Saturday, December 15, 2007

i am here where the rugged coastline of california gets most rugged - big sur. that sounded more like a bumper sticker than i wanted it to but it is still descriptive. i have been alone here in paradise for the last five days but today i am picking up my bride who will be joining me for the next two weeks. due to the generosity of a friend (who lends us his house here) this has become a yearly ritual for us. we stay here well hidden from all things christmas until after humanity has finished moving over all our malls like locust. i prefer the shine of the light of venus like moonlight on the pre-dawn ocean, standing in close company with two beautiful juvenile deer (yesterday morning) or following a wildcat down the trail in front of me (this morning). i thought i would stop here outside the river inn market for a quick free wifi hookup, to give you all a heads up and all my best to you and yours through the holidays. i hope you can make them as much your own as i have been able to. duty calls. monterey airport. peace during wartime.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric!

I've been wondering, speaking of Big Sur, where you, Dave and Michael recorded the Deconstruction album? And the house that you've been staying at through the years, is it the same one you went to to start writing that album?

It's by far one of my favorites! Thanks and have a great Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you!


Anonymous said...

Eric have a rad one! Try not to get consumed by the beasties :) Plus Santa needs to bring back Jane's! Or you could just do it. The Eagles are calling. ;D

Anonymous said...

big sur is a great song,

happy holidays!

matt volpe said...

Hey Eric,

I wish you and your bride a peaceful and restful and fantastic time at the Big Sur house. It sounds like an awesome way to detox from the hustle and bustle of the season (and year for that matter). Looking very forward to Help Wanted in '08! (by the way, your record was plugged on as I know the amazin' Flea guested on it. you can check it out here:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours amigo from me, Gina and lil Avery!

Andy said...

Funny how all my friends with big money are into their buying boats,buying expensive cars,etc.but the older I get, the simpler things in life like looking up at the stars on a clear night make me more happy than any material item.


Anonymous said...

What a nice post... The words were serene....right back at you both.

Be well,

Locust for a day

C. Brian said...


Smart couple you and your bride are . . . taking a respite from the madness and the masses.

Wishing you both rest, rejuvenation, relaxation, inspiration, and creativity.

Ever use Pandora to learn about new tunes and new artists?

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays Mr. Eric Avery. Positive thoughts to you and your loved ones.

I love the coastal stretch of Carmel and Big Sur. Fernwood is a campground with an Albino Redwood tree. The campground is so-so, the tree is extremely rare and precious.

My all time love is the stretch known as the Avenue of the Giants. Enchanting. Music just pours out of me constant when camping there. Every year we would drive from LA up the Coast than over the golden gate to the Eel River and the Avenue. World Class. A pinprick view of the ancient world.

Here’s a look at the Avenue of the Giants.

Peace in Wartime is a trip. All the clairvoyants in the world are in a simultaneous cold sweat over both this peace and this war(s).

Here's a peak performance question for your holiday pleasure:
If you could do something, anything and there be no chance of failure… what would it be?

I liked it when other commenters said to you Have Beautiful Days. I want to wish you and your kindred the same as well. Have beautiful nights too. And the in-between time, hope that is groovy. Sweet dreams and wonderful twilight sleep adventures.

Happy 2008 if we don’t hear from you beforehand.

With respect and kindness,

MonsterMush said...

Eric, now that Dave Navarro has expressed a desire to get Jane's back together (check out the post on his website) What are the chances you'd reconsider?

C'mon man, bury the hatchet. The message boards are lit up with fans wanting to see the original line-up.

Anonymous said...

yea do a reunion but include all the bands that branched out from janes addiction like decon and polar bear and porno and bring along Red Hot Chilli Peppers. and Solo work!

Do it like Led Zeppelin.

Im just a Dreamer

cass said...

Alright, the guy has a new solo record coming out in April. Do you REALLY think a Janes Reunion is on his mind? Especially because of a "pointless' discussion he had on his radio show? i mean, please. you just need to be a little smarter than that before posting your selfishness. cheers on the new record bro!
chris from brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

what a great way to get Eric to close his blog. Dont ask him to rehash his past, which he has very politely declined to do so (on more than 2 occasions). Besides, Perry is a shadow of his former self and Dave is more obsessed with fame than getting together with old friends to play some good music.

Eric, I'm really looking forward to your new album and it's good to see you're still making good original music as opposed to playing 20 year old songs. Your originality is what always set you apart from your former bandmates, and it is why I am still a huge fan of yours. Stay true.....

JM said...

Well, Eric has said he expects this blog to become an interchange of ideas, so I guess all the "please reconsider" are part of that... :)

I just want my "Help Wanted".

Hugs, have a nice Christmas, Eric.


Anonymous said...

take it personally why dont chea!

its just an idea. Personnaly, i could care less if they ever reunite. I just wanna listen to music.

rock on!


MonsterMush said...

Maybe I should apologize for that post, but man, the potential of it all. I KNOW good things would come from those four guys in a room once again. Better than anything that's going on today.

cass said...

No reason to apologize mm, i was being a bit too harsh. this is a place where people can say whatever they want to eric. my bad.
rock on

setitdown50 said...

We missed you last Wednesday- I really thought you'd be there. I talked to your mom. You never responded to Joseph's email, but if you just missed his post he can be also be reached at

(Aunt) Nancy

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how many different formats Help Wanted will be released in? I've noticed that Help Wanted has garnered quite a bit of attention through the press and so forth as I've already read two or three separate posts on one website about the upcoming solo release and one or two other articles elsewhere as well which is fantastic! An album like this should shine amdist all the garbage out there right now. I was just curious as to what formats this album will be released in and whether any special editions or anything of that nature? Anyone?

Juan de buenos aires said...

Off topic do you use the tenm deconstruction in Derrida's sense or, have you reed Derrida's work?

Anonymous said...

just a fan cruising along and thought i'd type you in to see what you were up to. solo album should be impressive, great to hear that it's coming out soon. also cool to see how you spent your holidays, your own, peaceful way. and big sur holds a special place in my heart, cool to see it does yours as well. had a gf in college that owned land up there. it was bliss, really. that cool-ass bridge on 1, and some beach with purple sands! also the stream right off the highway for a good swim and some secluded skinny-dipping/funtime with the gf.

the california coast is a reclusive escape, for sure, if you go to the right places. to name another place out of many, i also enjoy sea ranch in gualala, and further north, the Lost Coast. That should be the name of an album or song or something. Another rugged piece of land, like heaven on earth or garden of eden or something.

also, i hope george d is refering to the beach boys song off of Holland!

thanks for keeping this blog, eric avery! and thanks for sticking to your own thing, avoiding the pitfalls others have succumb to in the music world. pretty inspirational!