no small thing.

Anonymous said...

I wish Perry would'nt go on about Obama bein so great. Obama is doing the same things as Bush. He's increasing troop levels in Afghanistan, continuing warrantless wiretaps, using enhanced interogation techniques and shoveling tons of dept on our shoulders. The only minor difference is he can speak better reading off a telepromter. Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss.

El Bicho said...

Great show, although too short in my opinion, but that was inevitable.

Hope everything ended all right. It looked like you stormed off; Perk seemed startled you were gone when he was going to introduce you. I've heard about the squabbles in the studio and am worried this tour is all we're going to get. Hope this celebration leads to a continuation of the legacy.

Peek a boo said...

If I'm reading your quote below correctly this is really the final curtain for Jane's? Me hopes for the next chapter of Jane's Addiction; not the finish line being NINJA. More drama please.

"playing irvine seems like the beginning of the really big, and ultimately final, part of our success"

Anonymous said...

I don't think Eric meant, in any way, that the NINJA tour was the final part of Jane's success.

These guys clearly have a lot more in them.

Anonymous said...

Yes it sounds Eric is enjoying his time in Jane´s so I don´t think this tour will be all.

Eric, What is the Deal with "Obviuos", "Kettle Whistle" and "idiots" are you ever gonna play those songs again?

Anonymous said...

Play longer sets!! youre not "old buzzards" yet that you have to play 60 minutes sets man!

Plus its been 18 years!

Gimme some more Mother%&/·!!

Anonymous said...

Perry's voice is weaker than normal so as much as I would like a 2 hour run of good songs I've given up hope for that on NINJA. They did play 'trip away' and 'no one's leaving' once or twice in the small clubs early on but i doubt anything like that will be played that we haven't already heard them do the renditions. I reluctantly made the decision not to buy any more tickets.

Komakino said...

Acoustic legend Jack Johnson does a heartfelt, beautifully depressive version of "I Would For You". Makes me want to swallow a bottle of xanax and vicodin. Suprised to learn he's into Jane's Addiction since the styles are so divergent.

Anonymous said...

Peek a boo - I don't think you're reading the quote correctly.

Eric is referring to how Irine played a part in the legacy of the original tenure of the lineup with Eric, not the recent one.


Jane's Addiction said...

As for the set list.

if they....

inject a little funky rock-
"idiots rule"

stir in some tribal rock-
"kettle whistle"

add in a touch of folk rock-
"my time"

sprinkle in a bit of goth rock-
"of course"

Well Ladies and Gentlemen I do believe we have a winner

Anonymous said...

"Of Course" is full-blown Eastern psychedelia.

There is something of a goth element in Jane's, but I would not call this song goth, although by being a Jane's Addiction song, it is naturally brimming with a little bit of everything.

I'd very much like to hear the songs that you've mentioned, in addition to "Obvious" and "No One's Leaving." However, we should not be greedy. The greatness of a real Jane's playing with such passion and fire is enough. In due time, variety will come about. The trip has just begun.

Anonymous said...

If Perry dropped acid in 2009, would his old self come back to life and scare away Perry Lee Roth?

Anonymous said...


Your performance in Mountain View is going down as legendary early on. Having been at both Lollapaloozas there in 1991, I felt you guys looked like you were even having more fun last night than then. Coming out of the show I thought I was fooling myself, but many others, including people who were at Irvine said last night was far better. Just feel lucky to see you back stomping around in circles and brining it all night long. Think San Francisco loved you guys last night, if you guys do play a few more shows later this year, keep us in mind up here. The crowd here loves it's Janes

Anonymous said...

so damn fortunate to play so many shows in a short 2 months! In such good musical company. You in the eye of a hurricane? Dizzy at all? In a good way?

Townes van zandt

astor priazolla



Anonymous said...

Astor Priazzola. Names are sacred. sorry for the mispell.

Anonymous said...

oh crap. mispelled it again. PRIAZZOLLA. Whew. That was tough.

Komakino said...

Holy shit they played a little bit of "Ripple" in Mountain View!!! What a beautiful tease!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So bored at the shows, fell a sleep

Anonymous said...

So bored of the trolls, fell asleep.

Hearing a snippet of Ripple was great, Eric!

Thank Dave for starting that, and while you're at it, conspire with him to play the whole thing! Dead style or JA style, won' matter, it would be one of the biggest gifts to the fans that you could give.

Sharon said...

I caught the show at Mountainview on Friday night...this was my first time seeing you with the band, ie the original lineup (I grew up in Australia, wasn't old enough to see the Melbourne '91 shows). I've seen Jane's twice since I moved here, and I don't want to over-flatter, but dude, I have to tell you that you are so much glue...AMAZING show. Those beautiful basslines couldn't be played by anyone else, and seeing it You all clicked into place and it was a beautiful beautiful thing. Thanks for completing the puzzle, Eric.

white~apple~girl said...

San Francisco was super. "Ripple", dude! To hear the band break into that one 'bout blew my mind

phantom spiker said...

Perry spoke in Sasquatch:
+If you're gonna throw anything at me, it better be drugs.+

Watch out fer something coming your way in Englewood Perry Farrell if yer up for some primo lysergic acid diethylamide blotter

Anonymous said...

Throw in the towel

DMT said...

He was joking about wanting cannabis tossed to him, I've heard him mention that other times. Someone asked me at the concert if I wanted to buy a joint and when I turned it down he looked unhappy & got offended. Had he offered me some peyote or mushrooms that would have been different.

See, there is a distinct difference between being "stoned" and being "turned on".
Being "stoned" is characterized by the general lack of ability & disinclination to work with concepts or to employ insight. It is hard to learn anything of value while "stoned".
On the other hand to be "turned on" is to be aware of a change in one's mind & body in the greater sense of physical & mental energy. The potential for learning & gaining insight into possible ways of improving one's quality of life is enormous.
Being "turned on" is typically thought of as positive while there are many psychonauts who do not enjoy being "stoned" at all. The intoxication of being "stoned" doesn't compensate for the uncomfortable feeling that time is being wasted.

Anonymous said...

y does perky dress like a jock with a speedo and tank top? take off all your clothes and show us your manhood, big boy

Anonymous said...

Is Janes bound by contract to play the same exact songs every night of NINJA?

Anonymous said...

The drug references are cute but everyone knows he's clean and clear of any drugs these days you can kindof tell Perry wants to glide with the angels like he did in the 97 Relapse tour but he doesn't yet have enough momentum and force to propel himself to such lofty heights up high in the godspace

bangoskank said...

"Is Janes bound by contract to play the same exact songs every night of NINJA?"

The story so far is 13 song sets with 11 songs appearing almost each night with Had a Dad, 1%, Standin', and Summertime rotating. Would love to see more diverse sets but if the band is on it really doesn't matter. Not to harp, but "Obvious" and "No One's.." should be in the rotation with Eric back. IMO "Obvious" would be a much better choice for opener than 3 Days, it's almost an anthem for the weirdos from back in the day when JA first popped up.

Brad M. said...

Perk blogged about the setlist on 5/19:

"Playing better than ever- oh yea, tuning up some other songs for possible set ideas- N.O.L. and O. maybe soon"

I hope No One's Leaving and/or Obvious make it on the setlist tonight... sorry about the rain in Denver, Boys! see you tonight!

Anonymous said...


it´s Obvious now.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck it´s wrong with Jane´s Addiction??

Well It´s "Obvious".

Anonymous said...

Never heard them do an acoustic take of 'Obvious". That might be really really kool

Anonymous said...


i am waiting

Anonymous said...

Obvious would be nice but my vote goes to hear them play a few covers once and a while, like

Velvet Underground - "Venus in Furs"

David Bowie - "An Occasional Dream"

Eagles - "Hotel California"

Bob Dylan - "Like a Rolling Stone"

Anonymous said...


Yes, you are

Also, Bobhaus, which is a mashup of Bauhaus and Dylan (specifically "Like A Rolling Stone") was played many times by Jane's and can be heard on many bootlegs. Dave Navarro covered Venus in Furs:

But, in any case, Jane's has their own trippy material that they should play, namely "Of Course" and "Kettle Whistle." (Slowdivers just ain't gonna happen)

If anything, Jane's should play their genius arrangement of "Ripple." We fans are crazy for it, going out of our skins like whacked-out fiends.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to go balls deep into lhr

Anonymous said...

Good idea to keep it challenging and to go outside of their comfort zone. Otherwise some of these guys would slide back and rest on their laurels and end up getting bored. Nobody likes routine, it becomes a "job" and "work". Work sucks. I don't think I need to list examples we all know. I'm not sure weed have gotten the same results if they werent touring with NIN. NIN help keep JA on their toes and pushes them harder cause NIN set the bar very high.

Anonymous said...

For the record,
The only thing Bobhaus has in common with "Like a Rolling Stone" is that one lyric line. They didn't use any of the music from it nor any other lyrics, its basically "Burning From the Inside" a Bauhaus song, not Bob Dylan at all. Get it straight

Anonymous said...


filling your ass with nasty man goo

Komakino said...

"Jane’s, although not as musically relevant as NIN with long absences over the years, is still a great jam band. Seeming relaxed and ready to play all night, this is one band I would love to see perform in a venture like Bonnaroo, where bands are allowed to play as long as they want"

hokahey said...


Anonymous said...


service me u queen of cupcakes

Anonymous said...

theyre not gonna play gay ass
like a rolling stone
or any of those other gay songs

Anonymous said...

they're not gonna play obvious, kettle whistle or the other gay ones either that would take too much effort. why take time to relearn old songs when the cash is flowing freely into their bank accounts by playing the greatest hits

Anonymous said...

Again, Perkins just said that they were practicing Obvious and No One's Leaving.

Anonymous said...

dropping loads into lhr

Anonymous said...

The Perry Farrell of 1991 would have kicked the 2009 version in the ass...that shirt, pants and hair DO!!

Go back to leather pants, skin head, and black docs man!

Anonymous said...

perry's doing fine leave him alone. i do NOT want to hear the casts offs like of course, kettle, obvious, and the rest. we already know how they sound live. does the thought ever cross your mind they may dislike those songs and hence leave them out? me? i wish to hear something they have never ever played before that is fresh and not old heavy metal

here, get your jollys and stop with the repetitive begging already


Brad M. said...

COLD night in Denver. I may be wrong, but it sounded like Perry's voice failed in the 2nd or 3rd song, couldn't reach many high notes throughout the show, he "spoke" many of the lyrics. Perry did say something relatively profound about how criticism has become our primary fear. Dave was on fire.

Three Days, Whores, Ain't No Right, Mountain Song, Pigs in Zen, Ocean Size, Then She Did, Ted, Summertime Rolls, Had a Dad, Been Caught Stealin', Stop!, Jane Says (not in that exact order).

Honestly, NIN kind of blew me away. I had never seen them live, don't own any CDs. I was just very impressed at how tight they were and how they wasted no time playing a VERY long set that ripped.

Eric, a pleasure watching you perform. They way you get locked in should be the envy of every bass player out there. Please do what you need to do with Jane's and get back in with Dangerbird to cut your 2nd solo effort. If anything has been proven lately, it's that Jane's needs you - you don't need them - to make great music. You are the best musician in the band.


Anonymous said...

Perry is doing a fabulous job up there on stage so much better than solo or with Satellite PArty attempting disco Jane's Addiction. He is on fire!

Kris said...

I'd love 2c Jane's become a continous touring/recording entity. Leave off the side projects for a while and give her your body, mind, soul and spirit 100%

Anonymous said...

Its interesting to hear Dave doing a little improv in the intro to Jane Says. It reminds me of when he was in the chili peppers and backed off the gain and distortion, strummed his guitar and played a little more bluesy-funky. Good stuff.

woodie said...

when he's clothed in counter culture drug wear, perry farrell woos me
when peri wears a dress, he gives me wood

alice in the looking glass said...

How about "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane? It fits nice with Perry's classic style of singing. Damn that would kick my ass to the ground to hear him belt that out

"Anonymous said...
Obvious would be nice but my vote goes to hear them play a few covers once and a while"

Anonymous said...

"perry's doing fine leave him alone. i do NOT want to hear the casts offs like of course, kettle, obvious, and the rest. we already know how they sound live. does the thought ever cross your mind they may dislike those songs and hence leave them out? me? i wish to hear something they have never ever played before that is fresh and not old heavy metal"

I agree with the Perry thing, leave the guy alone, years change everyone.
As for requests or already knowing how the songs sound's Eric's blog and he's addressed the issue of songs like "Obvious", knows that it's a song he shines on and is requested lots to play. So if he shoots it down it's a done deal, otherwise another poster says Stephen's blog says they're working on Ob and No One' would these be castoffs anyways? And since we know how these songs sound live, why even tour or play a song more than once? Not sure I'd equate any Jane's song "old heavy metal"

Anonymous said...

My observation so far. I don't see much interaction between the band members. Dave, Perry and Eric like to hang around the drum riser and look at Steve but thats it. I get the impression they are not fond of each other, at least while playing live. The recent Porno For Pyros reunion revealed an interaction between Perry and Pete that was electrifying to witness.

Anonymous said...

"Obvious" ít´s a song that right now Perry can´t hit the high notes same with "Idiots"...guess that´s it unless they made a fucking version...please not.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you say about band member interaction. Having seen Jane's live multiple times back in the day, and of course having watched many bootleg vids, it is quite clear to me that this is the most interaction EVER by this band. Totally the opposite of what you are saying.

Pete and Perry have a special bond, yes, but it hasn't been special enough for Perry to do a real project with Pete for more than a decade. It doesn't have anything to do with Jane's Addiction anyways.

Again, I've never seen these guys having this much fun together.

marc said...

I like what I've seen of NIN/JA. Feels good to see Eric back in the family. I do miss the messianic guru vibe perry used to project. It made everyuthing seem larger than life. I miss him talking about aliens and alien abuctions and plants and trees feeling like he was part of them and that kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...


open your mouth

Anonymous said...

YES! I got my wish they played the exact same songs last three shows. Ha Ha Perkins tricked you guys on his blog. Nothing will change the song list is cemented just as I predicted

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

watch out lhr here comes my meatstick

Anonymous said...

Quote from Eric may/09

"they convinced me to put away the idea of new songs and just play some shows let everyone get some good mojo going before trying to record anything again. ok. la cita. el cid. alright try again. trent is in. try to write/record with him followed by a tour. the opportunity to work with Trent and his team: alan moulder, atticus ross. they deliver in spades. there is much to be learned from them. but janes manages to almost implode again. so again, the answer is hit the road play some shows and see if we can keep it together and get some good mojo going."

Will see.I believe it´s working at least for you Eric.

Anonymous said...

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Adriana Jen said...

Hi ya Eric
How about ya getin together with your bandmates for dinner and fellowship and give each other a big hug and let each other know how great it is to be alive and healthy on planet earth.
Love and Peace,
~Adriana Jen

ea said...
can anyone recommend something interesting to do/see in columbus ohio? cant find anything on the net"

Anonymous said...

Don´t know you Eric, but by your comments I think right now you are a happy man.

option B: PPV.

Lucy in The Skye said...

Way Up high in the bluest of skies see a world in love with a dream

Way down below lie the olde towns and roads where nothing is quite as it seems

Where people cling to there things and to there patterns

She picked a flower for the March hare who lives beneath the fig tree

Looked through the window pane she left her aero plane to sumersault without wings

Anonymous said...

Janes is playing solo in Ohio. Lets see what surprises they may have in store without NIN around

Evan said...

Funny you mention the sitting on the stool thoughts. I have a cool pic where you actually have a giant smile on your face just prior to starting Jane Says in Tampa.

Anonymous said...

droppin funkin loads into lhr's shit pipe

Anonymous said...

Perkins and Avery afraid to go shirt-less. Show us your muscles if you call yourselves "men"!

Anonymous said...

Perkins and Avery afraid to go shirt-less. Show us your muscles if you call yourselves "men"!

Anonymous said...

I miss Perry's eccentric side, he seems like a normal average guy now. So Ya if JA want to match the level of Hammerstein '97 the shirts have to come off the bohemian spirit needs to be reawakened. The stripper/dancers need to be there shaking booty. Being married, no drugs, no makeup tames all these dudes down and makes everything feel way too "safe". WAY TOO SAFE!

Hammerstein classic girl
bohemian JA

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Perry voice is shot. Thats what he gets for gargling too much seminal fluid in the gay discotheques.

Anonymous said...

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Sounding more like Barry Goldwater than the former head of the KGB, Putin said, “Nor should we turn a blind eye to the fact that the spirit of free enterprise, including the principle of personal responsibility of businesspeople, investors, and shareholders for their decisions, is being eroded in the last few months. There is no reason to believe that we can achieve better results by shifting responsibility onto the state.”


Anonymous said...

Hammerstien person, I was at those shows. Great fun, but nothing close to the original Jane's shows with Avery. You don't even fucking know. Coming in here with some shit about how Jane's should recapture the fucking Relapse spirit is a joke. The original Jane's spirit was a thousand times stronger, weirder, and more beautiful than any post-Avery business, including those (very good) Relapse shows.

Anonymous said...

not really

Anonymous said...

Looks like the set list was greatly improved last nite. Thank you fellas

Three Days
Aint No Right
Pig's in Zen
Then She Did
Up the Beach
Mountain Song
Had a Dad
Been caught stealing
Ted,just admit it
Summertime Rolls
No one's Leaving
Jane Says

Anonymous said...

That's one sweet freakin' set list! :D

Anonymous said...

Set list is slightly inaccurate - "No One's Leaving" was not played onstage, but rather as a backstage rehearsal.

Great to see "Up The Beach" in there. That piece is one of the most beautiful things ever created.

Anonymous said...


I wrote another poem just for you. What do you think?

Come into the Fairy land
Where limp wristed queers hold your hand,
I will show you I know where it is

Make a pass at the pastel pink sun
In Land of the Golden bum
lhr you know where it is

And play upon the phallic shore
And bang upon my magic door
lhr won’t you come inside?

Where little queens and cherubs play
dancing nude till end of day
lhr won't you come inside?

VeganCowboy said...
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VeganCowboy said...

I have not seen Jane's on this tour. I seem to always be in the right town at the wrong time. Somehow I will mange to get by. In my later years as a parent I realize the most important thing Jane's left me with was this

It rings far more true to me as an adult than as the teenager I was when it came out. As a father it makes me wonder about the responsibility of bringing a child into this world. The power of Jane's music was a large influence in my life but it pails compared to the ideals.

Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

Anonymous said...

If Perkins wants to keep whats left of his thinning mohawk he should start taking Proscar. He might even grow some back.


What can you expect from Proscar?
Most men can expect no further hair loss. In a large clinical trial conducted on 1553 men, where hair loss was measured by the number of scalp hairs a man gained or lost, 83% of those taking Proscar showed no further hair loss after 2 years. Two thirds can expect to regrow hair.

Anonymous said...


where do you wanna hook up, San Francisco, Key West or Bangkok?

King Zadek said...

I'm really digging the outdoor venues like Sasquatch. Can't wait to see Janes at Lollapalooza. But before they pass the torch I would love to see them play on a sunny tropical beach with acoustic guitars and steel drum. Either Jane's or Porno For Pyros or both bands. That is my dream to be there on a private beach with them singing and playing and having a good time.
like this:

Kris said...

No doubt!

Its interesting to hear Dave doing a little improv in the intro to Jane Says. It reminds me of when he was in the chili peppers and backed off the gain and distortion, strummed his guitar and played a little more bluesy-funky. Good stuff."

Anonymous said...

The extra part Dave and Eric added to Pigs in Zen is cool too. Dave plays his part 2 different ways- one lightly distorted and one more clean and heavily chorused. I like the clean version best. It reminds me a little of how Robert Smith might play which is cool

candee said...

it was so WONDERFUL to meet you! (met in catering in indiana) thank you soo much!!!!! you rock! my husband and i saw you play at lollapalooza with nin the first time in

lhr said...


Eat Some LSD said...

Seems they may be adding 'obvious'. Thats good news. Then if luck may have it they will add
'white rabbit'
'of course'

Eat Some LSD said...

Could a Jane's Flashmob ever be this good? *lol* !!!
check it!
'white rabbit' (flashmob)

Anonymous said...

Eric- thank you for a tremendous show last night in Detroit. And thank you for playing Obvious. As it started, all I could think of was this damn bored and how so many people called for it.

And you were right, NIN killed it.

thanks again,

Anonymous said...


Where have you been, I have missed you. Want to smell my finger in Bangkok, the sweet smell of man ass is like nothing else, especially with a little mud on the tip

Hippiefried said...

"Could a Jane's Flashmob ever be this good? *lol* !!!
check it!
'white rabbit' (flashmob)"

Haight St. in San Fran is where it at. JA ought to sign those guys up for opening act them somes groovy cats

Anonymous said...

Always liked Jefferson Airplane. Siouxsie and The Banshees stole so much from them its not even funny.

Anonymous said...

Grace Slick was one hot mamma

R. Reade Harpham said...

Hi Eric,
Have been an unrelenting fan since XXX and reached the pinnacle at Lolla in 91. I remained true throughout the following years, grasping for a glimpse of what I remembered, desperately trying to reconnect with the spirit, energy and passion that helped shape my youth. It was not until a few days ago in Columbus, watching the four of you share the stage after such a long journey, that I recognized what had been so elusive. It was the Gestalt. Your return has impacted far more than the music. Jane’s seems to be focused and authentic, respectful of the past, grounded in the present and looking to the future together.
What a pleasure to witness…

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

So cool you played Obvious again!

Please keep it on the set list along with Up the Beach and Trip Away!

King Zadek said...
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Obvious said...

5/31/09 clarkston, MI Obvious

Anonymous said...

I was there I heard Obvious it rocked!
time for
Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness
Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness Embrace the Darkness!

bangoskank said...

Was lucky enough to catch sat. in indiana and sunday outside Detroit. Two all around great shows although the crowd was a bit lacking on Sat. (weather), it was a memorable weekend to say the very least. Highlights for me on Sat. were Up The Beach, 1%, and Summertime. Sunday was solid from the go (Saturday took a song or two for Perry to find his zone) with Pigs, Mt. Song, Obvious, and Summertime (Dave and Eric sitting in front of Stephen must've been a feeling much like Irvine) with the entire show being excellent. For all the Perry comments, my take would be Perry being more of a singer than a banshee like before. I couldn't imagine any criticism to Eric, Dave, and Steve as they were remarkably on point. I envy those able to catch the next few shows and can't wait for Chicago in Aug. Obvious was incredible. Thanks Eric and crew!


Anonymous said...

shirtless & sexy, muscle-bound Eric Avery

Anonymous said...


I read an interview with P. Farrell and he said he's writing new music on tour alone. Are you guys not jamming out ideas on the road? It sure ain't gonna happen when the tour ends and you go your separate ways. :>(

"Have you been working on any material while you’re on the road?

Perry: Just personal electronic stuff. I write off of my laptop. I’ve got the most badass laptop in the world."

Anonymous said...

Get over it man we lost Perry along time ago to dance music.

Anonymous said...

Hey E,

Hope you're enjoying the longer daylight of the north. You getting any decent food on the road?

steel pulse


JIM said...

This is the first time i´ve seen a live performance of Obvious, it´s from 1991, sounds pretty good, it also has a blonde girl playing the piano on a side!

Who is that girl Eric?

Perry is wearing a cool outfit unlike now.Sorry man but it´s true.

Anonymous said...

the girl is Morgan, she also plays violin in "Of Couse".

Hey Eric you guys should invite her back!

Anonymous said...

Of Course.Sorry.

bangoskank said...

Just one last thought since I'm here, I previously questioned "3 Days" as the opener but completely understand it's place on the current set. Up the Beach mid-set kind of sets the stage for the second half of the set and leads into "Mountain Song" perfectly. Again, it was great seeing Jane's onstage together, it appeared to be fun for the band (especially in Detroit) and was a blast to take in. Hopefully this leads to something beyond Lolla, would love to catch some shows in an indoor venue. Thanks again Eric, you guys sound better than ever.

NIN/JA Stage Design said...

I was delighted to see the elaborate backdrop JA are using for the show. Very nice designs and lighting. I was particularly impressed with the movie projection at the intro to 3 days. I do wish they could take it a step further and make it more hallucinogenic, utilizing a backdrop variety of holograms and morphing mandalas to compliment the dense layer of fog and inspired performances on display.
This type of live stage production is what I'm thinking of. There is more life, movement and organic qualities emanating from the stage set. Slightly sweeter for the more discriminating eyes to indulge in while watching from his or her perch.
Something like this could fit beautifully with some of the more atmospheric songs left out of this round with NIN.

Anonymous said...

Jane's pysch promo poster

Anonymous said...

thanx for play'n OBVIOUS that was a real treat

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I never knew they used a live pianist back then. The way they make use of the piano in Obvious makes me think of the way rock bands incorporated it back in the late 60's. (It was used as a light backing accompaniment, not the sole focus of the song.) I think that is thee only song where piano is used in any Janes Addiction album. Unfortunate the tamborine and harmonica have yet to make an apperance (My Time) this tour.

"JIM said...
This is the first time i´ve seen a live performance of Obvious, it´s from 1991, sounds pretty good, it also has a blonde girl playing the piano on a side!"

Anonymous said...


on my way riding the dragonfly on a gentle tryptamine sunset in toronto.


Anonymous said...

I was at the 5/20 Irvine show. It was terrific to see the "real" band together.

I used to see you guys in Hollywood in the late 80's when I was a teenager.

After the band broke up, Eric's song writing influence was clearly felt. As much attention that Perry brings to the band/himself, it didn't have the balance or thoughtfulness that existed before.

I refused to ever see the various lineups of Janes without Eric. For me it was like when David Lee was out of Van Halen.

The moment I heard (read on Erics blog) that he was going to be in a tour, I knew I'd be in attendance. I wish it were at a smaller hollywood venue, but it was still fantastic to see.

Side note - I've never heard Ripple played live. To this day its still one of the best songs I've heard JA record. Would love to see it played in person.

Anonymous said...

They played a few bars of RIPPLE in San Francisco to teaze us. There are very few of us here who would disagree Ripple should be made a permanent part of the Jane's Addiction setlist.

Anonymous said...

Matt V, EA,

Positive thoughts.

Waterbroke during last night's lighteneing storm. Going to deliver this baby in our home anytime now.


If you're interested...

respect and kindness,IRIE HEIGHTS!

requests said...

I'm seeing a lot of requests for my time for this evenings show in mansfield, MA.

sammertime rolls said...
»this weather thing is not an issue at all. they should play my time and wash that dirty town. my head is still floaty from a long sunday of mushrooms. nice. can't wait for wednesday. tomorrow!!! "

peripheral said...
»Should be a great show - if any of you guys sprung for the $1,000 thing with Jane's, please request My Time and Iris - I know we won't hear either of them, but they would be unreal. Maybe they could learn them again for when they come back to Wallingford in a few weeks.

jasper said...
»I think you've got a good idea with My Time. "Hey The Rain Came." Turn lemons into lemonade, Jane's - it'll make up for the shit weather, easily.

Anonymous said...

2 questions from the elders

1. How did the pigs in zen new additions come into play?

2. Did you and perkins brainstorm it or was it a product of full group teamwork?

the fact new parts were written for pigs in zen gives us some assurance new songs are a real possibility but each of you guys' self interests are holding you back from full blown janes addiction orgasmia. however which way it was done we want to hear more where that came from, really.

Anonymous said...

eh that can't happen til farrell gets his feet out of the disco bars and quits posing as some romantic mythical don juan which clearly he is not

Anonymous said...

My request for the next tour

I want to see Perry appear out of thin air in a shamanic robe holding ancient talismans and delivering messages he channeled from aliens while floating naked in his sensory deprivation tank. Perry, go back to Esalen and bring us some wisdom ok? Thanks hehe.

lhr said...

Bang cock

Anonymous said...

Eric, thanks for coming to Boston and playing Obvious. It was an extra treat, beyond everything else.

I'm sorry for the overcast weather. It's been so beautiful, it was just that one fucking day!

Anyways, thanks a million. Ya'll come back now, y'hear?

matt volpe said...

MIke! CONGRATS dude! Baby is beautiful.
Welcome to the world.

Best to you and the family, Matt

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt.

Anonymous said...

I heard theres a recording of a Jane's unplugged concert with sympathy, my time, rock & roll, classic girl, kettle whistle, ripple and jane says where Perry has a beard. And Dave is doing backup vox with a Jerry garcia t-shirt. Shortly before Deadicated was put out is what the guy said. I will pay money for this, anyone know wher can i find it?

Anonymous said...

video vhs or dvd either one

Anonymous said...

^I've never heard of that recording but I would'nt complain if they did another one.

The flashmob stuff they did was cool and but they cheated and used electric guitars so you really cannot call it unplugged.

The percussion tends to overpower the acoustic guitar twang alittle so when we play on the street I make sure and bring my Jumbo Guild acoustic 12 string. That son of a bitch is nice and loud.

Anonymous said...

What year was anyway??

Anonymous said...

winter 1991

Anonymous said...

Dave Navarro on drums 6/3/09! Whets my appetite for a drum circle like the old days Perry/Stephen banging the skins at a street festival

Anonymous said...

Your leg is being pulled. The acoustic set mentioned never occurred. However, there is a thread here discussing the acoustic adventures of JA: