Sunday, November 07, 2010

anyone get to either xenakis performances in la this weekend? if so can you give me a report? im bothered that i missed both the downtown recreation of persepolis and this afternoons performance of oresteia. let me know.


nonameneeded said...

Hi Eric, I havent posted on your blog lately. I dont do Twitter. Anyway, I recall last year u commenting on the City United game last year; it was an epic clash. Well, put your Black Ops down, the Manchester Derby resumes today, should be a great match.

Oh, and what console do you play Black Ops? Perhaps we can play together, depending of course on the format. Let me know.

On a side note...Glad Janes is over with and done for you...You get never go back home my man, never.

take care.

-Vol in wilm.

Daniel Jones said...

I'm pretty sure I remember Eric saying something about ps3 long ago, but I could be wrong.

Eric if you read this, disregard my black ops request I sent you through email, I have a 360.

-ea. said...

must admit that ive got the ps3 in the living room and the 360 in the bedroom. spoiled?

Adam said...

Hey Eric, sorry this is off the topic of your post, but I just wanted to say a couple of things.

I'm 34 years old and a long time JA fan(started listening when I was 13). Jane's and your bass playing in particular is the reason I started to play music. I saw you when I was 14 at MSG(happy mondays opened) and it changed my life. That show was just magic.

That said, I think you made the best decision by leaving the band. When the NINJA tour came to NYC, I was really excited to see the original members play again. That excitement ended a few songs in when I saw Dave checking his blackberry in between songs. There was no vibe and everyone looked like they were just going through the motions. It made me so sad, that I turned to my wife and said "I want to leave." She looked at me like I was crazy, but I just couldn't watch anymore. I said I would rather just watch "Ain't no right" video on you tube and remember how great they use to be then sit through another minute of this.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, you should really focus on the amazing music you've been making on your own and actually bring it on the road. I would love to see & Hear "Help Wanted" played live. Come to NYC and play a show at Bowery Ballroom. I guarantee it will be packed with people who appreciate what YOU do, not what JA did.

Sorry for the novel and thanks for being an inspiration in my life.


matt volpe said...

Adam- that's an awesome post.

Thanks, Matt

Bret said...
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Semiramis said...
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Semiramis said...
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Semiramis said...

When can be expect to hear some new Eric Avery songs?

desvinchado said...

Eric, folks

It's been so long since i posted here. but i was listening to this

and had to share it with you guys. Don't die before you here this.

juan from buenos aires

moon darlin said...

Hey E ~ Happy new year. Every day is holy. Keep sluggin'

All the love in the universe.

Respect and kindness,

Unknown said...

hello eric.
yesterday i listened the first time casually help wanted and you sang. you were talking with me, with my soul.
my first thought was i have to meet you, at every cost.
i understood what love can do, what includes it. the potential becomes real.

i'm sorry for this tag, because such a feeling deserves a worthy act and a tag is what it is.

i love what i hear from you. it never happened to me. maybe i am dreaming. but at least i want to say you: as you reached me you will be reaching a lot of people.

we have to save the world!!

with kisses

Guy Misterioso said...

Hey Eric,
I assume you know about the Xenakis Redcat concert at the end of this month:
Btw, I just purchased his book Formalized Music. Man, it is intense. You need high level math just to read the page at times.