Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ok. so...short story is that ive decided to do a few songs with janes addiction at the nme awards show. they are honoring the legacy of janes and therefore i have decided to participate. i have kept silent this past week about it because i was concerned that if it got out that i was even considering it, that in itself would have been considered an answer and i didnt want to set this in motion until i had really decided either way. so i am sorry for the lack of response to your questions on the blog here.

i went to do dave navarros internet tv show today thinking that i might get some clarity about all this from talking to him. i had only spoken to two other folks about this up to that point. i was really conflicted and i am still unsure that this is the right answer (if there is such a thing) but i am happy to be a part of honoring janes. i am humbled that we are being put into the company of the others who have received this honor from the nme. and finally, i must admit that it has felt really good so far in both heart and mind; just sounds like a cool night. amazing.

now then, i have some basslines to figure out and rehearse.


Jamie Rose said...

Hi Eric,

It's Jamie R.

I'm happy to hear this. Sounds like a healing to me...

Love to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Now can you hook me up with a ticket?

serious...I'm a great roadie/pa/translator etc. Total professional...not intimidated, legally sane & very responsible in work environments, no big deal I swear...& Background in music & electrical work, ..perfect really... & all this for free!! Except for the ticket.
It would be a great deal.
think about it.

sounds awesome,

Anonymous said...


I'm speechless......

All I can say is, thank you very much.

Just have to ask though, is the Brahms bass coming out of retirement for this?

Anonymous said...

Asofuckingtively magnificent news.

Enjoy it; it's yours.



Cameron said...


Anonymous said...

Great news! ill be watching this live on myspace, this is a great decision just play those amazing songs again! oh and uhhh dye ur hair blue again for old times sake??? woo hoo Help Wanted is amazing u rock!

Anonymous said...

Great News!

just wish this wasn't an invite only event.

Mr. Emily said...

excellent news!

JM said...

Hi, Eric

Beautiful news for us, JA fans. After all, it's been 17 years.

Secondly, I received my copy of Help Wanted from Amazon today...

Just like with Jane's, Deconstruction and Polar Bear: thank you.

Since I'm from Chile, there's no chance I'll be seeing you or Jane's... but I look forward to watching a TV broadcast or at least some audio.

About getting together for this gig with Jane's... I just wish nothing gets in the way, and hopefully the universe will guide you into avoiding doing stuff you don't really want to :)

Best wishes for you and yours!


Nate said...


agentcooper2001 said...

this news makes me happy. real musical chemistry is a rare thing and you four guys definitely have it.

you've been my favorite bassist since i started playing in the early 90's and learned how to play listening to nothing's shocking and ritual.


el segundo said...

Eric this is best news I have heard in ages. Congrats to you and the fucking coolest band ever...Janes Addiction!

Calibration (Is Pushing Luck) said...

Thank you so much, Eric. "Dear most sincerely forever truly yours." Seriously. You deserve this so much, and of course, we all feel we do as well. This is your year. As Flea would say, "breathe it in deep!" Have a blast next week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton for doing this! I'm so pumped to see this.

kalavinka said...

As a fan I am glad of this news and hope this event helps to bring some happiness to the end of the Jane's legacy and personal closure for all members.

JM said...

By the way...

... some of your basslines are already figured out! www.geocities.com/janes_tabs :) hahaha

Some are a little fucked up, some are nearly perfect...

(just thought I'd do some advertising here... feel free to delete this post).

Larry B.

Anonymous said...

i never thought there was any hope of this happening until the rock and roll hall of fame, at best

enjoy yourself man


Harley said...

Congratulations, Eric. You have earned the attention and respect as an artist. Enjoy every second of it.

Anonymous said...

oh mamma...

When you'll get old you'll be proud of your choice.
Hope that night will be there someone who could let you feel what it means for us.
Have fun!


Anonymous said...

sorry had to post again...

dude i can't believe this is going down

eric how amped are you? 17 years gonna unleash it again...gotta be a rush going through you bigtime


Rick Lupert said...

thank you so much...those old bass lines consistently haunt me...thank you thank you thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I'm so happy that you will be apart of this! I hope you enjoy every minute!!!


btw, I love Help Wanted...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

awesome awesome awesome!!!!
dude this is the coolest thing in the world and it means the world to your fans to see all 4 of you together again!!
peace,love and happiness will forever be yours!
thank you
love hydro

Fabiano said...

Hi, EA!

In first time, congratulations for the excellent work on "Help Wanted"!
It sounds really great!

So... I think you're right to get the award with the JA friends!
JA gets this award because all you, Perry, Perkins and Dave are responsable for the best under-alternative band of all-times!

I'm really happy with your new fase and hopefully this is only the begining of a new and nice era for you and (who knows)the JA!

Brazillian Vibes and good luck!

Fabiano Gabilan
Sao Paulo, SP

P.s.: The brazillians are waiting your solo tour in South America!

Anonymous said...

A dreams come true.

Jane's Addiction the best rock band ever. That music still alive in our hearts.

4 hearts, 4 ways, just one legend.

Thank you Eric!!!

StickyF :-))

Scott Perry said...


You are the MAN - thanks for rising above the past acrimony to be part of this. It wouldn't be right w/out you. You helped create this and you deserve to be there! I hope it goes well for you and you get on well with the other guys.

Love your new work - have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Very very cool news:


Anonymous said...


positive thoughts.

cheering you on man! So much fun to read everyone's reaction. You have really touched a lot of people within some very sacred emotional territory.

Cheering you on!



Anonymous said...


positive thoughts.

cheering you on man! So much fun to read everyone's reaction. You have really touched a lot of people within some very sacred emotional territory.

Cheering you on!



Anonymous said...

Eric our hearts are all so happy to see this come down you were and are the groove looping bottom that made this band move our souls have a blast and God bless Thanx again for doing this!!!! :)

Anonymous said...


I was having a really shitty day until I heard this!!!

Thank you man, for what its worth!

ShawnK said...

I have to say that you have made one of my last remaining "music fanboy" dreams come true by agreeing to do this. I want to commend you for what was I'm sure a very conflicted decision. But at the same time, why the hell not, right??? I think it's the right call, but that's just the fan in me speaking. I really, really wish I could be there for this show, but I'm holding out hope that I'll somehow manage to get in or that you might (fingers crossed) play a small handful of shows with Jane's when all is said and done. Regardless, thank you for giving us fans what we've literally been waiting years for. You are the man!

Brad Mastrine said...

I've seen Janes a couple times over the past few years and it just isn't "Jane's Addition" without you!

So pysched for you guys!


Chrissy said...

I think you made a beautiful choice and hope you feel a sense of freedom from it!!! This for me is the heaviest moment in music history for me!!!



Anonymous said...

What they all said :)
You've made my day. Hope not to miss the broadcast.
Lots of love xoxo

Anonymous said...

I understand your decision to want to honor the past. The thing is, the "owners" of Jane's, in your absence, have demeaned and abused her strictly for financial gain and vain glory. They whored her off to television commericals. They sold out with Strays and made a mockery of her legacy. Their tours have been pathetic parodies as they run her face in the mud and its fucking disgusting. I hope I am not the only one who recognizes this travesty. My hope is that this NME award, with your presence, will help rehabilitate her image and make her owners realize their folly.

jeremy said...


(okay, it's SO not)

((and that was a lot less funny than I thought it was in my head, but it's staying))

Thank you for the music, Mr. Avery. Your bass lines as played by anyone else (even the illustrous and uber-skilled Flea) just never sounded right. As one of the lucky who saw you guys on your last tour (ritual / toledo, OH - my first real concert ever), I can say with surety that the Janes I heard that night blew the socks off the Janes I saw many years later.

I hope that good quality video / audio of the entire performance could be posted online shortly around the time of the performance.

jeremy said...


In my comment above, "illustrous" should be "illustrious". Sorry about that.

matt volpe said...

Hi Eric,

2 things: HELP WANTED is AMAZING. I am not writing this to kiss ass or anything like that at all, this comes from deep within, from the heart, it is truly a beautiful work of art that should be heard by all. I've been listening to it on my ipod everyday for the last 7 days and I am finding different little nuances in the music every time. I read in the Bass Player interview of yours that you mentioned the bass playing was not as featured on this record as much as the other elements that make up the songs. However, the bass signature bass playing is still there of course, especially in songs like UNEXPLODED which is currently may favorite one right now. The line in the verse is signature EA, and when I first heard it, it reminded me of why I love your music, your bass playing and your vibe period. It's amazing to me how one bass line like that can trigger so many memories, thoughts and feelings. This is the reason my boy is named Avery. From a bass line, from the masterfully arranged music in general, from the attitude, from the vibe, from the persona of the man behind the art. Thank you Eric, from the bottom of my heart, for this gift of music and for Help Wanted. You keep it true, slow and steady, never veering or compromising. That's a model way of being in your art. HW is better than most of the crap I hear on the radio these days. I hope it gets more deserved exposure. You rule amigo.

2nd thing: I must admit after reading all the back and forth on the blogs lately about whether you should reunite with JA or not, I was mostly standing by your noble and respectful position on not reuniting, however, there was small part of me that was like, how f&^(! ing cool would that be, what if? I totally respect and understand and agree why you never went back, and I couldn't support evolution more, but to hear that you'll be playing with JA next Wednesday at NME is incredible news! And although I understand this is a one off type ting, for what it's worth, JA was never the same without you. I respect your decision to do it because in my opinion you are doing it for the right reason: to pay homage to the legacy that is Jane's Addiction. Good for you man, I hope you have a blast doing it and I cannot WAIT to check it out somehow, (I imagine on line somewhere?). Good luck on boning up on some of the tunes, let me know if you need help remembering anything - (I practically learned to play bass from playing along to you back in my dorm room in college everyday) - heh, heh joking of course about if you need the help thing. It'll all come flowing back for you I am sure. Will you be playing Three days?

Last thing and I am sorry for taking up so much virtual space with my blabbing. I and I know everyone else would love to see Help Wanted played live by you. I hope that may be a possibility some day. All the best Eric, Matt

Anonymous said...

Eric, this is such great news. Please honor your fans with at least 1 show (Lolla)! I have waited all of my music-loving life for this moment and won't be able to experience the NME show. It hurts! Please, please play a couple of shows! :)

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, Eric. I hope after all these years, it is as meaningful for you as it will be for the MILLIONS of us that have been waiting and hoping. Well deserved and well done. THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

omg, that is so awesome!! I am so excited about this!!! Rock it man! The 4 of you make it the EXPERIENCE!

Jarvis Shaw said...

Congratulations on the award. You and the other guys in the band deserve this. I hope the experience is enjoyable for you and your family. Best wishes.

gary said...

Very cool news. I join the chorus of fans who are thrilled to hear this.

Listening to Help Wanted (which I'm really enjoying), I was wondering if there were any plans to get the Deconstruction album back in print, perhaps remastered. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in this!

.kelly said...

Awesome news. I'm incredibly happy and excited that you chose to play because Jane's needs you to actually be Jane's. I hope that this experience can end on a good note and Jane's Addiction doesn't say good-bye how it always does, up in flames and with tons of drama. I hope that the show goes real well for you and that you have a blast.

Anonymous said...

chum the water, and see all the fish. Scoop em, gut em and get the wasabi. Who knew that sooo many wanted to relive the past. The honor is significant, but havent you already been there done that? who does it serve? You have remained so admirably under the ego radar. Forward in creativity is not reliving the past...glory days they'll pass you by in a twinkling of a young girls eye..onward

Anonymous said...


mcv said...

Please play the entire Nothing's Shocking Album, I think anything else would be unjust. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...


dave said...

it's not jane's with out the "ea"! nothing's shocking except this news, but great to hear!! new album sounds great!!! congrats on it all and thanks for all the music!! any "pigs in zen" shows in the area over the next week included in the rehearsal scedule....

andy said...

the buildings remain

kkbo said...


and greetings from slovakia ;)

Anonymous said...


Lucas from Argentina

Anonymous said...



Blade said...

You're an incredible musician and bassist, Eric - Get out there, have fun, honor the past, but don't worry about the future. You --can't-- recreate the past, you can only go onward and upward!

cass said...

wow. this news took me by surprise. holy shit man. its finally happening. i can't believe it. eric, have the time of your life. you made A LOT of people happy. your a class act, and deserve his night. LOSE yourself on stage man. your the whole reason janes is still important to me. FUCK YEAH ERIC!

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree with your decision.

Refusing to "sell out" and rejoin Juanas over the years has proven that you are a better man that pretty much every single rock star in existence.

While clearly you're not doing this for the money, you're definitely doing it for the fame.

The original Juanas with your input and participation was the best rock group ever.

Please don't give in and quench Perry and Dave's selfish desire for continued self-idolation.


Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

Anonymous said...

Published January 31, 2008 by See Staff in Music Feature


This one’s trickier—there was a time when this sun-baked California-raisin (guy’s leatherier than Iggy Pop) was a real contender. The Jane’s Addiction years produced the classic albums Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual. His follow-up band Porno for Pyros,was a worthy second act. In the ’00s, though, Farrell’s a clown. Jane’s Addiction’s 2003 reunion album Strays was a slab of transparently stupid cock-rock, and his new project, Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party, shovels every hippie-bullshit SoCal cliché you can think of into one big pile of musical dung.

VERDICT: Should’ve gone out in 1997, high on acid, riding a flaming motorcycle across the Mojave Desert. (MH)


Anonymous said...

fuck off, Ebomb

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric

I never thought i would see the day,but its great that this is happening!

Have a great night!



Anonymous said...

read the earlier post from 2:06 - he agrees with Ebomb...and so do I, but telling Ebomb to f off, is quite offbase to the living philosphy of EA...might want to ponder that one..Mr. selfrighteous

Anonymous said...

Love the new album eric, has really grew on me, very similar to the way i became a die hard joy division fan. Each time I listen, I appreciate it more and more.

Stay on the map eric, all of this has been a wonderful start to the best months of the year.


Anonymous said...


ok, trip away or pigs,

but don't give us some watered down bullshit version of 3 days with dave's unemotional paul reed smith robot guitar playing and stephen's modern neil pert boring drumming.

please spice it up a little. you're probably well aware, but janes addiction without you was very different. the fans want some spice........ fuck perfection and production, just let loose.

ellis said...

I am speechless and so happy with your decision.

All I want to say is... get up on stage and lose yourself in the music. Push all the personal crap behind you ...and drive those songs home.

When I heard this news, the first thing that popped in my mind was the opening bassline of "Up The Beach". That's really what this whole thing feels like... going Home.

I'm really happy for you and the path you have choosen for yourself over the years. Congrats on Help Wanted. I LOVE this album.

I wish you the best on your reunion show. I'm confident it will go well.


marty said...

unbelievable!looking forward to this. thank you!

marty said...

amazing! thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Eric. 99.9% of your fans completely respect this decision and support you. You've proven your integrity beyond a doubt and don't owe anyone an explanation.

I hope that the evening is beautiful and you have an amazing time.

I also hope you’ll consider that this is a gift to the fans of Jane’s Addiction that love your art so very much. I also hope you’ll keep that in mind if consideration is ever given to playing some actual shows as Jane’s Addiction. It would not be “looking back,” it would simply be the most amazing gift any of us could have ever asked for.

If it feels wrong don’t do it. But if there’s even a part of you that wants to, remember that there are thousands of us that also want you to, and will understand your statement of the last 17 years and respect it but will also revel in the gift that you are giving us.

You seem like a good man, and I know good men appreciate smiles on the faces of many.

*fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...


Is this performance going to be on the Rhino DVD? Hope so..otherwise how can we see it!? I've read on here that it will be on myspace?! If so, does anyone know if you have to have an account to view this? Probably.

++Also my requests for songs in addition to the classics, that I think would be cool/rare to see...

Pigs in Zen + (blood rag)

Ripple (the dead cover) -never heard or seen it live. Plus from what I understand wasn't it the last song you guys recorded? Pick it back up ..it was beautiful.( I realize that the event is all about janes, but hey janes covered that song...and others)

whatever you guys do... will be super cool!! No pressure!! Just good times.

I hope you have as much fun playing as I will watching!!

!can't wait!

this is a sign...it's gonna be an awesome summer!!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, also-

I'm still waiting for that ticket...

Anonymous said...

Play the opening riff to "Just Because" ...smash your bass and walk off. LOLOL.

Make sure you take a jab at the piece of shit they called "strays".

own eric.


Green Go Star said...

Hey Eric,

I don't expect a response from all the hysteria (which is certainly warranted), but I was wondering if you ever took bass lessons? I currently play in a cover band, dreaming of one day creating the ultimate original band. I've played guitar for 15 years (self-taught) and just picked up the bass 5 years ago. When I first started out playing bass, it was hard to get away from the guitar playing rhythms and tendencies. Listening to Jane's, I've been wondering if you actually started out playing guitar (ie Would for you) because of the traditional guitar bar chords.
I warm up before a gig playing several riffs of yours (ie nothing's shocking). Such emotion through simplicity. Amazing dude!
You and Dave should get together for Deconstruction II. I truly consider Deconstruction to be musically groundbreaking.
Thanks for being such a great influence on me.

Anonymous said...

Gotta put in my two cents. I just got through seeing the interview with Dave on spreadtv man and it was so fucking cool seeing you guys just having a good ole time. Dave, and I believe yourself just a bit, was obviously a bit choked up at the end.
In referencing the "Queen for a day" line, I was lucky enough to be "Queen for a Day" for you, I was your manager, or rather Garbage's manager, for a day. I finally got to tell you after some 14 years later how much the original Lolla meant and especially the lines to Summertime, Beach, etc, that I continually hum almost on a daily basis. You were so cool and so gracious. I have a pic with you on my myspace, with your food, lol. I still shiver at the fear that Butch Allen would put into those stagehands, lol.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you thank you for doing this. It's like Weiland said, you can never go back to being the thing you once did, but it's possible, yes, possible, to move forward.
It's possible.
Don't listen to any negativity, go out and have some fucking fun man.
Of course we'd all LOVE to see a tour, new material, etc from the most influential band of the past 20 years. Think about that. THE most influential. What an honor.
I saw the energy you had during that Garbage tour. If you tour again with Jane's, I seriously fucking doubt ANYONE would consider you as a 20 yr old version of the 20 yr old guy with the blond locks and if they do, guess what? Fuck them, cause you can damn sure fucking bet that for every one of those there'll be 1000 more smiling from ear to ear. Why do we, people over 35-40 yrs old, get so enthused about hearing about this? Are we trying to grasp the past? Are we trying to not let go of great memories of our youth? I hope so.
I seriously hope so. We ain't dead yet my Man. Go be THAT part that collectively, when put together, is FAR fucking larger than the sum added up.
Go have some fun with the boys. Without ear pieces for monitors.
Make millions happy. It's your legacy. Love ya.

Tom said...

Eric, with your solo release and choice to join your former band mates, you are bringing a lot of happiness to people in a time of depressing realities and political ineptness. Art and passion lifts us like nothing else! Thank you.

nestos said...

I wouldn't have been the same without your presence. I hope we fans will have some audio/video of your NME performance. And feel free to do more than that if things roll ;o)
congratulations to you 4

Anonymous said...

Eric could you get me into the show?

I never saw JA with you playing and it makes me sad to miss this special performance.

That day (23rd) is my birthday and JA are my favorite band ever. I would be so grateful to see it. I can prove it on my license. I live in the area as well. If there is anyway, thanks.

e-mail: xmyriadx@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

since this is an invite only show maybe you should do at least one more show for the fans?

JM said...

Wow, what a great amount of messages...

Just wanted to let you know that I caught your interview in Dave's show, and it was a great chance to get to know you a little better.

Take care, good vibes for you and yours.

Larry B.

C. Brian said...


Wow! Big decision. Looking forward to seeing you perform w/ JA. Wishing you best over these next few days re: rehearsals and relationships. Enjoyed the witty repartee and banter exchanged between you and Dave Navarro. For those who haven't watched, here's the show.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the much-deserved NME Award and on making what was obviously a difficult decision. I respect and understand your ambivalence, and I respect your resulting choice. Count me among those who are glad you made that choice.

You are a huge inspiration as a bassist, musician, and artist. Your integrity is something that is sorely lacking in today's world. Nothing you do or don't do will change that, unless you allow it to. (Which is highly unlikely.)

Thanks for all you've done and all you continue to do, and best of luck with all your endeavors. Go out there on the evening of the 23rd, rock out, have fun, and show 'em how it's done!

Anonymous said...


Just caught the Dave Show on Maniatv. Awesome. Glad you are going to play for the awards show, though sad most of us won't get to see it. I hope it gets posted somewhere on the Net, though nothing will ever compare to the shows I saw at MSG and at Waterloo/lollapalooza in 1990/1991. BEST SHOWS EVER. The album finally came in the mail from Amazon and it rules---as I knew it would! Please make more!

Mike G

Lisa said...

All these people so here so anxious for you to recreate the past for them Eric. Its kind of bizarre. The past cannot be recreated in the same way and to do so is like a parody. If these nostalgia junkies/record collectors want to relive the past all they have to do is watch one of the live concert videos from that time. I'm glad you are looking ahead, not backwards in your artistry and message on Help Wanted. It is an excellent work of art.

Nik said...

Cool news Eric, it'll be a hoot.

Feel the old songs and enjoy it on that level.

Think of the buzz you'll be giving us lot :D

Anonymous said...

I never thought that this would happen. But I'm so happy and excited. Please play Three Days!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic interview on Spread TV. Dave's childlike enthusiasm about playing at the NME's was so contagious that I said "If Eric doesn't want to do I will!"
But I am so glad you did agree.
If music was a body your part of JA was the heart. The most important part. The body can't exist with out a heart. And I understand your reasons in the past for not wanting to re-join JA at different points in the past. But I think at this current time and place it's not about reliving your past but celebrating it. And most of us (except a few elitists) want to celebrate it along with you.

Help Wanted is amazing, but I expected nothing less. I can finally give my decon CD a rest!

Anonymous said...

No one is looking for you to recreate the past for them. Just do what you do. There's nothing wrong with playing songs that are from earlier in your career. No one expects you to pretend to be who you were 20 years ago. We just love the way you play those lines and are ecstatic at the thought of hearing them live again.

Anonymous said...

I give 5 out 5 stars for your debut. Every song is a winner. "Unexploded" stands out the most though and is my favorite- Love the vocal effects, multi-layered trippy guitar and positive mood lift

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Eric! Never thought i'd see the day! all the best,

Anonymous said...

Hello:-) Just wanted to say that I think this is great news. Jane`s is one of my top three bands through all time, and especially Ritual de la Habitual is like a soundtrack to my teens, I think it`s one of the best albums ever recorded. I will also say that your new album, Help Wanted, is totally awesome. You`re truly a musical genius. Lots of respect and admiration from Norway.

will m said...

I couldn't find contact info for you, so I'll just post it here. Here are a few sources documenting the Foo Fighters' connection with "AIDS Denier" organizations:


"Foo Fighters, HIV Deniers"

Anonymous said...


Seeing you on stage with Jane's again is a dream come true for the fans and it obviously was a difficult decision to make. I'm cheering for you man. Tear the roof off on Wed night. Help Wanted is playing on continuous loop at my place. Looking forward to future music and tours. Stay in the light.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

eric, dont let janes play more shows with out you!
janes is a bad idea without you, either stop them or join them!

cervantes said...

tear it up dude

JM said...

Mr. A!

Just wanted to shout a "great job!" on the album. Right now my favorites are Maybe (great collaboration and textures), Revolution (do I hear some DiStefano influences there? And EXCELLENT lyrics) and Philo Beddoe.

Are you going to give us a hint of some songs you might've been rehearsing or jamming? Even if they're not Jane's... you're conscious that after 17 years, we'll be grateful for any info.

Take care, enjoy these days!!

Anonymous said...

The Death of Bob (RIP). The Birth of Help Wanted. The Re-Birth of Janes. Intense times for you.

My diabetic dad slowly lost his legs at the same time our daughter was growing hers in the womb. My best friend died near the time our daughter was born.

Thank goodness for music in times of either darkness and celebration. In both ignorance and enlightenment.

"It's only a ride" - Bill Hicks

Respect and Kindness,

PS Maybe it would be wise marketing to make series of Help Wanted Youtube promotional video shorts. Showing how you were able to get certain sounds, writing and recording process, chats with co-musicians, etc. There would be several layers of benefit in doing this. Please consider.

Anonymous said...

Please tour with Jane's one last time Eric. Don't let them go out with Carl on bass. Let the fans see you play those bass lines live one last time.

Seth said...

You will bring the gravity and atmosphere back to a band that has deflated under it's own pomposity. This is great news. Jane's has been my defining musical escape since I was 11. Thanks.

punkybitch said...

Last minute request
Will you do this show in the nude for us baby?
We saw Perry's in the Farewell show Hawaii 91

Jane said...

I would like to know Perry F's motivation for starting another string of concerts without you. Fine if he wants to do that but DON'T call it Jane's Addiction. Please!
Without you, it is a degenerated, malfunctioning concoction. Much like Mr Berstein's aging prefronal cortex.
Someone please give this gimp a lobotomy to stop the madness.
The self-proclaimed "Godstar" has fallen from the heavens

Anonymous said...

Thank you man
Really thank you

Anonymous said...

somehow strange to witness a moment like this via livestream... still a beautiful moment. Eric, you looked great on bass.

matt volpe said...


You OWNED the stage my brother! It felt amazing to see you rockin with JA again, the bass lines and energy has not sounded as good in 17 years. Simply, awesome. When you guys went into the half time break in Stop, I got crazy chills, god damn I felt like I did back in '89 seeing you guys--feeling both exhilarated and scared shitless at the same time. Hope you had a blast doing it and I also hope the other guys did too. You ALL rocked it. Thanks for a beautiful performance EA. By the way, just curious, did you guys tune down? It sounded like mountain song was in like D or C , not E. All the best an can't wait to see you when and if you come to NYC to play HELP WANTED!

All the best amigo, Matt

Jasper said...

Congrats on the show. Here's what you'll be hearing:

1. Sound mix sucked for the live feed...couldn't hear Perry well and couldn't hear Dave for shit.
2. Only TWO SONGS? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg!!
3. Rocked anyways...please play more!

That about sums it up. It was exciting as all hell. My heart started beating a mile a minute when I knew the performance was coming.

Anonymous said...

You rocked!!! It seemed like u and perry were a lil annoyed with each other? but whne u guys started playing it was off the chain! u 4 guys when together is just magic, and that magic brahms bass of urs. so awesome! and NME is fucking gay and cut off after 2 songs! :@ need more!

Shawn K said...

"Every man and every woman/stood stock still/and turned to you"

Without EA, there is no JA. End of story.

el segundo said...


if Janes Addiction was to go out in the shittiest of flames...NME has proved that.

Please, and I mean Please...give the actual fans a one night off show.

NME turned out to be a bunch of drunken british fucktards, that cut off Janes Addiction.

Please do one SHOW that gives it all to the fans.

NME turned out to be a douchebag award

Anonymous said...

NME is bullshit!

janes should do a one-off show for the fans. if this is the way janes goes out then i must say that was pretty weak...the 2 song performance was awesome...but the award show was lame.

17 years for this?

Anonymous said...

eric, its about fucking time. now rock on, my friend.

Anonymous said...

you killed it....and brought out brahms...bad ass....thats all i gotta say...oh yeah and ty


Anonymous said...

That was great! Good work!
+ I thought the nme awards were refreshing,...part comedy roast/part high school house party! I haven't been able to stomach any U.S. music awards in well...probably ever. It looked like things were just a little out of control at times which was fun......
What perry said in between songs reminded me of the opening scene to "the decline of western civilization" "this is a film about la,...do you want the people in philadelphia to see a bunch of deadbeats?! dance!!"

too fun
thanks alot,

Anonymous said...

Fucking Killed It.

Flat out Killed It.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric! I really enjoy your new CD! I listen to it while walking to and from work...it's awesome!

Congrats on the NME award! Your speech was super funny to me...in a good way...and Dave laughed out loud after you said it which made it even more hilarious! So awesome to see you rockin' it on stage last night! Holy ****, you brought the familiar Bass guitar out...such an awesome touch! Congrats again on all of it!


cass said...

Felt great seeing you up there eric. The awards show kind of annoyed me. Hated the host and felt like some high school production. Probably felt better in the room. But Thank You for doing this, it really made a lot of us happy. See you when you hit NYC.
Did you just do two songs?

David Moynihan said...

i love jane's addiction. i was 11 in 1988 and that band changed my life. i'd always loved my dad's rolling stones vinyl and shit from the 60s but this took me to a whole new level of connection and made me feel like my time had come, in the way that my dad had his bands and now i had mine. cue posters on walls, 'something shocking' on vhs (always did wonder if dave really did kill that eel), crazy art and all the Lps on my first ever record player. send chills through me to hear it now. fantastic, inspiring, magical life-changing, life-affirming band.

Anonymous said...

nme did not cut off jane's addiction! it wasn't them , that's all i'm saying.

JM said...

Hi, Eric

It wasn't too akward, was it? :)

Glad to see you onstage. Beautiful bass sound. Boring crowd!

Take care, see you soon

Anonymous said...

Now that's how you play a fucking bass! You guys killed it. Too bad it was so short.

C. Brian said...

Here's EA and Jane's doing Ocean Size @ NME Awards. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've been as happy as I was last night / this morning in ages. Eric thank you for playing with them...the look on your face during the into to mtn song is enough to make anyone smile. I do hope getting lost a little in the music last night was enough to have a little show over in chicago in august ...your presence on stage with the other fairies running around next to you was a moment of perfection

Anonymous said...

c. brian - Thanks. You da man!

Eric, How are you feeling about it all now that it is over?

Feel lighter? Or did someone turn up the gravity?


I love Eric said...

Thanks Eric, I loved your powerful performance last night!!!!

C. Brian said...

Excuse the multiple, yet relevant posts, and I just wanted everyone to see the NME interview w/ Jane's Addiction, featuring - - of course - - Eric Avery. I'm hoping the whole 3-song set of the NME performance will make it to YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

It's Ginevra
Happy birthday tomorrow!
I remember the day you were born...
I love you, really and truly


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

It's Ginevra
Happy birthday tomorrow!
I remember the day you were born...
I love you, really and truly


Anonymous said...

some of you people are real pricks. Your served a reunion on a platter and you send it back?!?!?!

Davide (Roma, Italy) said...

Hi Eric!
impossible to belive that actually I can send a message to you!
I'm a 22 years old italian and I can't belive that you (may) see our messages here!!

This is because of my love for your music.

I'm overexcited, hoping for something
from you, Perry, Perk and Dave!

Love to you all!


I think you are in the best (and the hardest) position ever, because you can really do everything now.
Get back together would be a dream come true for millions of fans.
If you don't, it will be a very respectable decision as well.
love again from Italy!

D. -

Anonymous said...

fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

simply stated Eric, thanks, a lot of us have been waiting to see this for a long time.......although I didn't get to witness it in person, the knowledge that it occurred and viewing some of the clips was enough for me.....for now ; )

Hope you guys got on well....and will continue to do so.

best in the future, and we hope to see you touring your new material here in NYC....and maybe have a special guest here and there

Anonymous said...

Yeah .. it was nice to see you playing those songs and all .. but I really hope that was it.

Help Wanted is incredible. I'd much rather see you out playing those songs, than out playing 20+ year old songs.


.kelly said...

That was amazing. My whole family went into the room and watched you guys play. The chemistry was unbelivable and it looked awesome to see you guy's up there.

Congrats, I hope that was an awesome night for you.

Anonymous said...

Eric, how about this: A short tour with Jane's, and on off nights, you can play solo shows! Or, maybe you can play solo and with Jane's on the same bill. It can work!

Anonymous said...

Thats what I get for not checking the site lately.I learned 2 things.Your new album is now out(just purchased) AND the one night only gig with your past bandmates.By the way,Philo Beddoe is my front runner for favorite song on the album.


Anonymous said...

Yo scott- I just listened to the song Philo Beddoe and you were right.It kicks ass.Excellent work Eric.I just downloaded the album from Amazon.com.You do get proper payment from these download outlets, correct ?

Special Sauce

Adam M. said...

Thank you for playing last night, it was amazing. It's pretty funny that the last time I saw you play with J.A. was almost exactly 17 years ago to the day: April 24th 1991 @ Madison Square Garden NYC. I was 14 and it was and still is to this day the best show I've ever been to. Now can you please tour on Help Wanted and bring that shit to NYC? May I suggest playing at the bowery ballroom? Best sounding room in the city. Congrats & thanks again.

p.s. - just found this on you tube, enjoy...


Alyssa said...

OMG you sexy hulk!
You look like a bodybuilder there onstage closeup.
I wanna see whats under that shirt of yours Hunny.
Next show pleeeeeeeaaze. muah!!
Love YA!!!

Anonymous said...

would it be a sin to admit i liked that NME show better than the janes of old? mountain song sounded super-aggressive-harcore metal with that bass sound that could break you in half if your not careful.
**falls to knees and worships**
avery you are the man

Anonymous said...

what a fukin cock tease...here's a little taste of what you used to have, see you at the next award show?

Are you kidding!? Man, I know there is a god, cause someone up there has a SICK sense of humor.

.kelly said...

Sorry, Eric I just have to ask.

How the hell do you stay so ripped?
You look like Mel Gibson on steroids?
Do you use your wife as a weight and bench press her?

Anonymous said...

Over the top, you performance was great. I now understand much better as to why you did not want to join in past performances with Janes. Your right it was a sacred time and the music was special. Many bands should have wrapped it up years ago. However there is still life left in Janes. As you can see by all the posts, we are craving Janes. Your music is a piece of art as well. Why can't you share both? Hopefully if the opportunity knocks, you and the other members of JA will bless us again and give us the gift of your music.

DaveJ said...

Hi Eric, I'm a longtime fan who nowadays listens more to Deconstruction and Polar Bear than most of the old Jane's catalog. Just wanted to say I loved seeing the footage from the NME and loved the new menacing tone on your bass. Or is it that new? I've bought your new album on iTunes and at my local record store.

Oh, and happy birthday, if that's not creepy.

"Thank you so much for lifting the shroud off of me..."

Jerry said...

The performance sounded fantastic Eric! The entire band looked great! I still cannot believe it happened to be honest with you! I really cannot express how good it feels to know that everyone was able to get along with eachother and put all the BS and any hard feelings behind! Really, life is too short for that. On another note, Help Wanted is fantastic! I ordered a copy from the local independent record store - Record Connection - here where I live in Northeast OH. I've already mentioned this album to a number of people and will continue to do so because I feel Help Wanted is a breath of fresh air in this stale and stagnant music industry of the present time.

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eric! My birthday is April 25th as well!

matt volpe said...

Eric! Happy Birthday bro!

Best, Matt

Anonymous said...

We're dying to know how it felt up there on the NME playing with those guys. Can you give us some insight into the whole experience? Plus I'd rather you be the spokesman for the band because you sound intelligent. We don't care to hear ramblings from the stork. What comes out of his mouth is mostly BS when he talks about Janes. Its not his band.

Anonymous said...

It must be rewarding to hear all of the peeps accolades after a sustained time of dormancy where yr concerned. Will you comment on what that aspect of this experience has been like?

Has, what amounts to worship, made you more inclined to get out there and play with Jane's again, or at least made it more difficult to decline?

Has it made the prospect of yr solo tour more appealing?

Be well,


JM said...

Fuck, I've posted here so many times I feel like a fucking stalker, or a groupie (which are not good things).

Just wanted to say happy birthday! May you have a beautiful day.

Larry B.

Fabiano said...


Happy b-day and luck forever!
You're an amazing person and best-ever bass player!

Brazilian vibes, bro!

Fabiano "MasterPepper" Gabilan
Sao Paulo/Brazil

P.s.: Thanks for all my life for your great performance at NME!
That never would be awesome without you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eric A! Have a great day :)

agentcooper2001 said...

hey eric, hope you have a great birthday! you killed the other night!


Waitman Gobble said...

Art, entertainment, or performance art - maybe. Unfortunately even artists need to eat. :-)

Have fun, you totally deserve it. I'll pretend like I never heard it before.


Anonymous said...

Don't leave us hanging... How did it go, how did it feel?

Hugs or fistfights backstage?

Anonymous said...

I have an idea if you guys are thinking about a Jane's Addiction tour. You mentioned it as being just a way to make a quick buck. and I agree. You could make the other guys prove they are not in it for a cash grab by getting all of them to sign off on a contract that states:
90% of the net profit from each and every performance will go to charity and good causes. These may include antiwar efforts and humanitarian causes. A certified copy of this contract could be released to the press to further cement them to their word.
Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

and no more selling of JA's music to TV commercials or other companies to market their product(s) or service(s). that is disgraceful.

DeadHead said...

Hi Eric :)
do you still listen to the Grateful Dead? Are you proud of the cover Janes did of "Ripple"? It sounds awesome. :)
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

wow! Watching the NME thing was a totally surreal experience, very moving....wish I could've been there!

so how was it? you looked like you were having a blast. Did the old shoes fit really well?

Help Wanted is really beautiful, lyrically/musically it blows my mind....huge achievemnt. Kudos on the artwork and video! very, very inspiring!!

looking forward to more.


Patrice said...

Happy belated birthday, Eric!

It was so beautiful to watch when you guys took the stage. really cool show.
sometimes you feel instantly when a moment is a classic one. and this was surely one of them, i guess like most other guys here i wont forget that april 23th anytime soon.

btw. what was the actual reason for tuning down to c#? matching perry´s voice? think that was the first time i heard the mt song riff so deep.


Anonymous said...

Mountain Song was radical.

Anonymous said...

Also, new album is awesome, whole thing is flawless

Anonymous said...


THE LINK ABOVE MY POST BY "NENOS" is a spam link to invasive malware.

Anonymous said...

Methinks Eric's continued silence means theres somethin a cookin'

Anonymous said...

Matt Volpe- Cmon, you know you are a big asskisser to EA. Ted(Matt) Just Admit It ! Song is really about you.Congrats!

The Truth

nil by mouth said...

Hi Eric,

If you read this, feel free to file this under "another voice in the chorus".

As a huge fan for many, many years, I have felt a very real sense of heartache that things went as they did for Jane's Addiction all those moons ago. Like so many others, I have ached for a road to repair so that that music may flow again. That said, I fully understand and respect all that I have read/heard in terms of your position on the matter (especially given that so much of what's happened with the Jane's Addiction name since 1991 has done little to add to its whole).

I never thought what happened last week, with the four of you sharing a stage, would ever happen again - it was elating to be wrong.

Jane's Addiction will forever hold a very special place in my soul, and I know I am not alone in that. I try not to be overly optimistic that nme was anything other than a one-off, but I can't help hope that the magic of those songs somehow managed to shift things for those of you at its heart.

Whether it was a full stop of sorts, or a turning point ahead of another chapter, thank you.

Be well.


matt volpe said...

To the truth-

I do not wish to take up any space on Eric's blog debating a point on an idiotic comment directed at me, however, I will say this. I simply am an honest person who wears his heart on his sleeve and expresses his admiration for a true great artist who has inspired me a lot. There's no ass kissing there, just pure respect. You obviously are not smart enough to tell the difference.

Anonymous said...


I love your posts and enthusiasm. Some cultures hold enthusiasm as a form of enlightenment. To beholden. People challenged in enthusiasm are often the first to strike.

I observed you are a very generous person with all that you shared and all the kindness/support heaped on to Eric.

I hope we can jam one day. If you are ever in Eugene let me know. Would love to share a meal and jam.

With respect and kindness (even to those who put down others in the name of anonymity. How brave.)


Anonymous said...

EA- Just downloaded the new album and I like 75% of the songs and don't like the other 25%. Maybe they will grow on me in due time.However I must say Phil Beddoe and All Remote are incredible.Chicken Bones has a great riff in it and has become my third favorite on the album.Great job.

Taco Ed

matt volpe said...

Hi Mike,

Thank you very kindly for your post. I do find in life that being enthusiatic about something or someone can be a threat to those who are weakminded. Oh well. I must commend you on your posts as well, you've written some very insightful and most kind things to Eric as well, and that's great to see. If I ever find myself in Eugene I'll let you know and we'll jam. Take care amigo, Matt

Joseph A. Salinas said...

Hey E,
Help Wanted rocks! The tracks are inspiring and I wanted to also say a big thanks for making Jane's complete again for a much deserved award. Even when you left and did deconstruction and polar bear, I could hear why Jane's was never the same without you. You can't replace someones feel, grove and style.

Thanks for being there and making so many of us fans (in berkeley) and fellow musicians happy that you took the gig. It truly was an amazing moment in time. I look forward to hearing more of your art in years to come.



ThoughtCancer said...

Hi Eric,

Listening to the NME set, I can say that tuning down did make all the songs sound a lot more menacing than their originals. I don't know if that was the intent, but it was most certainly the impact.

C. Brian said...

"I was America this morning driving just to drive no destination in mind just spinning my wheels like I said I was America this morning I was America this morning I was America an overturned truck mess slowed up the highway like for a movie a drive-in movie or a circus sideshow we all waited for our turn to gawk four mexican bodies laid out like battle casualties a fireman on one knee with hands filled with frightened bloody Mexican face I rolled by I rolled by eating my egg mcmuffin and I didn't care for those few moments I let Rome burn getting fatter and uncaring I was America." - EA

cowboy neal said...

Hi Eric,

I'm not a regular here or at janesaddiction.org but when I read about the reunion I got "caught up" on all things JA. First, of course, let me tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the band play NME. I was literally rocking back and forth uncontrollably with my head phones on during your performance. I was yelling, "NO, NO," when they cut away after two songs. "17 years and they cut away???" I've seen JA once and that was in '97 with Flea. I'm a bass player and a Flea/RHCP fan but it wasn't the same. Seeing you all together was excellent. I only vaguely understand the issues that have come between the band members over the years and to see four people get past that in whatever form you did was great. But the performance itself, on it's own terms (and I have yet to see "Jane Says" from that night), was outstanding. Rough and ready, you guys brought it. I thought to myself at the time, the bands in the audience that just collected their awards should be embarrassed. You guys schooled them. Anyway, seeing more of the four of you would be welcome. When JA existed from 86-91 I gave a blind eye to rock in general as I focused on jazz and classical music so I missed the whole thing. It was only after the fact that I got introduced to "Nothing's Shocking" and "Ritual". Listening to both those cds last week for the first time in a while-and I've listened to both many times-you guys knocked it out of the park. Classic albums.

Well, that was long-winded. The reunion reminded me how much I dig JA. But the reason I really wanted to write was that I saw in Bass Player that you are interested in modern classical music. Here in LA there is so much new music being performed I was wondering if you ever check out the Green Umbrella Concerts at Disney Hall or the Monday Evening Concerts across the street at the Colburn School. If you're not familiar with those concerts series I can highly recommend them. They do a good mix of 20/21 century works and the performances are always stellar. We're spoiled to have so much great classical music in this town.


PS If this message gets posted twice, I apologize. I tried this morning too and it didn't post.

Arnold Layne said...

If you don't mind me asking, do you feel closer to the Gothic or Hippie Subculture? I notice elements of both in your music(new and old) and life philosophy. Thanks.

Jasper said...

Eric, any chance of bringing a little Help Wanted fun to Boston? In a thread on a message board I nominated The Middle East Club in Cambridge as a very cool, funky, down-to-Earth place with a great vibe.

Sometimes great acts end up at really awful venues that are either ugly and corporate with poor sound, or out in the middle of some fucking deserted mill town in the middle of nowhere...again with terrible sound. It's such a shame when there are places that would be mutually beneficial for performer and audience alike.

Since I'm on a roll here with the offering of unsolicited advice, might I suggest a very nice guy and fine guitarist by the name of Pete DiStefano as an excellent choice for a member of your touring band?

Remember, we love your music in Boston, and in addition to the world-class Museum of Fine Arts, we've got a brand new home for the Institute of Contemporary Art, in this really amazing piece of architecture on the harbor:


In fact, you could probably get there easily in about 15 minutes from the Middle East Club!

What's that? You'll be bringing the show to Boston? Sweet! See you then!

Anonymous said...

Dude -
you sound like Daryl Hall adn John Oates -

Anonymous said...

Since someone else brought it up.

If you are going to play only a couple weeks worth of shows, I’d like to remind you of Wag. He may do something short like that. Wag could be Oates, freeing you up to focus on the Hall thing.

Also, please play in either Portland or especially Eugene.

Donita Spark’s band stayed at our house on her most recent tour when between SF and Portland. If Wag is in the band, y’all can stay here as well. We have a music room.

Wag is sincere and beautiful. Smart and funny. Sexy when he’s angry and/or confused. Multi-instrumentalist.

Wag has no knowledge of his submission to this roster.

Respect and kindness,

Anonymous said...

I missed those voices,the one's that made me think for myself.The one's that didn't fear fucking everything up for simple honesty.

I've been waiting for you,here in this place,to ride the snake together once again and shove our dicks deep into the devil's toy.


C. Brian said...

See EA on Rehearsal Space.

People Are Strange said...

On a side note, as you probably already know Joy Division were heavily influenced by the Doors. Both musically and in Jim Morrison's beautiful poetry/lyrics. One could argue the whole Goth sound was based from one source: the Doors song written in 1967, "Strange Days".

Anonymous said...

Blake was a huge influence in Morrison, another radical romantic. I appreciate his philosophy more than his art or poetry...the clash of "contraries" is a timeless theme that has transcended man since civilization began. If yr right (and I have no clue), then Goth could be traced back to WB. Lol.

Be wel,


Anonymous said...

Any chance Deconstruction will someday create a follow up recording? Big Sur is one of my all time fav songs. Decon, to me, is like the successor to Ritual de lo Habitual. It is as good as anything Jane's Addiction put out.

Arnold Layne said...

Decon is great. The only thing missing from it is Steve P's polyrhythmic tribal drumming

Porkspam said...

Wow I just got the new Solo cd today. This is just amazing. I saw the awards performance like everyone else here. It was a treat to see you all together again, and i'll get flamed for saying this, but stay on your own path. Certain things can only exist in a time and place.. Once past, it's just not the same, no matter how hard people may try.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, well said Porkspam


Anonymous said...

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A new president, a new congress, and a new senate, only lead to the creation of a new corruption ring, new false flag operations, new monsters to slay, new state terrorism, and new wars.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Positive thoughts.

Coming into town to share the daughter with friends and family. Thank goodness no crisis brings me this time.

While in L.A., going to jam with Wag and some other musicians at his studio in North Hollywood on Sunday June 1st @ 830 PM. Wanted to invite you to come make some music. Bring a friend or Belle if you’d like. Totally supportive environment. Mistakes are welcome. There are no mistakes when it comes to music. Rather a sign of adventure.

If that don’t work, I am in town from the May 28th until the June 2nd. I would love to come and jam with you and your friends. I promise I don’t bite (well maybe my guitar strings I nibble on a little.) Can’t speak for Wag. He may bite.

Would be great if you could join us for a little musical escapism. You may even have fun.I know some killer drummers in LA.

Matt Volpe – you are also invited!

Respect and kindness,

PS I realize you get a lot of attention on this site these days. My apology in advance to take any of your time in seeking a polite decline or even better an acceptance.

Time is our most precious commodity.

PSS Wag could be the Captain, I could be Tennille. And you can be Hedwig. How does that sound? Hard to refuse when you look at it that way, eh?

matt volpe said...

Hi Mike,

Have an awesome trip to LA. Thanks for the invite. As much as I'd like to join you, I'm not going to be in LA around those dates. Planning to perhaps take a trip to the west coast with my family sometime this fall. Have a great time and hope you get to jam with Eric if he chooses.

Best, Matt

C. Brian said...

Some great Polar Bear clips found on YouTube. New for me, at least. Enjoy!

Trish said...

Has Eric gone into hiding? Come talk to us, we miss you!

Anonymous said...


r & k

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the only thing I hear around here is crickets?

MCV. said...

Lovin help wanted...would kill to hear it live in a small club on the east coast, keep up the great work.

i'm hate sell outs, and even i would welcome jane's with open arms.

keep inspiring.

Jeremy Ferrick's Mosaic said...

Janes is my favorite band of all time.

Jeremy Ferrick's Mosaic said...

Janes is my favorite band of all time.