Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fuck. through a communication fuck up i was waiting until five o'clock to post what dave posted on his blog at 10 am. oh well. life is messy. i am playing with janes addiction at the 'la cita bar' in downtown la on thursday night around 11. it is small. it is five bucks at the door. we are playing roughly 10 songs.

i agreed not to post about this all before, for a few different reasons, and it has made posting here difficult for me. rightly or wrongly, it felt false somehow to chat about stravinsky or something while i knew you were all waiting on this other news. we have been rehearsing and we have been sounding really solid.

we never know what the future has in store for us; especially with this band. but, at least right now janes addiction has a future that one would have to call somewhat promising.

we are a great band.


Jasper said...

That's super-cool, Eric. I am really excited for you, and for music lovers. Congratulations, man.

However, in all sincerity, I still want to hear about Brahms...

.kelly said...

Thats fucking great to hear Eric. I'm thrilled about this. One question, do you find a tour likely? Because I'm probably the only Jane's die-hard that hasn't seen you guys live, but that's an birth inconvinence (1994 for the loss). Thanks so much for the good news man.

Hope you have a blast.

ali said...


Thank you.

Be well.


Trish said...

Thank you Eric, you are awesome!

dave said...


Nate said...

Oh man this is great...PLEASE add me to your list!
Nate Pottker

Anonymous said...

Thanks..you guys are fuckin great band..Please hit NYC soon...
I'm dying for Up The Beach!!!!

egross said...

Incredible!!!! By any chance are you making the same offer that Dave did? If so, my name is Eric Gross.

Carrie said...

I am glad to hear your positive vibe about what's going on with Janes.It makes me feel like it's not the end of the world,and it won't be the last show.All I want to do is see the greatest band in the world,the one I grew up on until this point of my life!I pray that you have an excellent expeierence and you'll want to do it again!
My highest regards

Anonymous said...

And us to your guest list!!!!
Eric Burnett
Chris Burnett

Been Fans from the start!!! Haven't seen you Play for a long time...

Shawn Kennedy said...

You are damn right you are a great band. No, scratch that.....

the GREATEST band.


I live in LA, but will sadly be out of town this week.....but my fingers are crossed for more shows. My concert-going career will not be complete until I see the legendary original Jane's lineup.

Have a blast, Eric.

Robin said...

You know, Dave can never keep a secret very long! Such a gemini.
This is truely THE BEST NEWS! I just felt something was going to go down after the NME show. It was just too special. None of my friends believed me when I kept saying the glass was half full and to keep faith.
Nevermind what the future holds....as long as the future includes a NYC show ;-)
Wish i could be in LA on thursday....

Sue said...

I can't tell you how happy this makes me (and countless other fans). Thank you for making it happen, now get yourselves to NY ASAP!

Now you can resume posting as usual...

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Dear Eric,

If you're leaving any names on the guest list, I would greatly appreciate your consideration.

-Adam Brooks

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
so glad to hear your playin...i am gettin on a plane from NYC to hear ya!

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...






Christy said...

Wonderful news! Thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

does this mean you have a pair of tickets to give away too??

Anonymous said...

You guys are a Great Band!!...now get into a studio and deliver another masterpiece by next year. -God

Anonymous said...

thank you

JM said...


I was expecting it, but reading your post was amazing nonetheless.

BTW... you ARE aware that for some reason -that you know and I know and some other people too- every word you type here can be interpreted as a sign of some kind? i.e. "promising", "are", etc.

Shit, I just wish you the best. I hope you have a wonderful time there. I won't even be there and I'll enjoy it somehow :)

Take care,

-ea. said...

people seem to keep asking about a list. there seems to be some confusion about rsvp-ing etc. fyi, it is a small place but you can pay five dollars at the door.

Anonymous said...

Promising.....yr participation made it so.

False felt; It should have.

I love this band; I love this music; I trust yr input in terms of direction with the band that is, "great." So great.

Absolutely all the best, and I couldn't agree more on your most recent assessment. Another beautiful thing is that "beauty" can be telegraphed....envisioned, and accomplsihed on the spot. It exists in time (past, present, AND future) art is never stagnant.

Enough....for me....I'm off center....my wife was ignored by her boyfriend in 91 when you guys last played....I told her that the band is a different animal with you stage left....she gets it.....She's a teacher and worried about the hour. She'll be on my back....look for the most beautiful blond in the house!!! So happy....

So looking forward to a future memory.

Anonymous said...


Be well,


esqfool said...


I honestly can not believe this. This has me so pumped. Words can not describe. Flights out of St. Louis are being checked. I can not believe it.

Anonymous said...

Dancin with my son to "my time" '88 right now.

Jane's is a great band. :)

Anonymous said...

FUCK Yeah!!!

i love that you typed promising. I will use it in court against you if shit goes downhill. lol!

Chris (C. Brian) said...


Congratulations to you and the band.

Enjoy yourselves.

Hope to hear or see your performance . . . on the Web?

Any new songs to the setlist?

Anonymous said...

all I wanna know is... have you guys written any new material? Not for the show... just in general. Are you guys writing?

matt volpe said...

Damn! That's awesome to hear it directly from you Eric, I'm proud to have met you back in 2005 at HBO studios. This is amazing news that the future may be promising for JA. I wish you and the guys the best of luck at the show Thursday. I've seen you guys many many times in the early days, I only wish I could be out there to see this show. If you guys do end up doing some kind of tour, I am sure I will catch you when and if you play NYC or NJ.

One important point though to add: I hope that you continue to blog here about the other subject matters of stravinsky and other great music and musicians, politics, anything solo related, your weekend trips, swimming with sharks, surfing, etc etc etc. I for one can say (and I know there are others like Mike and C. Brian and some other friends here) that we're here to correspond and blog and exchange knowledge with a great artist and person such as yourself, and not solely for just Jane's news. Jane's news here is the icing on the cake, it's great and all do not get me wrong, humongous fan here, but I hope you continue to speak the way you do about other things also. All the best amigo, love your 4-stringed friend, Matt

dave said...


some of the confusion is coming from the promoter site. (http://www.danceright.net/) it says on the site that you need to email them to get on the guest list. it's still $5 if you get on the list. no one is sure if we will get in if we don't hear back from the promoter. i'm willing to drive the seven hours there but would be disappointed if no tickets will be available.

i know you have nothing to do with this i am just letting you know why people keep asking to be put on the list.

hope to see you there. if not i'll be listening from the parking lot.

dave blakely

Carrie said...


Anonymous said...

Matt is correct. and so is the guy who said he misses the early days of this blog. Janes is cool and all. Though it is a value added service to discuss other aspects to this short and beautiful existance. We are interested in the work of said artist. We also have become a micro commmunity of sorts. Misfits that we are.

In fact Eric, ever since the whole Jane's thing, you have become a different person. Understandably; it is important to you and it shows. totally real and completely beautiful. Not to bash that in the least.

I am certain if I walked a mile in your shoes I would have blistered feet. Don't get me wrong. If you need to be absent, then I (we? ) need you to be absent. My point is that I think the first time I stumbled upon your blog the topic was god or religion or something like that. You are a valid and interesting human who happens to be a gifted musician who happens to be a intrical part of a really great band. Even still, we are all in this together. Let us remain in the exploration. Let our engagement of this sacred and short existance continue. In a way, we are all rock stars. No biggie. We love only because we have the capacity to love. So let us learn to forget, light another cigarette.


Anonymous said...

Damn Eric the last line in your post sent shivers down my spine.
Sad I can't see the show, but so happy you guys are playing together. Much love to you all, I hope you guys have lots of fun Thursday!

Looking forward to the boxset!
Take care,

nestos said...

Yeee-haaa !!

low priest said...


I'm sure the Avery-replacements in the past were fine bass players and all that, but they played different to you, and I always thought that was why the newer songs never sounded as good. Structure is everything.

Hope it does what you want it to.

hydro said...

JANES ADDICTION IS the GREATEST, BESTEST band in the whole wide world!!!

Anonymous said...


You Forgot the song list for to tonight at rehersal..

The 10 song Set List man!

Up The Beach
Trip Away
Three Days
Mountain Song
Then She Did...
Pigs In Zen
Summertime Rolls
Ocean Size


Ain´t No Right
No One is Leaving
I Would For You

Encore Two
New Song (#%&/(())

Have a god show!

Lousy Roadie.

rachel said...

Hi eric,
i am grateful for your decision.
as an encore for tomorrow nite, i'd love to hear "slow divers", "my time" and "ripple"; three incredibly ear-pleasing songs that were rarely heard since you were in the band.
thank you.

sam said...

yes, play this set right here:

slow divers> ripple> my time> summertime rolls> there there by radiohead!!!

hahaha, fuckin a, awesome news, hopefully you'll hit the east coast.

Anonymous said...


It looks like 60 tickets will be available for sale the day of the show. Line up early! The other tickets are for the people that signed up on the guest list yesterday.

Andralyn said...

:>) The pieces of the puzzle are comin' together. It could not happen without you Eric. All that is left is for Perry to dust off that harmonica he packed away in '91 and resurrect the spirit of old, playing 'My Time'.
Time to usher in the spirit of unity. Bring the revolution, bring on the real Janes!

DWG said...

The best fricken news I've heard in quite some time. Wish I had a way to LA but its a long walk from Canada

Anonymous said...

for what it's worth, I am sure that a few more babies were concieved based upon this news. rock the fuck on...

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news, esp. for those in the LA area. Hopefully this leads to bigger and better things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more opportunities to see JA.

In any case, I respect your honesty, the fact that you felt funny posting without talking about the 300 lb. gorilla. That makes a lot of sense, as does most of what you say on this blog. I also respect (and can relate to) your very realistic sense of cautious optimism. "...somewhat promising" indeed...

Thanks for always staying true to yourself and for being a huge inspiration as a bassist and artist. Have a great time at the show!

Jeremy Ferrick's Mosaic said...

I must get in this show!

frederik b said...

Thank you for doing this Eric, truly grateful!

I can't believe it, the greatest band of all time back together again after 17 long years. It's gonna be awesome!

Regards from Sweden

Nate said...

Begging again...that RSVP thing was all shades of messed up...
in any event i'll be lined up REAL early....

Anonymous said...

"people seem to keep asking about a list. there seems to be some confusion about rsvp-ing etc. fyi, it is a small place but you can pay five dollars at the door."

This is a bit ambiguous E. Are the RSVP's worthless? Is it first come first serve with a five spot?

There was a place to RSVP for this show it appears on the website...was that abandoned for some reason?



andy said...


Anonymous said...

A lifelong dream to see the original lineup live looks promising. Thanks for giving us hope.

-ea. said...

sr (and anyone else) - as i understand it, the rsvp list was a limited number of folks going through the shepard fairey people. that is now maxed out. but we (janes addiction) wanted to insure there was a way for anyone who had a real desire, and five bucks, to be able to walk up, wait in line and get in. so you will be able to do that as well. there will be two lines at the door.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric for the good words.... I hope to see you tom!

Dave said...
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Dave said...


are there plans to film the show for the box set? also it now looks like we have to wait until the spring of 09 for the box set. do you have any release info on this?


Anonymous said...


Congratulations and thanks for your reunion with Jane´s! ...hope you can do more dates in the US, I´m from Chile... so I know you won´t do a south american tour... so if more dates are to come I WILL FLY to the US to see the band, in 97 and 03 I did not do it cause IT WAS NOT THE ORIGINAL LINEUP!

I know the band from late 1990 and was living in the US in 1991 but could not catch any of the lasts shows.

Have a Blast playing tonight and to the lucky ones that get in tonight Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

To Mike,

Don´t worry man I know Eric will post interesting coments in this new Jane´s time.

Cause I got into this blog mainly cause of Jane´s and Decons...There is and was a lot of hype surronding this band(Jane´s) so lets enjoy this new time a hope for more new great music coming up!


Anonymous said...

Have some fun!

spielster said...

Please please pretty please make this election cycle more bearable and agree to play a show in NYC????

Anonymous said...

I almost don't care anymore. I kinda have moved on with life, but would definately be curious of any new music that occurs. The grandeur of the old days is gone. I no longer have to wait 1-3 months for a magazine to come out with exciting info or rare photos about the band i like. I can get up to date news anytime of the day via the web which erases any sort of mystery...thus attraction, hence, the mystique of the artists having a sort of 'godly' status has greatly eroded. Perhaps this is also due to developing my own sense of self and not looking outward to someone else to live any magic already contained within me (and us). 1991 was a transformative year, but i dont want to relive the past. Metallica tried to recreate 1985-ish on their latest album and totally bombed in my opinion. Zeppelin moved forward an onwards each album. They didnt ride the coat tails of an initial burst of creativity. It's good to see greater unity & resolve amongst the band. I will seek out any new material but.... MAybe with the potential hyperinflation that will occur, the people will look for an escape and propel music forward again...whatever...just rambling

samjr said...

new music would be the shit. imagine eric and perry writing rock music again?

Luis from REFORMA NEWSPAPER, Mexico said...

Hello Eric:

I'm Luis Carrillo, editor from REFORMA NEWSPAPER, the biggest and most important newspaper in Mexico and one of the biggest in Latin America (www.reforma.com).

I contacted you because we want to make a telephone or e-mail interview with you about Jane's history and its future plans now that you are playing in LA tonight.

Our website is: www.reforma.com and we sell 150 thousand papers a day only in Mexico City. Our music section is called GENTE! and we have other newspapers in Monterrey (www.elnorte.com), Guadalajara (www.mural.com) and Torreón (www.palabra.com).

Best regards and thank you.You can answer at: luis.carrillo@reforma.com


Luis Carrillo S.

matt volpe said...

Hey Eric!
Best of luck tonight, have an absolute blast on that stage... hope you blog again soon.

Best, Matt

Anonymous said...

Too good man...too good! This is the real deal and excitement is turning into frenzy!

Thank You...Thank You...Thank You!!!!

David A Burns Auckland NZ said...

Hey Eric,

Kia Ora from New Zealand. This is just fucking huge news, I am so happy being a long time zealot for the original line-up.

I never got chance to see you at the Auckland Town Hall gigs in 1991, just before you broke up, and as they were the stuff of urban myth here, I was always gutted I missed it and I never thought Flea and Chaney ever could quite slot in there, no disrespect to either (in the same way Dave didnt quite groove it with the Chillis).

It always seemed to me that the seminal JA songs centered around your bass riffs in their creation (i.e. Summertime Rolls, Mountain Song, Three Days) and this was a big thing missing in the later line-ups and subsequent priginal stuff.

Hearing this blog news, and Dave's on 6767 is such a ray of light in a pretty dark and uncertain world in 2008, and the fact you say it is rocking for all you guys is huge news.

I'm hoping for 2 things:-

1. You guys come back to NZ again, and soon.

2. You write some new business and your bass riffs anchor in again on them.

Eric it must be surreal to be part of one of the great musical collaborations of the past 50 years man. Chemistry is just one of those funny little precious, rare things which you can't explain, just appreciate and be thankful for.

God bless you guys. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Eric i love you guys but your fucking management blows. over 6 hours in line and they let nobody from rsvp nobody from the reg line in...thanks for a wasted day sweeting my ass off standing in line when your guest list was large then the club....i know it's not you but fire your fucking management...after being told 5 fucking time we would get in easy they allow zero in aside from your list.


last time i sit in line for jane's


JM said...

I don't know Eric personally... but I figure that this sort of things is what makes him not-so-eager to play live sometimes?

He can be a stand-up, professional guy... but there'll always be somebody that'll fuck things up.

I'd feel terrible if when I'm on stage I only see people slightly moving their heads to what I'm playing... I'm sure Eric want to see fans enjoying, not some jackass blond who claims to love "Jane Said" (sic).

Hopefully, this is nothing but the first show. Hopefully, this sort of thing will not happen again.

I do sincerely hope that Eric, Dave, Stephen and Perry had a good time. I wish I see you soon.

(Larry B.)

el segundo said...

Trying not to be upset by the other post, but it seems like the line to this Janes Addction show...is like voter fraud. Wait in line and you dont in. Well done Janes...Well done.

Please give us actual fans a show! please?

kenny said...

i waited in line for 8 hours, i was the 13th person in the RSVP line. la cita let in 12. never as a fan have i been so insulted. it kills me that i wasn't able to attend. i hope you do more tiny shows like this that i can attend, but please, if its going to be a "private" show, dont even bother announcing it to the public next time.

S said...

The whole production was a total goat rodeo.

It's become rather obvious that the lines were a sham that were set up so that the camera crew could get a great shot of the people queued up outside to see the show. Once they had their shot, it wasn't soon after that the people in line were informed that they weren't going to be let in. Of course, this was near 9pm.. after people had been in line since early afternoon.

This is probably NOT how you want to treat your die hard fans. It was a pity and a testament to see them huddled around the closed doors as Up The Beach played.

It's a shame they weren't treated with the same respect and reverence that they were showing the band.

Nate said...


Anonymous said...

Yup, really disappointing. I was with Kenny as 12 people were let in from the RSVP line, then shut down. As for me, I wouldn't have busted my ass at work to bolt out the door...get there at 2:30 to find myself in the first 20 only to be turned away after 8 hours.

From where I stood, it looked like a closed show...even if 150 people were allowed in, there were no more than 25 "fans" amoung them. Btw, the dejected behaved with dignity and class all the way.

Be well,


Anonymous said...

Please disregard ^...we all make our own decisions....and learn from them.



el segundo said...

Janes who?

crater said...

Hope you had a great time EA ..

But damn .. I sure am glad I decided to not blow off work and drive down from Portland for this.

Anonymous said...

You really think Eric would have been in on some thing to trick you into waiting in line? Come on.

There was some shit that was out of people's hands, and I'm sure the band had plenty to think about just getting ready to play this gig.

Be happy that Jane's played a show, even though it sucks hard that some people waited so long only to be turned away. There were no guarantees. Life can be messy and complicated, and you take the good with the bad.

Hopefully there are plenty more magic events to come, and I hope that the band had an phenomenal time.

Anonymous said...

you guys owe the actual fans a make-up show... great show, i couldn't imagine it sounding any more profound

stevenhuffaker said...
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stevenhuffaker said...

I mean I get what "anonymous" wrote, and I'd probably think the same thing too if I weren't there but really, it was pretty absurd. A combination of factors like, the staff waiting until the last minute to tell everyone they weren't getting in, then lots of other people getting in who didn't seem like fans... I know there weren't any guarantees but they shouldn't have advertised it if it was just gonna be a show for friends and 10 lucky people.

Calibration (Is Pushing Luck) said...

Damn Eric, I can't believe this is real!

Keep playin' 1%. Y'all should start up acoustic sets again. Slow Divers needs a proper revival.

Thank you very much for living this.

Anonymous said...


This is the first time ever that I have written a comment. I'm not here to piss anyone off, but many of you, even those that were there, are speaking wrongly.

Yes, waiting and not getting in sucks- it's happened to me many times

Yes- they could have taken certain things into account.


Everyone in there WAS A FAN. It doesn't matter if they are on the band's list, the rsvp list or the band's family. THEY ARE FANS.

The place was wild with fans.

It is a shame that not all the fans that waited could get in, but it is completely unnecessary to blame anyone, especially the band.

This is music, this is life.

Why build up something
Just to want them to fall?

It's the music that has affected your life, so continue to allow it to do so.

All the best to Eric, the band, and all of you.

Thank you for the music!!!

Anonymous said...

Show was great and I have a feeling there will be more shows in the future.Eric seemed VERY HAPPY !

Anonymous said...


Hey PEOPLE IT IS JANE´S ADDICTION were talking here not just any band , I mean Eric said you could some how get in paying 5 bucks or adding your self into a list...but get REAL in a place for 390 people capacity!..for those who were there and could not get in I´m sorry...let me tell you its hard.. you tried...but maybe it would had been dangerous to overcroud the place!

And I´m sure its NOT THE BAND´S FAULT...
Best of luck to all and thanks Eric for playing again THE BASS GUITAR.


Anonymous said...

Let me correct my last post 157 people total capacity..shit it is a matchbox that La Cita Bar...Of Course no one could get in.

I bet the next show should be at a bigger place!


Anonymous said...

The Set List:

Up The Beach
Trip Away
Ain´t No Right
Pigs in Zen
Ted..Just Admit It
Ocean Size
Had A Dad
Been Caught Stealing

Anonymous said...


Check this webpage, blame the fire department and security reasons for the lists not moving on!

Anonymous said...

I am longtime friends with Carl( one of the La Cita bar partners)and even some of his close friends didn't get in,including myself.I was going to get in as an employee,but when the capacity issues became a problem, those plans got nixxed. I missed out as well,and I had more clout at that bar than ANYBODY in the audience.of course I would have had no problem getting in if I would have gone 2 hours earlier than when I arrived, but please don't blame the band. Not their fault.

mice-elf said...

For the next show could you guys please consider playing:

summertime rolls
trip away(acoustic version)
my time
slow divers



S said...

I don't think anyone resents the band playing the gig, or those who got in. Some may be a little jealous, but that's to be expected.

I think people are more upset about how the affair was handled. From the "secret show" being advertised on every news outlet (which was BOUND to draw the attention of the Fire Marshal) to the way the people in line were treated.

Now this is not to say that anyone with the bar was rude, or behaved inappropriately. Both fans and security, and owners were all respectful and cordial.

However, if the Fire Marshall had in fact reduced capacity, this could have been communicated to the line. It wasn't until after 9pm. The Fire Marshall had been there since 7pm. (You could tell because he parked his truck in the middle of the RSVP line.)

If they'd come out at 7.. or 8.. and announced "Hey, our capacity has been cut by the fire marshall, we're going to see if we can get anyone in" and then they end up only getting 12 people in.. is a much different story than just leaving people standing out side the club.. filming them.. and then just coming out and flatly saying "You aren't getting in. Go home."

Perhaps we were wrong to believe Eric in the first place that if you were in the first 60 people, that you had a chance of getting in. This isn't to say he was lying, I'm sure his intentions were in the right place and working on the assumption that capacity wouldn't be cut.

The fact here is, that no one is at fault, or faultless. Hopefully lessons from this can be learned to make the next event go a bit more smoothly.

Anonymous said...

I would care if Perry and Navarro hadn't turned into such massive douchelords.

Chrissy said...

You guys are awesome...can't wait to see footage!!!

Chrissy said...

You guys are awesome...hope you took in the vibe and all the love!!! Can't wait to see footage!!!

Carrie said...

I can't wait to see what you guys do next!It's been a crazy couple of days!Super exciting!The pictures I've seen were amazing,wish I could have been there!Next time!!XOXOXO

It did say on the rsvp that the majority of people wouldn't get in!
It just was a very sketchy situation.I think this is just years of frustration brought down on the head of this 1 night!

Anonymous said...

For the many of us who love Jane's, camped out all day in line, and were told numerous times by staff throughout the afternoon that we would have no problem getting in, it was quite a disappointment indeed. Despite reports to the contrary, the staff and the owner in particular were horrible to the people in line once the sun went down, continually giving false hope until well past 11 that those of us in the front would be getting in. While it was not the band's fault, the true test will be seeing whether or not you guys decide to use the footage of all of us waiting in line for a show we were never admitted to as some sort of testament to the band and the gig in future DVDs or promotional photos. Simply put, some of the band's biggest fans were made to feel like chumps, and though it was nobody's fault other than the promoter and the venue's staff, the fact that we were being filmed for future use by the official band videographer (as well as Dave's cohort Todd) kind of speaks volumes. I hope it isn't used so those of us who wasted 10+ hours of our lives only to be teased behind the doors don't have to re-live it.

John said...


I arrived @ 10:15 PM. Obviously I didn't get in! I didn't really expect to, but had to try. I would have come earlier but I had a rehearsal and I prioritize making music over other stuff these days. As things turned out, I'm lucky I didn't cancel anything to wait in line and not get in.

Hope the show was great for those on stage and those listening. I'm sure it was.

I talked to a few nice people that had waited in line a long time. I hope more shows are in the works, for their sake and mine.



I went and stood in line knowing that most likely I wouldn't get in, but it was still worth it. I met some really great fans, and saw the guys briefly. People should be smart and realize that a place like that is barely big enough to even accomodate the band's family and friends and quit making such a fuss. Yeah, the security wasn't exactly warm and fuzzy but what the fuck do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Great to hear. Thanks for all the music over the years. Since we could never hang out and listen to the likes of Stravinsky or Brahm, or Bach- oooh, the Art of the Fuge- Glad to have been able to listen to Jane's Addiction, hope to hear more.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear. Thanks for all the music over the years. Since we could never hang out and listen to the likes of Stravinsky or Brahm, or Bach- oooh, the Art of the Fuge- Glad to have been able to listen to Jane's Addiction, hope to hear more.


"With the guest list incredibly tight (more on that later), Barton Saunders took no chances. The 37-year-old from Toronto, who spent $410 on a plane ticket to L.A. after reading about the show on a local blog, arrived at La Cita on Wednesday, slept on the sidewalk outside the bar and hung out at the bar all day Thursday to ensure he was there for the set. "

Why didn't I think of that?

Anonymous said...

Video of ocean size from last night is now available at dave navarros website www.6767.com
It gave me goosse bumps watching it, and it's official, they still kick ass like never before.


Jasper said...

Saw some pics and vids. Looked and sounded fantastic. Congratulations E.

Anonymous said...

Wow! There's a lot more venom on this board than on Dave's.

I too waited for five hours to get in and got jerked around by the various zoo animals that worked the door. I just wish the band would've been more forthright about the amount of people who were actually going to be let into the show. That said, I'm glad to have heard them playing inside somewhere just to hear that they were actually playing again. Hopefully, Jane's will play for a crowd larger than 157 or 165 sometime soon.

Carrie said...

Barton rocks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jane´s Addiction Statemente at Navarro´s Website:

OK Before I get into this, let me just say how sorry we are to everyone who came all the way down to the show and waited in line, only to be turned away at the last minute. Evidently, the fire marshal came down and limited our audience... According to this music blog. Many of our own friends and family members were unable to attend as a result and it looks as though we are simply going to have to make it up to everybody somehow! Having said that... The night was just fantastic. La Cita is an extremely small venue with amazingly low ceilings. I have to say that it really felt like it was the "OLD SCHOOL" 1987 Jane's. A tiny little Mexican bar adorned with Christmas lights, hot sweaty and humid, loud and songs we haven't played in forever on the set including Trip Away and 1% off our very first XXX record. We had an amazing time. Eric Avery brought the bottom punk rock glue that we have been missing for years. Don't get me wrong... Our times with Flea, Martyn and Chaney will never be overlooked and we love all of them deeply... In some ways they are heavily responsible for helping us get to the place where we are now... But the fact remains that this machine cannot really run as well with after market parts. Jane's Addiction has to be fully stock in order to do what it does best. That is something that many have been saying for years but I am and always will be eternally grateful to those three very talented and special musicians. After the show, Tom Morello and I spoke for a few minutes about this very thing. I think he said something like, "I have always enjoyed the Jane's rock no matter the line up but you can't deny the chemistry of four guys who are supposed to be playing together." I couldn't agree more. Perry was just as riveting and mesmerizing as he has ever been. That guy is such an undeniable entertainer! After all of these years, I still catch myself looking over to my left... Captivated by his onstage energy. What an amazing honor to still be playing with my favorite all time singer and frontman. Perkins was literally on fire all night. When he is in his zone, it's like Shiva is back there with a drumstick in each hand. Watching him play drums is like watching him defy human restraints and logic. Unbelievable. Here is the set we played: Up The Beach, Trip Away, Whores, 1%, Ain't No Right, Pigs In Zen, Ted... Just Admit It, Oceansize, Had A Dad, Been Caught Stealing. The quick non-stop pace left all of us and just about everybody drenched by the end of the hour. Todd was there with a couple of our friends capturing the night on 3 cameras so there will be tons of footage to sift through and put together for a guerilla style video clip of the evening. Thanks to everyone who made this night possible... Our audience, friends, family, crew, La Cita and whatever order the stars and planets happened to be in last night. Everything came together, hopefully not for the last time

David said...

I can't believe all you little whining bitches. Try being in Auckland when you hear this news!!

Anonymous said...

whining bitches?

why don't you go stand in line for eight hours, get told you will get in, and then get told to go home while the olsen twins and paulie shore walk right in.

esqfool said...

Real simple. Just do a show at like a 5,000 seat venue. Sell tickets for relatively cheap $5-10 and play 20 songs voted on by the diehards. Announce it well in advance and presto! Most will forget getting jerked around here, some won't, but overall everyone will go home happy. The band I'm sure couldn't control everything that went on. This being said I'm sure I'd have been ready to murder if I was the first person told you can't get in. Eric's a standup guy so I'm sure this will be made up to us.

john said...


Would love talking to you guys about live webcasting some of your shows. I think the audience we could generate would be insane.

Will look forward to hearing from you if you happen to catch this and are interested in discussing further.



Jeremy Ferrick's Mosaic said...

Let's just rejoice that the best band on the planet is back together again.

Anonymous said...

I may not have gotten in, but I'm glad I didn't suffer the indignity of watching the Olsen twins enter the f-ing club. Haha.


Anonymous said...

Navarro is great player love his contributions on Janés, Decons and the Chili´s... but when he got married to that Elektra chick and got a reality "shit" of that saying quote "I fuck you the first time on this street"..on that cable network that screw up 90´s punk rock...he dropped points in my book...

So why surprising the Hollywood shallow people got in anyway?...cause Jane´s used to represent Punk Rock, good time and anti main system..at least Avery still stands for that...I think.. I´m not bitter about the ones that got in but "the Olsen Twins" also like Cristina Aguilera and shit like that!

Let´s hope for the best and new shows to come and please don´t tape the show in a cell phone it looks stupid and like a Britney Spears show...I want a REAL Pit damm it!

Not like 2008 Chili´s concert were you can have a coke in the front row.

I´m all alone in this way of Thinking?


Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU JA!!!!

Deena13 said...

I know you've struggled with this for a long time. The 4 of you together has felt so right to all of us for so long and I'm so thrilled it now feels right for you too.

I'm east coast so regretfully I wasn't there, but just knowing there's peace and you guys created some magic once again makes my soul smile.

Spreading the love,

mcv said...

come to east coast, do a similar show at a very small venue, and feel free to $100 a ticket...i'll fuckin pay! GREATEST BAND EVER.

Amber said...

I was one of the lucky ones who got in last night thanks to Dave giving away 2 pairs of tix on his blog. THANK YOU ERIC for an AMAZING show. I got a bunch of videos up from the night on YouTube.com/ambersonian

Anonymous said...

motherfucking incredible. thebootlegs are emerging and it just makes life all worthwhile...nobody will ever come CLOSE to top this band...fuck every band that ever exsisted before and after Jane's Addiction.

Anonymous said...

What about the rest of us?

lhr said...

This is such great news for us to find and share during this otherwise somewhat volatile time!
Thank you so much! I guess miracles can happen!

It gives me such a great feeling to see you guys once again surrendering with innocent abandon...along with all the rest of us...playing with our shared timeless imperial majesty; Janes Addiction!!

Now; just see if you can hold it together for at least one priceless tour.
For me..It would be the equivalent to seeing janes walk on water.
And I'm ready...I think it's about time!!!
yeah..parts are already on youtube...I think we're all just a little jealous...
simply amazing!

If I may...
I would like to request that you hear my humble plea:

Whatever tours you may decide to do...Please...please...please at least do one summer tour. Outdoors...no opening bands.
Simply;...Janes Addiction..

I guess I'm being selfish here..but I more than anything would really love to see just Janes Addiction...no frills..no dancers...you know...a simplistic and pretty stage set..well thought out...just beautiful outdoor venues...back to the basics..those songs we love...no laser's or CGI fx for example..(fog & lights is still appropriate of course.)Possibly some acoustic.

I realize that if this is to come to fruition...it will be through a great team effort on your side of the table. Obviously some compromises will have to be made.
I just hope that you as one voice in such negotiations will consider remembering my simple and well intended requests.

Will you please consider that?
And respectively; while your being so kind...
also consider playing "ripple", "la medley", "of course", "sympathy" & "rock & roll" .
I think "ripple" would be the most fun to hear becuase we all know IT was the last thing janes recorded together and I've never heard it live...if it ever was? "Ripple" would be an old but new priceless treat that's traveled back to the future to conclude some long unfinished pleasure business among special friends.

I hope my candid requests aren't making me sound too selfish, presumptuous, delusional, imposing or bratty? Sure...it's your baby..but I hope you can understand...these opportunities are just very hard to come by.
It just happens that I subscribe to the "squeaky wheel" method over the weak mental telepathy method. More favorable odds I think.

Well...what ever should happen after...thanks for at least these few days of good news.

Vote by conscience & peace,

Michael said...

Man, there must be something in the water... my favourite Alt rock bands from the 80's/90's are reuniting.

-Butthole Surfers' most prolific lineup has been been doing a reunion tour for a while now.

-Dinosaur Jr.'s original trio is together and put out the incredible album "Beyond" in '07.

-The Japanese band X Japan is back together and touring.

-Not totally related, but R.E.M. this year put out their best album in over a decade.

-and now Jane's addiction playing shows with all original members.

Holy crap I'm loving these trends. Now we just need to get the Pixies back on their reunion, and get RATM back in the studio.

Joseph A. Salinas said...

You have and will always be my biggest bass influence, You are the glue that made Jane's be what it was and is. Thank you for being open and making this event happen.

It means so much too so many of us who have always known that without you in Jane's its just not the same. I have met and hung out with Chris Chaney and he is a awesome Human, but man when it comes to what is the core of a truly great band, you need the original parts. You are a legend, thank you so much for the inspiration all these years.


Moses said...

so sad that i couldn't get into the show.... i waited all day. I heard there will be more little shows... any news to report?

Jeremy Ferrick's Mosaic said...

I waited all day too! But Jane's is back! Don't you fucking get it? Maybe you didn't get in this time but you will next time. Have a little bit of optimism!

Anonymous said...

um...i wanna kick my own ass for seeing the show on thursday.
you are amazing.
you are a great band.

frog said...

you guys were just as good if not better than i remember from 20 years ago. I am surpised and impressed at the level of performance intensity of all 4 of you. My opinion is that your presence has caused the other three to push themselves harder. I can see your energies working in harmony instead of clashing, which may be due to the band shedding its harmful addictions of the past. This could be why you have evolved to an even higher level of greatness. I can't see why this newfound power cannot be directed into all new compositions. There is such diversity in the band and that is one of the things that gave the music its staying power. Theres the semi-clean and acoustic jam side, the harsh overtones, the bohemian edge, the snake charmer drum grooves, the sexy bass licks. There is little doubt in my mind anything is possible after witnessing the la cita gig. The sky's the limit now, time to blast OFF

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, you mean to tell me the Olsen twins were there? Holy Fuck it really WAS an event! Yes, it's easy to sit an entire country away and say this, but if I'd been in LA, and HAD waited in line, and the fire marshal came and said, "umm, if you put all these people in that closet, you won't have a show, period" I would've nutted just being able to sit outside the place and feel the walls shake. That's just me.

nononi said...

haven't heard much of you since my 28th birthday in seattle~ last jane's continental show. weird tour.
you ate lobster at my parent's house just to get away.
glad to see that 17 years has been good for you.
i am teaching at a college now, have an 8 year old with a wonderful deranged man who does all the x-games logistics. life is good.

gneffle said...

Get your asses over to Norway ffs