Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities." -- Winston Churchill

this quote came to mind this morning as i considered going out to participate in history today. id be voting anyway but today feels different. the fact that i get to vote for a man with, what colin powell perfectly described as, "intellectual curiosity" is a gift. and this of course coming after eight years of being forced to watch a man, who takes pride in his ignorance, preside over the greatest unrelenting catastrofuck of a presidency of my entire lifetime. anabelle and i are off to queue up and cast a vote toward a better nation.


Chris (C. Brian) said...


"Intellectual curiosity" is key.

I myself early voted.

The Mrs. got up early and executed her right and duty.

On a non-political note, have you listened to Nick Cave's Dig, Lazarus, Dig!

If so, what do you think?

ali said...

As a Brit (of sorts) who lives in the US, I occasionally joke that the choice US President is far too important to the world to be left for the American electorate to decide. The last eight years have proven that in the ugliest of ways. As for the next four, cynicism won't allow me the audacity to hope, but onwards we role....

Jonathon said...

Just voted myself, and I was all too glad to be part of this historic election. Let's hope change happens!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, It's Ginevra...I am so fired up about this election and it has been forever since I felt that way. I was at the Obama headquarters at 6:00 a.m. with Marissa calling back east voters. I am going this afternoon to help transport elderly voters and young mamas with kids and babies to the polls in Santa Ana. Hope... it's a beautiful thing even for jaded optimists like us! Damien and Gianna are playing the Knitting Factory on Wed. night(Nov. 12th. Come if you can...Love You, Nev

JM said...

Mr. EA

I sincerely hope that Mr. BO takes office.

However, I believe we're pretty fucked anyway. And by "we" I mean "human kind". I think we're approaching a whole new level of catastrofuckness.

Anyway, when the times comes I'll be thankful for having the opportunity to be a music guru. A guy who knows what's good and what's bad. What's worth and what isn't.

Let's comment the results in a few hours. Hopefully, McCain won't pull another Florida.

(Larry B.)

ekimrayd said...

I couldn't with good concious vote for Obama. His affiliations with terrorist Ayers, his America hating pastor (who Obama backed until it was time to run for the Presidency)and him being the only candidate affiliated with Acorn and their fraud problems have scared me off. Those 3 issues just don't seem very AMERICAN to me. I didn't even have to dive into the acual politics of it all and I was scared off. And on the other hand Mccain represents the good ol' boy politics of old that I hate so much. I voted for Clinton his first term and firmly beleive he and his administration were the ones who messed up the economy we live in today. Bush is blamed for most of it but I think Clinton is really where it stems from. Bush is to blame for much of it on his own for sure. My point really is this. Why do we seem to vote for the lesser of the two evils? Are we that dumb that we can't choose a candidate other than a Democrat or Republican. To me there are so many more "qualified" people to run this country more efficiently than the two candidates always thrown in front of us. Can we have a candidate without his/her own agendas being the catalyst for their reasons to run? Wouldn't someone who successfully ran a business be better suited to run this country? Beleive me I have no idea who that candidate would be. It just bugs me we can't as a country figure it out. The two choices shoved in front of us year after year is sickening! If you put a gun to my head and I had to choose a party, 9 times out of 10 I would choose the Democrat side. With that said, I am not drinking the Obama Kool-Aid!!! I may be proven wrong and will fully admit to it. But he scares me! Sorry just had to get that off my chest.
Hoping to see you back with the boys soon Eric to rock this country again! Peace!

David Alexander Burns said...


Our leader elections are happening here in NZ this weekend, but there is more interest here in what's going on in the States.

The Republican spin machine doesnt quite reach down to this little media oasis, so like most non-americans we have watched on appalled by the Bush years, undoubtebly the worst American leadership in our lifetimes.

Huge pro Obama feel here, with most Kiwis overwhelmingly crossing fingers that Obama will do it.

Imagine that? A world with a great America President, and...JANES ADDCTION ORIGINAL LINEUP ON TOUR!!!!!

Don't forget NZ Eric...good litle territory etc...

Anonymous said...

Written as the theme to one of his six volumeson the great war...Triumph and Tragedy.... "How the great democracies triumphed, and so were able to resume the follies which had so nearly cost them their lives". -WC

The last 6 years have perpetually reminded me of this quote.

Be well,


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
amy said...

I learned a new word today--catastrofuck. Makes me giggle. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary today, Eric.

I felt proud and excited today to vote. I'm so glad we have the freedom to do so in our country, and I am very happy that my foremothers put up such a fight so that I have teh right to vote. I've never felt so excited about an election in my life. I hope big O is the victor.

JM said...

Congratulations, USA. You took a chance. Haven't seen that in quite a while.

Now go out and celebrate.


matt volpe said...


For Obama.

and for Eric's musical extravagance.

Have a great rest of the week EA,

Anonymous said...


Why don't you and your "best candidate" go up to Alaska and shoot some wolves from helicopters with Sarah Palin. Afterwards you can slaughter their surviving cubs and maybe tour the community college that she went to and think about what might have been if ranting elitist assholes like you had won.

Wilson said...

Just think Eric, if Jane's continues on the current path of togetherness, it will mark the first time that you were making music without somebody named George Bush in the White House.

Anonymous said...

From Daily KOS...

"It's a great day for Democrats and Republicans alike. For Democrats, Barack Obama was elected President. For Republicans, there was finally dancing in the streets and Americans greeted as liberators."


Otto Maddox said...

Now if only Jane's could be playing the inaugural bash my life would be complete!

The era of fear and intimidation has given way to hope and inspiration. We can be thankful that the American people had the vision to chart their own destiny rather than leave it up to God alone. Seems like God does her best work when humans work together to create heaven right here in this life.

Anonymous said...

Don´t Trust any U.S. Goverment.. is that "NAME" U.S. goverment!

I´m glad Obama won but because the republicans have made a mess out of things...

Let´s hope he makes the trops leave Irak and Afganistan...

Let´s hope he hepls the poor...

Let´s hope I don´t get fuck up in a US airport no more cause a plot made by the US GOVERMENT to attack their own country for oil and wepons money...

If that happens THAT IS CHANGE!

I´m just tired of getting screw by politicians over and over...

Think Obama is a good person...but the US Goverment...

Oliver Twist

sam said...

huge election in massachusetts. we decrimnalized marijuana and made dog racing illegal.

oh, and voted for obama. which i am honestly afraid might be the same shit, just a different gang.

Tanya said...

For the past decade, there has seemed to be so much division.

I think we all really need to recharge and stop bitching and moaning on our differences and learn the fine art of compromise and remember how to act dignified.

That is one reason I look at today as the dawning of a new day.
Plus, as my 84 yr old randmother so distinctly pointed out..." McCain's too old! He could drop any minute and we'd have HER in the oval office." :)

barry hussein said...

why must liberalism be imported into this great country in an attempt to destroy it like france and the rest of shitty europe? those wishing for a socialist europe ought to move there and forfeit their right to return

Anonymous said...

What do you think about Led Zeppelin looking for a new singer?

death to the machine said...

There will be no change under Obama. His administration will continue the banker plan to meltdown the economy, move toward a one-world currency system, and allow the bankers to continue their unprecedented centralization of power.

Anonymous said...

"What do you think about Led Zeppelin looking for a new singer?"

Eric hates Led Zep. He's been said that in interviews since the mid-80s. He was the odd-man-out in the band on that one. Good thing, too, as it keeps things fresh and original to have different tastes and perspectives.

Lu Cifer said...

Yes sir. You are spot on. Despite voter roll purging since 2000, race-bating, hate-mongering, and endless loads of pure solid steaming bullshit, IT DID NOT WORK!
Remember 2004, when BU$Hitler "won" (my ass!) and these twits said they had a MANdate!!!!!!!! (Too easy, but who cares!) Oh really?! NO BITCHES...***THIS*** IS A MANDATE!!!
I got a top secret copy of the La Cita show, FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, of course. NOT BAD AT ALL!!!!!!!! But just to be sure, how about ONE MORE show at my place, hey I got 5 acres and Central FL really Really REALLY needs a good swift kick in the ass, how about Dec. 15th, since what a coinkydue, it's my BIRTHDAY! No, I don't want any money, I JUST WANT A BAD ASS BIRTHDAY PRESENT I CAN SHARE! Please! Hey, I'll damn sure try!
And I notice YOU got the loudest applause on the La Cita band intros whateveryacallit. WELCOME BACK ERIC!!!!!!!!!!! WE MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!! And HELP WANTED is OUTSTANDING!
Yes we can?! YES WE FUCKING *DID*!!! Normally I avoid sloganering, but this also just happens to be SPOT ON!!!!!!!!

el segundo said...

We did it! It already feels like the hands that have strangled this country for 8 years, are finally letting loose on the grasp that they have had. We made history last night. Live it UP!

Robin said...

I had another quote in mind when I voted!
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"
It took 232 years for Thomas Jefferson's words to ring true!

Anonymous said...

About the whole moving forward thing.

Seems that to investigate and perhaps prosecute crimes committed by the current administration would be divisive and seemingly not Obama’s style or mission. However, if these same criminals remain loose in polite society, and at the levers of the machine, moving forward will be impossible or at best an illusion. These folks already tried to paint BO as a communist, socialist, terrorist, a Muslim (read: racism), and everything else they could throw. The disciples of Delay, Gingrich, Cheney, Boehner, etc will not allow bipartisanship. Hopefully these party first types will be marginalized.

Still, if 9/11 was the lie it appears to be; the Patriot act, the oil wars and Wall Street grab are a result of this unique form of coup de ta. How does one move forward without cleaning house? Can you be sober and not take inventory? These Bush admin criminals simply cannot remain in polite society.

If 9/11 was everything they said it was, then why all the resistance to prove it? Why resist going under oath when discussing it?

The heart of our woes rests in what really happened on 9/11. And the suspicious, convenient deaths (murders) that followed Like Paul Wellstone and his family, Ashcroft’s opponent Mel Carnahan; both dead in small plane crashes just prior to the elections they were favored to win. Both crashes investigated by the same person. The untimely death of Dennis Kucinich’s best friend and brother, The unexpected death of CNN’s Jack Cafferty’s wife shortly after the RNC conventions. When Cafferty was the only MSM person to get aggressive towards the Neocons. The timely suicide (murder) of the “lone” anthrax suspect Bruce Ivins just prior to arrest and public trial. Ivin’s death came shortly after he wrote an email stating he had figured out who the anthrax killer(s) were. There are some other suicides, accidents that I am not mentioning as well. Point is the bodies have really piled up (not to mention the troops, Iraqi’s, Afghani’s, Paki’s). The money has disappeared. The space between seemingly disparate events has become bridged with the trail of dead bodies, money and power.

I am not claiming to know what really happened on 9/11.

If I had to investigate 9/11, I would start with finding out who the internal enemies of those who perished at the pentagon. The pentagon attack may have been an elaborate hit job against the only persons who could have exposed it. A hit against someone who may of had the authority and will to run an honest investigation and/or release the tapes. There are some other obvious people places or things to investigate, though this is where I would start.

To whoever may be reading this, I do not care if you think I am crazy, unpatriotic or whatever your coping mechanisms may classify. It is crazy and unfortunate to pretend that we can move forward under the coup de ta that took place on 9/11.

Given the above context, how do we move forward with this set of circumstances? Even the GOP loyalists want 9/11 truth. Remember Ron Paul’s people? 9/11 truth will be the greatest asset to American unity and healing. The 9/11 truth will be the greatest asset in establishing our good standing in the world. Will be the ultimate reconciliation for the torture and suspension of Habeas Corpus.

I thank god, nature, and the breath in my lungs that Bush’s friends and lords will have to vacate the White House. But they remain in un-elected positions across OUR corporations, media, and Pentagon. They remain amongst polite society.

Mr. President Obama, I send you my positive thoughts and support. In the spirit of unity, forward movement and hope.

Respect and Kindness and Love towards friends and enemies,

Anonymous said...

Mike your right!

Believing Osama Bin Laden plan 9/11 is like believing Oswald killed Kennedy!....

The US Goverment agencies are one of the most dark "things" this country has...plots for power and finally money!...in the name of the people...

I agree that 9/11 must be an important issue in Obama´s goverment...but will it be?

It remains to be seen.

By the way Eric what is your opinion on 9/11 ?...hope is not a problem to answer this on public.

Oliver Twist.

PS: Good luck OB rough times are coming also, if change is to be made.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nader said...

Ralph Nader, who ran against the Democrat as an independent, believes Obama will not be able to overcome the vested interests of big corporations and lobby groups and policy will remain largely unchanged from the Bush era.

“My advice to Obama is to try and organise his people, because from day one he’s going to be a prisoner of the giant corporations, who control the government he presides over. There will be a lot of economic crisis, wars in Iraq and on the Afghanistan-Pakistani border, and growing unemployment. So he doesn’t have much room to maneuver, unless he builds more political energy among the people. Does he have a personality for that? No, he doesn’t have a challenging personality, he has an accommodating personality to power and that doesn’t spell very good news for the American people. he is very belligerent toward Russia, toward Iran, towards the Afghanistan-Pakistani border. Barack Obama’s foreign policy will be very much like George W. Bush’s second term. If anybody thinks otherwise, they better be prepared to be disappointed,” Nader said.

Anonymous said...

No more banter it seems from EA.


Be well,


tri kaya said...

Hey Eric,
Irish Finn here..was talkin to you last time i was back in Ireland (two years ago) about tibetan meditation in nepal, WAR IN IRAQ etc. Am intrigued re. election: have reservations about your new leader (not sure if he's a new breed!?)
But really wanted to mention some interesting experiences i had with vipassanna meditation in thailand recently. Wonderful experiences of interconnectedness of life and an opening up of heart and mind. Strangely enough, was aided by research into 9/11.?? Got to watch sunrise over Egypt en route to Ireland which has opened up something else as well. What a mystery this is!
New album is off the wall..thanks for that! Future for Janes? Wow!
Love n respect..irish Finn.

Enoch said...

It really is pathetic the way libs are fooled. They invariably buy into all the manufactured hype around elections. They are hard pressed to realize the obvious fact — elections are dog and pony shows designed to trick the public into thinking they are participating in the so-called democratic process when in fact they are simply signing off on corporate and banker vetted candidates, who are little more than PR front men and script readers. Behind the paper-thin curtain of hype and distraction is the ugly reality of predatory globalism. Obama is no different than Bush, except he is more intelligent and more palatable to the masses. Democrats have the same agenda as the Republicans, albeit with differences on a few social issues, which are played up in the corporate media. But when it comes to financial and foreign policy — and the two are intertwined — there is no difference. Liberal statists, who like to call themselves “progressives,” always discover this after the election. It happens every election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Yeah there´s no REAL political critique to the system!

Where´s the Black Flag of this generation?....oh yeah there´s no audience for that!

Why always vote for a Demo or a Rep?..........Oh Yeah if is independent with money ...is no good..and if it is a regular guy with no money then it does not get support!

were screw!

American policies always lead to threat(demo) or war(rep).

Will see if by 2011 there has been Change...

Eric guess your rehearsing tunes with Jane´s so i´ll wait for tour dates to Trip Away!

Oliver Twist.

Anonymous said...


11/20 is now on the page

another show?


kenny said...

hey eric,
looks like you've got another secret gig planned for the 20th? is there anyway you could let a fan in who spent a day outside of la cita to be turned away? it would be much appreciated!

thanks for the music!


Anonymous said...

I hear that JA is rehearsing again for another show, do you think its possible to give some advance notice to where the next gig is? You know I would like to come down and listen and enjoy. For us fans.

Dave said...

"we will make room for you all" - eric avery


S said...

That's an "eventually".

It would be cool if they used the same RSVP list for La Cita to invite those who got hosed in line last time.

But I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will do something at the Palladium 3.000-4.000 ???

I mean if they(J.A.) want really to be seen by fans of the band....a small venue like the Roxy (for example) is all over a VIP admision like NME and La Cita gig!

And if it is a small venue again at least announce a tour... it would be very disappointing if all 3 gigs are small a no regular fans had any change to Jane´s with Avery again...if no tour is announce I mean.

Anonymous said...


Maybe they will do something at the Palladium 3.000-4.000 ???

I mean if they(J.A.) want really to be seen by fans of the band....a small venue like the Roxy (for example) is all over a VIP admision like NME and La Cita gig!

And if it is a small venue again at least announce a tour... it would be very disappointing if all 3 gigs are small and no regular fans had any change to see Jane´s with Avery again...if no tour is announce I mean.

Anonymous said...

The band is just fucking with the "fans"...jaja I just love it!!

Anonymous said...

el cid

Dave said...

1- dave announces that the show is at the el cid.

2- dave takes down his post.

3- some people "in the know" say it's definately not the el cid.

4- the treasure hunt continues.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...