Tuesday, April 08, 2008

its here. finally. the record drops today. typical of a day like today, i dont have time for a real post because i have to check out of the hotel in fifteen minutes. then its a zoom in, mtv.com,vh1.com etc. morning before going to providence this afternoon. also, for anyone interested in hearing a rambling and unfocused interview performance, im on wtmd this morning out of baltimore and then they will post a podcast of it. but i must go now. late, as usual. duty calls.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

hey, man,

have fun!


Anonymous said...

I know your voice sounds absolutely haunting on the new album, love it. Everything sounds great even on my lousy laptop speakers.


C. Brian said...


Best of luck w/ the whirlwind and promotion; although a necessary part of the process, do you find it fun and invigorating or taxing and draining?

Will be hitting up iTunes later today for Help Wanted.

Saw your favorable review in Bass Player magazine.

Wishing you success (in a way that can only be defined by you).

Legendary Lovett said...

If you missed the interview this morning, listen to Eric's Full Interview on the WTMD Morning Show with Erik Online Here

Kendrick said...

Listened to the new Album today, it's nice. Very unique. Will you be touring? I bet this stuff would really be nice to hear live. The lyrics really trip me out, too. Very artistic.

mcv said...

very exciting, still awaiting my pre-ordered copy via snail mail, but im already impressed with what ive heard. oh and you must TOUR.

Anonymous said...

Facinating interview, but I hope yr having more fun than it sounds.



Mr. Emily said...

I live in Baltimore and WTMD gives me hope for the future of radio.

Have a blast. They are good people who actually enjoy music.

mr. pink said...

been a fan of everything you've done during and post Jane's that i could get my eager little hands on..

beautiful stuff man, sincerely.

baron von barren said...

reat to see that you are keeping up with everything and that you are doing your own thing and again going against the grain.i'll always remember the time that you signed my polar bear record jacket in Atlanta when you played with Pete and Bauhaus. I still have it and i will always:

Anonymous said...

Bought Help Wanted, congrats and good luck. I was just wondering if you give any thought to your Jane's fans and those of us that tirelessly hope the band plays together again in its original form. I believe that there are so many of us out here who want to share in that experience.

Anonymous said...

Eric your vocals sound great on your new cd. Give me a choice between an Ian curtis inspired vocal or whiny-bird crooning of Peri-Pheral? I choose Ian any day of the week. Good Luck with your new solo career.

Anonymous said...

If U see green then you will move
and be clean, a beautiful place to give peace and space, share a flare try and pick up
if you dare
to the west

b&m said...

it took me some time,
it wasn't love on first site, but now the album has definitely found a place in my heart.
some songs just haunt me and move me in a way i can't remember happened with music for quite some time now.

thank you very much for making such inspiring music.