Sunday, April 06, 2008

again, after being stopped by the events of my life, i am restarted by the events of my life. after the last post, i have found everything i want to write next seeming trite. but this morning my hand is forced by the fact there is some music news to update. i begin a little press junket today, taxi is coming in half an hour, doing little bits of press and radio. shaking hands and kissing babies. not one of my stronger talents. but there is the word business in the phrase 'music business' and so i am off to lax. hello baltimore, nyc, providence, west palm beach, cleveland (of course), and chicago. home by friday. i go out the door today burdened by the privilege of an extraordinary life. it certainly didnt start that way. be well and thanks again for all the kind posts about bob.


Anonymous said...

I chew up the car seats whenever I have to leave my dogs. I chew up the furniture when my wife is away. You’ll be home by Friday amigo.

The going is nice. The coming home is nice.

Proud of you for getting yourself out there.

Respect and kindness,

Josh said...

Hey Eric, where are you going to be in Providence? If possible I'd like to get an autograph while you'd be in the area if possible.


Anonymous said...

Where abouts will you be in Cleveland? I live in SoCal, but I'll send my Northern Ohio-living brother or mother out to get a disc signed. Have a safe trip.


matt volpe said...

Hey Eric,
Have a safe trip and a good time. So glad to see your getting well deserved nods in today's music "business". Enjoy New York!
Best, Matt

Anonymous said...

Salut! You will do great. Hard putting yourself out there but when you have a great message to put forth it is worth sharing that with people who wouldn't necessarily hear/see/feel it.

Never heard you talk/discuss kids. any thoughts? My wife and I are contemplating but we feel similar to what (i think) most people here would say.

Is it unfair to have a kid in this society today?


agentcooper2001 said...

eric, what do you know about Jane's Addiction receiving a NME award called; Godlike Genius? is that something that you will be attending?


ps: love the new record & video for All Remote.

Anonymous said...

Hey all-
I read this article and thought of Eric. I figure is in NYC reading the times, but most of you are not.. so follow the link.