Saturday, March 13, 2010

alright. for fuck sake. i am going to post here again. take a run at this blogging thing. janes sort of stopped me up for a while but i no longer have that problem. still got all my others but...

so ive broken the proverbial ice here again and i must now go to dinner.


Daniel Jones said...

He's back :) great job with the tour, definitely had the goods, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...
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Chris (C. Brian) said...

What can you tell us about your new music and projects?

matt volpe said...

Welcome back EA! Good to see you back on the blog. Where is your bass taking you now?

Anonymous said...
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cass said...

great to see you back eric, it was amazing to have you back in jane's briefly. caught the show at jones beach. hopefully you'll speak about what happened with jane's this time around. but for now, what's the good word sir?

Anonymous said...

Hey E and Matt v.
I prefer this format much better.
Thanks E.
Are you and the Jane's gang going to release albums on the same day? Like Dave and Perry did a few years ago.
How's your end of the deal coming along, I've almost worn out help wanted.

jentwo said...

Eric, thank you for taking part in the Jane's tour. It meant a lot to me to be able to see the band with the original line-up. But I understand it's not something you want to continue with. It's probably a bit like getting back together with an ex, and they call it a break-up because it's broken! :-) Still, the NINJA show at Shoreline last summer will remain one of my best concert experiences of all time.

Anonymous said...

EA you still suck as well as your music

Anonymous said...

(Big smile) Missed ya. Just ignore all those haters who would rather push others down than work on themselves. You're awesome. What movie's the qoute from? African Queen?

Anonymous said...

Eric, hope the Jane's thing was good to you at least in some part.

You've said on a few occassions how much you admire the musician Flea has become. Next time you talk to him ask him about the Meltdown concert series at the Southbank in London. Gave me a new found admiration for him. Seems the sort of thing that would interest you - maybe he could get you involved in future. Maybe not this year perhaps, but would be great to see you there sometime.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that your concert at the Enmore Theatre was singularly one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. Was standing right in front of you and great to see you so into the gig. Was curious about your tweet comment when the tour ended and you mentioned "with equal parts regret and relief...". Was wondering if it was regretful of leaving the band, or regretful of ever having rejoined in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Herman is a good-natured buffoon

Anonymous said...

Former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan is expanding his writing portfolio - he's in talks to document his rock 'n' roll career in a forthcoming memoir.

The rocker-turned-journalist currently writes a regular music column on and a financial section for called Duffonomics.

And now he will put pen to paper to expose the adventures of his life on the road - according to his wife, model and swimwear designer, Susan Holmes.

Anonymous said...

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JMP said...

So Eric how´s the new music sounding...dark as HW or it´s going to get more guitar driven?

I wonder why you stated regret by leaving JA cause I think it´s because maybe you think you should have never done it, but as the reason why..cause you were really excited in he beginning, was it cause of the recording of new music that did not worked out??..

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric hope you can remove as much stupid coments as possible.
I like the freedom in the blog and you have made a point that is on cause you did not delete the Herman asshole posts.

2 idiotic posts in almost 5 hours 3:57 and 8:25.

LenObLe said...

Eric you need a writing partner; someone you respect to bounce ideas off of. Might I suggest Martyn LeNoble. Join forces, combine your skills and set the world on fire or at least give LeNoble a swift kick in the behind so he'll release the songs hes been sitting on for 1/2 the past decade. ty

Anonymous said...

One more thing before I go. I would be happy to hear a collection of your songs with just you and your acoustic guitar like you did your song "Animals" live.."and the animals that die".
Don't break your back with elaborate arrangements this time. Give us something intimate to chew on, something lyrically clever but maybe musicaly minimalistic or folksy; something Nick Drake's ghost would like to listen to.

Magnanimous said...

Troll posts don't mean anything. Absolutely nothing. That's the nature of trolling. It's done to get your goat and to get responses.

Eliminate troll posts by requiring log in to comment. Easy, fair, and not censorship.

Anonymous said...

This is THE premier blog. All of the Jane's band members come here cos their own blogs or sites are desolate. That tells something about where the remnant of the Jane's cult has chosen its home. You should be thankful you get hits to this site unlike the others. I mean take a glance at, it's guanteed to repel you.

Anonymous said...

you did it to me erica you broke the proverbial ice and made me gay

Anonymous said...

It's been four months since
You gone away
My bed is empty and my heart
Still feels the pain yeah the pain

I see your picture in a magazine
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"If you thought I needed you why
would I be lookin' at chicks and
lookin' at French fashion magazines"

Anonymous said...


I would sincerely like to read (for you to blog) about your writing process for your solo work. It seems as though your processes for your different projects over the years has varied greatly; with Jane's, you had the basslines, and the rest of the music was built around that; with Polar Bear, you would seem to build a framework, build upon that, and then remove the foundation. I always like to hear how other people write music, especially artists I admire.

Brad from Denver

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Good point Brad I agree. Pull open the curtains and give us a view of the process. Hope Eric will focus on bass/acoustic rather than drums this time. Maybe even elimate the drums altogether. Heresy to the electro geeks.

JM said...

Glad to have you back...

... as one of your friends said, "it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do".

Read ya soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad,

Do you know some good indy record shops in the Boulder Colorado area?..or I´ll have to go straight to Denver?


Razzle Dazzle said...

Don't ya take away Herman's toy keyboard and pre recorded drum loop, for he cannot compose without them.

Anonymous said...

Herman Munster: DARN, DARN, DARN, DARN! I wish I was Perry

Anonymous said...

Darn, Darn I wish I had something else to do posting to times in a row in less than two hours

Anonymous said...

If I were going to executively produce a dark beautiful album for Eric Avery there are several things I would do to help him in his fledgling solo career.

First I would fund an expedition for him to travel to exotic locales and journey through the ancient sites and gather information and inspiration. I would send him to some of the well known energy vortex centers on planet Earth including Inca pyramids in Peru, Sphinx and Pyramids at Giza, accross the entire continent India(it is one massive energy center), exquisite Himalayan shrines in Nepal, Ancient Egyptian temples along the Nile, Shrines of the Dogon in Mali, to Teotihuacán in Mexico.

I would send a crew with him to record and photograph his investigations. This also would be used to help generate a certain mystique around his work. If he returned from the trip with no new ideas or still mediocre ones then there is nothing in the world which could help him.

Anonymous said...

Herman is enormously odd, behaves rather retarded, is a bore, a high school dropout, confuses lack of intelligence with their own abilities. When frustrated he tends to stamp his foot like a child having a tantrum on stage.

Anonymous said...

Just found out Corgan is recording analog. He must regularly check this blog for tips. Smart man. He's doing everything we wanted Jane's to do but they ignored.
Here is the excerpt, Linda Strawberry confirming it

I flew out to visit and sing/play on some of the next four Smashing Pumpkins songs for a week.....I was so blown away by the hundreds of pedals, rare analog synths, guitars, vintage gear, and some of the coolest microphones I've ever seen
+ one of a kind boards, eq's, compressors. I didn't have as much time to nerd out over everything as i would have liked. Its the kind of thing where if i locked myself in there for years I'd never get bored.
The process of recording to tape was entirely new to me. I grew up in the digital age and i'd never recorded to tape the entire time i was working in engineering. I really enjoyed it and I even prefer it. I love that you really have to nail the performance consistently. Its such a creation/destruction dynamic. If you record over a track you had better be sure you can do it better because you can't get that last take back! Its so technical. It was definitely a challenge

Anonymous said...

Just found out Corgan is recording analog. Smart man, going vintage. Seems to be the new trend since music has become so digitally fake and stale. When will you be entering the studio again EA?

"flew out to visit and sing/play on some of the next four Smashing Pumpkins songs for a week.

The process of recording to tape was entirely new to me. I grew up in the digital age and i'd never recorded to tape the entire time i was working in engineering. I really enjoyed it and I even prefer it. I love that you really have to nail the performance consistently. Its such a creation/destruction dynamic. If you record over a track you had better be sure you can do it better because you can't get that last take back! Its so technical. It was definitely a challenge"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Darn, Darn, Darn I´m so stupid Im looking to post here even thou I don´t like Jane´s or EA, I much like PF Dance Addiction...are u unemployd??

Anonymous said...

There is a setting on blogger to allow the administrator to approve or disapprove of the comments before they are posted.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately this sharp mind of yours is probably worse than useless when it comes to a crucial area of life, your music

Anonymous said...

Do you ever feel limited by the hard rock/hybrid electronica genre you are lumped into?

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Of course, that is a given. He & Perry are both limited by whatever false electronic rhythms generated by their computers. You don't want to remove the electronic backing band otherwise their songs fall apart like Britney Spears or the Crystal Method. They were not built to stand on their own with a firm foundation.

Anonymous said...

Herman might be a little smarter than the average joe but his knowledge self defeats. All the books he read and television he watched hasn't helped him get far in his life. Herman quit high school and quit Jane's not once but twice. Herman thought he could earn a million dollars with one NINJA tour and retire. Smarter maybe but very naive.

Anonymous said...

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paul conte said...

Eric good job! leaving Janes is a good thing. I hope to see you do something new. Speak with your music leave the blogging to the fools. I would have loved to hear a new janes record with you on it, but what can you do. I wish you new inspirations and hope you put together a kick ass band. All the haters will change their tune real fast. Hold your head up high
much love.

Q said...

Funny to find so much support, as I for one would much rather see zero blog entries and many Jane's songs talking to me via your bass, Perry's voice and cockeyed lyrics that make u think, Navarro's pure F'g magic, and Perkins tribal boogaloo that makes a grown man wanna dance like a queer smurf on steroids.

Who cares about blogs unless that's what you're bacon is. Stick with the Jane's leader, you might be 2nd 3rd or 4th, but it's better to be a Queen in the court than a peasant.
So like Affleck says to Damon, I keep hoping you won't come to work at the blog one day and go do what you're supposed to do which is be a great individual inside a An even greater group. If there's a personal price to pay, so be it, there's an even bigger price to pay for peasantry.

And for god sakes, swallow it and play The Riches and Suffer Some. Flea was a Whores and so can you.

Anonymous said...

selfish people should just be quiet. Nobody knows what's best for eric. Not even eric. Let him do what he wants. Figure out him path. He left jane's once for a reason, denied the first relapse and you all lucked out and he did this one. Why water down all your good times and good memories of him and the band just because you think it'll be like they picked up right where they left off (which if i recall was at each others throats) and make the same old cds over and over....

paul conte said...

350nofanEric avery, Kevin Haskins, Peter DiStefano, and Trent Reznor! A great band think about it!

Tom said...

Had the pleasure of taking my 20 year old son to see the real Jane's at Jones Beach. Thank you for making that possible Eric! He was conceived while his mother and I were listening to Nothings Shocking Thanksgiving '88. Best of luck in all your upcoming efforts.