Saturday, January 05, 2008



wendyo said...

I'm with you on that Eric! So thrilled with what is happening...I have been online all day. Even though I have always been a political creature, this particular NOW has me on pins and needles. I'm ready to hit the road for the man.

(perfect timing since my regular gig in record promotion has s l o w e d down to a major extent, I'm sure you can relate ;-)

George D said...

I dont even live in america but Obamas victory speech in iowa i watched on youtube and it was really something else.

The man is good

matt volpe said...

Hey Eric! Happy New Year to you and Belle.

I love Obama and think he may very well be the right person for this country, however, I am also a fan of Edwards as well, so I'm keeping an intent eye and ear on both these days.

Looking forward to your musical genius in 08! All the best, Matt

.Kelly said...

I had a wierd feeling that this would come up somehow in the blog. Awesome speech. He's the best speaker I've witnessed in my lifetime (all of almost 14 years years) and he sounds and looks like a true leader and uniter. But anything does compared to our current Pres.

Can't wait for the new album.

Anonymous said...

Personally, nothing short of heroic doses of "show me" will asuage my fears and concerns for the future leadership of this country.

It's still early, but even the knowledge that there will be a new President can't shatter my cynicism.

Show me...



JM said...

Happy 2008, Eric. I sincerely wish you and yours have a good 2008.


humancannonball said...

Hey Eric, sorry this isn't about your post, but I was wondering about your work on the 11th hour soundtrack. Looking around the net I've seen this for sale in the various online music stores:

The 11th Hour - Original Soundtrack

I assumed that this would be the "soundtrack", and that they would then later release the "score" version. Lately I've been seeing this one pop up on sites like amazon:

11th Hour - Original Score

It's listed as March 4, 2008. Would this be the score that you worked on? Also, I think I saw your name in the credits of the other Soundtrack, which is what probably confused me in the first place. Did you arrange the music of the other soundtrack for the film, or contribute original music to that one as well?

Thanks, and sorry for all the questions.

Anonymous said...

I am with SR on this one. Show me. Don't tell me.

Just because you have the ear of America, does not mean you have the pulse of the American street.

All the major candidates seem like sellouts, panderers and echo chambers. Not a one of them is in touch with a population under breaking point inflation, constant fear of a stateless enemy, a run away executive branch, ad infinitum. The American majority does not buy the official 9/11 story, yet we here nothing about this issue from any candidate. These people are bought and paid for. Why fuck with status quo by questioning the "official" 9/11 account? Still, I will exercise the right to choose whichever candidate I think is the least dangerous.

Can’t ever really remember getting to vote FOR anybody. Always the choice of the lesser evil. The only politician that has my confidence is Feingold from WI. The rest have all caved at critical moments.

Still I will vote. I will also pay taxes so these very same people will use that money to build bombs instead of schools. Will build fences instead of bridges.

When asked about an earlier election, comedian Rich Hall response was of complete apathy. Rich said "It's like putting up an under new management sign over the local porn shop" or something like that.

Despite what George Carlin may think, it is very important to vote.

During a fishbone set here in Eugene, Angelo Moore performed a poem about his voting experience. In the poem he stomps on his ballot, spits on it, crinkles it up and tosses it in the can. Then he takes it out of the trash, smoothes it out, votes and sends it in.

Thank you Angelo. Artists like you, one song one story one painting at a time, not only softens the conservative jungle, also sustains the rest of us with hope and identification.

Speaking of hope. Hope no one assassinates Obama. Would suck to throw him on the heap with the Kennedy’s, Malcolm X, MLK and god know's who else.

With respect and kindness,

Anonymous said...

SOS,just another dog and pony show.

mike e said...

"Anonymous said...

Just because you have the ear of America, does not mean you have the pulse of the American street. "

I dare you to read Obama's "Dreams from My Father" and then try writing what you wrote above with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

I accept your dare. Will get back after I've read it. There are 7 holds in the library, I am 8.
Thanks for the tip.

I hope in this book is a reason why Obama don't say nothing about 9/11 questions or going after the Bush criminals once in office. Maybe too divisive. Maybe status quo. Probably both.

Help me out here; does Obama support impeachment and criminal proceedings of current office holders? Do you? Heard nothing from him on that.

Where is his money coming from? Any Mega business giving to him? Do you support Mega-corp sponsorship of candidates?

Obama promises a very Hillary-esque way of keeping the war in Iraq lingering; he has been honest about that. Which really sucks if you are sick of the US losing treasure, blood and talent meddling in the Arab’s forever war. We could be working this hard at peace as opposed to this hard at war. Obama has offered very little along these lines. I know he speaks against the occupation of Iraq, though he says we will remain.

Here is a link to Obama's voting record.

Obama missed allot of votes on important issues. Votes on issues like abortion rights. The American Street elects these guys to show up and vote. Missing these votes is like flipping off your constituents.

Of course in our can't-happen-here society, if anyone mentions 9/11 in a questioning manner or calling this Bush guy a pursuable criminal will blow their chance at elect ability.

The American street does think Bush has broke many laws and should be dealt with the way anyone else would be.
How about you my friend?
Does Obama's book cover these concerns?

Don’t get me wrong, compared to the field Obama looks great. I have become very disturbed about the body politic in general.

Never thought I would understand how the German people could let the Holocaust happen. I do now. The techniques we see today are much the same as 1930’s Germany. It is sickening. Just wish one of these major candidates would address this. Seems vital.

Respect and kindness,

mike e said...

Seems like we're reading different things on Obama. So one of us is wrong. But from what I've read, he will end our occupation in Iraq and plans to bring the troops home withihn 16 months. No military bases. I believe some troops will remain to protect the embassy and diplomats. But that's pretty much standard protocol. If you've ever been to an American Embassy overseas, they're guarded by Marines.

Dreams from My Father was written in 1995. So nothing about 9/11 is in it. Not sure if he believes in the conspiracy theory. I don't. I do believe Bush lied to get us into a war, but I also don't believe now is the time to drag this country into a long, drawn out, divisive attempt to impeach him. I have read the white papers from PNAC. I know that the Iraq war was hoped for long before 9/11. Still, it doesn't change the fact that we are there and we need to do something about it. I believe that impeaching Bush solves nothing. If we could do it without destroying the country, then I'd be all for it.

I would like to see us solve the problem at hand, not find someone to blame for it all.

If Obama were to get into office, I would hope he would put his efforts toward healing and fixing this country, not waste taxpayer dollars with another partisan witch hunt.

I don't believe Obama missed a lot of votes. He voted present. There's a lot more going on there. Obama received a 100% rating from the Illinois Planned Parenthood Council. His present votes were part of a larger strategy. He also voted present as a protest on some bills that he thought were not written correctly, that were unconstitutional.

With all that being said, I don't believe Obama is perfect. Some of his votes I don't agree with. But I have hope in his politics and in his world view. I don't have to agree with everything he says.

Anonymous said...

Mike E,

Positive thoughts to you. Thank you for your detailed and well laid response.

However I wasn’t asking you if you believed the government story about 9/11. I was asking whether or not you thought Bush and his team were active criminals. To be specific, missing emails, outing Plame, torture, domestic spying without court order.

You see impeachment as “destroying the country” while I perceive it as a move that will heal an already destroyed nation. America has lost its way big time. Got torture?

I am not putting all the blame on any individual(s). This is not about blame or hatred; it is about accountability and rule of law. It also is about setting precedence for future administrations. I truly do not hate anybody, for we are all responding to the framework we are born into. Bush is only doing what anyone with his set of internal and external circumstances would of done. No reason to hate or put blame.

Still no reason to let his administration trash the constitution, kill innocent people and behave with criminality. Would you not want to lock the local street gang in your neighborhood because it might upset those families and businesses that support the local gang? Anybody who supports this administration needs to be sent the clear message that this is unacceptable.

This has nothing to do with Partisan witch hunting. Most Republicans I have met in the past few years are really angry and ashamed of team Bush. We need to hold these guys accountable in order to get back on our feet as a nation.

Also, Obama and Hillary both missed a vote on the new defense budget two days ago. Would’ve been nice to know where they stand on this. Would be nice if these guys showed up.

It amazes me that no one runs on a platform of prosecuting the current administration. If one candidate had the guts to do it they would get elected in a heartbeat. This is a telling sign that these candidates are not really progressive. Have we learned nothing from history?
Imagine if this oversight situation was turned into an episode of COPS. The men in Blue get the call, find the suspect sitting on the front steps of the police station red handed smoking a bag of crack. The COPS hand the crack head a sternly worded letter or two, but do not cuff the suspect.
Instead they sit and watch as the crackhead finishes his bag of dope with a middle finger up. The COPS are frustrated to the point of maybe sending another letter to the crackhead next season.
Still no COPS mentions cuffs let alone a full prone take down.
How many will die today? Who will get tortured today? Got oil?

With respect and kindness to all (even Bush)

Anonymous said...

Where is Eric's original post?? All I see are comments.