Tuesday, October 17, 2006

just bought a giclee of an artist named ray caesar. he does very cool stuff. digital surrealist. he has a nice blend of obvious skill and technique (digital), with an eye toward the intangible. the intangible part is the what gives his work legs and makes it something that breathes well day after day. alot of his creative peers, some of whom i quite like, seem to lack that eye to the long view. they make works that are a quick charm with little lasting effect. not ray though. some of this might simply be age. ray is older. either way, rays stuff has a dark charm that lingers.


Mr. Hayes said...

Good to see you writing. Keep it up. Missed your unconventional deconstruction liner notes type of style.

the daleks said...

the beast stirs!

its good to see you back, Eric. missed you a lot over the years. saw you play with Janes in Milwaukee, and at Lollapalooza. something magical about those years... looking forward to new sounds - if you fancy to collaborate on a electro track, look me up.


evan said...

I can't find a copy of the original Polar Bear relase (Mans Ruin?) with nu-skin on it anywhere...my blue vinyl copy is worn out and I want a new one!! Help!!

evan said...

I forgot to give my address regarding the original Polar Bear relase (evanfilipek@aol.com)

Chris (C. Brian) said...


Do you still create other forms of art . . . aside from music, that is? If I remember correctly, you painted, too, right? If so, will you upload any images of your creations? I'd love to see them.