Saturday, November 22, 2008

show was really good. it worked. small doesnt necessarily mean intimate but on this night it did. everyone was hanging out before the set watching a really charming burlesque show (which is, by the way, a regular happening at the el cid). perry, his wife and kids, our friends, our crew, my folks, and all the people who waited outside in line all day were mixing in the crowd. there was no 'us and them'. just us hanging. vibe.

i generally judge shows on two levels; one being the public general show level and two being my selfish personal internal experience. they are often unrelated. the set on a macro level was great. everyone was into it. perry was on fire. we even had a crowd surfer. very proud of him. on the personal level, how do i put this, i am looking forward to having more room onstage. i find it difficult to get lost in the physicality of performance when i am constrained spatially; when i cant move around freely. if the analogy is sex (i know, i know, a worn analogy but i think effective still) it is when you are having sex with a beautiful woman; you are feeling it; she is feeling it; but, your pet is on the corner of the bed staring at you. so great. really great. but not all the way lost in it.

perry told a story from the stage about janes playing club lingerie back in the day. i wanted to add something that he didnt mention. it was a 21 and over club. so before we started playing i went to the back door and let in my friends who werent old enough to get in legally. the club caught me and kicked my friends out. i then told the club that i wasnt going to play. so perry took me outside and we walked down sunset blvd and he tried to talk me down. finally he said that if i would play the show, he would do a bar run. i was convinced. as we neared the end of the last song, he left the mic, jumped onto a table, a railing and onto the bar without touching the floor. he then ran down the bar kicking over everything for the entire length of the bar and disappeared backstage. heroic.

so la cita and el cid; two for two.


Panda said...

My iPhone pics.

Pics and links to vids by VikkiVale.

Pics by Wendybird.

I'm the luckiest JA fan in the world right now. I got the drumsticks that Dave used on "Chip Away". I shook the hands of all the band members as they left the stage (making sure that Eric made eye contact when I told him,

"You are the man! Thank you SO MUCH!")

And, I got number 115 of the 200 Shepard Fairey posters that were printed for the gig.

Needless to say... best f'ing show EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

brilliant. eric, there is plenty of space on the EAST COAST. :D

.kelly said...

Man. Just you mentioning looking forward to more space makes me hopeful. I'm waiting for the San Francisco show, but just videos are making me super excited.

J said...

Just watched some of show on youtube and what was shown of Chip Away sounded incredible.

I just wanted to thank you and I hope to hear some more in the future.

Chris (C. Brian) said...

Senor Avery,

What feedback did your folks give you about the show?

Back in the day, my folks were terrified of Jane's.

Hilarious story about Mr. Farrell's acrobatics in pursuit of libations for you.

And to the rest of you hijos y hijas, here's Chip Away.

Those folks over @ xiola have been posting YouTube clips on the boards.

lisat102002 said...

Thank you for a wonderful evening Eric. It was nice to hear the heavy bass back, that is the way it should sound. The all day adventure and bruises were well worth it. We, as the audience felt the intimacy as well. It truly felt like a celebration of new while remember the old. What a beautiful moment Thursday was.


andy said...

that story is absolutely hilarious

Jasper said...


I have a ton of respect for the approach that you and the band have been taking. There seems to be some brilliantly-planned philosophy guiding things.

I know that the road to artistic creation is fraught with peril, but if this guiding philosophy that I perceive is real, and it is not derailed by extra-artistic forces, I can't help but conclude that we are ALL on course for profound wonder, and untold delights.

Congratulations, and thank you.

Carrie said...

Hey Eric,
I missed the show but it looked like you guys rocked it!! It seems like the vibe between you and your bandmates are really good...I'm so happy for you and the band. Sometimes as fans we can be selfish and forget about what you must be feeling...Thanks for keeping your word Eric. Now we can just get back to the excitement of having you JA back.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great, another 100 fans got to see the band. Don't worry about the rest of us, we have you tube, it's just so the same. I feel so lucky.

Anonymous said...

^ LOL. What a douchebag.

alea said...

Seen the vids on you tube... another great show! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Way proud of you Maestro. You are a very lucky person to have those guys as musical soul mates. And visaversa.

Can't believe y'all all are still alive, healthy enough to play at that level, and have your hearing left.

F-ing way proud of you Maestro!

Respect and Kindness,

PS If you are into answering a question (no pressure)... What is your rig? Pedals and amp, etc.

PSS Way fucking proud of you !

Anonymous said...

Can you call him Maestro a few more times next time.


Robin said...

Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts on the show!
Someone in the comments mentioned we have plenty of room on the East Coast, which is true. Bowery Ballroom comes to mind, huge stage small venue. No barrier. Fans at your feet.

The El Cid show even got a mention today on 92.3 K-Rock. The DJ said "Come on guys, just say the two words that would make everyone happy-reunion tour"

Jeremy Ferrick's Mosaic said...

I've been waiting a long time to see the original lineup of this band, and it was one of the most beautiful live experiences of my entire life. Thank you for a job while down. I finally feel musically satiated.

Jeremy Ferrick's Mosaic said...

typo- I meant a job well done!

Anonymous said...

Eric the way you move into your bass is so sexy!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on man, come on man,... dont´t stop now!

Here we go now!

Anonymous said...

you need to tour, become engulfed in the music and only the music. these shows once a month are great (for LA fans) but they give you too much time to think. the best thing you can do is bang out a 30 show tour only on the east coast. playing NY 10 times. :)

matt volpe said...


Great story about back in the day. Glad to see that back in the day is now TODAY (again)! Amazing performance by you and the band the other night at el cid, just saw some you tube footage. LOVED Then She Did, that is one of my all time favorites by you guys and one of my favorite bass lines, period.

Even from the some of the low quality audio from watching the you tube vids, your tone comes out precise and strong, that jazz bass you're playing packs a punch. Awesome to see you playing finger style on No one's leaving.

I second Mike in saying I am way proud of you man, to have you back in the fold is the best thing going on in music right now according to me. I hear you about being limited by space during a performance, that has happened to me my whole playing career as i've never really played a huge stage. Caged great white shark.

Hope to hear from you on the blog again soon. All the best to you amigo, Matt

Anonymous said...

chip away is so deadly awesome show

Anonymous said...

trip away >> totally amazing!

Anonymous said...

"I was hanging back stage and someone gave me some mushrooms...You know what I did with them?...I ate them..."

Perry Farrel, 1991 before Trip Away starts banging out!

That Song is the Best man...

Anonymous said...

What's a jane's rehearsal like?
Any new material beginning to emerge?
Don't get me wrong I like the old stuff, but....

sam said...

if jane's could take like two songs from each member's solo career, which two songs would you want to play?

i know off of help wanted, i would suggest porchlight. the guitar riff in that song is soothing, like a nice comfortable high.

Anonymous said...

2008 has to be the year that so many longtime voids in my life were filled. First and foremost, my son Lucas was born and has changed my life in so many positive ways that I am, gladly, becoming a shadow of my former self (in many, but not all facets).... secondly, the true life of Jane's Addiction has been ressurected and is growing stronger every day (or so it seems). Eric, your return means so much to so many longtime fans. Everything turned a coner for us last month with La Cita. All I can say is thank you. The original Jane's is something from the godo old days I want to keep around,

kudos on the second show.

philippe said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the awesomeness.

~(* said...

Thank you! OG Jane's is the BEST! I am so glad to have been at this show. Waiting for the next one...

Anonymous said...

Wait, how about another show for 100 more fans? That will make it a total of 300 so far. Don't worry about the rest of us. We have Led Zeppelin to see featuring David Lee Roth. Nice!

Anonymous said...

what i think about.

We have some dancers at our shows.

When I saw the burlesque dancers opening for janes it brought back thoughts.

Before organizing the dancers, I asked some friends and dancers.
"where is the line between art and exploitation?" One dancer said, "if you are going to have women, then you must also have men."

"you must exploit all or none"

Or have the dancers be in a non burlesque fashion. Like a broadway play or whatever.

Maybe I am too PC even to wonder. Sex was always preferred with a friend. Strangers felt like looters.

respect and kindness, even to those who mistakenly think I may be inferior,

Anonymous said...

So stoked to hear about this show Eric (and pissed I missed it!)... HUGE fan of Deconstruction and Polar Bear, and of course JA. Hoping you get out here to the "fly over state" of Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mike, you are being PC to the point of absolute absurdity. Not to mention that the dancers are part of the regular club review at El Cid.

Get a fucking grip.

matt volpe said...


Do not pay attention, never anything wrong with questioning something. I believe Eric intends this blog to be an open platform to all sorts of opinions, some agreeable. some disagreeable. But that does not give someone the right to be rude and discourteous to someone's opinion they may not agree with. Some where along the line here, along the course of this blog, some very incredibly small minded people have been commenting. It's sad to see those kind infiltrate this blog, one that I've considered for the past 2 years very informative, interesting, entertaining and most of all, positive.

Don't let it bother you. Stay up.

happy thanksgiving everyone.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Matt, people do have the "right" to be what you might consider "rude or discourteous." The "right" to post here extends to the point where our host might wish to delete something.

What is rude and discourteous is a matter of opinion. Perhaps Mike has a thicker skin than you imagine. Despite Mike's apparent sensitivities, I don't think he is so fragile that he needs to be consoled like a kindergartner when someone speaks to him in a frank, informal manner.

matt volpe said...

I am not "consoling" or "protecting" Mike persay, but rather,
having his back, as he has had mine in the past on this blog.

If you call "get a fucking grip" frank and informal, then you got problems my friend.

Anonymous said...

eric- i really hope the 1986 4 track recording of "kettle whistle" makes it on the boxed set! the version on kettle whistle as you know is awful

Anonymous said...

LOL. You're a hoot, Matt. I don't think Mike needs you to protect him, but who knows.

You talk about offensive. I find your preachy, over-earnest, mamby-pamby attitude to be offensive. Like others, I find your creepy, stalkerly behavior offensive as well.

Get a fucking grip.

Anonymous said...

I named my kid Volpe. He's quite special. Anyone want to see video's of him?

Anonymous said...

"some very incredibly small minded people have been commenting"

Hey Mike - lick my ass

Jasper said...

That last poster, hooligan that he may be, reminded me of something:

"Leck mich im Arsch is a canon in B-flat major composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, K. 231 (K382c), with lyrics in German. It was one of a set of at least six canons probably written in Vienna in 1782. Sung by six voices as a three-part round, it is thought to be a party piece for his friends."

For those of you who, like me, do not speak German, that translates as "Lick Me in the Ass."

Mozart was a silly, silly man.

Daniel said...

Wow. And to think I come here each day to read comments about Eric and Jane's etc. This other stuff with mud slinging back and forth is becoming much more interesting!

Anonymous said...

"Some people call me a piece of shit"..."piece of shit" the crowd answers.

"Some people call me a motherfucker"..."mother fucker" the crowd answers...

"When people tell you to shout up, I answer that´s the way things got fucked up in the first place, so when people tell you that ain´t right, say fuck it "It Aín´t no Right"

Eric A. Bass lines begins

Perry Farrell live 1986.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike, Matt and "anonymous people" chill out man...It ain´t no right....I know I made a few mistakes, but I dig Perry words.

George W. Bush

Anonymous said...

forgot the"´s " of Perry. Sorry.


matt volpe said...

Get a life, really. You are disturbed.

Anonymous said...

Ok watch this drive...

matt volpe said...

Eric and friends,

My apologies for my back and forth with Anonymous, this is not a place for negative banter or hurtful verbiage. I never intended my comments to start any of that up, where someone would comment very cruelly and in bully fashion. I'm no longer wasting your time or anyone else's here by partaking in such negativity and rudeness.

I hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving and look forward to more blogs soon.

Be well and eat well, Matt

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt...I think your son is using your account and posting here. Obviously a young child is making these posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt Amigo.... take it easy man!, good holidays to you.


matt volpe said...

Thanks JMP, you as well.

Anonymous said...

As the first anonymous to respond to Mike's woefully prissy reaction to the burlesque dancers, and Matt's pious, bleeding-heart intervention, I am deeply saddened by the low-quality of subsequent posts made anonymously. I am not as skilled in the English language as I would like to be, but surely my relative command of letters enables me to distinguish myself from the posters who followed me.

I am rolling my eyes so very hard at you. Give this prissy, superior act a rest and lighten up.


Anonymous said...

Low Quality!

You hurt my feelings.

Anonymous said...

Hey check out this band maybe some of you will dig this!


The just opened a show for The Jesus and Mary Chain...Great Band!

"Sonic Redemption"-Good song man!

Hey Eric next gig try to play "Obvious" I know its rare that the band play that song...but it sounds good a couple of bootlegs so I know how good live is.


Anonymous said...


Jane's Addiction was one of the reasons I decided to start playing the bass guitar 15 years ago, I never had a chance to experience you guys glad to see you back in the fold, Patiently waiting here in NJ for you guys.....

Anonymous said...

It's funny how some people think they are so smart and judge the intelligence of others. How about this: go fuck yourself!

You don't have to go to Harvard to understand that.

Anonymous said...

STILL the greatest motherfucking band of all time. Its a true sin not to share this with more people! fucking brilliant.


Anonymous said...

yeah u guys are full of shite

when that guy said lick my ass it didnt need to be all fancy cause the point was made

end of story

mcv said...

thank you so much for this affair w/ janes Eric - i get goosebumps everytime i see one of the new youtube vids, please dont stop now! TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can you please play "ofcourse" next time you guys go favorite song of all time, i have so many great memories because of it...and hopefully more to come

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I bet they will tour but summer of 2009 and US dates only...and now for a while small venues...

Anonymous said...

Awesome slagging match! I know I shouldn't enjoy it as much as I do...but I do!!!

Jon Green said...

This year. I'm thankful for a one Jane's Addiction reunitng. please keep putting on the brahms and keep enjoying what you are doing. You are making many people extremely happy. THREE FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When are you guys playing the Bay Area?

grindinghalt said...

I just wanted to say that I picked up your recent CD Help Wanted and it is a masterpiece. Your vocals have a great range on the disc and the music/effects are amazing. Great work, Eric!!!! Thanks for getting back with Jane's and I hope to get into a gig soon.

Anonymous said...

I think Eric might be a wee bit weirded out about Matt Volpe. Stalker to the extreme.Nuff Said

Teflon Don

Anonymous said...

I am so excited by the musical things happening.

It feels so right.

Art, I think, is not frivolous. In times of peril, art is not to be abandoned, but rather upheld, celebrated, and protected. It is the best of us, and were we to lose it, we would be nothing.

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that JA is playing Highline Ballroom NYC New Years Eve?

Anonymous said...

I don´t know man....hope it´s true

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Jane's Addiction cover the 1968 Floyd song "The Nile Song"

Best part of 2008, muscially, Jane's Addiction is for real once again. Thanks Eric!

Anonymous said...

Yeah man The Nile Song is a good song, but I think maybe if they would cover a "new" song it should be from Joy Division...maybe "The Only Mistake"...Starts witha killer bass line, and then NOISE...check it up man!

It´s a B side I think its on the Permanent record or in their boxset....I think the Substance record has it also.

Syd Curtis

Anonymous said...


Just wondering if you might share your thoughts as to what it feels like to have a Janes cover band out there that does the whole dress up thing:
"Nothings Shocking"

Does anyone know how long these guys have been doing this?
Has anyone here seen them?

With the exception of one of those "Beatlemania" shows years ago...I've never seen one of these bands...lately I've been thinking about checking one out for fun. It's got to be just over the top crazy...Ozzy, Floyd, U2 whatever....any suggestions anybody?

I think it would be kind of funny to show up at the bar where one of these bands are playing dressed up as whichever bands..."authentic" fan base...and just go crazy.


Anonymous said...

That video makes me appreciate the finely-tuned machine that is the true Jane's Addiction even more.

LOL, that guy sounds nothing like Perry. He seems to be trying really hard though, so extra points for that. I mean, bless them all. That's an ambitious thing to take on. It comes off as a little comical though. It makes me chuckle. It's cool though...they're into it. Heh. I can't stop giggling.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the 'nothing's shocking' tribute band a couple of time with an oingo boingo tribute band, great shows, old school vibe for sure. the guitarist looks a lot like dave and the semi dred wig on "ea" was a great touch. nailed perry use of effects. here's the link to their sight, they usually list when they're playing. definite good time.


Anonymous said...

I will definately go see Nothing Shocking, at least I could get into their shows. I am sure there is no Fire Marshall excuses and all the other crap you hear from JA. Maybe my new favorite group is Nothing Shocking. Yea, I think they are. Let JA just play for their family and select 100 people from now on. Up yours.

Anonymous said...

Do you live in LA?...Did you did a line to try to get in to see JA?

If not your words have no value.

If one of those questions is yes, then is your opinion, but I do not agree, I think is great they are playing at all...cause this would lead to maybe... a tour were more people could get in an enjoy their music.

sam said...

i love the international flavor of this.

Anonymous said...

That douchebag three posts up @ 4:29 is so over the top that he must be trolling. He's posted a couple of times before.

Nobody is that much of a whiny bitch.

cass said...

Damn, people are still complaining about not getting in to the LA shows? Suck it up man. There finally fucking back, and people bitch and moan. Ridiculous.
Selfish fuckers actually. In due time, we'll all get to see them i'm sure, even here in NYC. Chill the fuck out.

Anonymous said...

So when are the new janes songs going to debut, Eric?

Anonymous said...

So when are the new janes songs going to debut, Eric?

Anonymous said...

List of Great Bands playing during 1987-1994 era...hope a new generation of bands this good come along again even if this happens when i´m 50 years old.

Some Of these bands started before 1987 and some are still playing.. but in my opinion this was a golden era were great records were made also.... audiences and bands look alike and no one was with a phone filming the show...just having a good time listening to music....long hair, boots and no fashion T shirts.

Butthole Surfers
Jane´s Addiction
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rollins Band
Body Count
The Cure
The Smiths
Faith No More
Mr. Bungle
Mad Season
Porno For Pyros
Alice in Chains
Pearl Jam
PJ Harvey
Rage Against The Machine
My Bloody Valentine
Pussy Galore
Dinosaur Jr.
Sonic Youth
Green River
Bikini Kill
Babes In Toyland
Meat Puppets
Yo La Tengo
John Spencer Blues Explotion
Smashing Pumkins
Mazzy Star
Brian Jonestown Massacre

If any band was not metion, add it up so I can check up new music from that time.

It´s great that Jane´s is back with you Eric...Great fan of The Cure also and wish Boris Williams was back again...some people don´t know how important and good drummer he he was very important in creating music also, and Cure has not made a good record since Wish (1992) or a song Burn (1994), since his departure...My Opinion.

matt volpe said...

cool list. One more I can think of that has contributed to this awesome musical era: fugazi

Thanks, matt

Anonymous said...

Yeah Fugazi cool band, that´s the band formed by Ian MacKaye after Minor Threat was over, if I´m not mistaken.

The Jesus and Mary Chain, also a good band from that time.

Add this bands to the list.

Primal Scream
Love And Rockets
Stone Roses


Anonymous said...

Found this interview of Eric from DEC 1997.

His answers are very straight, so being now in 2008 one can see why JA is doing these small shows, cause if it works out it would be for creative reasons, and not money and a megatour,...of course I would like a tour anyway.

Check it out

About Selling out..

But haven't you redeemed yourself by getting out?(OF JA)

Well, I think at the same time though, I don't believe that my 18 year old take on things would have been right. That's where I agree with you about the goal posts changing. There are just things that are different, but I know in my soul when something feels like a sell out and I think for me, I knew that if I did the Jane's Addiction reunion thing, that I would feel like a sell out. That's how it would feel to me. Now obviously, playing bass for Jane's Addiction would not feel like a sell out for many people, but I think that we all have our individual parameters that we're all working with, and our own histories and everything, and so I don't know if there is like a blanket rule. But I think when people have lots of money and still do things for no other reason but just more, larger amounts of money, for absolutely no redeeming value whatsoever for major corporations that are really horrible and fucked, that's like an incontrovertible sell out. So that's kinda what I saw the other night and it was just disappointing to see people not show a lot of character.

How do you feel about the Jane's Addiction relapse, now that it's over?

Well, I'm really glad that it's all over with. Because I really wish it had never happened, but it's funny though, because I was wondering that very thing. I haven't talked to David [Navarro] yet, since, but I was curious. I thought to myself, "Well, now how does it feel guys? I mean, how how does it feel for you guys to be, now you're just back to your Porno for Pyros and your Red Hot Chili Peppers? Was it worth it? Was it what you wanted it to be? But for me it's just kinda nice because it's just like maybe now, everywhere I go, I'm not gonna be hearing about that girl I went out with a long time ago who everyone keeps telling me about who she's seeing now, kind of. That's really what the experience was like for me. Everybody thought I needed to hear everything about what was going on and it was funny too, because I was fielding phone calls, like this was my little mundane day to day existence, I was like this secret headquarters for all the drama, around that stuff. It was just funny, all these people calling here and I was just sitting there going "There you go...not a lot of surprises there." I was not surprised by anything. It's funny too, because I am so not connected, in the usual sense, to the music industry, I don't go to lots of clubs and don't see bands, or go hang out at all the right coffee shops or whatever. I have not felt an affinity for that for a really long time. It seems like all my friends from Hollywood come out to Santa Monica to have an afternoon where they wanna sit with me and talk shit about how full of shit everyone in Hollywood is, and then they disappear into that world again for a couple of months, until they come meet me for a cup of coffee, to do the same thing a couple of months later.

Chris (C. Brian) said...

For anyone who's interested:

2005 interview with Eric A. from Filter.

Anonymous said...

Great interview.. is amazing that Eric is actually playing back with JA after the 2005 answers..time heals a fan Im just happy the band is back even if they do only small shows.

Anonymous said...

Help Wanted #5 of 2008 at Fishpork!!!

Icon69 said...

They've written 3 new songs. 'Space cake','Whiskey & Wine' & 'Outlaw'

Anonymous said...

Great, can't wait to hear Nothing Shocking play those 3 new songs!

Anonymous said...

Icon 69 is very cool name...not, ...why don´t go with the NS fan to see if it is raining down the corner, I think you`ll find Britney there too.

Chris (C. Brian) said...

Anyone know if this data about EA from IMDB is correct? Specifically, did he act in Broken Vessels as well as Sex w/ Strangers?

Anonymous said...

LETS GO ERIC! COME ON!!!! JA is a fucking drug you can't just cock tease like this!-PT

Anonymous said...

Dave said this on his blog regarding the following question

"Does the constant flashes bother your eyes after a while during live performances, or do you just somehow adjust to it?"

The flashes aren't really a problem at all cause they kind of blend in with the lights of the venue streaming down into our eyes anyway. What has become more and more awkward is the fact that now that everybody has a camera on their phone, we generally look out to and audience who are watching the show through the screens on their phones as they snap away. We make less eye contact with about half of the room cause they are shooting the show with some digital device. I get it and appreciate the fact that people want to save memories... I guess I am just old school and miss the days when the audience was more connected without a piece of technology between the show and themselves.

Totally agree with the phone issue... Who can take a phone to film on a JA show?...only a person who think is cooler to have the "image" than actually get the vibe of the music...One of the things I really like about Jane´s in the early days was the fans and the pit, now or those fans are too old to mosh around or the geeks are taking over man!

Ram Dass said...

surprise us Eric, we like surprises

Ram Dass said...

So is Jane's working on new tunes, or is Perry devoted to writing songs for his passé techno/rock project?

Anonymous said...

Farrell is making videos dude

JM said...


just wanted to drop by and say hi. It's been a while without news from you, anything you want to share? Any personal plans for Christmas, New Years?

Take care, we miss you around here.


cowboy neal said...

Thought I'd mention that the first two Green Umbrella concerts at WDCH have been great. I'm going to all five this season. Last week they did pieces by Berio, Cage, Stockhausen and Ligeti. Really knocked me out actually. Except for the Berio, they were all early works for the composers and quite musical (though Berio and Ligeti never got too radically experimental, relatively speaking).

I have to miss the first two Monday Evening Concerts this season but looking forward to those that follow too.

Eric, I know you're a Rite fan. If you like Stravinsky's neoclassical stuff I just came across his Ebony Concerto for clarinet and jazz band. An interesting take on jazz rhythms and harmonies.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

At this moment....what I really wanted is that shoe not missing the target.

-ea. said...

cowboy neal - i was there at disney. didnt stay for ligeti; love his work but cant listen to his vocal stuff. cant really do vocals at all in classical stuff. i will check out the stravinsky piece. thanks.

the piece ive been tweaking on lately i heard a week ago saturday in santa monica. part of a great series called jacaranda. messiaens piano cycle "Vingt Regards Sur l'Enfant-Jésus". phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

Alright Eric!

Anonymous said...


Regarding new bands... Is there one that has caught your atention lately? the way its great that you are taking time again to respond some posts.

If you don´t have an answer to my question its alright also man!


cowboy neal said...

I have not attended a Jacaranda concert. I'm on their mailing list and the concerts look very good but I just haven't made it out. I did see Mark Robson walking around WDCH Tuesday. Talented! I'll look up the Messiaen piece.

Interesting how you feel about classical singing. I don't dislike it enough to skip a piece of music and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to pony up for LAOpera's Ring, but I must agree I do not feel passionate about it, how some just seem to LOVE opera singers. I've considered why in the past and have come to some conclusions for myself. One, most classical singing is in a language I don't understand. Right away that is a big disconnect for me. Two, even in english it's hard to make out half of what's being sung (and choruses even less). Three, I appreciate the technique but classical vocals just don't move me much of the time. I don't really hear the passion, the raw emotion. Jerry Garcia, Perry Farrell and Frank Sinatra are three that come to mind that just their singing, as trained or not they may be, can really make a powerful connection.

Anonymous said...

Eric Avery, have u heard of teh band Deerhunter, listen to there album Microcastle.


Crazy Bee said...

Hey Eric,

A long times Jane's fan here that never had a chance to see the original lineup (geographically isolated at the time). Now I live in San Diego and make it to all of the Camp Freddy shows. Any chance you could show up for the December 23rd closing gig at the Roxy to do a couple of songs with Dave? You'd be giving a fan of 20 years and I'm sure many others the best Christmas gift. If you can't or won't, it's all good.

Enjoy the holidays,


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

W the homosexual

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Anonymous said...

Hope for a good start next year.

Anonymous said...

Hope for happy dreams and magic schemes.

A very merry yuletide season to you and yours.

Happy times all around!

Anonymous said...

Hope for a great 2009 for you and Jane´s, and hope the new years eve show goes well.

matt volpe said...


A Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and Belle and family.

All the best,

Donovan said...

"so la cita and el cid; two for two"

care to drop a hint as to #3? if they'll be a #3

Anonymous said...

they busy in the studio writing new stuff

Pee ka Boo said...

Blog update please

~Pee Ka Boo

Anonymous said...

Heroic, you say? Schmuck! I venerated you since I saw you first play at the Lizmar Lounge (can't even remember is that's the correct spelling --- it was a two-story club on 1st Ave and 2nd St. NYC in 1986). Eric. We spoke, really spoke (no, I'm not gonna use the word "connected"). Please come visit Paris (5th arrondissement) and indulge an old pal who “watched” your bass for you while you returned back inside to collect your pay with a few minutes of contentment that is harder and harder to come by. We've both come a LONG way since '86, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about “what could have been” had I not been so intimated. Contact me if/when you're in Paris and if/when you want to...Forever your fan, Julia T

Julie said...

Lawrence Durrell? Really?

Heroic, you say? Schmuck! I venerated you since I saw you first play at the Lizmar Lounge (can't even remember is that's the correct spelling --- it was a two-story club on 1st Ave and 2nd St. NYC in 1986). Eric. We spoke, really spoke (no, I'm not gonna use the word "connected"). Please come visit Paris (5th arrondissement) and indulge an old pal who “watched” your bass for you while you returned back inside to collect your pay with a few minutes of contentment that is harder and harder to come by. We've both come a LONG way since '86, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about “what could have been” had I not been so intimated. Contact me if/when you're in Paris and if/when you want to...Your fan, Julia T

Julie said...

Heroic, you say? Schmuck! I venerated you since I saw you first play at the Lizmar Lounge (can't even remember is that's the correct spelling --- it was a two-story club on 1st Ave and 2nd St. NYC in 1986). Eric. We spoke, really spoke (no, I'm not gonna use the word "connected"). Please come visit Paris (5th arrondissement) and indulge an old pal who “watched” your bass for you while you returned back inside to collect your pay with a few minutes of contentment that is harder and harder to come by. We've both come a LONG way since '86, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about “what could have been” had I not been so intimated. Contact me if/when you're in Paris and if/when you want to...Your fan, Julia T

Jasper said...

So, anyways, back to the vox in classical music. I find there are some things where voice is essential. For me these would primarily be choral. For instance, there's Beethoven's 9th - I saw this performed last year at Symphony Hall in Boston, and one of the leads, a mighty baritone by the name of Robert Honeysucker, really blew me away. Mr. Honeysucker's singing is embued with a decidedly black depth and might. He'll be performing Beethoven's 9th with the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra in Japan, this evening (Dec. 28) :)

Bach's Mass in B Minor. 'nuff said.

On the lighter side, how could anyone not love Habanera from Carmen?

It's all very interesting business - I posted the youtube link to an instrumental Rimsky-Korsakov "Song of the Indian Guest" recently, something that is meant to have vocals, though I like the instrumental take much better. Rimsky-Korsakov, like Wagner, was vehemently opposed to music free of a story. I don't share this view, but it's interesting...

Anonymous said...

eric, very happy Jane's is really back, w/out you in the fold it seemed disingenuine (like seeing T. Barker inplace of Stephen). Seeing JA w/out the original lineup is like surfing w/out the waves or reading while asleep. I watched some clips online and agreed that you looked a little cramped, probably a fitting comeback as it dates early Jane's club shows. Very hopeful to catch wind of a tour in the future. Best wishes in the new year!

sam said...

i am thankful for the holidays to be over. now i can be depressed for the normal reasons and not have added stress:)

in terms of that list, Morphine, good job listing them. i've been listening to the shit out of them lately.

mark sandman was a genius. for whatever reason, just like avery, the bass is the foundation of all good traditional "rock" music.

Anonymous said...

Good point Sam guess another bass player that has not got all the credit he deserves and was part of a great band is Andy Rourke from The Smiths...


Anonymous said...

Anyone into shoegaze...check out this Portland band High Violets...they are good, remind of a band called Lush....

Chris (C. Brian) said...

Sisters of Mercy anyone? First and Last and Always . . ..

sam said...

joe lally(sp) of fugazi.

Anonymous said...

Simon Gallup from Cure

matt volpe said...


Great addition. Joe Lally is one of the most unsung heroes in the bass world. He is an incredible player.

Happy New Years to you and Eric A. and everyone here!

Best, Matt

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Eric and everyone else (including the ass lick solicitor)!

Here is a peak performance question for the new year; a spin on last year’s question...

If you could do anything musically, with no chance of failure, what would you do?

!Viva La Musica!

Hopes this year bring health, joy y prosperity to all that you core value.

Know thyself.

Respect and Kindness,


aka: Any day this side of the ground is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Some new bands I´m into ...if you like Velvet Underground, Syd Barrett´s Pink Floyd and Jesus & Mary Chain check them out they are from this decade under- 60´s scene.... cool music for VERY uncool times.

Black Angels
Darker My Love (Eric´s Labelmates at Dangerbird)
High Violets
Carmen Rosa
Quarter After
Asteroid # 4

All of this bands are from the US except for Carmen Rosa from the UK.

PS: Darker My Love first record can be downloaded for free on Dangerbirds records website.

also on the bass player issue... Mike Watt from Firehose and Minutemen and Cris Kirtwood from Meat Puppets are good players man!

Jane Says said...

Jane says play another show

Anonymous said...

Best to listen and be influenced by the originals, not the copycat bands

Anonymous said...

yeah if youre 19 and you don´t know nothing about music or you just don´t care much about music... but when you have listened to all the stuff " that´s original" ...were you go? back to "Heroin" again....Don´t know much of the bands listed but i´ll sure give them a the way all bands at the very start are copy cats of something if they are good the become unique...some people man....

Anonymous said...

Some bands are most original when they first come out. VU was like that.

When you run out of stuff "that's original," you then go out into other areas of music from other places and other times. Rock music is just a tiny sliver, and most of it is dreck.

Anonymous said...

whoever posted about Darker My Love-Thank you! some of the best music I've heard in years!

Albert Hofmann said...

Perry Farrell's trip

This was the time it would happen. There was no going back. Perry gazed lovingly at the tiny squares of blotter on his dresser. This time he would break through far beyond where he'd traveled before. He tilted his head back, opened his mouth and made a deposit. The entire sheet was downed at once without hesitation. He prayed for guidance and a blessing. He felt the first alert coming on and a cone of smugness came over him. It wouldn't be long; he stared into the mirror with a long sheepish grin. The inner stirrings and restlessness were making themselves known. There was anxiety building and he knew this would not be a short lived excursion. The tension was building in greater crescendo as his body shifted into a higher vibration. The feeling felt like flying, like levitating, and like falling. He was zooming along to someplace at tremendous speed, but he couldn't see any of the territory that he passed by.
In his mind's field of vision, Perry could now see the world from a different perspective. He could see the interconnectivity of every living thing on the planet. He could see sounds and hear colors. He could feel otherworldly currents of energy rushing through his pale naked body. His body was filled with ecstatic pleasure. As his surroundings breathed with life and energy, his mind was in flux, tuning into a God-like vibration. He fell into a dream. Perry found himself standing in the center of a vast playa surrounded by pure white light. He opened his mouth and felt he could breathe this wondrous light. He inhaled deeply. The blinding illumination penetrated his body such that he felt like a burning star. He shouted his own name across the playa and it echoed back at tremendous thundering volume. He did this again and again with violent tremors, shaking the mountains in the distance. With little gravity to hold him, he leaped into the air and floated slowly down. Perry turned and gazed toward the east. He could hear the distant sound of wild ceremonious drumbeats and ancient Indian drones. He heard heavenly music like no human had never heard before. This vision planted a seed in Perry Farrell. It inspired him to attempt to recreate the sounds he heard on this trip. He desired to share this knowledge to help our fallen world. He was determined to carry this out and presented his ideas to his musical counterpart, Eric Avery.

Anonymous said...

To The Thanks Person;

Your Welcome its good to listen to new music once in a while an Darker My Love is really good...if you get a chance listen to the Asteroid # 4 bet you´ll like it too.

Do not want to create a debate out the list of new bands, not the idea, love the originals and if copy cats or influenced bands make an addition to the music that´s great for me....Not everybody will agree an that´s Ok too.

Enjoy Music... any kind.


Herself said...

I wish the other guys in Janes were more like you. Without the urge to go chasing after fame and celebrity. Guess thats what comes with living in SoCal near Hollywood. Time to move north toward San Fran guys.

Anonymous said...

most real masterminds do not revel in crowds and attention seeking from the general public. they are on a level far above that.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone care that Israel is making a mess out of Gaza?

I´m not against Israel in particular, I´m against mother$#€@#¬" , and at this time that goverment is full of mother$#€@#¬"...and big brother US does not care ...of course there is no oil in Gaza just poor people.

I wont swallow no more Hollywood propaganda on had bad the Israel race had it in the past...looks that they did not learn their lesson cause the making the same mistake others made...a kill is a kill...and murder is murder...and don´t bring that shit of 9-11 arabs did not did that mess...

Oliver Twisted

Purple dwarf said...

Ozmic, are you here?

Anonymous said...

Just another hater out there

Purple dwarf said...

Ozmic are you here? Speak to me

Jimmy said...

Hey Eric

Any possibility you guys could play a Deconstruction song or two during your next sound check? Thanks


Anonymous said...

To the Hater post...hey so that means you are loving what´s happening there in Gaza or worse you support that..guess you support also that young american soldiers are dying in Irak and Afganistan for no reason(besides money and politics), and then getting so fucked up they torture people back in prisoncamps or worse commiting suicide cause they can not handle the "new reality", don´t want that no more...lets debate don´t hide in there..i´m no war lover that´s for sure.

I´m glad Obama won..but do you know he choose as a close advisor a former mossad soldier, and that his father was a high rank officer in mossad...wrong signs if you want to handle peace in midle east and achieve change...but then again i´m no politician an maybe people would hang me if I tried myself "as president" to bring all troops back.


Anonymous said...

another hater out there, don't sweat it, there are plenty of you

Anonymous said...

Have Jane's Addction shed their cult-like theatrical flair?

the answer is, so far, YES

but why?

please bring it back, we like it!
we like the artrock and deathrock theatrics

Anonymous said...

Pretty intelligent answer "war lover"...there plenty of you out there also... much more actually.


Anonymous said...

"O.T." you are a conspiracy theory touting moron.

There are plenty of YOU out there.

I am not the person to whom you are responding, but if you care to pick sides in the Israeli/Palestinian debate, you'd do well to leave off the conspiracy theory rubbish.

For starters, we have to wonder just what is wrong with you that you'd think the comments section for Eric's post about a show with Jane's would be a swell place to start jabbering about your Jews Did 9/11 garbage. Furthermore, you should be advised that Eric has spoken publicly about his stance as a skeptic and follower of the scientific method, and that it is therefor highly unlikely that he would read your posts and find you to be anything more than a terminal fool.

I, for one, am extremely disturbed by the recent Israeli actions, but your disjointed rambling and delusional spouting of mainstream conspiracy theory fluff means that any message to rational humans with regards to this conflict can not come from the likes of you. In fact, you are a liability to the cause of peace and justice.

Please stop.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me the status of the Janes Box set?


Anonymous said...

Ya you're making the rest of us conspiracy theorists look bad.

now back to Janes.

How about they CONSPIRE to make a new album for 2009 and an all aooustic EP bonus jam disc to go with it.

thats what i'm talking about BABY!

Anonymous said...

I hope that if Jane's makes a new record, that they make it their weirdest and artiest yet. Chunky not smooth, with all of the wildly diverse influences at the forefront. That would be so fucking great.

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully a new Jane's record will find them not being afraid to delve into their diverse set of influences for fear of what MTV or top 40 radio might think. Thumbing their nose at the corporate music culture.

Since many bands progress over time, I'd always assumed that Jane's Addiction would evolve into a special kind of jam band. With funk, blues and a bit of southern rock blended nicely not unlike what Widespread Panic, String Cheese Incident and Phish can do. Where the percussion and bass are supreme; locked into spell binding polyrhymic grooves. Music that makes you want to move and jump aorund. Something Flea would drool over while listening to.
I'm not sure Dave Navarro is well versed enough to take it to that level though, since he did have diffulties doing improv with the Chili Peppers. The could be what held them back during the Strays period."

Anonymous said...

I was thinking something along the lines of David Bowie "Space Oddity"

Anonymous said...

"Southern rock"? Huh? I think you may be looking for a different band.

We are talking about a band forged from post-punk, goth, metal, funk, psychedelic, pop, world folk, and even touches of jazz and classical. Southern rock or anything like it never enters the equation, and it wouldn't make a happy fit. At all.

Jane's excels at dramatic, dynamic, tight, theatrical art music.

Anonymous said...

i was talking about an evolution in terms of other musical elements, never said they WERE southern rock. you should listen to their first album again. no post punk or goth influence stylings there at all. its classic rock riffing and blues influences in the guitar playing. i think they may have the ability to transcend what they've done in the past. as one gets older and more seasoned, you realize how limiting the genre of metal becomes

Anonymous said...

I'm all for getting rid of the metal, but that doesn't leave us heading into jam band territory.

As for XXX, there is plenty of post-punk and gothy feeling in there. Post-punk style informs much of what Eric plays, and what Eric plays is the heart of practically every Jane's composition. Post-punk is what brought Eric and Perry together in the first place. Listen to Perry's ghostly screaming, and the spare, echoey artiness of "Chip Away" and "I Would For You." I'd also mention that much of their other work was already written at that point.

Let's go even further back to the Black Radio Club performance in 1986 - They are playing fast, vicious takes of "Ain't No Right," and The Stooge's "I Gotta Right." The heartbeat of the music is defiantly LESS bluesy than the mainstream LA stuff of the time. Of course there's plenty of hard rock in Jane's too, and with that comes bluesy stuff, yes, but when mentioning bluesy guitar, consider that Dave is the one who brings the strong metal element to the band. Go back and listen to bare, bleak sound of Psi-Com. Go forward and listen to P4P and Polar Bear. Listen to Help Wanted. Take Dave's love of metal out of the equation and you get even less blues, not more.

Jane's could mellow out some, and conceivably get more experimental in the process, but that will never lead them to twangy jam band territory. The band, with Eric involved, is simply too punk-infused, art-damaged, and cosmopolitan for that. Not to say that they can't or won't jam out. :)

This said, maybe you'll agree with me that they should finally uncork Ripple as arranged for Deadicated.

Anonymous said...

Yes I definitely agree with you in regards to "Ripple". It is an amazing song to say the least. What I would most love to hear them do is break free from the constraints of standard rock/metal format, which they fell into with Strays.

I think they could do this by giving Stephen Perkins more free reign. One can easily hear he was held back on the Panic Channel and Strays. A quick listen to any of what Banyan has done (or even the first Porno For Pyros cd) displays his stunning ability & diverse range of musical knowledge.

I like the post punk stuff too especially the clever counter melody of the bass guitar and some of the atonalities prevalent there. You're probably right about Eric being infused tightly in that area. But I do know from interviews that he used to be heavily into the Grateful Dead and he definitely is no stranger to funk music.

If you get a chance you might want to listen to this album, it has the funk, blues, southern jam thing all rolled into one slice of musical genius. I'm sure Stephen Perkins has this one in his collection :)

Anonymous said...

Great discussion in the last few posts.

Eric, is Jane's writing any new material?

Be well,


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It's not much but the link below says 6th April

How reliable that is, who knows...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I also e-mailed Rhino records with the link and asked them to confirm if:

a) this approximate release date is close to the mark
b) any other info they could provide (such as track listing)

They replied with:

"Thanks for your email. I cannot confirm any information on this release at this time. Please stay tuned to for any developments."

So there you have it...we will have to sit tight.

Dr. Rhino

Anonymous said... can remove that "Dr. Rhino" sign-off. That's not me. That was an accidental leftover from cut and paste I did.

I forgot to include this that was also included in the e-mail from Rhino:

"Stay up to date with all things Rhino, including upcoming release information, contests & other fun stuff, by signing up for the Rhino Newsletter:

...and the Rhino Handmade Early Warning Newsletter: "

Signing off for real now...

(some one who is not Dr. Rhino.

Crystal Ship said...

Before you slip into unconsciousness
I'd like to have another kiss
Another flashing chance at bliss
Another kiss
Another kiss

The days are bright and filled with pain
Enclose me in your gentle rain
The time you ran was too insane
We'll meet again
We'll meet again

Oh tell me where your freedom lies
The streets are fields that never die
Deliver me from reasons why
You'd rather cry
I'd rather fly

The crystal ship is being filled
A thousand girls, a thousand thrills
A million ways to spend your time
When we get back
I'll drop a line

andyroo said...

hey BUTTHOLE, write another motif already, sheesh motherfucker

Anonymous said...

I don't think Navarro liked the RHCP funk music shazaaz. Didn't flea play the funkier guitar parts on One Hot Minute for him? said...

911 was an inside job

Anonymous said...

To the asshole on the 20 th post before Ihr. Go to infowars.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

The thing I enjoy about the early Jane's Addiction records is they had a lot of freedom and energy on them. They also gave a feeling of vast wide open spaces and open air on certain tracks.

On a certain number of songs this experience can be likened to a drive along the PCH northwest of San Luis Obispo in a convertible with the top down. With the cool ocean breeze blowing through your hair and the sunlight reflecting on the golden hills and peaks with every twist and turn.

(examples: guitar/bass textures/chord progressions of 'up the beach', the clean guitar breaks on 'ocean size', mid way through 'three days', and 'big sur'- the lone deconstruction cut that sounds like a jane's addiction song

phreak said...

Got back into listening to Bowie after a long break. What are some of your favorite Bowie tunes?
mine are:
panic in detroit
after all
unwashed & slightly dazed
an occasional dream
space oddity


Anonymous said...

The Man Who Sold the World

Anonymous said...

Eric whats your take on Ultragayloaded Satellite Party? It gives me wood

Anonymous said...

Bowie's best tune is and forever will be "Heroes."

Best album, from my perspective, would have to be Hunky Dory.

I'd think that EA *might* have enjoyed some of the Bowie/Eno stuff at some point, merely based on his other tastes.

Peter Murphy and David Bowie have some real vocal similarities, and even look pretty similar.

Anonymous said...

Bowie is adored by the goth crowd. His lyrics were the best thing he had going for him, but his music was overrated.

Anonymous said...

Little known fact, Syd Barrett was one of Bowie's biggest influences yet Syd considered his music bad comedy. Bowie recorded his own version of "See Emily Play" and performed "Arnold Layne" with David Gilmour in tribute to Syd shortly after his death.

"He began to laugh with delight until I played him David Bowie's latest pop platter, "Love You 'Til Tuesday". Syd stared at me with a haunted look and launched into a cold, angry diatribe:

Yeah, it's a joke number. Jokes are good. Everybody likes jokes. The Pink Floyd like jokes. If you play it a second time it might be even more of a joke. Jokes are good. The Pink Floyd like jokes. I think that was a very funny joke. Very chirpy. But I don't think my toes were tapping"

Krishna said...

Y are Jane's Addiction so inactive?

semen receptacle said...

Dear Mr. Avery,


Thank you

I H8U said...

Reading this, I thought of Jane's Addiction and their potential:

"We want to approach this record in a much more experimental, open-minded way. We want to go into it like the Beatles' White Album.

All four of us will be trading off instruments during the process. We plan on tapping into the subconscious - staying up four days in a row, sleep deprivation, research with experimental substances, all sorts of unmentionable acts of self torture. We are into making life into art, and we embrace life and art as one.
We will be taking a very stream-of-consciousness approach because that is the best way to tap into the creative sub mind, and it's infinite power."

Anonymous said...

^lol at that last post
I think that the left field experimental stuff factors Perry Farrell out of the equation completely. He's got a beautiful wife and kids and he's trying to keep up with the Jones'. He wouldn't be allowed to have that kind of fun anymore anyways he's too old for that. The last thing on his mind is trying to make art for art's sake. He's busy trying to impress the stupid dj pundits and make a name for himself apart from his real self in Jane's Addiction- the old Perry we all used to love.

Anonymous said...

Would you guys shut the hell up. Eric is not going to make crap. It's not going to happen. If Jane's decide to record a track or two, or even an entire LP, it's gonna be good. If it doesn't look like quality art from the start, Eric's just not going to do it. So stop worrying.

Zulu said...

1. There is reason to worry sir.

2. Janes Addiction never stay together long, you should know this!

3. If they jump into a tour first like we've been hearing, its likely they won't stay together long enough to make a good record.

4. They'll be at each others throats after a few months on the road and disband before recording anything of substance.

5. Before any touring, they should take a long vacation in Bali, do some hardcore surfing, and write Ritual de lo Habitual part II!!!


Anonymous said...

the JA spring tour is a CASH-IN, then back to their solo projects, no new music for you
HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eh, they deserve to cash in. If there's no new music, then so be it. Nothing to worry about. It would be great, but I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it.

Jane's can do whatever they want. They can make a shitty record and I'll just ignore it. They can make an excellent record and I'll enjoy it. It ain't no thang.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and they can make no recordings at all and I'll roll with that. I hope they do some tight shit though; it would be a good time.

anonymous said...


anonymous said...

to the anonymous way above who said "mamby pamby":

what is that romper room 1940's?

you're so out of touch.

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секс шок

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