Thursday, April 10, 2008

today its thursday. which means it must be west palm beach. a radio station called wpbz. tomorrow its chicago cleveland then home by friday night. is it just me or did they decide to populate all the new york city press outlets with really capable smart women. very cool. very different from when i began. there are ,of course, many mitigating factors. one of which might be that it was all online stuff; zoom in, mtv, vh1 radio, aol. when its online stuff it gets immediately brainier and i feel considerably more comfortable in conversation. but that was then and this is now. i must take leave. off again. caffeine, radio station, airport, rinse and repeat.


C. Brian said...


Where do you usually get your caffeine fix? Local, independent joints, or do you spring for the Starbucks, Caribous, etc.? I'm a huge fan of Dunkin' Donuts. Extra large, cream and sugar. It's a good clean, buzz.

Hoping that you or another regular visitor here will post other links to your interviews (podcasts) and any online conversations that you've had recently.

George D said...

Hey Eric i like to hear all ur interviews its great stuff!!

And i heard that Janres addiction is reuniting for a one off show for an NME award, please please please sign on!! i know its ur decision but i think it would be so cool if u did

Anonymous said...


Just saw the item online that some of Jane's is reuniting, but that you and Chaney are unconfirmed.

For God's sake, please do it! The fans have been waiting for almost 17 years to hear you play with Jane's again. That's not all you are, but it means a lot to us.

We don't expect the machine to work; we just want to parts to fit one more time.


Kevin Langley said...


Just listened to the album, it's amazing from start to finish. I expected it to be great but this is the best album I've heard in years.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it would be great for the fans to hear Jane's? It has been such a long time that the original line up was in place. Is it possible for old friends to finally put aside the past and forgive? So many of us would love to travel and see Jane's Addiction. Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't remember my password..oh well...
EA...once there was a time when I would have agreed that participation would have not been doing any justice to the past...but come on man...HEY..
those days are over!!?
If your not going to be a part of any "Jane's Addiction" shows, all I ask is that you play a role in stopping the others from going on as Jane's without you.
Any more without you would hurt...really...

Anonymous said...

I do not think you should keep Jane's from playing together, in anyway shape or form. I disagree with anonymous. However it would be just great to hear you back in the line up, at least for one go around

cass said...

If the man isn't interested, he isn't interested. Leave him be and let him celebrate his new release. damn.

Jared said...

fuck you guys for trying to make Eric feel like he owes you something. His FIRST solo album has been out for 2 days and all you guys want to do is beat a dead horse and try and get the man to relive his past. If anything, beg him to play his solo stuff live, which he has not said he has plans to do.

Eric, your album is a fine gem and it would be great to hear these songs live in some capacity. what are the chances?

Calibration (Is Pushing Luck) said...

What's up brother. Just received the album and the signed poster today. Very very good, this record will have me hooked for a few years, by which time you'll hopefully have some more soundtrack work out or another album finished. Peace

Anonymous said...

ya jared is on point

when are you gonna hit up la solo?
and not an industry gig!

hope you having fun with it all

Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking up Jared.

Kevin Langley said...

Jared's right. Everything I've heard from Eric since Janes (Deconstruction, Polarbear, and his new album) stands on it's on two feet as much as anything released by Janes. Why revisit passed glories? I'd prefer to hear him live on his own.

George D said...

Dont get me wrong i love help wanted to death i listen to something off that album everyday and my actual cd copy is in the mail right now, Help Wanted is amazing and i would love to hear more solo stuff. But playing with Jane's Addiction and imagining them all playing Three Days again would be cool, expecially if its a one off show. puttig the final nail in the coffin so to speak.

But eric on his own is the best.

Calibration (Is Pushing Luck) said...

Oh yeah... if you could um.. find me a copy of the Polar Bear vinyl, I will pay an obnoxious amount of money for it. I let one slip by on Ebay a few months ago. I must have it.

Anonymous said...

You know,

Jared's right. Ill-timed, this reunion is, I suppose. Eric-- do whatever you want, I'll still listening to your album; which, oddly enough, reminds me quire a bit of Polar Bear.

Sorry to try to pimp you out for Jane's (no pun intended).


Anonymous said...

Janes' has been buried for years now. People need to let it go. There's so many more reasons to let that ruin remain undisturbed than to keep on digging. I seriously doubt that Eric would ever consider reuniting, and I dont want to speak for him but, I think he has the wisdom to realize that route more than likely would not promote personal growth, in fact, more of a regression, paricularly seeing that his own music and voice stand on their own. Janes' was a work of art, at some point you have to let it go and leave it unscathed. Why continue to pester him and us as readers?


JJ said...

Fantastic album, unique to all the crap thats out there. thanks alot eric!

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric, just saw that you'd be making a stop in Cleveland. Hope the city treats you well! I saw you play an awesome gig at the Odeon with Peter Murphy a number of years back, and was just floored by his voice in a live setting. By the way, nice bass playing that night! Cleveland may not have all of the glamour of LA, New York, or even Chicago, but I'd like you to know that your fans here in Northeast Ohio are quite plentiful, and that we would love you to come to Cleveland if you decide to tour for your new album. Also, I just acquired a new Fender P-bass and must admit that you, James Jamerson, and Steve Harris were my most recent inspirations to put my Stingray down long enough to really try one out. How can such a simple bass sound so good!? I haven't receieved your new album from Amazon yet, but eagerly await its arrival. On the topic of Jane's, I must admit that the band hasn't sounded the same since you left. I mean Flea is awesome and Chaney lays down some nice bass lines too, but they're just not that unique puzzle piece that makes Jane's extraordinary. Congrats on the new album!

Anonymous said...

E, please join them.

Anonymous said...

"Holding on to long, Old Guy." There is no age limit if your soul is rock and roll, right?

It's simple, the four of you vote on things. It's how the beatles did it. You're not a parent you're a brother. Embrace the Machine. Influence the masses. Change the world.

My bald head sunburns easily for I am an emotional dinosaur who can't let go of the dream.

Anonymous said...

Avery will join his former Jane's bandmate DAVE NAVARRO on his weekly "Spread TV" show on maniaTV, Thursday, April 17 at 11pm EST.

.kelly said...

Eric, you have no reason to join Jane's again. You have a solo record out, you have your own career and life in your hands.

That being said, it would be fucking awesome if you did re-join just for shits and giggles. I can understand you not wanting to re-join because the time you had with Jane's was sacred to you, everything deserves a good ending. Regardless of what you do, you haven't lost touch of what music is ever and you have no reason to listen to anyone but yourself on this one

Anonymous said...

E-what did you think of Penn Station???? I had to commute from LI to Manhattan there for five years, almost sucked my soul out...people are crazy there! Did you catch rush hour?

Hope all is well,

lhr said...


-ok admittedly I had been drinking before I posted "anonymous" the other night (couldn't remember password) and I do have minor regrets about that. I should get a breathalizer put on this thing..anyway..I digress..

I guess you shouldn't try to stop the former members of janes addiction from performing if you choose not to join them.
But it's like your punishing them if you don't because without you they lack...big time.
Left unchecked they could weigh down the value of your body of work as a whole,..thats all I'm saying. –You know,…Guilt by association-
((Totally kidding virtual pal!!))
I respect & enjoy your work, it absolutely is it's own thing, I'm just some "has been" fan who wants to relive MY OWN yesteryear, and I’m looking for another angle thru which to manipulate.

p.s. you don't owe me anything. I'm aware that I don't and never will know you in the real world, and this is now my sad shining moment, but just know that for me Eric Avery represents musical integrity. So far anyway…with whatever you’ve done. Majestic!

-dumb fan talk.

Love ya,

lhr said...

pps. Although again...I've still been drinking ;)

hope everything s good

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, I'm Lucas from Argentina, South America. Here in the south there are too many fans of your music that you can't believe it. We love what you do whit the music. But there's something I can let pass........and it is of course: Jane's. Maybe someday all we in the world we just could see you playin whit the guys instead of the problems and frictions. You guys never came here to play in South America. It will be a fuckin dream if that happen. Sorry for my english.


Perry Farrell said...

Help Wanted far surpasses anything done post Ritual. I hear a wonderful development and progression from Decon to Polar to this new ditty. I hope to hear Eric play this stuff live in concert. Revising the past and treading over tired, worn out ground(Jane's Addiction) is greedy and pointless. I look towards the future and a follow up to Help Wanted. Wow what an awesome piece of work. Thank you Eric.

Hare Krishna said...

What do you do when a wolf in sheep's clothing suddenly befriends you, bestows great flattery, tempts you with gold and luxury, and all he asks of you is to firmly take his hand and join him for a "cash in"? baby

Anonymous said...

My copy of Help Wanted arrived today and I just want to say good job & many thanks to you Eric, I'm digging it big time. Hopefully some day I'll be able to catch you playing it live.

Thanks again ..


Anonymous said...

hi eric,
does your new album gonna be available also in european stores?

I said european but I mean in italy...
our obama has lost, good luck for your original one!


Anonymous said...

From today’s headlines “Obama Would "Immediately Review" Potential Of Crimes In Bush White House” The other candidates need to answer this same question.

Finally, a real reason to vote for someone. These crimes are linked to all failed policies like healthcare, energy policy, rampant cronyism, food & oil prices. Let’s hope review means prosecution. Not that pardoning of Nixon BS that Ford did. Only to pave the way for our current crop of domestic spying torture loving war criminals.

Ford never should of pardoned Nixon. Did that pardon really heal our partisan divide? Did Scooter Libby’s pardon? Going after crime is not partisan; it’s the right thing to do. Maybe all those dead and maimed coalition soldiers and Iraqi’s will feel a sense of justice and closure. Maybe future gov’t executives will give thought before commiting more crimes. Maybe.

Hope your promo trip was all you wanted. Still have not heard the whole album. What I have heard is most enjoyable. There is so much good music in the world right now. Thank you Eric for making a hefty deposit into the account of Gross International Joy.

With respect and kindness to all (even those in prison),

P.S. Never realized what a strange and sort of partially messed up world you live in. With everyone having an opinion about what you should and shouldn’t do with music and career. Kind of like the twilight zone. I don’t like anyone telling me what to do, think or feel. I feel for you man. You are right on time.

PSS NelMentre, I can’t believe Berlusconi won. Where in Florida is Italy located? Just kidding. Best wishes.

L. Alexia said...

Eric, I hope this note finds you well. Your new cd arrived yesterday and I have to say it’s phenomenal! I hope you finally get the recognition you deserve.
I am also a fan of Shirley Manson and was delighted to hear her lovely Scottish voice on your record. I almost didn’t get the package. Our UPS man teases my german shepherd every time he delivers to my home. This time she almost went through the glass door after him. He dropped the box and took off. She would have licked him to death. Anyway it was kind of amusing but completely off topic. Have you seen the movie Control? It’s the tragic story of Ian Curtis. I know Joy Division is a big influence on your music and thought you would be interested. It’s scheduled to release on DVD this June.
Cheers. ~ L. Alexia