Sunday, December 10, 2006

FYI - the lennon cover song shirley and i were going to do for an upcoming benefit cd is now not going to happen. there was a misunderstanding with the scheduling so we are now left short of time. unfortunate. this time of year always becomes a really difficult time to get anything done.


Rob said...

What a shame :(

Will it be something for the future maybe? Also have you any real news on when your own album will be out and will it make it to the UK?

Chris (C. Brian) said...

Another year perhaps . . .

I was thinking today that you, EA, and Paul McCartney have something in common. You both play bass and sing . . . simultaneously. Takes some talent, no doubt.

Rob said...

not being able to do either myself its more than just talent :D

-ea. said...

rob- for the future? if you mean working with shirley then there is a good possibility. if you mean this lennon thing in particular then no. if you mean my record, we already did a beautiful song together.

about my own record, i have jumped the gun in the past so i am reticent to say anything specific. meetings are happening. hands are being shook. cd is mastered. sorry. i know this doesnt help much.

-ea. said...

chris (c. brian) - there is a bit of tapping-the-top-of-head-your-while-rubbing-your-stomach about singing while playing bass. i think it has to do with the fact that bass is a rhythmic instrument while also creating lines of melody. it is still a challenge for me. some songs you just have to practice crazily until it becomes natural. gotta burn a new neural pathway. i dont think its much to do with talent. at least thats true for me.

Chris (C. Brian) said...


Great metaphor for multitasking - - singing and towing that line.

I have much respect for Sting and Geddy Lee, despite the fact that I'm not super interested in their music.

And then there's Cowboy Mouth:

Drummer = lead singer and literally performs center stage.

But for me . . . first things first for me. Gotta become dexterous on the fretboard.

I part - - for now - - with these beautifully sardonic lyrics:

"What about the voice of Geddy Lee/
How did it get so high?/I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy/I know him/And he does" - -

Stephen Malkmus, Pavement