Saturday, June 06, 2009

last night during the show in camden nj, i had a moment that is the type of inner experience of performance that no one sees, but that is interesting to me internally. we were playing the song "then she did". one of my favorites, entirely created by perry. we began playing it and i closed my eyes. i often close my eyes to help focus more singly on what is happening in my ears. so i had closed my eyes at the beginning of the song and when i opened them again i had been engulfed entirely by smoke, dry ice. so much so that i could see nothing but the swirling clouds of smoke with one small single bright light in the distance. it turned out that the light was a light out at the soundboard in the middle of the audience. didnt know this at the time. so im cloaked in my cloud of smoke with my distant point of light and i thought that it sort of poetically represented my death. "then she did" is a song of death and it all seemed very comfortable conceptually. i could feel that the light was patient and id eventually get there, but that tonight i was a good distance from it, that all that really existed for me was my time here and, in particular, my extraordinary spot in the spectrum of human experience. namely, being on stage for the ritual of performance in front of thousands of people. this is the sort of internal experience i seek out to enrich my experience of performance, and thereby keep it interesting to me and by extension hopefully to you all.


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Toby said...

a lovely post, eric. Thanks for sharing that.

td said...

Hey Eric.

You sat in front of me in religion class at Loyola.

Glad you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

caught your show at sasquatch a few weeks ago. as a fan, i too live for certain moments. i caught one of those moments (albeit through binoculars) as you and dave finished playing summertime rolls, you both turned towards each other, nodded and shared a knowing smile. it was the best moment of the whole day for me.

J said...

Interesting, Eric. Not dissimilar to my experience during the song, right in front of your area at the previous show, where I was forced to look down with my eyes closed when the brilliant white beams of light shone in my face.

For me, there is so much tied up in that song - people that I've lost and times I've cheated death myself. While this godly music and these related moments are not only about catharsis, the catharsis provided is more valuable than gold. It takes virtual magicians to tease these feelings out in this way. It's substantive and meaningful work, and art in the highest sense.

JD said...

That was a beautiful post .. but I stopped by to say thank you for the Help Wanted release, which as I'm typing this, I'm currently listening to.

Outstanding work my friend.

thewickerman said...

"Then She Did" is an amazing song. I've always wanted to hear it since I've been 12 years old, when I first listened to a Jane's Addiction album.
Please come to south america. I live in Chile and we have never been able to hear you live.
Thank you Eric for sharing your thoughts with us.

matt volpe said...


First off, INCREDIBLE performance last night at PNC in Holmdel, NJ. Truly an epic, beautiful hour and a half of music, chemistry and conviction up there on stage. It was everything and more from what I've been reading from other bloggers here. It made me feel so emotionally alive, having deja vu of the past collide with the feelings of the present as I watched you guys play up there. Fucking FANTASTIC. (Fitting as I write this, my wife is blaring Chopin through the stereo).

Of course, one of the best parts of the night was seeing you thrash it out on Three Days. Also, seeing the stage interaction between you all really drove it home, exemplified why this is so right. But, the be all end all for me, was shaking your hand after the show as you looked me right in the eye and said "Hi Matt Volpe!" It was awesome to say hello to amigo, thanks for taking the time to do that! Prior to that I also think you acknowledged seeing me swaying to Jane Says while holding my wife. I could have sworn you may have had that look for a sec like, hey man, good to see you. Either way, it was an amazing time and I am thankful I had the opportunity to shake your hand and share a personal moment with you. I must also thank my wife Gina as well for pushing me to go to the front of the stage after show to say hello to you. If it wasn't for her, this brief encounter may have never happened. You know as they say, behind every good man, is a great woman.

Regarding your post, beautiful words man, Then She Did is a personal favorite of mine as it really represents the various shades of musicality in Jane's. Thanks for sharing that personal moment you had on stage in Camden, really proves that this is all so awesome having you back in the fold.

Have a great show in NY tonight.

Best to you my friend and write again soon,


Costa Nova said...

I love this blog entry. I'm glad you're getting totally immersed in the music again. I was blown away by 'Then She Did' in Santa Barabara. Your basslines are incredible in that song. I play bass with my eyes closed most of the time on stage, I'm glad I'm not the only one. Sometimes I feel like I should make more eye contact with the audience but I just love getting lost in the music. Thanks for sharing your inner experiences with us.


Chris (C. Brian) said...

Always wondered how musicians could play in dark and smoke. Will have to learn to play in sleep and eyes closed.

Then She Did is eternal.

Wish someone could correctly tab the bass interlude. No one seems to be able do it justice save for the creator himself, EA.

Anonymous said...

OBVIOUS sounded phat! That song pulls me in close to the heart of Janes-Eric had it movin and groovin, Perry's voice sounds superb, and Dave's exotic soloing and razor wah guitar takes me back in time to a special place. Thank you for playing it!

Cosmic Cowboy said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It does not go unappreciated.
Not long ago I experienced something not disimilar. It is difficult to express in words. I don't want to bore you with details leading up to the event but...I got the overwhelming feeling that everything before me, surrounding me, past and present was "right". The future was “now”, in the present and there were no worries over the path I was on. There were no judgements or criticism just inner peace and calm. The "now" seemed eternal.
It gave me a greater appreciation of this life I am given.


Anonymous said...


That was a very well detailed account of how you felt and what you saw. How often does this vivid of a performance happen for you? I wonder this because I'm trying to get a feel of how a musician and a film maker's experiences can be similar.

I am studying film in San Francisco and I want to start my career as an indie music video director. My idea is to start with music videos because they are short stories and build a repertoire for longer videos up to feature films.

bangoskank said...

"then she did" was beautiful at both performances I saw, i definitely shared some introspection each time. i remembered flipping to side two of "Ritual" and feeling that the second side was a different album, different atmosphere. "then she did" is one of my wife's favorite JA songs and she was overjoyed when it started in. at the indy show i was thinking about how timeless the song is, how it will probably sound the same to my son when he's older (16 months but sings "la la" parts of "Of Course"...will be a huge JA fan) and hopefully create similar feelings. Probably the biggest thing I took away from the shows other than the music itself, how clean the performance was, is how intense the band commanded the stage (visions of the EA stomp) and how it came across in the audience (especially in Detroit). For being 20 years later, both studio albums are as relevant today as they were then because they are based on feelings and experience that we can all relate to. If you and the boys enjoyed the tour half as much as the fans I could definitely foresee more things to come.

apblake said...

Those are my photos from the Camden show. I'll see you in Columbia and Burghettstown this week. Big smiles, please.

Anonymous said...

anybody have any extra tickets for the Tuesday Merriweather show ? I don't have much money,just taking a shot that somebody might have an extra ticket they wouldn't mind selling me for cheap. It really sucks seeing EA give away tickets in contests that don't get used. Anyways, I know this is my last chance at seeing this band in this area,and it wil also be my first chance to see them if I do get the chance.One last effort, looking for a miracle.Contact me at no scam sellers, pick another victim instead of me.

andy said...

a good distance from it.


Anonymous said...

Then SHe Did is incredible I agree. These ears are delighted to hear it played with conviction!

Its hard to ask for much more but if Dave could play Then She Did using his **acoustic**

There is the rare occasion when he opts to use a real acoustic instead of a non distorted electric guitar on a song and the sonic results are heavenly

J said...

Eric, I wonder, since you enjoy the grotesqueries of Francis Bacon, if you know the work of George Grosz (German, 1993-1959). A Google Imaging of his name will reveal a plethora of stunning drawings and paintings.

He's something akin to a mixture of Bruegel, Chagall, and Egon Schiele, but more disgusting.


J said...

Sorry, that should read "1893-1959."

Anonymous said...

Oh shit Eric you´ve become an optimist...wonder if that would lead to some new bass lines on Jane´s.

bangoskank said...

...optimism is hoping there might be a possibility of a live album from this tour. I know the bands allowed audience recordings from the tour and I'd hope there would be soundboard recordings from each show. Since all seems good w/ the band, wouldn't it be fitting to cap off a great tour w/ the guys sifting through the recordings and pointing out personal highlights from the tour? Maybe tie in some of the proceeds to the De La Cruz charity? It just seems alot of reflecting is going on, for the band, the fans..why not make something lasting we all could put our hands and earphones around? It would be alot cooler as a fan buying some live material that goes someplace other than some bootlegger's pockets. Am really excited to hear what was seen on NINJA. Middle finger to whoever linked the "Obvious" link to Jefferson Airplane, total buzz kill.

Anonymous said...

got my ticket for the Merriweather show , thanks to a last minute tweet sent from Eric. Only charged facevalue for a great center stage seat.There are still nice people left in this world.NIN was unreal, and it was a real pleasure to finally see JA in person with the original lineup. I was going to settle on being happy with watching youtube videos, but fate brought me the chance to see the show live, and there is no comparison. One little victory!

Anonymous said...

Jane's Addiction? Pfft. I mean, yeah, I guess they're OK, if you're into the best fucking rock band in the world or something. Whatever...

amy said...

Saw you guys last night in MD. Wonderful show! Worth the 18-year wait to see you all together again. Thank you, eric!! I smiled so much last night, thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

Once this leg of the US tour is completed please return to do another round (following Lollapalooza). A set list change up is highly recommended

embracing the darkness
idiots rule
no ones leaving
i would for u
kettle whistle
my time
of course

Anonymous said...

Street Sweeper Social Club is an outstanding band. Boot O Riley is an incredible performer. Had Janes not been on this tour, I would have never even seen the SSSC perform,or even listened to them. I have broadened my musical horizon from the SSSC experience. A perfect appetizer to the main course!

Anonymous said...

Perry's voice is sounding stronger then when the tour first began. He sounds especially powerful on ''Obvious''. Oddly enough his delivery is just as forceful if not more so than the album version. Not all songs come off as well but Obvious really shines. The whole band hits it hard.
The sound quality is not great but here you go
Obvious 6.6.09, holmdel

sam said...

something about that venue seems to energize shows. seen many bands perform there and for whatever reason, that place just energises. gotta be that clean jersey air...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Obvious post, I got this song live from back in the day (1988)´re right Perry does sound better than at the beginning of the tour...the guitar arrangement that Dave did is different thou...cause the older version(I like best) is more rusty and Psychedelic he did not did the guitar solos at the start of the song... I think we should thank Eric and their bloggers cause they(we) pushed a lot so that this song gets on the set list.

Thanks again.

Eric play Kettle Whistle now man!

bangoskank said...

"something about that venue seems to energize shows. seen many bands perform there and for whatever reason, that place just energises. gotta be that clean jersey air..."

travelled there for Enit in 96, crazy, crazy time. Will never forget the yum-yums, P4P "orgasm" opener and "Summertime Rolls" although the current performances I caught were better. Weird scene at that show, met Perry beforehand who was completely out of his mind.

Samadhi said...

Obvious was awesome, thanks

Anonymous said...

Someone just uploaded Obvious onto youtube. Best jam of the tour, sounds like an electric raga

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Perry Farrell likes to do a lot of talk-singing now :( I think he's holding back.
Leave the talk-singing for Satellite Party. Show us whatcha got give us yer best shot at Lolla boooyeeee!

"Oddly enough his delivery is just as forceful if not more so than the album version. "

jennifer beisgen said...

i just wanted to thank you eric for doing this reunion tour. i went to the show in jersey and ny this past weekend, and for that time i was lost in the sound of janes addiction! ive seen you multiple times before, last time being, of course, in 1991. to be able to relive my youth and favorite band was simply amazing. so i thank you for doing this. you made my year:) now, how about a new album?? ive been listening to you since i was 13, i am now 34..3 albums doesnt cut it.

Anonymous said...

you guys should pack it in. talk about a big let down. what a bore, you were right not to tour all these years, eric you really sold out, you got a taste of the money and now you can't stop. perry can't sing for shit, lost all the emotion, dave is a pretty boy, who loves himself way to much, perkins is the only normal one out of the group. and flea did a much better job than you. stomping around the stage like herman munster just does not make the cut. face it janes is over, you guys are a good tribute band. oh and by the way, perry is in dire need of a dentist, you think with all his money he could fix his teeth. and dave is clearly into dudes, maybe that is why he jerked off @ the playboy mansion and ate his own cum. and you getting a taste of the money made you boring and unoriginal, how sad. this is how you will be remembered. take a look back at the shows 20 years ago and maybe you will see the light. money has blinded you, some integrity. take it from tom and boots, they know how to reinvent themselves, listen and learn. you guys should tour with zeppelin and van halen, the old creepy and in the way tour. have some respect for yourself and your fans, ended it all ready

Anonymous said...

was that post above supposed to be a joke? not funny just plain blind and deaf and dumb you are. eric has been nailing it hard he has put his soul into this tour and it shows he loves doing what hes doing. who cares what the other guys do, this is eric's blog. bottom line JA have delivered many times over with this tour and if you didnt like it then you don't like JA. time to find a new band dude

bangoskank said...

"The whole band hits it hard.
The sound quality is not great but here you go
Obvious 6.6.09, holmdel"

Thank you so much for that link, gave me goosebumps.

sam said...

anonymity gives douche bags the ability to say stupid shit with no recourse. sad thing is, that guy would lick avery's balls for a chance to talk to him and prove to him that they would be best friends. and avery would know it within ten seconds of conversation and they would be best buds immediately.

fuckin tool.

Anonymous said...


come out, come out wherever you are sweet prince

Anonymous said...

This round of tours is an insult to yourself. The music is actually dull, unimportant and overwhelming fleeting. Please stop the insanity. Oh, I forgot the money is good.

Anonymous said...

Now that the US tour is wrapping up and I look back it was great to listen to them burn through 1%, pigs, up the beach, then she did. i kind of tuned out for jane says, stealing, ain't no right and mtn song because they've lost the shimmer they once had. I hope the band holds it together long enough to make new music but i'm not counting on it. At least it would spare us from Panic Channel and Satellite Party that was torture to endure.

Anonymous said...

NaVarRo's nIpPles r sExY

Anonymous said...

Eric, how amazing and exciting that you will be bringing Jane's to Turkey!

I have an idea I'd like to share with you that could make the entire experience even more amazing for yourselves, and for the audience in Istanbul. My idea is that you perform "Of Course." How rad would this be? Just get some local fiddler, play him the tune, give him a couple hundred bucks and jam that motherfucker.

"Of Course" is so profoundly beautiful live. You have plenty of time to prepare. In my opinion, if "Of Course" proves too poetic of an idea for some to fathom, you should absolutely perform "Kettle Whistle."

Now, "Obvious" is a fine choice to play in addition to those tunes, but it alone can not do the magic trick that will make your appearance the historic, location-appropriate thing that it should be. For one thing, "Obvious" has too much far-east influence to really be exactly what the situation calls for, although it will "Obvious"ly help quite a bit. "Of Course" would clearly make for the most stunning, legendary performance. "Kettle Whistle" would, of course, be fantastic as well.

Don't worry about the light show, just put it on auto-twinkle and make a grand artistic statement.

I ask you with the utmost respect; please don't let this magic chance pass by. Istanbul has been an incredible cultural crossroads for centuries. The city is truly a cultural mosaic. Consider acknowledging and celebrating the glorious musical impact that this area of the world has had upon the cultural mosaic that is Jane's Addiction.

Thank you very much for allowing me to share my thought.

Anonymous said...

Does Perry like sniffing ketamine?

Rater said...

Set-list rated Charlotte NC
1 to 10 scale
1=suck 10=rad

Three Days=9
Ain't No Right=6
Pigs In Zen=6
Then She Did=9
Up The Beach=2
Mountain Song=6
Been Caught Stealing=1
Ocean Size=9
Ted, Just Admit It=9


Summertime Rolls=10
Had a Dad=2
Jane Says=2

Rater said...

Sorry I am NIN fan

Anonymous said...

I wanna hear them play "Smoke the roach" damnit

The Phoenix said...

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Nathan said...

Great comment on that experience.I didn't get to see Janes here in Cali because of my schedule but I told myself you guys are going to do another show in the next year out here and I believe it.That song got me thru a tough time in my senior year in H.S. when a good friend was found hung in the woods by another kids parent not far from their home. It was real sad and still sad and what is worse he has an identical twin brother who we all saw shocked at his funeral.It snowed the night of the funeral and I was listening to this song on my walkman walking to his funeral. Thanks for all the awesome work you guys have done and continue to do.

Anonymous said...

who gives a fuck who gives a shit

Anonymous said...

Some analysis to ward off some boredom on a lazy Sunday afternoon...

I think the selection of songs they chose to play was calculated to try and appeal to nin fans. They got it right playing "3 days" first and the inclusion of "then she did." Obviously there werent 10,000 janes fans at these shows, more like 55%nin fans and 45% janes fans. nin freaks would have liked the darker songs like "Kettle Whistle", Of Course, "I would for you". Makes you wonder why they were they omitted? I think they wanted to appease Renzor himself since he has stated publically he prefers Nothing Shocking above all else. So what do Janes do? They play all of the Nothing Shocking release, exluding 1 track. Yes Trent, we will do as you wish

Anonymous said...

They played OBVIOUS once or twice to test it out on the audience. I guess maybe the band werent happy with the reaction they got cuz I havnt herd it again

Anonymous said...

"Obvious" was played about three times, I think. No more than four. I saw it live, and it was beautiful and refreshing. I think it was the most exciting thing about the tour. They only began playing it halfway through the tour, as a special alternative to "Had A Dad." Steve said they'd been rehearsing it, and it was slightly imperfect, but awesome nonetheless. I'd bet (or at least hope) that "Obvious" will be played more this Summer, in Europe and other locales.

"Idiots Rule" was played the other night. I haven't heard a recording, but that's exciting too. These songs have been AWOL for so long.

Anonymous said...

Please post a link to Idiots Rule whoever finds it first k, thanks

Anonymous said...

J.A. have been relegated and reduced to a nostalgia act. I am not stating opinion it is a fact. I'm not knocking Avery he tried to get new songs going.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

(8:04 PM), consider that Jane's just got back together, and they had to not only re-learn tunes, but play them in a lower key.

They broke out tunes that hadn't been played in 18 or more years.

The band rocked out hard, and Perry nearly paralyzed himself several times he was so into it. They made a lot of people very, very happy. Nobody's making you waste your time if you aren't feeling it. I don't expect them to turn into twenty-somethings and magically turn me seventeen, but hearing "Then She Did" live again sure stirred my soul.

As far as new songs, even Perry was pushing hard to release/perform new stuff, but there was not consensus. The whole reason they went on this tour was because they were frustrated in the studio and needed to get out on the road and play shows so that they could gel as a unit, and get in synch with one another.

You gotta get out there and BE Jane's before you can write songs as Jane's. It makes total sense, and it seems to have created a much stronger bond.

You, sir, are welcome to your opinion, but I'm looking forward to see what else they do as a band. Why waste your time complaining? Life's short. Go find something you love and feel good.

Anonymous said...

No. The hole reason they went on this tour was because they want to fatten their wallets and massage their egos. Thats what every tour has been about since Relapse. Its not about making music for art anymore. Never trust anyone over 30.

"The whole reason they went on this tour was because they were frustrated in the studio and needed to get out on the road and play shows so that they could gel as a unit, and get in synch with one another."


bangoskank said...

"I think they wanted to appease Renzor himself since he has stated publically he prefers Nothing Shocking above all else. So what do Janes do? They play all of the Nothing Shocking release, exluding 1 track. Yes Trent, we will do as you wish"

Originally I thought it would be a rotating schedule, JA closing one night, NIN the next. Thought it was fitting that JA closed as I really am not a NIN fan and JA was crucial in NIN's early days. At the Detroit show I got the feeling Trent wasn't happy about his start time..."these songs were written in the dark, recorded in the dark, meant to be played in the dark..." So I'd have to disagree with you on that. I don't think the band tried to cater to anyone other than themselves, especially not Trent...if so, why no Chip Away which Trent produced? When I say cater to themselves I don't mean it in a selfish way. It took a business approach with similar sets throughout the tour to help get comfortable and things opened up a bit towards the end of NINJA with suttle changes here and there. You have to remember this was a band that made it through it's live performances, it's buzz was their live show. Take off 18-19 years, I'm sure there's rust and some feeling out to be done.

Reminds me of something, can anyone name another band that's first album was a live album other than Jane's?

Excellent tour, really excited to see what's next.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of new songs, I don't know what happened to the 2 new ones they supposedly recorded but they must not be pleased with them because they haven't been released or played live. Opinion is beginning to weigh in against what Reznor did with the rerecords.


by OATMEAL » Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:33 am

the NINJA whores/chip demo tracks by reznor sound like they were recorded in my living room, absolute rubbish, such a phony sounding recording... super rushed... practically insulting to someone who's really into music. un-listenable.

by George_Deg
» i agree with that ninja chip away-whores re records, they really suck, cant even listen to them honestly

by joowon
» ditto. not a fan of those recordings. the nin overproduced imdustrial sound does not fit janes . everything sounds compressed and all up front.

by astenu
» chip away sounds ok but whores is a poor mix job

by Hypersonic
» The studio Whores did sound gross to me, too. They were clearly using electronics/computers to play around with the songs, arrangement etc... something Trent has always done... but JA?... just seems weird... Anyway, for me it just boiled down to the fact that I can tell Trent produced those tracks... his influence is obvious.

Anonymous said...

agreed, whores sounded choppy compared to the earlier versions. can't really expect trent to change his stripes after these years. perhaps ezrin's the key, joking. why not call back jerden for future tracks? the feeling i get is that it isn't a consensus in the band to perform these live, perry through out lolla as a possible date to break 'em out. he mentioned other members as saying they (the songs) weren't as good as previous stuff, which sets the bar pretty high.

Anonymous said...

Certain rock musicians continue to sell multi platinum albums, such as Ben Harper and Jack Johnson who have thrived and watched their sales rise over previous years. Illegal downloading has not had a major effect on these guys. Both in digital downloads and physical cds have increased their popularity. So why have nin, radiohead and now jane's resorted to giving their music away for free?

Multi-Platinum Sales said...

Anonymous said...
Certain rock musicians continue to sell multi platinum albums, such as Ben Harper and Jack Johnson who have thrived and watched their sales rise over previous years. Illegal downloading has not had a major effect on these guys. Both in digital downloads and physical cds have increased their popularity. So why have nin, radiohead and now jane's resorted to giving their music away for free?

Anonymous said...

Radiohead independently released their seventh album, In Rainbows (2007), originally as a digital download for which each customer could set their own price, later in stores, to critical and chart success.

Anonymous said...

There was a song Navarro and Perkins did with Flea called I've Been Down
This is the most revelant thing that any of them have been involved with in the last decade. It has the mellow acoustic groove and a lyric appealing to the collective consciousness. It sounds real and not manufactured. The end jam is the best part of the tune. Sounds like what Janes could've gone onto after Ritual if they had stayed together. I would assert the Red Chilli Peppers are a better match as producers. RHCP's music has remained steadily revelant all these years.

Anonymous said...

relevant, not revelent

jennifer beisgen said...

umm, to the anonymous moron who keeps dissing janes and their music:
douche bag - you claim to hate janes yet you are on erics blog spot..and felt the need to take time out of your apparently busy life to comment. dunno about you, but i do not waste my time on websites of bands i claim to hate. you need a hobby..go check out korns website - you might be better suited there.

Anonymous said...

"jennifer beisgen said...
ive seen you multiple times before, last time being, of course, in 1991. to be able to relive my youth and favorite band was simply amazing."

see you're proving my point. JA has become a nostalgia act for people to attempt to live in the distant past which is futile. the only time you can live is now, in the present.

Anonymous said...

hey jennifer i need you to lick my man gash

Anonymous said...

Actually, a band can play whatever the fuck they feel like. Older stuff, newer stuff, stuff from the middle. That's what you can do hen you have a fucking oeuvre.

If you take your own advice, no doubt you will only listen to music being created live in that very moment, completely unwritten and unplanned. It will have to have no rhythm, melody, or harmony, because those things have been done. Better not use any instruments which have been used in the past as well. Shit, better not use any instruments at all, because that's been the past. In fact the whole "music" thing has been done.

Like everybody has said, the band just got back together. There'll be new stuff, but what's that got to do with your happiness since you clearly won't like it anyways? What is the purpose of your priggish pissing and moaning? Why not go get into something? Eh? Seriously...WHY?

Anonymous said...

Dave looks like hes starting to get bored last few shows. He stopped TWITTERING also.

Hope over the next few weeks of time off they use wisely to polish off songs they haven't played or write new ones. Otherwise Dave will be out seeking new thrills apart from Jane's Addiction. Dave needs new and exciting, unlike Perry who needs to hear the same thing played over and over again. Perry's brain likes the monotonous repetitive computer techno beat that repeats itself over and over and over and over and over and over and over

Rychard said...

Hate to say it but the rant that started "you guys should pack it in...." is pretty much spot on.

The fact that somebody's retort was "they had to not only re-learn tunes, but play them in a lower key" sums up the root of the problem: they are a shadow of their former selves clinging to achievements long since past and have pretty much violated everything that made them exciting and relevant....let alone everything that they supposedly stood for.

If this isn't a nostalgia act, why are they ignoring a record that was put out under the name Jane's Addiction 6 years ago?

Rychard said...

Just listened to the Obvious that someone posted above. That is truly, truly sad. Talk about going through the heart whatsoever. Perry used to go apeshit during the 'won't be stopping going up' part. Yeah, this isn't the old days, but that's the point...let sleeping dogs lie. If I were forming a Jane's cover band, which I wouldn't because that would be lame, and a guy showed up and sang like that he'd never make the cut.

Anonymous said...

"If this isn't a nostalgia act, why are they ignoring a record that was put out under the name Jane's Addiction 6 years ago?"

Because "Strays" was not a true Jane's Addiction album made by the true Jane's band members. One of two founding band members was missing. One of two key songwriters was missing.

Eric has said he didn't like the album on a couple of different occasions:

"I heard it (Strays) on KROQ a couple of times. To me, that sort of sums it up. It’s just a rock record that you hear on KROQ every once in a while."


"I was on Dave's radio show in L.A. years ago, and he asked me what I thought of Strays. I told him I didn't think it sounded like Jane's Addiction, and he said that was fair because all the old songs were written off bass riffs."

It seems that someone complaining that this is not the real Jane's Addiction would be complaining that we're missing songs from Strays of all places. Strays was not fucking Jane's Addiction, in spirit or body. It would be absurd for Eric to come in and play those songs.

And for the millionth time, they just got together, there WILL be new music, and for fuck's sake, you won't like it anyways, SO WHY DO YOU CARE. Stop wasting your time. Go rock out to some really awesome band that you totally fucking love.

If they remodeled my favorite bar and I hated it, I wouldn't go hang out there telling everyone how much I don't like it over and over. I'd find another bar and keep living.

Anonymous said...

Strays fucking blows man! that´s why they don´t play it...even if Eric didn´t play on it.

Agree that´s not JA also.

But yes this JA had a safe band tour...

Also agree with Rychard;

"and have pretty much violated everything that made them exciting and relevant...."

Because Navarro and Farrell look like all I did hate when I was 14 in 1988... over produced look,like Poison, Guns and Roses and all those shity bands... Eric and Perkins are the two that still are down to earth people.

Regarding the music guitar, bass and drums are superb but the vocals went to hell somewhere between 2003 and now!

Also like someone stated before the audiences are a bounch of morons standing still with phone cameras...what the hell is that shit...I tell ya it´s like a Grateful Dead concert in 1988 with like kids clapping and drinkin coke with dad and mon... a safe concert...Jane´s Addiction was dangerous in all 1996 what was lacking in JA was Eric, now we got Eric back but the danger is gone!

As for the bar analogy...I´m going to The Help Wanted...the JA its too crowded now, the outcast, punks,goths,metalheads and drug addicts are all well as the freaks and the niggers!

Still Eric you deserve the lost credit for JA music and lyrics and for the 12.5% fucking Farrell left you with...shame on him, but now bad karma got ahold on him cause he is the one blowing it with bad singing.

You enjoy yourself but please return to your music. And since your voice is intact please do one gig with Decons, record it and sell it!

Anonymous said...

I admire Eric's musical abilities, but you're showing some real ignorance when you say he deserves credit for lyrics. Eric was not Jane's lyricist. Perry was the lyricist plain and simple, and he did, indeed, write a significant portion of the music, as Eric alluded to in this very post vis-à-vis "Then She Did." These are facts, separate from any opinions about who deserves what. On the issue of money, Eric is a big boy, makes his own decisions, and can take care of himself.

Also, those goths and freaks and whatever are older now. They mostly don't dress like angsty, hormonal teenagers anymore, because they're not. That would, by and large, look pretty stupid. It doesn't mean they aren't interesting people with interesting lives, internally or externally. TONS of original fans were at the shows, and the crowds varied wildly. Some of the pits were tame, which was annoying, but some were truly crazy. The last show, which was a pure Jane's show, not a NIN/JA show, had an insane, dangerous pit.

As for drug addicts, that's a pretty stupid thing to measure anything with. You say you want to hang out at The Help Wanted, but that place is owned by a non drug-user. It's a drug-free zone.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric there is a great band from LA that is creating music that's simultaneously forbidding and weighty, delicate and ethereal. You got to check them out. I believe they have this box set or disc of some kind call "Cabinet of Curiosities." Check it out while on the plane to Europe for the next leg of your tour. Maybe it will inspire, focus and captivate you, as well as your bandmates.

Their band name if I can recall is Janes Addiction. Back in the day, Janes was a pretty cool band. Now I don't even know what they would call themselves. Oh I know: We're Only In For The Money Band.

See you on American Idol.

Anonymous said...

i just injected 1 cc 100mg ketamine. cummin down the k-hole. one of many children!!

Anonymous said...

I think they like the music, and the money. Just like they used to. They signed with a big label and aimed high. They didn't want to be an underground hipster band playing basement parties.

"Mountain Song" really was about cashing in. A lot of people think it was some criticism of materialism or something.

Nothing wrong with playing music and getting paid for it.

Anonymous said...


i miss u babycakes

Anonymous said...


I want to sniff your yeast sack and make paste out of your goo!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" 6 posts ago read a book called "Whores" and you will know that Eric indeed gave a wrote ideas for lyrics.

Perry did not write all the lyrics "plain an simple".

Anonymous said...

"Anomynous 7 posts before" don´t take everything so literal I don´t do hard drugs anymore just the casual weed here and there, but sure as hell I´m not a square like you´re coming up.I stated facts. Bet you didn´t know Eric wrote lyrics too for Jane´s who do you think wrote most of Deconstruction words?

Rychard said...

"It seems that someone complaining that this is not the real Jane's Addiction would be complaining that we're missing songs from Strays of all places. Strays was not fucking Jane's Addiction, in spirit or body. It would be absurd for Eric to come in and play those songs...Stop wasting your time. Go rock out to some really awesome band that you totally fucking love."

Hey Fuck you you condescending cunt. I didn't tell you what to fucking do with your life, don't tell me what to do with mine. I was stating my opinion on the dog and pony show now known as Jane's Addiction. Who the fuck are you? Some fanboi licking the festering Jane's brownstar, the frontline getting mowed down by mediocrity.

And apparently Perry, Dave and Steve thought Strays was a Jane's Addiction record, they put the fuckin name on there didn't they? Which again reinforces my assertion that they're a bunch of washed up, irrelevant twats milking the teat of their past glories an nullifying any legitimate credibility they ever appeared to have. What's worse though? The asstwats who gobble it up like hungry sheep. Have fun holding out hope for your new material while Perry spends your money at Baby Gap and Dave gets his tits waxed, chump.

Jane's Addiction new record said...

On the new jane's record.
My plan.

Dave should play drums on a song ot two since he is the only bohemian hippie left in the band. Perry will try to coerce Stephen to play the same old beats we heard repeated on Strays. Dave doesn't have to listen to Perry.

Perry should play guitar on the songs Dave does drums for.

Stephen should play more like he did in Porno For Pyros, the sounds he used were better and the beats he made were better.

Perry should take his blouse off, wear his hat and beads while he records his vocals cuz it will help him remember how he used to sing.

Anonymous said...

As long as they steer clear of the psuedo-post industrial electronic metal sound they may do ok.

"Industrial metal suffered a critical backlash at the turn of the millennium. In an April 2000 review for the Chicago Sun Times, Jim DeRogatis dismissed Nine Inch Nails' new music as a "generic brand of industrial thrash" and accused Ministry of repeating an act that "was old by 1992".[70] Although The Fragile reached the top spot of the Billboard 200[71] and went on to earn double platinum status,[43] DeRogatis considered it a "flop" nonetheless.[70] Around this time, veteran industrial metal artists (Ministry, Godflesh, and White Zombie began to repudiate the industrial label. Many groups began to take influence from hip hop and electronic music, in addition to industrial metal. As a result, acts like Powerman 5000 are often described as industrial metal as well as nu metal.

Anonymous said...

Um, Dave is a metalhead. If he were a neohippy we wouldn't have gotten the Panic Channel. He would have made something along the lines of Phish or String Cheese Incident.

Anonymous said...

This blog is great Eric, I think is the only Jane´s related blog you can agree o disagree with what you guys are doing with Jane´s.

I found that interesting and democratic.

Hope you consider the good as well as the not so good remarks posted here.

Anonymous said...

The last real thing Dave did was on 1995 with The Chili Peppers, I always thought that One Hot Minute was the Jane´s Addiction/Peppers record cause it´s so dark h and has Jane´s guitar sound and mood changes during songs, bet Flea loved Deconstruction cause most of the songs have at least two entirely different melodies put together in one song.

Pity Fruciante won´t let those guys play any of those songs...after Californication that band also lost it´s way.

Kiedis is sexy said...

Yeah One Hot Minute was pretty good. Flea and Keidis helped bring out a side of Dave that rarely has the chance to see the light of day.

There is a different dimension to his playing on One Hot Minute than what he played on Decon, Trust No One and Strays. Kiedis and Balzary should be brought in the studio to help flesh out that side of him again.

Anonymous said...

Also check out Navarro's playing on the RHCP bsides/outtakes- Roller Coaster of Love, Melancholy Mechanics, and Bob. Nice.

Anonymous said...


right back at you, fag-o.

Ironic that you claim to be so superior to fans who enjoy the band with Eric, and you claim to be so over the band, yet you can't seem to stop hanging around Eric and the fans. I mean, it's been said now by a few people...why don't you go do some stunning superior thing with you precious, superior time.

You ask what's more pathetic, the band, or people who like the band. There's a third choice that takes the cake; YOU. Amazing that you waste your precious, superior time thusly. Very odd indeed...

Anonymous said...

We all know Strays wasn't JA and they should repudiate it.
Can we quit the bickering & get back on track and talk about art and music? We can encourge these guys to make real art once again. They still have it in em don't ya think? I'm not about ready to give up just yet.

Eat Some Lsd said...

thats easy. each member of Jane's ought to take this if they want to make high art

to reconnect with the collective consciousness and the fourth dimensional creative energies

Take 2 tabs of lsd once every 30 days.

Anonymous said...

Anybody a fan of Frusciante's Niandra Lades?

Frusciante said
"I wrote [the record] because I was in a really big place in my head—it was a huge, spiritual place telling me what to do. As long as I'm obeying those forces, it's always going to be meaningful. I could be playing guitar and I could say 'Play something that sucks,' and if I'm in that place, it's gonna be great. And it has nothing to do with me, except in ways that can't be understood.". Frusciante further asserted that the album was meant to be experienced as a cohesive unit rather than separate entities or songs.

Strays said...

Dave did use many interesting sounding chords/chord progressions on Strays, he used mostly typical barre power chords. Except at the end of one song "The Riches" sounds like some Jazz chords were employed that made it a little more ear catching.

"....I'm happy that the sky is blue and that the earth is green
And that there's lots of fresh clean air sandwiched in between"

Strays said...

typo-Dave DIDN'T use many interesting chords

Anonymous said...

I like a Frusciante album called "To record only Water..."

Cant´t say I like Niandra it´s quite different...

Anonymous said...

Strays is not a JA record cause the music is nothing like JA, it lacked;
soul, cool bass grooves,Eric Avery, Casey Nicolli, cool artwork, a good producer(what the fuck happened to Dave Jerden?)

Did anyone saw the fucking videos? when Carmen Electra appear in one of those I knew the band had lost it´s marbles(talking about someone who I thought was all what JA stand against )...when I heard that record I then made some research and read that EA was a big part of the sound of JA... well that was a big part of the problem.Still own the record, been play twice never finished all the songs!

That´s the last time I heard Perry sing live with acceptable´s not that he´s 50 he blew something up...Robert Smith of the Cure(Another band that fuck up) still plays 3 hours gigs and listen how he still sings a Disintegration song called Prayers for Rain...AC/DC a band I respect but don´t like ...the lead singer still has the grasp on his voice so what the fuck!

Perry Farrell used to shocked people up with leather black pants, high docks martens, long dreads, strange outfits...I mean when I see Farrell on youtube with that shirt I thought we was in a tropical cuban band with Elvis do...listen I like JA but I refuse to see them live like this, even with you Eric... I think they can still work something new that does not want me to listen to NS or Ritual all the time...give us some future JA music!
I know it´s a process but JA is an art band and I think you need to get back to the freaks...fuck mainstream!

Anonymous said...

Farrell lost his punk attitude!!!

don´t want him to be 30 again but he can loose the over produced hair do at least and behave more hardcore on stage it all change during the PFP era.

Come on Farrell be a motherfucker again, you asshole I dare you!!

Anonymous said...

lol. i know. the 2003 JA videos were horrid, total hollywood glam nonsense. like i said before, they should repudiate Strays, the videos they made for Strays and the logic behind the making of Strays and move on. they were and are capable of much better than that.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the "punk attitude" comment, because Perry was flinging himself around and abusing himself so hard that he got multiple injuries. I heard him say a lot of kooky shit, and he seemed more like the old Perry than ever before. He seemed to tap into his more mischievous, dark side. He was popping painkillers and swigging wine. I loved it.

Basically, I haven't been on the same page with Perry since P4P. Finally I felt connected to him again.

There's no way his voice is as strong, but the overall effect still moves me. He's done some interesting things melodically with certain parts, and he seems to have some passion he's been missing for a long time. Only thing that really didn't work for me was "Ain't No Right."

Copabus said...

I think Perry is moving away from the contrived mode of Satellite Party and Strays. He has a brand new song out called "New Moon" on a childrens comp. His melodies sound good and genuine and there is no pretense. I don't like the electronic aspect of it but at least his writing and lyrics are starting to improve. If you added some acoustic guitar and Perkins beats to it it could become a P4P song fairly easy. I have high hopes for news Jane's Addiction songs and the unreleased P4P set of songs that Pete has spoken of.

Copabus said...

Oh yes and the tour was fine and dandy. Not as good as relapse but head and shoulders above 2003 tour thanks to e.a.

Anonymous said...

I have Niandra. Not bad not bad at all. I like the Ataxia project he did with Josh Klinghoffer slighty better. Frusciante looked like he had been hanging with Perry and Rozz Williams in this pic
Perry had a good sense of fashion back in the 90's

Anonymous said...

messed up the link. frusciante

Anonymous said...

Yeah but do you really like that record better than "To record only water..."?

Anonymous said...

Faith No More is back together now that is also an act I would definitely check!

Anonymous said...

yes better than "To record only water". the drum machine is a minus even tho the songs are good.

Anonymous said...

When you guys come back to do Lollapalooza is Perry going to keep fiddling with his vocal efx box again? That was annoying he kept running over there playing with it interupting his moves. Can't he afford to hire some tech to do it for him?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Noob.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody seriously just call someone "fag-o"? Jesus christ that's pathetic dude - go off yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam

If that is your real picture on your blog, you should think about changing it. Loser all around, I am at a loss for words

Anonymous said...

Eric, went to 6/6/09 show: Jane's Addiction magic, absolutely blown away. How could this be the same band I saw in 2003?(all business and no magic, major disappointment). Found the answer the following day: you are back to complete the band. Thank you! Looking forward to more music from you.

Anonymous said...

Magic, I went to the same show, it sucked major ass, it was like dawn of the dead, zombies aimlessly wandering

Vince Neil blows said...

Who does Perry listen to more of these days, Vince Neil or David Lee Roth?

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot, Slash is his favorite 80's metal loser buddy

Twiggy said...

On the subject of Navrro, I keep seeing metal guys on Dave's TV show. Doesn't Dave listen to anything else besides Dokken, Megadeth and Metallica? He used to be into Velvet Underground, The Cure, Joy Division and the Grateful Dead. Would like to see some better guests.

Anonymous said...

^ wrong blog dumbass.

Anonymous said...


no you got that wrong yourself, dave's blog: supertwink

flaccid said...

In an ideal world Eric reunited with JA in '97 and made a full length album around '98. The mid-late 90's saw all of them at their creative peak [outside of JA].
Even after a good tour 2009NINJA it is evident they have blown there creative load and climaxed over a decade ago. Avery is the only guy who has express interest in authentic artforms. pf and dn worship at the altar of corporate rock-->Strays. None of them can agree on what JA should sound like and all of them need viagra + levitra to get solid erections. erectile dysfunction is a bitch ain't it, JA?

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric dates in the States, Europe and Australia..are you guys gonna cut out South America again?? we been waiting more than 20 years for JA shows in this part of the world.

Take please at least some consideration on the matter.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dave has always been a metalhead. Perkins was a metalhead as well. This is a well-known fact. he was in a metal band before Jane's, which was called something like "Dizaster," and Dave's love of metal did a great deal to create Jane's unique sonic fingerprint. Dave continued to attend metal shows throughout his first tenure with Jane's. Some may not like Dave's love of metal, but it was always there.

That Dave was able to enjoy The Cure, V.U., and The Dead in addition to metal is a blessing. Dave is the one who played part of Ripple at a NIN/JA show, and I feel that if it had been up to him, we might have heard the entire thing. What he did play sounded sublime.

I heard Dave play The Velvet Underground on a recent radio show.

Incidentally, I saw Eric tweeting about having fun listening to a bit of metal just recently, right at the top of this blog.

Anonymous said...

who gives a fuck who's into metal, what a stupid fuckin conversation

Suck My Kiss said...

Dave has always been a Van Halen type soloist. It was Perry and Eric who wrote the moody textural rhythm guitar pieces for him to play or encouraged him to play like Daniel Ash or Robert Smith. Left to his own devices(Panic Channel) Dave falls back on his hairmetal licks & wank solos that were common in the 80's and early 90's. The kool thing about Dave is he can play almost any style of music he wants to. He just has to have the motivation to do it. There is a lot he can do above and beyond the metal genre and he needs the right person(s) to bring it out of him.

Anonymous said...

What you've said is not entirely accurate, Suck My Kiss. You can't just throw things out there that you imagine to be true, and expect them to be accepted.

Eric and Perry did not write Dave's rhythm parts. Some were written before Dave joined, by previous guitarists, some not.

Dave, 1991 - "We have a song called "Then She Did...," which doesn't need a guitar solo, so there's no guitar solo on it. The rest of the guys wanted me to do one and I said no. Lyrically, the song is beautiful and emotional, and it's got a very airy, open, moody tune. If I put a guitar solo in there, it would totally cheese it up. But then in "No One's Leaving," which is a pretty fast song, I threw in some very fast riffs. It all depends."

There were none of the textural solos like those in "Ted..." or "Mountain Song" before Dave joined. He created those. It was Dave who slowed "My Time" from a mid-tempo rocker to a folksy acoustic piece.

In very early interviews Dave speaks of the guitarists who influenced him the most, chief among them being Robert Smith. In one of these interviews he also talks about how he loves The Dead, especially the way one song flows into another.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is so interesting, it makes me want to stop smelling my ball cheeze

Anonymous said...

who cares what dave listens to anyway that topic is about as interesting as what kind of underwear perry wears to the gay bars

Anonymous said...

Q. Does Perry write Jane's guitar riffs himself?”

Etty: Yes. He does write a lot of it especially the early Jane’s stuff.

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk about wanker guitar that idiot Farrell hired to play guitar on Satellite Party- Nuno is one of the worst offenders. Thanks a lot Tom Morello for telling Perry to hire that cockrocker, you made Satellite Party sound even cheesier.

Simon said...

Ridiculous. Dave Navarro shows more diversity in his guitar playing than anyone schlepping this pebble. You want proof? Listen to Dave Navarro covering a beautiful oliva newton john tune on acoustic guitar with Teri Nunn of Berlin on vocals. Acoustic guitar is his forte. If Perry Farrell had half the brains he once did he'd be covering songs like this too. Dave is da man!

Anonymous said...

Well, Dave's fine on magic, although I don't like the tune, and don't really enjoy that vocal style. Very dated, to my ears.

In any case, the man kills on acoustic. If you listen to the live recording that was overdubbed to become Jane's XXX album, you hear outstanding live acoustic playing from Dave on "My Time," "Rock and Roll/Sympathy" and, of course, "Jane Says."

During a live appearance by Jane's on KXLU in 1986, Dave plays brilliant acoustic versions of "My Time," "Jane Says," "Sympathy" and "Ain't No Right."

Simon said...

That was just one example. There are others. I was just surprised Dave knew that particular song and appears to like the esoteric sounding stuff.

Anonymous said...

true blood...the world is a vampire!

Best show in years.

Anonymous said...

Jane's needs a strong coach. A respected individual who can relate to them on a friendly, personal level. Someone who can extract the best performance out of each indivdual. Someone who knows their strengths and weaknesses and knows how to build chemistry inside and outside of the recording studio. I'm sorry Trent Reznor was not the right kind of guy for them. I hope they can find the right producer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric since your into True blood check this band Kasabian and their new song "Vlad The Impaler"...pretty cool vid with small budget.

Kasabian is named after Linda Kasabian who turn in the mass murder Charles Manson.

Anonymous said...

Janes addiction rocks my hairy anus

Beefheart said...


the Juanas Addiction was eclectic back in its day and age. Probably in the same spirit Captain Beefheart had in his time. They were a cult band which bucked the norms of mainstream. I see these guys current mode and perspective embodying the antithesis of that. With PF's love of pop music I just don't see a return to the same spirit of eclectic adventurism no matter what producer or production team they use.

Anonymous said...

heh you know they're in bad shape when the fans have to point out the obvious.

Anonymous said...

I am gonna laugh so hard at you wusses when Janes makes a shit kickin comeback album that leaves you on your hands and knees beggin for more of it in the ass.

Cosmic Cowboy said...

"ea said...
big fan of any kind of gloom"

Gloom is ok is small doses but too many grey days make me depressed, anxious and unhappy. I cannot listen to early cure albums because the mood, although intoxicating becomes poisonous to my overall feeling of wellbeing. I much prefer the mysterious, exotic and intriguing. I need lots of sun. High desert sun makes me feel great.

Anonymous said...

Anybody into the band Panic at the Disco? the Pretty Odd cd is good.

Panic At The Disco hit big in 2005 when A Fever You Can't Sweat Out rode its hit single "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" and its striking video to huge sales, defining their niche bridging emo and theatrical art-rock. For their sophomore follow-up the band holed up in a Las Vegas studio with renowned producer Rob Mathes. What they created is nothing short of a masterpiece, the 60's pop-inspired Pretty Odd. This time around, the band opted for real instruments and live tracking over Pro Tools software, citing influences as The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles. Says guitarist Ryan Ross in an interview with Billboard, We want to make music [that is] simple and timeless and not pretentious. The band also did additional tracking at the Abbey Road Studio in London, adding a Beatles-esque flavor.

Anonymous said...

Perry and Eric fans of colorful poetry still they are?

This ain't no pop crap said...

while yer waitin round fer janes to figure out how to recapture past glories there is a band with the same wild energy and psychotic attitude janes used to carry and then sum.
Iggy Pop, The Sex Pistols, and Elvis got together and had a baby .
wild shit yo

Anonymous said...

cosmic coyboy u sound like a wuss

Anonymous said...

That's a psychobilly band, man. They're good at it, but they don't have any original vibe that Jane's had. I'm not dissing the band, but they're just playing a traditional 4-bar blues riff. Lots of bands play in this style.

Anonymous said...

sit back in yer seats janes watch them psychobilly freaks show ya how its done. ya might learn something

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Time to pack it in guys I saw you live and heard the chip away and whores you recorded. No offense please quit before it gets any worse.

Anonymous said...

Make music Jane's. I saw you live and it was the first time I had a boner in several years. Please - Jane's is the only known treatment for my severe erectile disfunction.

Brett said...

You have to just let it go. I did. There are plenty of outstanding and orginal rock music being made despite what the corporate magazine spinsters will tell you about rock & roll being "dead". They are the same ones telling you electronica crossover computer generated crud is "hip". Bullshit.
And theres plenty of classics from the 60s, 70s and 80's that are timeless. Forget about a magical JA comeback and keep your eyes open for new talent. It works.

Rhett said...

Brett, what on Earth makes you think that because people enjoy Jane's Addiction they don't know about all sorts of classic music, or newer underground things? That's just a wee bit presumptuous on your part. I doubt most people who happen to enjoy Jane's Addiction require your guidance.

How about you go enjoy what you enjoy so much and cease your absurd attempts at illuminating the rest of us.


Anonymous said...


illuminate my ballsack

Anonymous said...


is your shit pipe ready for me, i am ready to drop a load

Anonymous said...

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Brett said...

to the blogger who called me out

lets make one thing clear. everyone needs my illuminating guidance and widsom. without it this blog would sink to pathetic levels of cocksucking hero worship like open your eyes and realize JA (and perry farrell) is a mere shadow of her former self, and the truth will set you free.

"I doubt most people who happen to enjoy Jane's Addiction require your guidance."

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Demian said...

Top Bass players list, no particular order

Simon Gallup-Cure
Andy Rourke- The Smiths
Eric Avery-Juanas
Peter Hook- Joy Division
John Entwistle-Who R.I.P.
Flea-Red Hot
Greg Lake-King Crimsom 1969
Paul McCartney-The Bugs
Chris N.-Nirvana
Cris -Meat Puppets
Kyra Roessler-Black Flag
Mike Watt-The Minutemen-Firehose
Martyn Lenoble-Porno
Manny-Stone Roses/Primal Scream
Kim Deal-Pixies
Nick Oliveri-Kyuss/QOTSA
Steve Harris-Maiden
Cliff Burton-Metallica R.I.P.
Mark Sandman-Morphine R.I.P.
Justin Chancellor-Tool
Geddy Lee-Rush


Matt Cameron- Soundgarden
Boris Williams-Cure
Mike Joyce- Smiths
Neil Peart-Rush
Ringo-The Bugs
Bruford-King Crimson
Robo-Black Flag
Keith Moon-Who

Any particular drummer you´ll like to play with Eric?.., besides Perkins.

Anonymous said...

Brett, you pompous little twit, nobody needs your help. Shut your stupid fucking mouth and shove off for wherever it is you're going since you're so "over it."

Again, nobody needs to your advise on what to enjoy. Nobody needs you to tell them what they like.

You sure don't seem like you're "over it, so why don't you make a clean break and fall off a cliff.


Anonymous said...

If your anal-only sex life isn't hitting your G or any other spot, it might be time to make some changes. Talk to your man

Anonymous said...

Michel Jackson represented back in the late 80´s and early 90´s all I hated about music, I was pretty much shocked and greatful that Nirvana took him down, but them again when I was 7 or 8 in 1982-1983 I kind of like him.

Well his dead and he was the king of pop.Some will miss him, it´s the end of an everybody will like him, but ultimately he was a weird person for lack of a better word.

Anonymous said...

brett....wut color shirt should i wear today plz help

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Perry and Eric fans of colorful poetry still they are?
1:38 PM"

lol. does this answer your question?

Satellite Party "Kinky" (c)2007
by Perry Farrell

Start it up, You follow me
Starring in a nudie scene
The devil is dripped in lust
Tell me dear till your just be...

(Look so damn) Kinkayyy
(Ohhh wanna be) Kinkayyy
Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooooh Ooh

Is the door locked?
Put the chair in front
It's my birthday - I'm in my birthday suit!
We are fresh berries
Dip us in chocolate
Strip dance strewn around the room
Whatever's in your closet set it free
I wanna be...

Anonymous said...

"Pink"! That is such a good answer. 'Cause it's a "faggot" color, right, so that's like calling him a "faggot."

Really clever, Brett. Brilliant stuff. We're all glad you're our fearless arbiter of taste.

Anonymous said...

whatever brett prefers does not take away the fact the JA is done. they had their moment in '91 too bad they were to stupid to realize it then. too many years have past, if you were there you idiots would understand

memnoch said...

I think they have the potential 2 get close 2 pre'91 levels but they would have 2 get phreaky again. Except 4 Perry's voice, the sound/playing is still strong. Perry needs to buy some phreaky outfits and style his hair phreaky. He needs 2 leave his wife and kids at home they are causing him 2 act 2 normal. He needs 2 shake off the feminine energy he internalized which emaculated his agressive energy. Eric's shirt needs 2 cum off. Dave is fine, he paints his nails, wears makeup and shows us his sexy bod. Steve could ditch the jumpsuit and put on a wig. Now I know none of this will happen because r too busy posing as rock stars.

Anonymous said...

Thats not going to do didly squat for JA. Look at the geezers KISS who are going to appear with JA at the Voodoo fest. What a bad joke to watch grandpa Simmons and Staley going through the motions to get a fucking paycheck. Its all about the money, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

"if you were there you idiots would understand."

LOL. We were there. What do you think, this is a bunch of teenagers and twenty-somethings writing on Eric Avery's blog comments?!

Ha ha ha! You sound even more delusional than "brett."

Anonymous said...

You just have to accept the fact that JA is over and there are some tards who need something.

Anonymous said...

You just need to mind your own business. Sorry, but you don't get to be the police for what people like. What you think has no effect on what anyone else likes or dislikes. You just need to accept this, and move on.

For one who is so set on telling other people to move on, you are curiously unable to pull yourself away.

Anonymous said...

what you need to do is to go fuck yourself

TOG said...

I gotta say, I know very little about NIN, but I was REALLY impressed with the drummer of NIN. He was in a zone the entire show.

Anonymous said...

hey wut's up. iam over posting on teh bloggs. iam hear tell u
stop potsing on blodgs liek me an u will see its eazy if u fagets new any thing
im totelley over it ihve movd on

Perry's voice said...

When Perry got off drugs his body underwent many changes. Most noticable his voice. The drugs shut down a lot of his natural testosterone and increased estrogen. Thats why he use to dress like a woman. His testes shrunk to the size of a black eyed pea and he could not make sperm.

Now that the drugs are gone he has a little more testosterone. This causes his voice to deepen so now he has trouble hitting the higher ranges. His estrogen is still high. Watch youtube and you can see him dance like a girl. He used to have a unique style of singing but he dropped it and try to popularize his vocal approach. This popular approach caused it to lose a lot of its former appeal with his admirers.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible load of pseudo-scientific nonsense that was.

Anonymous said...

PF used to stimulate his mu-opioid receptor and dopamine pleasure center with night narcotic shots. The drugs stopped working and he could no longer get hi. This caused great frustration and anger in his downregulated brain. Without the narcotic fuel to sustain the Jane's persona he gave up. The band you saw at NINJA was an impersonation, not the real thing. The real character PF died in 1991.

Take action save America said...

Please people can we get away from the drama and talk about some real issues. The House just voted in favor of the cap and tax legislation that if passed when it gets to the Senate is going to have a profound effect on each and every one of us. Our quality of life and standard of living is going to take a major hit if we let the weasels in Washington DC have their way. Its sad to see these traitors working to flush our country right down the drain. Don't just take my word for it, listen to Obama in his own words telling us how under the cap and trade plan, "electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket".

Anonymous said...


congrats on re-entering the music world and ressurecting a dead band. we now need you to whip that domesticated vocalist into shape and record the best album of your career.

we need you to write the lyrics

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll explain my reasons for the request. The domesticated vocalist, perry farrell, lives quite a mundane life in his domesticated paradise sheltered from the real world where the rest of us common folk live.

He can't relate to us anymore. he can only relate to his celebrity hollywood world populated by superstar millionare gimps. He has nothing of genuine substance to say anymore because he said all he had to say in Ritual, Nothing Shocking and Porno For Pyros I & II. Reading his writings about his domesticated life, wife and children is about as captivating as watching paint dry.

Like I suggested before, we need you to write the lyrics.

OU812 said...

He already tried that last fall with reznor. it failed. this is old news. pay attention. there is no jane's album neither do i care to hear one. i am here for avery solo. go to for news about the jane's addiction cover band.

Anonymous said...

fuck off you fucking tool

Anonymous said...

"janes is more metal and it gets more and more embarrasing the older they are"

That is right. At this late stage in the game to keep on trying to compete with the metal/aggro industrial bands would be complete folly. There is nothing worse than seeing older guys trying to headbang and act like they are 18 years old again. Thee BEST thing they could do is mellow the sound and grow old in style like the Grateful Dead. They would be very smart to follow that lead.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's going to happen. Didn't you hear the setlists? It was predominantly the full on heavy stuff. Most of the lighter songs were carefully striken from the playlist- classic girl, of course, slow divers, my time, ect.
I wouldn't mind more songs like "Then She Did". But I think we are in for more Ain't No Rights and Whores.

Brett said...

Do I have to say it again? Forget about a magical JA comeback album.

Anonymous said...

Eric Avery : Help Wanted

And speaking of cringe- inducing, “Hope- I-die-before-I-get-old” -isms, my favorite Jane’s Addiction song was always “Idiots Rule,” which of course contains the line “You know the man you hate?/ You look more like him everyday!” And when Eric Avery’s new album, Help Wanted, came across my desk, I immediately thought of this couplet and hoped–knowing that I’d pull a Tim Russert on him here–that he wouldn’t suffer the same cliched fate as his former band mates.

Nevertheless Help Wanted is a cool record whether you prefer 70’s Bowie, Disintegration-era Cure, Love & Rockets, or The National. Just don’t buy it if you’re expecting “Mountain Song” or “Idiots Rule”–there may have been a time, but Eric Avery is comfortably saying “none like now.”

Ruff Ryder said...

what brand of lube should I use when I come to your house to anally violate you?

Actually, never mind...


Anonymous said...

I think that the Westboro Baptist Church must, in fact, be some kind of radical avant-garde performance troupe.

Anonymous said...

^ I'll chime in about the cap and trade, global warming bill. The average american moron is going to be in for a rude awakening when this is passed and phased in. They deserve it. Most of them are stupid and in a stupor from watching American idol, mindless sports games to give a fuck.

Chachi said...

"I wouldn't mind more songs like "Then She Did". But I think we are in for more Ain't No Rights and Whores."

WHAT?!?! Whores circa 1987-88 was one of the greatest songs of all time you fuckblimp!

Arcola said...

"my favorite Jane’s Addiction song was always “Idiots Rule,” "

Who the fuck says this?!?!? You pick the shittiest song and make it your fave cuz you know nobody else will?!?!?!

Go fuck a kookaburra, dickdriver!

Anonymous said...

lhr + brett

i am ready for anallingus

Anonymous said...


spread that hairy gash you little fuck tool

Superhero said...

Why do u guys not like Satellite Party or Strays? They are the most accessible releases Perry has been involved in his career. Prob the best to. He has evolved


Anonymous said...

LOL. Obvious troll is obvious.

Superhero said...

Its obvious P. Farrell's songwriting skills have evolved and improved since Jane's first began in the eighties. You can't refute the evidence.

Anonymous said...

you've got it ass backwards. his direction has been downhill since p4p broke up. i'm sure in his mind he is godlike. but in relaity his destination is to be a washed up loser

Anonymous said...

Off Cochin, on an Indian island appropriately named "Voodoo Island," upwards of 500 club-goers showed up to partake in a one-night multimedia event sponsored by Axe Voodoo from Hindustan Levers in association with MTV. The otherwise secluded tropical island hosted the "Call of the Dark" one-night event that attracted DJ talents from throughout the region. Bringing their sense of tribal beats to the exotic island locale were artists such as DJ Akbar, DJ Hussain and DJ Asad, who lit up the night with their striking tribal mixes. Adding to the evening's energy was a host of fabulously choreographed voodoo dance performances and spectacular light shows.

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Voodoo Snake said...

If you want to hear a cutting edge, aggressive dark tribal, polyrhymic track with snakelike guitar rhythm check this out

This is what a Satellite Party COULD have sounded like if the voodoo master Stephen Perkins came onboard and ran wild. This is a fine demonstration of how a song can be powerful and heavy without any distorted guitar.

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