Tuesday, April 15, 2008

over the years, one of the things that has always struck as me as strange is that interviewers have always seemed reticent to ask you questions about the lyrical content of songs. they have told me that musicians generally dont like it. odd to me. what do we talk about if we dont talk about the work. short answer: everything but the work. i bring this up because i have just finished a week of roaming around doing press and i cant remember anyone asking me about the content of any of my songs. and it isnt because people hadnt done the research. i was pleasantly surprised how much the interviewers were generally intelligent and well informed. i just think we as an audience have become so fascinated with celebrities themselves that we just arent as interested in their work. of course, i think alot of interviewees are also culpable for all the fluff content. im just not interested in how much fun an actor had on the set of a movie. but i will inevitably hear that in any interview. wow. now this getting rambly preachy AND pointless. occupational hazard of blogging. im off today to do dave navarros internet tv chat show.


Anonymous said...

Hey EA,

Love the album, as with all your stuff.
Here's Goes: What Philo Beddoe about?
I like the lyrics but can't entirely make sense out of them.

Keep rockin' bro!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric -

Unfortunately I have a Venice local friend who is rapidly descending into the throws of addiction to Crystal Meth. She doenst seem to be dealing with reality although she has previously attended a rehab (promises i think). Because of your emancipation from addiction, I am wondering if you have any avenues of advice, connections or recommedations? I dont know how to effectively proceed - any thoughts are greatly appreciated -


Scott Perry said...


Good to hear you producing more music! Awesome! Hate to bring it up, but I heard about Janes Addiction being honored by NME. Will you be joining the other guys to receive the award?



Anonymous said...

Wow, I cant wait to watch Dave's show, very exciting.

Keep up all the great work!

Syd said...

Your other projects were good but this one is really the best. How'd you do it? Theres plenty of strong catchy vocal melody I like. You sound a bit like Jim Morrison. Would you consider doing a Doors cover tune for us on your tour?

Samadhi said...

Some musicians don't like to be asked about their lyrics because either

1) The lyrical content is nothing to be proud of so they use the music to cover for their lack of poetic talent and metaphor


2) They prefer to let the listener interpret their lyrics in their own way. explaining the exact meanings of songs would make it too easy, give it away and pierce the veil

Anonymous said...


Been listening to Help Wanted pretty much nonstop here at work since I got my copy in the mail.

THANK YOU!! I love everything you've done. I like your music because it's so beautifully layered and rich. 'Maybe' is beautiful (and sweet bass work!), and I really like Porchlight, Revolution, Unexploded, Philo Beddoe, All Remote & Sun's Gone.

Keep up whatever you've got going to stimulate your creative process, because it's working.

Have a good one,

Eli said...

I have to say I feel exactly opposite of the way you describe. I am only interested in artists and musicians for the art they create. I could care less about their celebrity persona or whatever.

You make great music. Keep at it.

sam said...

when someone asks me what it means, i get put back. i'm like "wtf do you think it means" but i don't want to say that in fear of hurting someone that is interested enough to ask.

so, i try and tell them what it means to me. hopefully it doesn't dissapoint.

Chris said...

Hey Eric,
Where exactly are we???

Thanks for the tunes bro