Sunday, May 18, 2008

how do i talk about it all? how do i mention speculating without creating, at the very least, some wild speculation over the coming months. am i considering something with the boys of janes addiction? yes. do i think something of a deserving quality is possible? not as convinced. not yet at least. do i know what it would look like? i have absolutely no idea. would we play a few live shows? would we try to write something? i havent even spoken yet to dave, let alone any other band members, about any of this. but what has changed is that i am considering it all. and not only that, it feels good to consider it.

the other night at the nme was good fun. it felt pretty positive all around. i enjoyed playing those old bass lines (some of which i hadnt even privately played in sixteen or seventeen years). it was a pretty complete pleasure to do on a personal level. i was left with some concerns though musically. our ability as a foursome to focus, to challenge ourselves concerns me. can we bring the urgency to the songs that made them so dynamic in the first place? i dont know. how do we best do that? i am thinking about it. if i can become convinced that we can do that then i am open to trying. but until that point, i can only speculate. it is only the very beginning of a glimmer of a start to this process. it is an idea that could die on the vine, which is precisely why it has taken me this long to post anything, but it is also an idea that is pretty pregnant with possibility. that feeling of possibility in itself is a sea change for me. we will just have to see.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Eric!!
We missed hearing your words of wisdom these past few weeks. Whatever your decision we want the best for you, for what makes you happy. Your solo songs are awesome, as well as Polar and Deconstruction. I would only hope you would be able to get all the credit you deserve if you decide to do Janes Addiction again. I would wish that you would be the one to produce and set the tone of such an endeavor. You have set high standards for your music and it really shows, unlike a certain other I won't mention. Your music has gotten better with time. I mean that. Just the thought of possibility is a wonderful one. Yay!!
Much love,

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

It's awesome to see another post. It's gotten really lonely here and the speculation has been killing us.

I loved watching the NME show. I never got to see any incarnation of Jane's live so being able to see the original lineup over the internet was pretty insane. Me and my parents watched you completely kill on Mountain Song are were all utterly disappointed when the feed went down. I think that as great as the NME show was, the fact that it was invite only, that the common fans were only able to watch it over the internet made it feel very exclusive.

Since I've never seen Jane's live, I'm a bit selfish and would love to see the band tour again. The fans would be able to see the original lineup in person. Just do a farewell tour or something like that, donate some of the ticket money to charities and make sure that the band gets a chance to end on a good note musically and mentally. But that's just me, and I'd kill to see Jane's live.

But whatever decision you want, I'll be thrilled. I love the solo record and the minute you are within a 45 minute radius of San Francisco/Oakland, I'll be at the show no matter what.

Ignore us, and make up your own mind.

Anonymous said...

Eric, could you post the tab to the open part of "Mountain Song".
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i echo the sentiments of trish. if there is a jane's tour/new album, you need to call the shots. if pf is in charge, you may as well invite david lee roth on tour with you. a reunion has the potential to be great, but it could also be the worst joke ever played on the world. my heart says let jane's die. pf is lame. he was a great front man, but he has fallen to depths that few can fathom (satellite party? - what the fuck is that shit? look at his myspace page; it's ridiculous.). you have integrity, and i admire you. that said, i wouldn't condemn a man for wanting to get paid for his toil. a jane's reunion would certainly get you paid.
thank you,
p.s. the deconstruction record is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

This is not the place to go and bash on Perry Farrell. There is a long history there, probaby both good and bad. It's the same thing as not wanting to hear your friends bash on your ex-girlfriend after you've broken up. Keep that to yourself.

Anonymous said...

you're right. i'm sorry. it was an impulsive and not well thought out move on my part.

Anonymous said...

Permanence and endurance isn't a bad thing in art. Revisiting some of the finest work you have ever done isn't a bad thing per se either.

New music with Jane's?? Wonderful on all fronts....risk v. reward....all out the window. The maturity, insight, and experience will inevitably deliver something honest and fresh, like yr solo work. Good, bad, or indifferent it's art for arts sake....and the four of you together have done that as well as anyone, ever.

Good luck with it....

Be well,


Anonymous said...

beauty in itself these pregnant thoughts....

Anonymous said...

The more ones hands stay musicaly busy the better. You'll know right away after a couple a few jams whether to do it or not.

Follow your bliss.

Diggin' the spring time. The garden is booming. Fresh picked salads every night. Bloom and color all over town.

Respect & Kindness

Anonymous said...

Eric, this announcement makes me glad, simply because I now know that you are not trapped in a well, as I had feared.

As a long-time fan, here is my only council:

Don't listen to the advice of the fans.

We get excited and opinionated and like to feel involved and important. The problem is, NONE of us have any sort of realistic vantage point on the situation; our impressions are put together piecemeal.

I trust the clarity of your mind, and the intent of your heart. I also trust that whatever endeavor you undertake will be, by default, inspired by your talent and passion.

In short, I look forward to whatever you do with great confidence.

JM said...

"Don't listen to the advice of the fans."

That IS advice already :P

Glad to read news again, Eric. I'm still in awe with Help Wanted.

Take care, enjoy the thoughts :)


Brian Smith McCallum said...


You seem to be a man of thought. I could be wrong, and my hunch is that you'll process the past, present, and future . . . its perils and possibilities. Wishing you more creativity. Thanks for all of your work in Jane's, Deconstruction, Polar Bear, and solo artist.

Anonymous said...
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nil by mouth said...

Wow. a positive place, wherever that may be.

Be well.


Anonymous said...

magic happens when the members of janes addition come is just soemthing that is meant to be.. to forgive is one of life's greatest is a selfless act

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Jane's will come to life, at least for another moment in time. To share that experience would be a great gift and a blessing to us all.

Anonymous said...


Seeing you on stage with the three other members at the NME albeit on via the internet, was magic.

I don't regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it (where have we heard that before ;), but given your most recent post, my gut tells me you'll arrive at the right decision. Either way, there are a number of us out here who look forward to seeing you on stage in the near future--whether it's in support of your new album, or as a foursome with your original band.

Follow your of luck, Marc

andy said...

it is my hope that as a fan I -can- have some impact on your decision / feelings.

go for it!

Anonymous said...

In the liner notes of "Help Wanted" you thanked Dave Grohl for lending the Foo Fighters studio to record Taylor Hawkins' drum parts.

But didn't you also go down to Henson Studios (old A&M) to record Hawkins?

Just curious.

-joshua r.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Well i know i cant influence u in any way its your own decision obviously but ill just tell you what i saw that night

I saw an amazing band play live, the energy was so positive and powerfull it was incredible to watch,i loved it it rocked, I would say it would be great to see you guys play again, led zeppelin esque. Just so powerful u four guys together are 100% chemistry at its best.

You rock!

Anonymous said...

Eric we'd love for you to play with Jane's again, you sounded fantastic at NME!
Hope this moves forward productively and positively!

nil by mouth said...


"Pregnant with possibility" - what a wonderful statement, both in terms of content and turn of phrase.

It seems as though you are looking at this from many angles. Many things in your post leap out at me, but one issue is how you create the sense of urgency to that was so vital to those songs.

I am not sure if this landed on your radar at all, but last year as R.E.M were writing material for their latest album, they played a handful of open rehearsals in front of an audience, during which songs were aired in various stages of 'dress' and often changed on the spot. Michael Stipe has said since in interviews that the point wasn't so much to gauge the audience's reaction to the new songs, but to gauge their own reactions to playing the material live.

You words about the intensity those songs deserve (and I believe still hold) made me think of that quote. I imagine this was similar to the 'early days' when you'd play new material before recording it.

Obviously your story (and personal histories) are complex. Those of us peering in know little about the facts and also look at it with little objectivity, but let's hope things reach the "would we play a few live shows?" stage as a means of finding how the chemistry is now, rather than death on the vine.



Sidewalk Fins said...

I just love you. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the fans that say don't listen to the fans that say don't listen to the fans. Or something.

Just jam. If it feels good, do it.
Let's hope the pregnancy evolves into a beautiful bouncing baby girl Jane.

Call Dave up today, lay out some plans, tour the world for the next oh, 6-8 months, play some Jane's, some Banyan, some Decon, mix it up a bit, put it together for the fall, fucking summer festival shows are just too gdamn hot, mostly speaking, write music along the way, go in the studio next spring. BTW, you got a pretty solid percussion partner too. Loves me some Perk. The NME show proved, beyond all doubts, how much fun this could be again.

Done. Next. Kick out the jams. Godspeed. Love ya.

matt volpe said...

Hi Eric,

Awesome to see you back on the blog, missed you. Understood of course with all that is probably going. If this means anything, all I have to say is I would personally be delighted and elated with whatever decision you make, whether playing with Jane's again or concentrating on your solo efforts. I think you have great opportunities before you either way, and that is a beautiful thing. You are an artist with rare integrity in today's day and age, so whatever you decide I am sure it will be executed in a real tasteful and amazing way. Bottom line, if it feels good to play again with the boys, and you end up doing something with them (or without them), I and most everyone else here will be there for you, amigo. Take care, have some coffee, and think well, my man!

Best, Matt

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


I think your solo work, especially the latest release is awesome.

As a fan and music lover I would be happy with more of that.

I think doing new stuff with Jane's could be fantastic and it will certainly make you a few bucks :D

What I want to say is that where you are musically on your own is really good and I would not want this new album to be your last.

Got to do what your feelings tell you though.

Anonymous said...


Jane's was a huge influence on my life and my music, with my first time seeing you at the Aragon in Chicago being something on par with a religious experience for me. Some of the old late 80's bootlegs I have are the finest hard rock I've ever heard.

That said, it is my opinion that you guys had lost the magic even when you were still together with the original lineup. Although the Lollapalooza tour saw moments of greatness, the rawness and abandon and recklessness that made Jane's great was already largely absent.

I vote, artistically, to leave things be. However, I can't say I can think of a better way to rake in some dough than playing Jane's Addiction songs IN Jane's Addiction though!

Best wishes and thanks for the great music over the years.

Anonymous said...


I know whatever choice you make will be right for you, and that is all that really matters. It is better to try and fail then to never try at all. You've tried the reunificaiton thing. Therefore, whatever decision you make--to take things further or leave well enough alone--are both good decisions. I don't think you can ever expect to bring back the same magic from 20 yrs ago. That was a different time. However, you certainly have the opportunity to create new magic, either alone or with the other founding members...As I said, either choice is the right one.

Anonymous said...

I know you will make the right decision. Take all the time you need.

Thanks for all the great music, past and present.

Hope to see you soon.

Chrissy said...

Beautifully written my friend!!! Just would like for you to know that you have my support in all of your endeavors and am excited to see the development of curiosity!!!

Anonymous said...

You only live once. I think playing with Jane's again will help ensure you have no regrets later in life. If it doesn't work it doesn't work, but you gave it another shot, as you should. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise. Good to hear you are considering working with Jane's again. I think all the fans are STARVING for new music. Its been 11 years(Kettle Whistle) since we've heard anything new from you guys. Sorry, "Strays" doesn't count. The song "Kettle Whistle" that you penned is an amazing one by the way. It sounds as fresh today as it did when you first wrote it back in the 1980's. I hope it works out. If not I look forward to hearing more of your music through Dangerbird.

Anonymous said...

Finding the correct path is never easy. Whatever the outcome, no one would fault you for wanting to do this. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. We all have!

Anonymous said...

Arnold have you heard the live version of the kettle whistle tune? its much more organic and beats the studio version. the drums are WAY cooler too, live.

Anonymous said...

there's nothing negative to say about jane's reuniting... in this day & age even a watered down janes is pretty awesome!

as far as the "urgency" you mentioned, you really nailed it with that. there is no urgency with perry & dave, but you can influence them BIGTIME and try and bring back some intensity.

do it just for the sake of doing it, don't take it so seriously!!!

Anonymous said...

one way to do something cool is to say fuck you to the current standard and do gigs where you want, when you want, and not rely on ticketmaster and corporate ticket raping and price gouging. avoid live nation & clear channel venues, ticketmaster, corporate sponsors, all that shit.

do it the old way, it is possible. it would make everything so SWEET and create such an impact. do it OLD SCHOOL. jane's was an underground band who didn't give a shit about that crap. out of respect for the underground legend that was jane's, you should play interesting venues and use independent promoters, independent merchandising, etc all across the board.

this wouldn't be trying to recreate the past, it's just about being real. people respect this. there's still punk bands who have this ethic. as an old school janes fan i can only hope that if you do decide to play, you guys KEEP IT REAL where nothing matters but the music. i hope perry & dave get rid of those cheesy designer clothes and focus on the music for once!

Anonymous said...


I don't mean to wax your car but you're the blacksmith on the anvil of this situation. As a longtime fan I support your decision either way. As much as I'd love to see a reunion show or birth of something new, if it doesn't feel right, that's cool too. You're not going to lose the fans out of this deal. We want to see you play some gigs regardless the project. (Seeing you with Banyan would be off the meters too, just a suggestion). I enjoyed the interview on Dave's show. I dig the way you talk and it would be cool to hear some interviews from time to time. Enough of my rant. Thanks for making our lives a little brighter.

Best to you,

The intrepid traveler

Anonymous said...

as long as you keep the whole strays album in the setlist, it's cool with me.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Eric, You truly are the man who could fly and we look forward to watching you spread your wings again.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you all could get together, bang out a few songs, record them in your home studio, add 'em to the upcoming box set release. then gauge fan reaction. dumb idea?

Anonymous said...


If anyone is going to bring greatness out of the other members of Jane's Addiction, it's YOU.

And that is not meant to be pressure, it is just a clear statement that you are the spark that creates the fire.

Give them the spark Eric, let them create the fire, and then pour some fucking gasoline on it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Eric

so glad the NME experience has had a postive affect on your relationship with JA,and not reminded you why you never re-joined in the past.

For me,just the news you were doing it sent me a lot of joy that reverberated thru my head,heart and loins,LOL.I live in England,and i kept thinking,the impact of the desision you made all the way on the other side of the world,MUST have imapcted others in the worls thousands of miles away from you in the same way,i know it did,i've spoken with some of those people.Pretty amazing huh.

Just to know that you are considering more is something just 2 months ago i would never have even entertained that fantasy.

My wildest dreams would be more material and to see the original JA line-up live just once in my lifetime.

In the end,i wish you peace with whatever decision you rest at.

My personal view is that you bring the best out of those guys musically.
I felt the urgency in the NME performance,be it that i was just excited to see you with them after all this time,that was part of it,but i honestly think you guys nailed it hard,everyone upped their game,thats how it seemed to me.

If you go for it,leave your expectations behind,its the unknown thats most exciting and the experience is more fruitful for it.

I LOVE all the music you've created away from JA,you have a lot to offer the world of music and its important for music that you continue to do so.
There are not many musicians that i crave material from,you are one of them.

Whatever you decide,i will be looking forward to any music from you.

Be well

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Eric,

What might Jane's Addiction be like today you ask? Such a lovely question. I am dreaming it would taste like champagne, be light on the *metal*, heavy on the *psychedelic* and make me want to go picking poppies naked in the morning sunshine.
Hugs & Kisses

Anonymous said...

For me, as long as you keep making music, I'm happy.

Deconstruction is one of my favorite CDs from the 90s, I like it better than Ritual, although it is close. I am really enjoying the new CD as well.

You certainly deserve the rewards that would be yielded from a jane's addiction comeback, even if the results were not creatively at par with other work you've done.

I might be the only one that would rather see a deconstruction comeback.

Mark said...

Your new solo album is so good it's scary. It's sad when music like yours doesn't sell millions of albums. Is it too expensive for you to do a solo tour with that album? Ken Andrews did it.

Anonymous said...

It would be an amazing experience for not just you 4, but all of us as well if you guys decided to give it a shot...even on a temporary a few live shows locally in LA. Stick your toe in the lake before you dive in head first. I think you'll find the waters beautiful!!! I have tons of respect for your integrity and honesty. Now call Dave!!

-ea. said...

to you all- let me just respond to you all at once. i really appreciate your thoughts on all this and truly consider how you all feel about all this. you are considered in my decision making.

in fact, in the janes camp, there is very little on anyones mind (certainly mine) that isnt covered by at least one of you. fascinating world we inhabit.

-ea. said...

joshua r.- i understand the miscommunication about the drum recording. i did record taylor at the foos studio. i then brought his drum tracks to the henson studios and built the song unexploded there at hensons on top of his previously recorded drums. but i did also blog that i was speaking to taylor, albeit on the cellphone, while i was at the henson studios and he told me about charlie chaplins footprints and a little about some of the history of the place. i hope in all this clutter there is a clear answer somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I think its so cool that you revealed your thoughts about this special issue here, to your most devoted fans before just about anyone else. :) And how many famous rockstars even bother to communicate with their fans other than backstage at a concert? Not many I know of. They're too busy counting their money in their Mansion's in Malibu or out drunk sailing on their yachts to even give a care. I can't speak for everyone but it is very much appreciated by me :)
Peace Out

Anonymous said...

how does what you do artistically in the future tarnish what you did in the past...? that is just not logical.. the past is writen. nothing you do now will change what you did "then"..

those who don't take chances in life live to regret along with those who made bad decisions.

Low-BottomCase said...

"Die on the vine"?That is twice today I have heard this sentiment,It makes Me think only of the next seasons seed that springs to life from that which is "dead".

Anonymous said...

Eric, I gotta wonder, have you talked to Dave/Steve/Perr yet about anything? I'd hate for this to die on the vines because of communication or lack thereof.

Also, when was the last time you and Dave played music together? I'd love to hear any work from you guys.

Anonymous said...

But my advice was to ignore us! (Admittedly a tricky bit of advice, which may have required one to divide by zero).

If you insist on heeding a pack of chattering dullards, allow me to air my own dimwitted opinion:

I say go for it! I firmly believe that such a union will result in aural thrills to move and delight.

My only caution is to avoid making music specifically for a "rock" format, and to avoid making music specifically for adolescents. Keep it diverse and weird and go down all of the different wending trails that happen to entice you. If you want to make an album of acoustic Romanian folk tales, by god, do it. Fuck expectations, and fuck the status quo.

JM said...

The only thing I could say is...

If you do it, be sure to consider if the resulting music is really going to be "better" than yours alone.

Anonymous said...

How interesting indeed it is, the spectators giving advice to player, thinking they know better. The audience instructing the performer thinking they know better. The students instructing the Master...whose earthly wisdom is far reaching beyond our wildest dreams. Who are we to offer advice? He will follow his heart where it leads him. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

There is a whole new generation of Jane's fans (myself included) who didn't catch you guys the first time around, and since you're all alive it'd be awesome if you guys toured and did an album. The music industry is in the crapper right now and the only thing keeping it going are legends from the 70s/90s popping out records and touring. Your solo album is solid, but you were born to play music with Perry, Dave, and Stephen. You've associated not wanting to do a reunion before as "Jane's Addiction was a certain time period." You're wrong, the songs are timeless classic, just like the band, doesn't matter how old you guys are playing it. Best of luck Eric, hope to see you with JA sometime in the near future, I mean if STP reunited for a tour you guys can too, why the heck not?

Anonymous said...

jasper is dawn' right.... and plenty others too

I really love (most of) what you all 4 have done and still done, together or not.

Legacy is for legists. Music is alive. Let people think what they think, expect what they expect, believe what they believe and do your thing.

If you take pleasure when playing with dave, perk and perry, just "reunite" but if you do it, don't try to recreate a ancient mood.

Play the music you all have in the blood right now, whatever it is, whatever it sounds like.

And name the band JA or not, nobody cares. We just love the alchemy you had and this kind of magic always last.

forget your pride, your egos and free your mind, guys

love, power and peace


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, just a hypothetical question- If someday you might decide to do a concert featuring various selections from all of your back catalogue (minus janes addiction), what songs would you play? Could you possibly speculate on what songs would be included in a "dream set". Thanks

ABS said...

I would love to see the REAL Janes live, I missed the real deal because of parental restraint back in 1991. If you do any shows, PLEASE do not limit it to the west coast. Us east coasters want to be involved too. At least do NYC!! Also, I LOVE the new album. Keep making music, with and without the boys from Janes...

Anonymous said...

For my own selfish reasons I would LOVE to see you back with Jane's. JA was such a huge part of my youth and I never left a show feeling less than blown away, especially by the bassist. Fact is, Jane's was never the same since you left nor have I seen them live since you left, which I would surely do if you were to return for even a brief moment in time. But I know this is a decision that only you can make and will do so by following your heart, mind and soul. Your real fans will support your decision whatever it may be. Lovin' the solo work. Peace.

Anonymous said...

alright if everyone is going to submit their unqualified bullshit opinions here i might as well add my own. you should do janes. the band should write songs and make them sound like they were birthed in 48hour continous acid trip. they should not sound like they were talor-made for a record exec(STRAYS). as for your lack of confidence in the ability to challenge yourselves i have a simple answer: perry needs Lsd-25 to make good music and his supply has been cut off for years due to wife and kids. makes sure he eats a sizeable helping before you start writing. that is all. bye

Anonymous said...

One of the coolest things I've seen to come out of this-Martyn leaving you a note on myspace, "Need a bass tech?" lol, gdamn, that's classic shit and funny as hell from a cool dude.
So, we're good here now, right?

1. World tour and domination for 6 months or so consisting of the US, Europe and Australia, mixing in club dates with some festivals
2. Writing music along the way
3. Studio in March
4. NYE gig in Atlanta at the Tabernacle :)
5. New Jane's release in May of '09

K, well, that just about sums it up. Thanks! Rock and Fucking Roll.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious - who are the choir on all remote?

- Rich

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of albums written in a Stream Of Consciousness. Portraying a point of view by giving the sonic equivalent of the writers thought processes, and in connection to his or her sensory reactions to external occurrences.

Early Floyd, early Cure, Bauhaus, ect. These albums are so great because the writers were able, for a least a brief period of time, to tap in to an almost otherworldly source of creative inspiration & power.

HUMO: Was Pornography really a psychedelic album?

Robert Smith: “I suppose it was. Everyone that was in the band back then had an older sister or brother. We grew up listening to the music of an older generation. We listened to bands like Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Captain Beefheart and Interstellar Overdrive from Pink Floyd. Especially Interstellar Overdrive (laughs).”

HUMO: Pornography was also a real drug album.

Smith: “Absolutely. That whole period of my life was about physical and mental experiments. The sky was the limit.”

JM said...

Interesting point Krsna makes...

Jane's last show was in 1991; that fact has given us (non-JA members) enough time to analyze their impact, influence, musical and stylistic resources; it has given us time to listen what members do separately and -by analyzing those works- get to know them a little better.

When you create music, whether in a band, solo as a composer or solo as a solo artist, sometimes you don't have that distance, the perspective to analyze what's going on in certain areas.

So, even though I don't think an artist should be guiding his or her work by anyone's opinion, I know sometimes amongst many pseudo-advices one can actually find a valid point, most likely another point of view of something one has already thought about.


Anonymous said...

Rich wrote, 'I'm curious - who are the choir on all remote? '

I am curious about that as well. Was it a sample?


Anonymous said...

The demo acoustic version of Kettle whistle I have reminds me of an Indian Raga. Cool.

-ea. said...

rich & mike- there is no choir on all remote. i wanted one but that is costly. billy bush (the cds engineer) built it out of multiple tracks sung by me and also by my friend kirsten. she isnt a 'singer' (neither am i for that matter) so she had a real innocent quality to her performance; like a child. so billy took our multiple tracks and sprinkled some fairy dust on them and then boom; a choir.

Anonymous said...

wow! very cool.....

I'm taking notes.


Anonymous said...

May I ask what you guys were listening to back in 85-86? This may provide some clues to how to go about regaining the magic. Kids are listening to third rate stuff nowadays. They are being influenced by third rate groups and malnourished by media trends. I wouldn't worry so much about whether your music be accepted by the media or not. You will have their immediate attention regardless, just because you've reformed with all original members. Remember Metallica refused to make any kind of video and didn't get any top 40 radio play for years. They were well known throughout the underground without any help from MTV. They were cult. Janes used to be cult before MTV took over.
You will have the ability to set a trend if you so choose. A lot of music that is believed to be 'hip' today is a far cry from what the pioneers were doing 30-40 years ago with limited technology. It has degenerated in so many areas. Its almost like the advanced technology has caused musicians to become lazy and let the computers make the music and beats for them. Sterile and lifeless. Where can the passion and real music be found in 2008. It still lives in the folk, bluegrass and world genres but where else?

-ea. said...

anonymous - irony is that i was listening to alot of music that some young bands today are obviously influenced by; like joy division.

Anonymous said...

Eric - any update on whether or not you've communicated your thoughts yet to the rest of Jane's? I want to be patient, but Jane's + Eric again is the biggest music news I've heard in my 29 years of life.

Anonymous said...

The production and mixdown of Help Wanted is different than what I'm used to hearing. I like it. Chickenbone especially. What kind of effect is going on the second time the chorus of Chickenbone is played? Sounds like a Beatle-esque backwards guitar but I'm not certain.

Anonymous said...

Eric- I noticed on youtube there was video shot of Janes in the studio when Three Days was recorded.I understand it was taken from Perrys film " Gift " . Do you know or recall if they shot video for the entire song ? I know the film GIFT only plays the last 2 minutes of the song, but I would think entire video of the song would be a great addition to any future boxsets or DVDs you guys release.Just watching that small clip from the studio you can sense something incredible just took place.Thanks for everything. Now, who do I need to contact to gets the rights for the rap groove in the beginning of LA SONG ?

- S

Anonymous said...

Hey EA,

Positive thoughts.

It is easy to ask to jam because of your core value as a positive self-true music maker. Not to mention from my beloved SFV and los angeles.

Equally, it is hard as heck, awkward, as a person who wishes not to pressure or trespass. Saw on youtube Flea discussing John F’s budding fame; something about all the girls wanting to bed him and all the guys wanting to be his friend. Like much of what Flea says,I thought that was very well put. Don’t mean to do that.

Challenging to approach anyone who may misconstrue the quest to play music with as many beautiful and sincere musicians as possible in this lifetime. A simple troubadour is I. Collecting and trading notes.

I go to LA much more than I inquire about a jamming with you. Just so you don’t think that I take a crack at it every time.

Be in this weekend. Won’t take a blow off or silence personally. I may do the same if wearing your socks.

Sincere respect and kindness,

P.S. When first hearing the choir in remote, thought maybe it was about a score of Jr. High kids. Perhaps going through a bunch of filters, delays and reverbs. Fairy dust eh? Sounds real good.

Anonymous said...

Please Please Please DON'T do the VH1 thing. There are so many loser hair metal bands on there bragging about there stupid past its not even funny. Its pathetic. The has-beens on parade. The NME interview started to remind me of VH1 a little because some the other guys were fixated on there past achievments. Jane's Addiction are NOT has- beens and still have a lot let to accomplish and I know you can do it. None of those guys are forward looking and they don't have new ideas. There music sucked to begin with anyway.

Anonymous said...

If you let mainstream television build you up like they did-they can just as easily destroy you. You were very smart to bail Jane's Addiction when you did because if you stayed together, MTV and your record company would have brought you to a climax then dropped you for the next flavor.

-ea. said...

s- what do you need the rights to la song for?

cowboy neal said...


I picked up "Help Wanted" a few weeks ago while at Best Buy. Living in the Valley its been tough without Tower Records and I often rely on Amazon since I prefer cds to downloads. Kudos to Dangerbird for having the cd available at a big box like Best Buy. I believe I bought the last one at the time.

I really liked the cd after the first listen. I must say the imagery in the artwork seems to compliment the music nicely. The entire art direction and design together with the many textures in the music really pulled me in. The initial imagery that I got listening with headphones and looking at the artwork (but not reading the lyrics) is that of being inside a brain with the synapses connecting and misfiring, routes being taken, stopping and starting, running their course. Well, like I said, first impression. I've listened to it half a dozen times now and I continue to really dig it. Still haven't read the lyrics but they're starting to seep in. That's the way I like it. I usually won't track down lyrics until after many listens. Just prefer listening that way.

Also, you have a cool voice, a great baritone. I'm curious what it is that makes you reluctant to do Help Wanted live. Is it playing bass and singing at the same time, which some find less comfortable than singing and playing guitar, or perhaps having all that "lead singer" focus on stage? I hope you will put a group together and perform. I suspect you can get a great band together.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, any movement on some L.A. shows to support HW? I would look forward to that. News in general?



Anonymous said...

I would love to see you do some live shows on your own

Anonymous said...

Eric- I don't want to get into much detail in the open, but I have 2 projects I am involved with that need 2 parts of that song.It just fits with what I am doing.There is a budget I am working with,and I know payment will have to be made to somebody.I figured I'd go straight through you.Email me at Eric.


matt volpe said...


I saw Joe Lally (Fugazi) play a solo show last night at the Knitting Factory in NYC. He was awesome. Such a great musician and performer. The best part of the night was not even his bass playing (which is amazing), but, when he jumped down into the crowd, asked everyone to form a circle around just him alone, and he sang a song from one of his albums that is simply him singing and nothing else. The balls that takes, especially in front of a somewhat jaded NYC audience. Great show. Got to meet the man as well and he's a real sweet guy. Just thought you'd appreciate a good concert story. Hope all is well with you and look forward to whatever you do musically next! All the best amigo, Matt

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
I'd love to hear and see the original Jane's Addiction again. I hope things are getting that way. Anyway, your work as a solo artist feeds me a lot too. Help Wanted is great.
Much respect and sympathy,

Anonymous said...

Yeah show the rookies how its done

Anonymous said...

If you do plan to do a series of Jane's concerts, keep it just the 4 of you. No "hollywood" type props,no strippers, no specially created position for Perrys wife on stage,etc.. Just the 4 of you making music . Seeing Perry perform STOP with his Sat party band made me cringe and he ripped the heart and soul from the song, and now it needs to be put back together. Only the 4 of you can do that.


Anonymous said...

On the subject of influences...
Eric, what do you think of the music of T.Rex? Love them/Hate them? I'm curious. Thanx

Thomas I. said...

Hi Eric,

Long time fan of JA and your Bass playing. I checked out some of the Help Wanted tracks on Amazon, and I have to say "nice work!" I am about to pull out the old CC and buy a copy.

My advice to you regarding JA is this: If you feel that the four of you can re-capture the magic that was present during the NS and Ritual recordings and the tours, then go for it. If not, then politely pass on the opportunity.

Good luck in all of your future musical (and life) endeavors, where ever they may take you.


Anonymous said...

Hehe the fireworks are exploding here compared to a year ago. This blog is on fire now. I'm enjoying the show. Do you serve adult beverages/smokes? j/k

Anonymous said...

So much talk about your return, or should I say your consideration, to JA, but do the other boys want to do it? Has there been any contact between the 4 of you? How about a quick solo tour first, you, Polar Bear, Deconstruction?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Eric A, i mean this with love and respect, but get over yourself.

Eric, just admit it....

Anonymous said...

Stephan G. Childs,

kill yourself, the man is a genius, whether he would like to admit it or not. His bass lines have touched millions. You on the other hand are probably a struggling waste of life stuck in a 9to5 praying you might live one second or eric avery's life. But you wont.

Kyle, Boston MA.

Anonymous said...

If Bauhaus could make a new album after 23 years, then why not Jane's? You guys are international bulletproof talent too!

Anonymous said...

Bauhaus could've done better than what they just presented to us. The egos in that band must be so big they thought they could just put any old crap out and the fans would eat it up. Some of us have discriminating tastes...

Anonymous said...

Come on, man. I love Go Away White! Just because it was spontaneous doesn't make it bad. I prefer that over a band working on an album for years on end because they're too OCD about it.

Anonymous said...

"samadhi said...
The demo acoustic version of Kettle whistle I have reminds me of an Indian Raga."


the only acoustic(y) version of KW I know is a live one. I don't have it handy, but it's a great show with an acoustic set to start off, then it gets very chaotic and the band keep stopping to beg the audience to calm down and stop breaking the stage lights, etc. This is one of the best boots, and that KW is one of the really special things in the Jane's bootography. I know there is an early 4-track demo, but I've not heard it. Is that what you're referencing?

Anonymous said...

"every time i deal with the big machine, ill tell you, i feel less and less sympathy for the demise of the industry"

I would be willing to donate $$ for you guys to record a new Jane's Addiction album sans corporate record company/management meddling. A pure Jane's album made for the fans, not the industry. A band called the Red Paintings successfully achieved this feat -->

"The Red Paintings & Their Fans Start Their Own REVOLUTION!
Brisbane, Australia

The Red Paintings take a page out of the Radiohead/Saul Williams book and record their debut full length album without a record label of any sort...
Six months ago, The Red Paintings embarked on a gamble and an idea hoping to answer a question: Could a band (without record label or management), raise funding to professionally record a full length LP, solely relying on the help of its one of a kind fan-base? As of this past weekend, the band had been blessed to find out; the answer is a resounding YES, they have done it! Many people believed it was impossible, but The Red Paintings have hit their target and raised $40, 0000 towards their debut album via fan donations.

Before recent alternative means, anti-label newsmakers Radiohead and Saul Williams, The Red Paintings were hard at work on their debut full length LP, "The Revolution Is Never Coming". Completely fueled by the charity of their fans -- from a few bucks, to in some cases hundreds of dollars -- every cent made a huge lead songwriter Trash McSweeney pointed out on the bands official forum this past July, donations of $40 or more not only counted as a "thank you" in the liner notes, but also as a pre-order for the record upon it's production... Though the band is about to dive head-long into their last month in the studio and readying of the artwork for the LP (with an expected release mid 2008), we had to share this bit of information with everyone, and thank you for all of your help and support throughout this battle.

A message from songwriter Trash McSweeney:
THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us to create our debut record, not just financially, but creatively as well.

For the past six months, we have been lucky enough to work here in Australia with New York producer Tidy Kid, all the while seeing a 35 piece string orchestra, harp, painters, woodwinds, brass (including french horns, trombone, and trumpet), and even a theremin, thru the studio. Fans have also come in and helped build choirs, leaving their own "fingerprints" on the record, which has made this piece of art much more special and true to me.

I think this is an incredible achievement for a band who has had very minimal support from the Australian Music Industry. We have had many doors closed in our faces, but despite many blows, we've kept getting up and pushed through, with the help and respect from our fans and friends...I am so amazed with this achievement, and consider myself very lucky -- you all have seen me through some of the toughest times.

When we decided to run with this idea, I was unsure and worried we weren't going to pull it off, but in the end you afforded me the ability to create this album the way I needed it to feel. It was important for me to do at least this one record on my own terms -- without outside pressure -- and you have afforded us that opportunity.

I had no idea just how much love and respect there was for us, and I am truly blown away that we have been able to finish this on our terms. I've dreamt of creating this record for six years, and we are finally in the last stages.

Again, thanks to all of you."

Anonymous said...

i second that donation.

Anonymous said...

I'll pitch in my monetary donation for a new Jane's album too. How much do you need?
Don't wait too long, it'd be great to see you guys touring with the reformed Killing Joke!


Finally, after numerous line-up changes through the years, all original Killing Joke members reunite for new album and world tour beginning September 13th 2008.

Anonymous said...

Must be dificult to make your mind on this one.But the NME show felt right to me. You all seem pretty happy playing together,like a band, not bore
If you are gonna make it, make it all the way. New record, tour and please please please, come to Argentina.cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who wrote this piece of beautiful poetry? About a special place I hold such warm feelings for

that makes the hand
that pulls the precious bones
from the sand
jump from the rock
into the cool waters
and she shines she shines
gone are the dusty gods
of echo cathedrals

Danielle Johnsen said...

To echo sentiments from every other fan, it would truly be a dream come true to see you all together playing from a place of happiness as opposed to a place of self-destruction.

Jane's was and has always been there as a confidant to me in my darkest times and a partner in celebration of my joy. Jane's and therefore you four men could be the reasoning I broke out of who I was expected to become and search for something bigger. I remember, while perched over my computer last month watching you four play to an unfortunately too bougie crowd for there to be a true echo of the excitement that the reunion brought to your fans, like myself.

B/c I am a bit younger, I was not able to see you all in your glory days and have seen the "reunions" in the various stages in the past, but I can truly say it would be an out of body experience to see you all together, once again, sharing a stage. I just watched the Pixies doc about their reunion tour and can understand why there would be fears to get yourselves on a bus and do the whole thing for months. But as an outsider, I think we can all say that its obvious all of you are in much better and stronger places now than you were in 1991 and I for one would travel hours upon hours to hear "senors y senoras, nosotros tenemos mas influencia con sus hijos que tu tienes"...on a mic before I die!

Do it for yourselves first, but know that there are many of us out here who would wish nothing more than being able to celebrate your talents once again.

Thanks for everything....

Anonymous said...

i refused to go see janes addiction with any other bassist until now, if you decide to play with the band again i will after 18 years, go see this great band with you who made it sound the way i remember it..

Anonymous said...

hey eric, if you had never entered the music biz, what do you think you have done/be doing for a living instead?

Anonymous said...

one more question. could you ever go for long periods of at least 3-4 months without watching any television? ignorance can be bliss. i am a more peaceful, less conflicted person when i am not being fed by the fly swarmed manure and propaganda american media dishes out. food for thought.

Anonymous said...

eric, a question about la song. right when it goes into the trash guitar with, right before you start singing, a voice comes in and says something, and i've always thought it is: "the jetsons never cared"

just wondering if you could make out the words.

Anonymous said...

"eric, a question about la song. right when it goes into the trash guitar with, right before you start singing, a voice comes in and says something, and i've always thought it is: "the jetsons never cared"

just wondering if you could make out the words."

You've stumbled onto a little known fact; the tune was originally entitled "Elroy Song," and it was an ode to America's favorite space-age cartoon family. The title was eventually changed to "L.A. Song" in an effort to avoid potential lawsuits from Hanna-Barbera.

-ea. said...

anonymous- a jetsons line? i dont hear that and im not sure im listening in the right spot. song opens with audio from "day of the locust" then the next moment (before the quick rhythm guitar and vocal; the pre-verse) is from blade runner, "a chance to begin again in a golden land..."

i dont know where else you might mean. hope this helps.

Anonymous said...


I can "hear" what Anonymous is hearing too...sort of. It is in-between the words "make the desert grow" and "move out flat don't rise up...".

Now that you have explained it, I hear "a chance to begin again". But if you ignore that and read the words "The Jetsons never cared" as you play it, you can "see" how easy it would be to "hear" that too.

Shades of "I bury Paul..." vs "Cranberry sauce..."

BTW - any news on the Rhino Jane's package?


Anonymous said...

Regardless of your decision everything you have done musically has inspired not only myself but many others. I'm sure whatever your choice be it will be a wise decision. Like many other fans have posted everything you have done has been pure genious.Thank you for inspiring us all.

Levi C.

Anonymous said...

1999 to 2008 is a longer period than even Trent Reznor used to wait between releases! Almost an entire decade. I thought you had retired for good. "Revolution" was worth the wait I must say. Please don't make us wait another nine years again.

sam said...

mr. avery,

good luck on the decision process, in a selfish way, i hope the fans get to see a real reunion.

try not to put so much pressure on yourself and the band to play with the urgency you had in the 80's. you are almost twenty years away from that time period and twenty years changes many things. urgency is one of those things:)

still haven't heard the performance, but i am sure it was fun.

maybe you can get them to play porchlight. that song would fit beautifully with jane's abilty to create beauty out of danger and disaster.

Anonymous said...

Is it true the Porno For Pyros songs, Blood Rag, Bad Shit and Hard Charger were orginally Jane's Addiction songs?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for making a difference. Your music has saved me on several occasions throughout my life. I have a plaguing question? Will there be a Polarbear reissue of "The Chewing Gum EP" or "Why Something Instead Of Nothing?" Personal cult favorites...both out of print? I saw an interview where you stated you come from a cinematic family and film has had an influence on your music. I'm curious as to what films or directors you find aspiring? Thanks in advance.

Blessings and good vibes,


Anonymous said...

anyone here into the velvet underground? i can picture janes addiction making dreamy, meditative drone-like music to usher in the coming decade of peace. after obama is elected.

Anonymous said...

I hope all works well for you basswise. The main thing is, keep playing. As a drummer, your basslines with JA inspired me beyond belief.

I recall seeing JA at a dive in LA in the 80's, back before ya'll were all that. I came back to Texas with a copy of xxx, and all my friends had to dub a copy because it was so rocking.

Perkins is a phenomenal drummer, Dave a great guitarist, and of course Perry is a great song stylist. But without you on bass, JA just ain't happening. At all.

So when you call yourself a fool, just remember you're a fool who can play the shit outta that bass.

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric,

Positive thoughts.

Had fun jamming in LA. Treasure any time with Wag. Got to play 4 times in 3 days with different groups. Felt good to sweat.

Please don’t take me inviting you to jam as a big rock star thing. It ain’t. You happen to be smart, interesting and shred. I happen to musically motivated and tenacious. We both stay crisp in milk.

Every week I email many musicians from several local bands in putting together jams 2-4x per week. It is necessary. Nice to play with new blood, old blood y music that isn’t over-rehearsed or career critical. Love to jam.

In the community, artists are no more no less than doctors, teachers, electricians, landscapers and bus boys rolled into one. Some are saints; some are unethical like all occupations. In my humble opinion.

I empathize. Must be weird to be invited to play when never hearing my music. It’s important for me to be super careful not to self promote or parasite or any yucky things that you must deal with often. That is why I haven’t posted any personal music.

I hope it is OK to check in with you again in the future about jamming. Let me know otherwise and I will let it rest. In a way, it is a little uncomfortable for me to post this stuff.

Respect and Kindness,

Anonymous said...

Talking of Deconstruction....I just read "ask the Dust" for the 2nd of my favorite books of ever, just beautiful....


Anonymous said...

Of ever?

Anonymous said...

The Janes guys can make good music on there own. Sometimes not so good. But it isn't until they all get together [to create] that something really earth shattering happens. The individual talents of the each of the four guys {combined as a single entity} complement each other. The earth energies are channeled and raised in a serpentine coil into this entity named Jane's Addiction. It is at this time great power is at the band's disposal and obedient to there creative willpower. We all know Strays missed the mark because it was lacking a crucial contributor. It takes all four guys completely focused. It takes all four guys in deep concentration on a single goal to make the magic. It would be sad for this entity to disappear forever from this planet without having left behind at least one more gem.

Unknown said...


Any chance you'll be doing any Deconstruction or Polar Bear songs on your upcoming shows to support Help Wanted?

Anonymous said...


I´m from Chile, been a fan of Jane´s since 1991 when I was living near Madison, Wisconsin.
Should tell you that if you tour with Help Wanted try to do a South American tour, you won´t regreat it.

I´ve also got your Deconstruction CD and got HW by mail just days after it was release.Great records.

One question if you get along with Navarro so well, why don´t you do a Deconstruction- HW tour?, get Murph on the drums or Taylor Hawkins. And if you just want to play bass, let Peter Murphy sing for you, or if you just want to sing get Chaney for the bass parts.

Anyway in the end tour something man!

I´ll fly to the States if you tour!


Anonymous said...

Eric, It's time.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I've ever posted here before, but I'm a Big Eric A fan.

The only thing I can say about the possibility of a proper JA reunion would be that it should in the same spirit as the original music. Meaning that it should be fun, exciting, creative and have no rules. If it was a reunion to simply try to recreate earlier records, then Strays already attempted that and failed miserably. But if it is really trying to put out something that is refreshing to you and the other JA guys then maybe it's worth a shot. But only as long as the vibe of the creative process is good.

As far as touring goes, once again, only if you actually enjoy it. I saw you on one of the Alanis tours and you looked like you were having a good time. But strong personalities on the road are not the same as the ones in other situations. Hopefully, if you choose to do any of it, it will be a positive thing overall.

Anonymous said...

I am kind of torn on what to post on this. I have been a Jane's fan since 1992. I was 12 and my older brother brought home a mix tape with new bands he had been listening to at college. Mountain Song came on and I was instantly hooked. I understand why you made the decision you made but as a fan that was never able to see the original line up, it is a big let down to have the only true reunion be an invite only show. Years ago I came to accept I would never see you guys together again and just did what I could to follow you guys on your other ventures. With NME though, it just upsets me more seeing you guys performing together and seemingly having a good time but then having another big let down of you guys just not working it out for one tour for the fans who missed you the first time around. As I said at the beginning of this, I do understand why you have to do what you have to do and I respect it. It would be a life changing experience for many of your fans (and maybe you guys too) if you gave it one more shot.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask! If you guys do another tour PLEASE come to Georgia? Georgia has much love for Jane's!


Anonymous said...

If you can have Jane's play your songs I'm sure it'll be great!
Kettle Whistle was never released the way *you* used to play it!

Anonymous said...

Do it.

GINGER said...

I just wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear a collaboration between you, Perry, Steven and Dave again. You truly made magic together in the 80s and 90s and changed my life completely in terms of what is possible with music.

From the beginning, I've followed all of your respective musical trails. And I've really dug it all. I love Decon, Polar Bear, the solo projects, as well as Porno, Banyan, Satellite Party, and all the solo stuff betwixt and between those.

But for me anyway, the base (if you'll pardon the sloppy pun) has always been Jane's Addiction. Flea, Martyn and Chris have performed admirably in your absence, but that's truly what it has been: an absence. It has never -really- been Jane's Addiction since 1991. The NME gig was like a dream come true for so many fans, but as has been mentioned by others in previous responses, it was pretty exclusive.

I'm as excited about the potential of hearing Three Days, Then She Did, Ocean Size (and on and on) as thrummed by you again, as I am hearing new music from Jane's Addiction with those delicious and provocative Avery-signature bass lines.

Whatever you decide to do, you will always have my personal respect. You are a tremendous musician whatever the band or format, and we're really lucky to have you on this planet right here and now, making music. But I will say a special little prayer that the black-vinyl wrapped present called Jane's Addiction can somehow be retrieved from outer space and brought back to earth for another go-round. We need it now, maybe more than ever.

Bradford Jordan said...

I play your old bass lines all the time while imagining myself surfing. that creates a certain ebb & flow of 'urgency' i guess.
I think of the ups & downs, the almosts, the rides and the spectacular wipe outs. they take me places. hope they still do the same for you Eric.