Saturday, October 25, 2008

i think that most of the time, there is less evill in the world than just plain messiness. i apologize to those who waited forever and did not get in. contrary to some posts i do not believe there is any particular bad guy. there was a confluence of things that created that situation; some good intentions some not. there was always going to be some overflow. that was a given. actually that was a given once we decided to let the public in. it was initially going to be unannounced and therefore a show for only friends and family. after giving it some thought, i didnt like the idea of it being exclusive like that because of the fact that the only other thing we had done, the nme, had been very exclusive. we agreed that we would sort of split the crowd into equal thirds, shepards people, our personal people, and people. i think that our management were looking out for our friends and family as a priority. i dont think that anyone would fault them for that. but that did mean that when the capacity cutoff was reached, that left more of you outside than i would have liked. which brings me to the question of capacity and the fire marshal. more on the fire marshal in a second. the room we played in is small. there is an outside patio that increases the total size considerably. but we did not want to fill the entire place with people that were technically inside the venue but could not possibly see the band. so the actual capacity and the functional capacity for that night were two different numbers. the two different numbers also meant that we had a rough number to work with but that there was some wiggle room and i think that was one of the ways we began to have trouble. at least, i know that my personal guest list grew beyond what i had agreed to because of this. now the fire marshal. the bane of every show you try to do something different at. if it hadnt been for the hustle of the la cita and our management team, there would have been no show. in that way it was very different than it would have been back in the day. back in the day we would have been shut down. the fire mashal needed the stage to be moved over one foot. done. he needed an electrician on site. three arrived in half an hour. he needed two new exit signs. done. he needed four new fire extinguishers. done. et cetera. et cetera .and of course he conservatively capped the capacity. end of story. so the world continues to be an imperfect place. i again apologize to those who had a realistic expectation of getting in, waited, and were disappointed.

of course, now its a little uncomfortable for me to say anything really about the show. to those of you who got in. you know. the band made me proud. confirmed my suspicion that there is more story to be told and eventually we will make room for you all.


Anonymous said...

you are the man. no need for explanations, but that WAS the best explanation I have ever read from an artist. You REALLY are smart. anyway, i'm skinny, so I'm certain there will be room for me next time. play san diego por favor.

JM said...

I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that we (fans) appreciate the effort that the band did. For those who did got in was an experience they won't forget.

Personally, I thank you again for giving me music that I will never stop listening to.

Take care, good luck rehearsing. My best wishes for the four of you.

By the way, how was the experience of going back and relearn your bass lines? any song that was specially difficult? or did any bass line made you go "what if I change it a little"?

Best wishes,
(Larry B.)

Jeremy Ferrick's Mosaic said...

Yeah, people need to be more realistic. When I went and waited in line I knew that most likely I wouldn't get in, but I wanted to give it a try anyways. I've loved Jane's for so long but never got to see them with you! Hopefully I will soon.

Anonymous said...

There's no need for apologies. People have lost sight of the fact that it's also a safety issue and the fire marshal, although most likely overly conservative, was looking out for people--remember the Station fire?

Please don't let the rants deter you from posting your thoughts and feelings about the show. We still want to hear them. And I know all of us are really looking forward to whatever's next.

Thanks, Eric.


ali said...

As someone who did manage to squeeze in, it's easier for me to say this, but I think it was clear that there was a lot going on and that disappointment with logistics was inevitable.

The performance itself, well. Having waited for so long, and hoped for so much, you nailed it. Collectively. I had my worries going in, but embraced the opportunity, and there isn't a shred of doubt that the magic is still there.

Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on my part, but I could almost see the life surge through you all as things started. The baby took initial steps, but soon moved from walking to running and finishing with a sprint.

("bits of puzzle, fitting each other")

Watching that sleeping giant wake was beyond special, and I hope and trust that it is filling your cup as it does those of us who were fortunate enough to bear witness.

Thank you, as ever. And onwards (we all hope).

Be well.


Anonymous said...

as one who was upset by that night...i'll admit i made the mistake of posting here "hot"

the thing that had me the most pissed was being told many times throughout the night even after the fire marchells were gone was that "60 from this line and 60 from the other are getting in no problem" so when 10pm rolled around an hour afterdoors were to be open to be told no dice go home...when i was like less then 20 deep...and i saw zero people go in from the walk up line...i was bent


very happy for you and the band

awesome is the only word that comes close to the video's i've seen and the sound from outside


famous m said...

The minute I saw you post there was a show I imagined what it would be like to see JA so close and personal...and also realized that would be the extent of it.

It is gracious of you to be so considerate to those who tried and were denied, but the fact is (like the NME show), it was unlikely most who wanted to be in there could. What is more important is that it happened and it gave us a moment of new excitement in the story of the four of you - and together, no less.

A truly reunited band wouldn't be the worst reason for not taking your solo album out for some live appreciation either. I'm sure lots will agree regarding PB or Deconstruction too, but all this is as obvious as that jealous desire to be there when it happens.

And if / when that time comes, I think we can rest easy knowing it's as much about our experience as it is yours - and that's why we all care about it.

andy said...

This is great! I'm so excited! Boston is waiting!

Adam said...

Dear Dave and Eric,

I am posting this message on both of your blogs since I know you both read them and generally care about what the fans think. First of all, we are all obviously ecstatic about the mere existence and quality of the show Thursday night regardless of the outcome for those of us who waited in line but were denied entry. Jane’s Addiction fans are used to jumping through multiple hoops to see you guys play live whether as some form of Jane’s Addiction or in your multiple other musical endeavors. However, Thursday night was especially painful for most of us, and I think if you understand the reasons, you may be amenable to truly making it up to us:

The RSVP line comprised almost exclusively long-time fans. Fans who are now in their late 20’s to early 30’s. Fans with wives, children, and jobs. Fans who would only subject themselves to the abuse of standing in line for 7 hours only to be denied admission and still stick around to hear the muffled tunes through a mostly closed door for one band: Jane’s Addiction. These are fans who are now adults; who for one night thought that they could plug into those intense emotions we felt in our teens and young adulthood that we identify with this music. Fans who believed we would get to relive our youth for an hour or so right up until the moment we were denied. Fans who cashed in that one favor at work, that one mulligan with the wife, that one chance they have to shirk responsibility and live out a fantasy on the streets of downtown Los Angeles – and if felt right and just until the show actually started and we were outside. Dedicated fans were bribing security guards up to $60 to see the final few songs, which just isn’t right.

While the enforcement of fire regulations is not the fault of Jane’s Addiction, exclusively, some due diligence could have avoided this fiasco. While the capacity of La Cita on a normal night as I understand it is around 350, but without the use of the patio and with a stage usurping roughly 1/3 of the floor space, along with visible lines outside the venue from early on in the evening, one might assume the fire marshal would investigate and that capacity would be limited. The fault most likely lies more with the promoter and the venue, but those entities are not really accountable to the fans, and the band is. Normal fans know you guys all have tons of friends and family in Los Angeles, and any show like this is bound to be packed with your VIP crowd, but we came with false hope given the original billing of this show and the existence of the RSVP list.

So what do you do to correct this for the fans? You have a unique opportunity in that an RSVP list exists full almost exclusively of dedicated fans that scoured the message boards for information, discovered the location of the show, called the venue, researched the promoter, and sent out our email requests. These are the fans you should and can reward with a show at a small but manageable venue (capacity of roughly one thousand or more to accommodate your friends and family and the 300 or so fans that were in line). In 1995 Pearl Jam played a much-anticipated summer show in San Francisco that was truncated after 30 minutes due to Eddie Vedder puking is guts out. Pearl Jam offered fans the choice of a refund or tickets to a make-up show in the fall, during which they played for 3 hours, and my respect and adoration of them has never wavered because of their integrity. If Jane’s Addiction could be bold enough to repay your fans for their diligence and loyalty in a similar manner, I think much of the dissatisfaction expressed on the various message boards would evaporate. Honestly, I would have been satisfied to wait in line to see only 30 minutes of the show, which says a lot about the quality of live music you produce.

stevenhuffaker said...

I was pretty upset afterward but i guess it happens... really we're all just happy that you guys are playing together.

Steve said...

I'm so so happy you decided to do this Eric,I like in the UK,and i'm realistic enough to know that any overseas gigs for you guys is a way off expectation right now,but i'm hopeful enough to let myself have that glimmer of hope.
Fans expectations often can be overwhelming,but hey,your playing with JA again and talking of a futre,so i can tick No.1 expectation off the list,HAHAHA PEACE AND HAPPINESS

S said...

I think the only real complaint here was the lack of communication. Which was of no fault of the band, as they weren't even in the venue at the time it was prudent to inform the lines what was trasnpiring.

It's also important to point out that there were VERY FEW (if any) Shepherd Fairey people in the RSVP line. No one that I talked to was. They were all hardcore Jane's fans who jumped on the news.

The few Shepherd Fairy people who showed, arrived around 9:30 or 10, and quickly reversed course when seeing the obstacles ahead of them.

JW said...

I apologize for sounding brash, but fans are not the reason great art exists.

Fans are very integral to an artists output, but the art came to be because of the artists.

All the talk of "diehards" and "for us," "making it up to us," and so forth is nonsense.

We are owed nothing. We are fans (hopefully most of us) for their music. We are fans because we have been moved by what these four individuals came together to create. The music that we appreciate was created for whatever reason, and although the band may have wanted their music to please people, our appreciation is simply a byproduct of art we all feel is beautiful.

All that being said, The individuals in Jane's seem to be respectful and aware persons. They appear to care what we say and feel. That is not a small thing- to be aware, care and be affected my many many people (most that they don't know personally).

Please try to understand this as they understand your frustrations.
Jane's Addiction making music again, even for just a couple of nights, is nothing but a positive thing for music, art and us.

All the very best!

alea said...

hi eric, so I decided to take a chance and fly out for the show. I was the 9th person on line and I didn't make it in. I know what happened was not your fault. It was a crazy situation and it was clear that the owner of la cita was as nervous as could be. I did get to hear thru the door and the band sounded great. I'm glad that you had a great time. Thanks for your kind words expressing yr regrets about how it played out for us that waited on the line,it means slot.

Anonymous said...

They're playing in your actual house next Adam. Hope you still have one more mulligan left from the wifey. They're gonna do an 8 hour version of 3 days and you get to film it from your couch. Etty is gonna whip up a badassss cheese dip usually reserved for the holidays and I hear Brad Pitt is coming too.

matt volpe said...

Eric, I was looking on you tube before of some footage of the show form the other night. Even through all the less than perfect quality of cell video phone postings, all your strength, conviction, sensitivity and groove screams loudly and more ferocious and beautiful than ever before. All of you played top notch. The bass tone you have has an amazing growl to it that JA has been missing since back in the day. You're awesome. And a huge inspiration. THANKS. I noticed you were not playing the p-bass? But the jazz instead? That's cool and all of course, just curious... why not he brahms bass?

Anyhow, your logical and from the heart explanation of how the night went down in your blog is very clear and empathetic. I'm sure the fans here (who waited to get in) appreciate it very much. This blog just reminds me of how much I appreciate corresponding with such a stand up, all round stellar person as yourself, who just happens to be an incredible musician and bass player. But, what matters to me most is how cool of a person you seem to be overall. I'm proud to know you and have met you.

See you at show if one happens on the east coast.

Best to you, Matt

PS- I showed Avery a few seconds of the show the other night and he was jumping up and down.

Carrie said...


Robin said...

It seems a lot if not most of the things that occured were completely out of your (or the bands) control.
But from some of the you tube videos the show looked totally kick ass! Stripped down and raw. And everyone looked to be enjoying every minute.

So please don't let some of the disapointments of the night deter you from sharing what must have been a awesome experience for you! I for one would love to read how it felt for you to be up on that stage, in front of those lucky to get in, with Perry, Dave and Perk.

And may this be the start of something special that can be shared with more fans!

Nate said...

That's Great!
Viva La Addiction!

Anonymous said...


I just didn't appreciate getting jerked off by the La Cita staff. Like adam, I had to jump through multiple hoops to attempt to make the evening work. Had I known that only 10-20 people were going to be let in from the rsvp/walk-up lines (or whatever the miniscule number was), I would've saved my effort for a night when I had a chance of actually getting into the venue. Perhaps I just had unreal expectations. Regardless, viva youtube! You guys sound/ed amazing. I'm jealous of those who got in.


Chris (C. Brian) said...

Trolling Dave Navarro's blog comments, I found this link to some YouTube footage of La Cita performance.

EA is an anchor and a master of his instrument!

Anonymous said...

Well, I do fault them (the management), but I do understand it. If the agreement was to break the crowd into thirds, then it should have been broken into thirds, and not had the "fans" ascribed amount encroached upon. It was essentially a friends and family show, which is great and no one can fault anyone for that sans the advertising.

This was leaked information and those who were fortunate enough to get the information based their plans on it.

Sucked for me and some goes on as messy as it sometimes is. :)

Some other time...



Anonymous said...

Great now it's the fans turn

Anonymous said...

not sure if jane's has ever sounded so cool....... don't stop it now!

Anonymous said...

"we are a great band"

Indeed. You mentioned that there was more to be told or something like that in one of these communiques; I can't think of a better dusk for Jane'sAddiction than that.

Respect is so hard to must be gratifying to be on the receiving end of so many who were affected enough to remember, wait, encourage, and then revitalize. As important are the others who are simply fertile things to report through the Jane's lens.

For me, I hope this translates to new music as a significant concern...a confluence of art that yet again represents all of yr talents. Time, wisdom, and years of influence and knowledge are all aspects that I hope to hear in the renaissance of JA.



Anonymous said...

Btw, so cool yr are chattin with us...

all the best to Belle and yr loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Eric, I guess South America is Out of the question..fuck it man..I´ll ask anyway..Can Jane´s do shows in this God forsaken part of the world ? never did.

Ask the Chili´s how is like to play live.

Anonymous said...


lhr said...


Any news you can share on the Box set?

Speed Of Life said...

Hey Eric - I ran into you coming out of the water surfing a few weeks back if you remember..

Anyway I am pleasantly surprised that the stars have aligned and you are back in a place to flourish. I'm sure we will all get a chance to enjoy whats to come.

To elaborate I must say from a musical perspective to have you back in the bass chair and knowing what new material can emerge is very exciting. There is something about the way Dave comes up with stuff off your lines that brings the best out in his playing. Some bands can undergo member changes successfully, even refreshingly, but some clearly cannot. From a listener's perspective I'd have to put JA into the latter. A band needs its songwriter!!

sam said...


no need to explain. i million people want to get into a show that fits 500. that's less than 1%. someone's gonna be unhappy.

sounds like fire marshall bill was a fuckin tool as well. people feed on whatever power they have...

when you come to boston to play, hopefully in the winter, bring your 6/5/4 mm wetsuit and we'll catch some fun waves. east coast styel! :)

Chris (C. Brian) said...

I found audio for La Cita gig over @

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris.

Anthony Belanger said...

i own a venue in hollywood, and the fire marshall, as eric stated, is truly the bane of our existence. i can not tell you how many times everything was set to go, then changed.

we have done numerous "secret" shows, and they prove testing every time. things come up. things change, and unfortunately the die-hard fans often get the brunt of things.

the la cita show, which i was fortunate enough to attend, was handled far better than i could have thought possible. it's a small place, made smaller still, and with a show of this magnitude and frankly this much importance, i was impressed with it. there just was not enough room for everyone to get what they needed, but there will be more times for that.

the fire marshall could have easily just said no to the show upon arrival. the band was being very frugal with guest lists (lets face it, if you live in LA you have a LOT of friends, and for the most part they couldn't get in either.) i was shocked at how safe it was inside, which after rhode island, has exponentially increased the fire departments wariness of this type of thing, understandably.

these things are clusterfucks, and not malicious ones. just the very nature of one of the most popular bands in rock and roll playing a tiny bar is messy.

now from a fan's perspective, i think it was the best thing in the world for JA to do. i am an old guy and i remember their club shows, and to hand that back to them, even for one night, was exactly what the doctor ordered.

as hard and unfair as it seemed to those who couldn't get in, i was proud that everyone kept their cool and made it a peaceful situation. and yes, they are a great band.

Anthony B.

Mr. Hayes said...


wasn't there, but glad to see you're still intrigued by the possibilities of what could be.

You still need to come to Columbus, Ohio.

Phil Hayes

Anonymous said...

I listened to the oceansize la cita video at dave's site with my headphones, and I must say that I now understand what Dave meant by the bottom punk rock glue comment.I am truly blessed to be able to hear that. thank you.

EastBay_J said...

will you guys ever play 'Obvious' again?

Anonymous said...

I have pictures of you from the Peter Murphy tour and you look like a BODYBUILDER. a bit smaller now, but STILL HOT!!!!

George D said...


Anonymous said...

Madame Speaker,

A benevolent branch of my new career in music is donating lessons to physically and emotionally rattled troops coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Even have a Vietnam vet in the mix. Is an amazing experience that inspires the core being. Organizing some of the vets into their own band. Going to teach a guy who lost his arm to tap his musicality. He is to play harmonica, tambourine and shaker in the band.

Thought maybe you would like to hear about this. Thanks again to you and Belle (and some others) for throwing me out of my nest. Hope you are writing lots of music.

Tonight I had my first session with these military folks. Sincerely inspired. Rainbows where my eyes used to be. Candy corn smile embedded across my angel food cake skull. Black Labrador wings unfurled. In full flight.

Respect and Kindness,

matt volpe said...


That's real noble and saint like. Sounds real fulfilling on a lot of levels, good for you for doing such a kind thing in life. Just thought I'd say that as your post was inspiring to read.

Best, Matt

Anonymous said...

Thanks Matt. Takes one to know one.


andy said...

Go for it, someday you'll all be too old or God forbid not alive and have such an opportunity as this.

"Here we go"

Anonymous said...

Eric- if you guys are going to do this again, please make sure the future shows don't include the dancing girls on stage ( aka Perrys wife ) . You gotta go old-school, where it is just you 4 jamming the way you all know how to.


mike woglom said...

Well. for starters I never thought this would have happened. Glory be to it that it did. I saw the og lineup 6 times in 89=91
Shit i even auditioned for Polar Bear which I opposed to PFP... was the logical continuance to JA. My friemd was lucky enough to be there as he was friends with a friend of the owner of the bar. I was out in the Bu putting children to sleep and dreaming of 1990. I just want this to happen selfishly for me and hope for you it satisfies something and betrays nothing.

fucking rock.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking your band back!!!
It is Obvious they needed you.

juan from buenos aires said...

Fuck yeah!!!!!!! Come to Argentina!!!!...I just wach the video on youtube. Eric, if you don't have a contact around here, i think i can make it for you.
Have fun


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Since maybe you are rehearsing songs... for maybe a JA tour... please include this songs on the set list or at least try to.

I know some of the Strays songs were born when you were still with the band,SO IF YOU PLAY SOME... please add your touch cause the over-production on those songs SUCKS!


1.Trip Away (This song must be in)
2.Mountain Song
4.Three Days
5.And Then She Did..
6.Had a Dad
8.Up The Beach
11.Ain´t no right
12.No One is leaving
13.I Would For You
15.Summertime Rolls
16.Ocean Size
17.Pigs in Zen
18.Classic Girl
19.Jane Said
20.Idiots Rule

21.Iris(SF)´s a long shot but that Decons song was played the first time by Jane´s so...

Anonymous said...

Im usually a calm and collected, but theres just something about this fucking band...


THERE AINT NO WRONG NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!